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Neighbours Episode 1736 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1736
Australian airdate: 03/08/92
UK airdate: 09/07/93
UK Gold: 28/06/99
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Bob Landers: Bruce Kilpatrick
David Matthews: David Hawkins
- "Wanna Be Up" by The Chantoozies
- "Out Of Control" by Kids In The Kitchen
- "Say Goodbye" by Indecent Obsession
- "I Love My Leather Jacket" by Push Push
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Brad does his parachute jump. Lou is terrified.
Phoebe is being held hostage at No.30. Pam comes to the door and tells Phoebe she wants her to come back to the Willises.
Phoebe tells Pam that she doesn't feel very comfortable at the Willis house - there's so many people there, she finds it a bit overwhelming. Pam thinks Phoebe need people around her, but Phoebe says she doesn't want to talk about it anymore and shuts the door.
Inside the house, Bob warns Phoebe not to try anything or he'll shoot Oscar. He takes the snake cage and rests his feet on it.
The Sky(!)
Brad is flying through the air! He comes in for a gently landing and Doug and Jim run to greet him. Brad loved the experience, but they can't see Lou anywhere.
Lou is absolutely terrified and asks for one more minute. He promises to do it on the next circuit.
Pam has rung Dorothy to tell her the situation with Phoebe. Dorothy decides to come home - her father is better anyway.
Pam is surprised that Phoebe practically slammed the door on her - it's not like Phoebe at all.
Toby comes round looking for Phoebe - she wasn't at school again. Pam tells him that Phoebe seems to want to be on her own, and asks him if Phoebe has seemed normal lately. Toby tells her about the friendship ring being lost, and Pam worries that it might have triggered something off. Pam asks Toby if she can borrow his key to number 30 in case she needs to check on Phoebe. It seems Pam is thinking that Phoebe might contemplate suicide, so she wants to be able to get in to help her.
Lou doesn't want to do the jump, but Madge encourages him. When he doesn't move, she gives him a little push and he falls out of the aeroplane and through the air, his parachute opening behind him.
Then the instructor turns to Madge.
INSTRUCTOR: Now it's your turn!
MADGE: What do you think I am, an idiot? I'm not going to jump out of an aeroplane. Take me down!
Brad, Jim and Doug are watching Lou coming into land. He seems to be doing OK.
Helen is telling Paul and Christina how much she'll miss them and Andrew.
Gaby comes round for a metting with Paul. He tells her that he has to pull out of the boutique - he needs the money to settle the family overseas.
Lou has landed OK, but now he seems catatonic. Madge arrives back and slaps him around the face. Suddenly Lou jumps up and starts raving about what a fantastic experience he had - he's cured his fear of heights!
LOU: I couldn't have done it without you, sweetheart.
MADGE: (embarrassed) Oh, Lou.
Phoebe checks to see if Bob Landers is asleep and then goes to the phone. Unfortunately Bob jumps up and stops her. He threatens to tie Phoebe up if she doesn't stop her tricks.
Phoebe tries to reason with Bob - if he goes, she won't tell anyone he was here. But he says he can't do anything without money - with money he might be able to get on a cargo ship and go to Indonesia. Phoebe tells him there's no way out, but he starts raving and insists he won't go back in prison.
Brad is raving about the parachute jump! Doug is very impressed with Lou for doing the jump, but Pam thinks it was a bit daft. Gaby tells them that she's in trouble - she hasn't got her investor for the boutique anymore.
Lou is raving about his parachute jump, but Madge hasn't admitted that she hasn't done it yet(!) Lou is talking about going back and doing it again, or maybe doing a promotion for the car yard(!)
He gives Madge the posters to drop into the newspaper.
Jim and Helen have joined Paul and Christina for Chinese takeaway. They talk about Hawaii and Paul says Jim and Helen should come over for a holiday.
Christina answers the door to Gaby. She tells Paul that she's decided to get out of the boutique - she'll give him his money when she's sold his assets. She doesn't know what she'll do now. Paul offers her a secretarial job for Benito and Gaby gratefully accepts.
Helen starts to cry saying that she and Paul have always been so close - she's really going to miss him.
Madge and Toby head out, but Madge has taken the wrong set of ads - she's got Toby's joke one saying "You'd have to be an idiot to buy anything from Carpenter's Cars"(!)
Willises, the following morning
Gaby tells the family about her decision about the boutique. There's a knock at the door and it's Dorothy - she's back! She was very concerned about what Pam said on the phone, so she's come home. It turns out that Dorothy's father wasn't as ill as they all thought - he'd been laying it on a bit thick(!)
Dorothy decides to have a cup of tea with Pam - it's early and Phoebe may still be asleep.
Lou and Madge reminisce about their kids. Madge suddenly realises that she's put the wrong ones ads in the paper by mistake. She and Toby rush to look at the paper.
MADGE:(reading the paper) 'This clapped out old bomb won't even get you home.'
Lou comes out and Madge hides the paper.
But when he's gone again, they look again at the paper and there's loads of ads!
Helen and Jim are sad to see Paul and Christina going - they're off today. Suddenly Christina sees that Paul has spots on his face - and on his chest. Paul has got chickenpox!
Bob wakes Phoebe up and tells her to go and make him some breakfast. Phoebe has morning sickness and Bob is a bit sympathetic. He tells Phoebe that he's not a bad man - it's just his circumstances. Phoebe insists that life is what you make of it.
Just then, Dorothy comes in.
BOB:(holding the gun) Welcome back. I've been waiting for you.
Phoebe tells Dorothy that Bob has been holding her hostage at the house - he wants money.
DOROTHY: Really. Well don't think you're going to bluff me, Bob Landers!
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