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Neighbours Episode 1738 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1738
Australian airdate: 05/08/1992
UK airdate: 09/07/1993
Summary/Images by: Sal & Sayaka
Bob Landers is in Number 30 with a gun unbeknown to Pam, who pops in to visit Dorothy (who isn't there).
Phoebe makes her escape and reveals to Brad that Bob is in Number 30.
Brad charges into Number 30 to save his mum, as Doug pulls up on the front. A gunshot rings out.
Ramsay Street:
After hearing a gunshot, Doug tells Phoebe to go inside and call both the police and ambulance services. Doug runs into Number 30 and Phoebe grabs the keys from Doug's ute before going into Number 28.
Number 30:
Brad is lying on the floor in the living room. He's been shot - apparently he jumped in front of Pam. Pam says that Brad's lost a lot of blood and tells Doug to call an ambulance. Doug asks where Bob went and moves to make chase, but Pam orders him not to - it's bad enough that Brad's been shot.
Dorothy returns, looking for Phoebe - and reveals that Bob Landers had been holding Phoebe hostage. Pam explains that Bob was pointing the gun at her when Brad ran in and jumped infront of her. Doug is appalled that Bob shot Brad, but Pam figures that Bob must've just panicked. Pam reassures Doug that by not moving Brad, they're doing the right thing as they wait for the ambulance.
Number 26:
The Martins return from shopping, with Debbie moaning about the fact that she wasn't bought a new pair of jeans - which were on sale, no less. Julie tells her that it's cost enough buying the essentials for school. Hannah is nervous about starting at her new school, whilst Debbie is keen.
DEBBIE: You're such a child, Hannah. Everyone has to change schools sometimes, it's part of growing up. I can't wait to start!
PHIL: (tongue firmly in cheek) Growing up?!
Hannah teases Debbie, saying that she's only looking forward to school because she has a crush on Rick. Julie admonishes Hannah and the kids go off to put their clothes away, still arguing.
Julie comments that they should've bought Phil some new clothes for his bar job, which starts tomorrow. He says he doesn't need them and when Julie goes on about him being supervisor of the bar, he points out that Madge is the one really in charge. Julie comments that before Paul left, she should've asked him for a job as secretary to the manager of Lassiters. Phil agrees that it's a good idea but has reservations, considering that Julie doesn't even know if there's a vacancy. Undeterred, Julie marches over to Number 22, leaving Phil to 'rustle up some lunch'!
Number 22:
Rick and Benito are unpacking and Rick is trying to talk Benito into buying him a car. When Benito points out that he can't legally drive, Rick tells him he just wants an old heap that he can do up ready for his birthday. Benito despairs of the fact, saying that if Rick hears a car backfire, he wants one. He asks if a jet plane flies over, does he want one of those too? Rick laughs and tells him that a helicopter would be cool! Benito refuses to buy him a car and Rick tells him to watch out, as he'll run away again. Benito tells him that he'll let him go - and see how long he lasts sleeping on a park bench. Rick laughs and says he's got friends to take care of him and Benito is curious as to who Rick's friends were, who let him stay with them when he ran off last time.
Julie knocks at the door and offers her services as a secretary. Benito tells her the job hasn't been advertised as yet - and Julie tells him it won't need to be, as she regales him with a list of her secretarial skills! Benito tells her that seeing as she's Paul's sister, if her qualifications are as good as she says, she should be in with a chance for the job. Julie tells him her secretarial skills are better than she admitted to - she was being modest! Julie goes to shake hands with Benito as Gaby enters, enquiring as to when she should start at the office.
Benito knows nothing about Gaby's position and Gaby can't believe Paul forgot to tell him - she was given it in return for pulling out of the boutique. Benito is dumbstruck and Julie jumps in, telling Gaby that she's got the job.
GABY: It's my job, Paul promised.
JULIE: Oh you know Paul, he'll say anything!
Gaby and Julie argue over who has the job and both towards Benito, who doesn't know what to say.
Number 26:
Beth and Debbie are sitting on the sofa when Jim comes in, wondering why Phoebe is running between Number 28 and Number 30. They laugh it off, thinking it's nothing serious and Jim tells them that Helen's gone out. He explains that Helen will be missing Paul and his family, so it's a good job that the Martins are around, as they'll keep their minds off it.
Jim goes into the kitchen and Beth asks Debbie if she wants to hang out before she goes back to work. Debbie blanks her completely. Beth is annoyed that Debbie's still ignoring her over the Rick situation, but Debbie isn't pleased - if Beth hadn't interfered, Rick would still be in the garage and they could be getting to know each other! Beth tells her it was a dumb place to hide him - and then they hear sirens from the emergency services and rush over to the window.
Ramsay Street:
Jim runs outside from Number 26 and meets Julie, Benito, Gaby and Rick rushing from Number 22. Gaby runs to Doug and when he tells her that Brad's hurt, she runs into Number 30. Doug tells the rest of them what's happened but there's nothing they can do to help. Brad is carried out on a stretcher and Pam tells Doug that the police want to interview her, but she's going with Brad to the hospital.
Number 30:
Dorothy asks Phoebe how she's feeling - she's fine, but worried about the lack of a response from the hospital. Dorothy reminds her of the old adage 'no news is good news'. Phoebe blames herself for what happened - if she hadn't run off, Brad and Pam wouldn't have been in the house in the first place. Dorothy tells her that it wasn't her fault and worries about what to do over Toby. Madge doesn't want Toby to know what's happened as it'll upset him - but Dorothy believes he'll hear it from someone eventually and then he'll be even more upset that he wasn't told. Phoebe reminds her that Toby's been through so much of late. Dorothy comments that Phoebe's the one who's been through the most - and she hopes that this is the end of it all. Phoebe says that at least Bob didn't get Dorothy's money - and she hopes Brad is ok.
Number 28:
A sombre Doug, Pam and Gaby return. Gaby offers to make some food as Pam decides to ring around everyone and let them know Brad'll be ok - if she says it enough, she may start to believe it. Pam and Doug hug as they fear how they could've lost Brad - but he's merely being kept in for observations and may even be home the next day. Pam frets at how, if the bullet had hit an inch or two either way, he would've had far more serious injuries.
Robinsons, the following morning:
The Martins are getting ready for their day and Hannah is moaning about having to go to a new school. Julie ties ribbons into her hair, despite her protests. Debbie is going to walk to school with Rick. Julie is intigued at this news and asks if Rick likes her. Debbie is embarrassed and wants to go. Julie tells Phil to take Hannah to school so Debbie can walk with Rick on her own(!)
Brad has arrived home with his arm in a sling and Gaby and Pam fuss over him. They've made him up a bed on the sofa and ply him with soup. Brad says he'd rather have a smoothie! Pam thanks Brad for saving her life - stepping in front of the gun was the bravest thing she's ever seen and she'll never forget it.
In the kitchen, Gaby tells Doug that she has some heavy competition for the secretarial job.
Julie has come over to wish Benito luck on his first day at Lassiter's. She wants to know if she's got the secretarial job but Benito says he hasn't had a chance to think about it yet. Julie lays it on thick, offering Benito some storage space in their garage.
Rick and Debbie start giggling and Rick says that the Robinsons have a very nice garage(!) They admit that Rick was hiding there when he went missing. Benito is furious with Julie - how could she not notice a boy hiding there, right under her nose! He doesn't think she's the sort of secretary he wants(!)
Dorothy has been to sort the money out for Paul's account and dropped into Brad - he's fine. Also the phone has been fixed. Phoebe tells Dorothy that she's decided to start back at school to take her mind off things. Besides, she'd rather be there than at home because the police haven't caught Bob Landers yet. But Dorothy doesn't think he'll be back - he must be halfway across the Nullarbor by now.
DOROTHY: Concentrate on getting your life back to normal.
PHOEBE: I'll try. If I can remember what 'normal' is!
Julie is bemoaning the fact that she didn't get the secretarial job and moans about Debbie hiding Rick in the garage.
PHIL: There will be other jobs.
JULIE: I had my heart set on this one. Why should I lose out to Gaby Willis? She's not a secretary, she's a dress maker, and it's not as if she desperately needs the money. She's young, living with her parents. We have to feed two children and try to save for a house.
Phil says that at least no-one in their family has been shot(!)
There's a knock at the door and it's Benito - he's come about the job. He says that Julie is Paul's sister, and being Italian, he wants to keep things in the family. But he can't ignore the fact that Paul promised the job to Gaby either. He's decided to interview both her and Gaby and make his choice based purely on ability. The interview will be on Friday.
Debbie and Rick have popped home for lunch. She moves up to Rick on the sofa and Rick kinda backs away(!) Debbie invites him over after school, but he doesn't want to - Beth will be there. He feels awkward being around Beth because he's really wrapped in her, and she doesn't know he exists.
DEBBIE: Hang on. You're really wrapped...in Beth?
RICK: Yeah. Wish I wasn't, it's making my life hell. I can't stop thinking about her. You've got no idea what it's like.
Debbie does not look amused!
Benito is telling Gaby about the interview on Friday and she accepts. Brad is on the sofa recounting the shooting incident to most of Ramsay Street(!)
Julie is wrapped about the interview - she thinks she'll easily beat Gaby in the tests. Phil warns her not to count her chickens.
Just then, Debbie storms in.
DEBBIE: I hate Erinsborough and everyone in it! I don't want to stay here!
PHIL: That's silly Deb, everyone loves it here!
Just then, Hannah comes in.
HANNAH: Daddy, I want to go back to our old house!
PHIL: What?
HANNAH: My old school and all my friends. This place is awful, I hate it.
DEBBIE: See? Everyone hates it. We want to go home!
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