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Neighbours Episode 1739 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1739
Australian airdate: 06/08/92
UK airdate: 14/07/93
UK Gold: 01/07/99
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Jacqueline Summers: Tiffany Lamb
Debt Collector: Phillip Norwood
- "Do Ya Love Me" by Push Push
- "Treaty" by Yothu Yindi
- "Hold On" by The Models
- "Before Too Long" by Paul Kelly
- "(Ill Be A) Freak For You" by Royalle Delite
- "Valse Daft" by Duncan Lamont
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Debbie and Hannah are unhappy in Erinsborough.
Debbie insists she isn't going back to Erinsborough High. Hannah tells Phil tearfully that a girl called Simone laughed at her hair and tried to pull her ribbons off. She doesn't like the teacher either.
Coffee Shop
Cameron and Jacqueline are discussing the case at a table outside. Marco is still suspicious of Jacqueline and glowers at her when he comes to serve the tea. Cameron tackles Marco about it and he says maybe it's a personality clash - but he can't help feeling that Jacqueline isn't quite on the level.
Cameron gives Marco an envelope from the credit card company - apparently they're giving him a hard time about a few thousand dollars he spent when he was in Europe. Now they're threatening legal action. He's not particularly worried though(!)
Cathy is cleaning the house when Rick comes in. There's a knock at the door and it's a bloke looking for Marco. He's come to collect $5,200 from Marco. Cathy says there must be a mistake but the bloke looks serious and says there's no mistake - Marco must settle his debt immediately.
Madge is teaching Phil how to pull a beer and he isn't doing very well. Julie advises him to tilt the glass a bit but he tells her off for interfering. Phil and Julie have been to see Hannah's teacher and she seems very nice. Phil finally manages to pull a beer!
Benito comes in to see how things are going and Madge says she thinks Phil will be a great asset to the team. Julie is looking forward to the interview tomorrow but Benito warns her that it won't be easy.
JULIE: It'll be a breeze. Job's in the bag!
Debbie is pouting and eating chocolate cake. She snipes at Beth and says she's fed up of her hanging around being perfect. She shouts that Beth has nothing to do with the Robinson family so she should pack up and take off! Beth is rather taken-aback to say the least!
Cameron and Jacqueline are discussing the case again. At the bar, Julie stickybeaks over at Cameron and asks Madge what case Jacqueline is involved in.
A customer gives Phil a hard time and Julie tells the customer off, pointing off that it's Phil's first day on the job. The bloke storms off. Phil tells Julie to stop sticking her nose in to his business. He sends her home.
MADGE:(after Julie) Miss you already!
The Office
Marco comes in to see Benito. He asks if he can put the Coffee Shop takings in the safe. Cathy comes in and tells Marco she needs to talk to him, and drags him off so Benito won't hear what she has to say.
In the outer office
Cathy tells Benito about the creditors coming round. Marco says they "just trying to scare them". Cathy is appalled but Marco says she's making a drama out of nothing. Cathy warns him that the bloke was threatening, and Marco could end up in court!
Phil is getting the hang of pulling beers and quite enjoying himself.
Hannah comes in crying and jumps into Phil's arms. She hates the teachers again and begs Phil to take her home. Madge offers to cover for Phil while he sorts Hannah out.
Garden of the Robinsons
Debbie is moaning to Helen about school. Helen tells her that she has to settle in - everything seems new at the moment.
Beth comes up and Debbie walks off. Beth tells Helen that it's time she moved on - she doesn't feel that she belongs with the Robinson family. Helen tells Beth that it's her home too, but Beth thinks it's time to go. She wants to keep working for Doug though, so she won't go too far away.
Phil carries Hannah in, trying to cheer her up by suggesting an outing on the weekend. Helen says she'll look after Hannah until Phil has finished work. She suggests chocolate milk and biscuits, but Hannah is very down. Hannah admit to Helen that it's not really the kids at school she's upset about - it's the work, she can't do it. She feels she can't tell Phil and Julie that she's too dumb to do the work - they'll be mad with her. All the other kids can do it - and the teacher just thinks Hannah's a troublemaker.
Marco is worried about his credit card bill. Cathy wants him to ask Benito for a loan, but he isn't keen on this idea - he's rather face the debt-collector! Cathy tells him off - Benito is a good, caring man and he should go to him. After all, noone else he knows will give him $5,000(!)
Julie comes in having heard about Hannah. Helen tells Julie about the work being too difficult. Helen has rung the teacher and thinks she's solved the problem. Hannah is in composite grade 3/4 - but Hannah thought she had to do the grade 4 assignments as well as the grade 3 ones! That's why she's been having such trouble. Julie hugs Hannah and says all they need to do is solve Debbie's problem too. Helen tells her that Beth has decided to move out, so it should be less cramped in her room soon. Debbie looks a bit guilty.
Cameron and Jacqueline are discussing the case again. (Weirdly, there is a saluting statue of an Indian in the background!)
Beth comes in asks Cameron if he's looking for a lodger - she's like to move in. Cameron agrees she can use the bed in his office for a while, as long as she goes out when he wants to work.
Just then, Debbie comes in. She's come to apologise to Beth for speaking so badly to her. Debbie explains that she was just jealous of Beth because Rick is in love with her. Beth says she has no feelings for Rick, and she'll help Debbie to woo him(!)
Rick, Benito and Marco are hanging out and having a good time talking about Europe. Eventually Marco gets round to telling him about the credit card debt and asks Benito for a loan. Benito is not pleased and starts lecturing Marco. Then he hears that it's $5,000 and hits the roof! Marco cowers, then says he doesn't need Benito and storms out.
Cathy tells Benito off for losing his rag.
CATHY: Why can't you show them how much you care for them? You've driven him away!
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