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Neighbours Episode 1737 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1737
Australian airdate: 04/08/92
UK airdate: 12/07/93
UK Gold: 29/06/99
Writer: Jeffrey Truman
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Bob Landers: Bruce Kilpatrick
- "When I First Met Your Ma" by Paul Kelly And The Messengers
- "Out Of The Fire" by Ian Moss
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Dorothy comes home to find Phoebe being held hostage by Bob Landers.
Dorothy refuses to cede to Bob's demands, so he starts smashing up her artifacts. Finally she asks him what he wants. He tells her he's seen her bank statements, but Dorothy says it's fixed-term deposit and the bank will want a week's notice. Dorothy tries to reason with Bob, but Phoebe tells her that she's wasting her breath. Dorothy agrees to go to the bank and get as much money as she can. Phoebe will stay with Bob as insurance. Bob warns her that he's still got his gun so she'd better not call the police.
Paul has been to the doctor's about the chicken pox - but it's a bit strange because he hasn't had any other symptoms, like a sore throat. Helen seems to remember Paul having chicken pox before. Paul is waiting for the results of some tests - but they won't be in for a few hours, so they can't go to Hawaii today.
Toby has cut all of the joke adverts out of the paper so Lou won't see them. Just then, Lou comes in looking for the paper.
TOBY: They say it's really bad luck to look at your own ads!
LOU: Eh?
TOBY: That's what they reckon!
LOU: What a load of codswallop - I've never heard of that.
TOBY: They just discovered it!
Lou grabs the paper and sees all the ads have been cut out.
TOBY: Maybe Bouncer did it. I saw him chewing on it.
LOU: Then he's a very neat eater!
Brad and Doug are laughing over Lou's ads: 'Lemon of the Week' and others.
DOUG: Lou's lost it!
BRAD: Maybe something happened to his brain on the jump. Too much oxygen or something!
Another ad reads, 'What's the difference between this car and pile of junk? Nothing!'. Doug thinks it's an inspired advertising campaign!
Pam is off to see Mrs Hughes who is Brad's biggest fan(!) Brad says he might go along with Pam and visit her - he likes Mrs Hughes very much and she can't go out with her arthritis.
The Office
Dorothy comes in - and balks at his chicken-pox!
PAUL: What can I do you for?
DOROTHY: Paul, I need ten thousand dollars in cash.
Paul is rather surprised to say the least and Dorothy explains that it's just a loan - she has the money, but she can't get it for a week and the bank won't bend the rules.
DOROTHY: You're my only hope.
PAUL: That's a hell of a lot of money.
DOROTHY: I know. And I wouldn't ask if I had any other alternative. If you want me to sign anything, I will.
Paul asks her if she's in trouble, but Dorothy can't tell him what it's for - just that she needs the money quickly. Paul says he'll write her a cheque to cash, and he'll ring the bank to make sure they cash it.
DOROTHY: Thank you, Paul. You have no idea how important this could be.
Paul arrives home to find Doug just leaving - he's been putting up some shelves. Doug comments on Paul's chicken-pox, but it turns out that Paul has had his test results - it's only an allergy, perhaps to the prawns he had last night. Paul is surprised to hear that Christina has gone out - now he's been cleared, they can catch their plane. If they don't leave today, Paul will miss his meeting with Mr Udigawa.
Lou is still puzzling over the paper while Christina and Madge have a cup of tea.
LOU: Toby, about these ads.
TOBY: I've already gone mad at Bouncer for it.
LOU: Bouncer isn't responsible - these ads have been deliberately cut out and I want to know why!
Lou suddenly finds the ads under a cushion of the settee. He reads them incredulously while Madge explains about the mix-up.
LOU: I'm ruined! I may as well throw in the towel. I'm history.
Bob Landers is dozing again. Phoebe gets up to get a drink but he wakes up and yells at her to sit down. He can't understand where Dorothy has got to. Phoebe tries to reason with him again - what are they and the baby going to live on if Bob takes all their savings? Bob says that Dorothy has a good job and a decent wage - they'll be alright. He gets agitated and worries that Dorothy has gone to the police.
Dorothy is trying to ring home, but Bob has ripped the telephone out at the wall. She's trying to get the operator to pass on a message that she's been delayed at the bank.
Toby begs Lou to yell at him a bit(!), but Lou just sits there in despair about the ads. Madge and Christina try to reason with him, saying it'll soon blow over.
Paul rushes in and tells Christina that they're off to Hawaii! He rushes her out, but Jim and Helen have taken Andrew for a stroll.
Bob Landers is getting increasingly agitated. He says he's taking an enormous risk for $10,000 anyway, and thinks that Dorothy has gone to the cops. Phoebe starts to cry and Bob tells her that it won't do the baby any good. He tells Phoebe that he does care - her baby is all they have left of Todd. Anyway, he wouldn't have taken the whole $10,000, he'd have left some to make sure that Phoebe and her baby were alright.
BOB: None of you seem to appreciate what I've been through!
Phoebe quietly goes to the door and opens it.
BOB: What are you doing?
PHOEBE: I'm leaving.
BOB: Like hell you are, you get back in here.
PHOEBE: If you want to stop me, you're going to have to use force, and that might hurt your grandchild. I know that you loved Todd too much to risk doing that.
BOB: You get back in here and sit down.
Phoebe walks out of the front door.
BOB: Phoebe - come back!
A road
Jim and Helen are walking along with Andrew in the stroller. Helen is talking about getting old. Just then Paul and Christina rush up in a taxi and take Andrew - they're off to the airport! They say their goodbyes to Jim and Helen then rush off in the cab.
Jim and Helen wave sadly and Paul gets out of the taxi again for a final hug with his Dad and Gran.
Lou is still despondent about the car ads. Madge suggests that he does something else - he could get his pilot's license now he's conquered his fear of heights!
The pub phone rings and Lou answers it - apparently the car yard is full of people who took the ads as a big joke - they've come to have a look at his cars. Apparently they were sick of the hard-sell ads and liked his because they were a breath of fresh air!
Outside No.30
Phoebe makes her way down the stairs and into the garden of the Willises.
No.30 - front door
Pam has come home from work and has decided to pop over to check on Dorothy and Phoebe. Bob hides.
Ramsay Street
Phoebe runs down the street and tells Brad that Bob Landers is at her place - and he's got a gun. Brad runs off to save Pam and Doug, who has just arrived, asks Phoebe what's going on.
A gunshot rings out!
<<1736 - 1738>>
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