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Neighbours Episode 1735 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1735
Australian airdate: 31/07/92
UK airdate: 08/07/93
UK Gold: 25/06/99
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Bob Landers: Bruce Kilpatrick
David Matthews: David Hawkins
- "Wanna Be Up" by The Chantoozies
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
There's an intruder at No.30
The intruder is Bob Landers - Todd's father. He tells Phoebe that he had nowhere else to go - he had no food and he was desperate. He watched the house last night and knows there's no-one living there at the moment, so he decided to break in. Phoebe tries to tell him that everyone will be back tonight, but he doesn't believe her. He tells Phoebe that he needs money - enough to get out of the country. Phoebe tells him she hasn't got any inheritance left - she doesn't have any money and she has a solicitor's letter to prove it. He says she'd better find the letter.
Pam is wondering where Phoebe has got to. Lou and Madge are off skydiving today. Pam and Doug are horrified, but Brad looks excited and thinks it's great. Doug blames himself for making the bet in the first place, but Lou says he needs to face his fears. Brad asks Lou if he can come along with him!
The phone rings and it's Phoebe - she tells Pam that she's not going to school today, she's going to hang out with Oscar today. Pam agrees and says she'll see her later.
Phil and Hannah are clearing up breakfast. Hannah wants to go back home because she hasn't got any friends here. Phil comforts her saying they're doing the best they can for them all. Hannah hugs him. Julie comes in and they hug her as well.
Julie apologises to Phil for the things she said. Phil is still a bit sensitive about it and tells Julie to stop pushing him - it's ruining their marriage. Julie says she'll try to stop - she loves him and she's proud of him and wants him to be happy.
Lou, Madge and Brad have arrived - they'll be doing a static line jump from 3,000 feet. They head off to start the course. Brad is much more enthusiastic than the other two(!)
Phoebe is still looking for the solicitor's letter. Bob breaks open the desk drawer and sure enough, the letter is in there. Bob is very angry that there's no money left - but there's money in Dorothy's account. He decided to wait for Dorothy to come home - however long it takes.
The course is in progress and the guys are learning how to land and pull the parachute line etc.
Jim puts some plans out on the table and suggests that Hannah goes outside to meet Toby. But Hannah is missing home and is worried about them being broke. Jim assures her that they can stay on with them as long as they like - Hannah has nothing to worry about.
Phil and Julie come in with some groceries - they want to help to re-stock the cupboards. They reassure Hannah that everything's going to be fine.
Phoebe tells Bob that the Willises will be worried that she hasn't come home.
They talk about Todd and Bob reckons that Todd would want Phoebe to help her. He bangs on that life's always kicked him in the guts. He wishes he could have spent more time with Todd. Phoebe says that Todd wouldn't want him to be holding her hostage but just then there's a loud knock on the door and Bob leaps up agitated, holding his gun.
Pam's voice comes through the door. Bob warns her not to open the door, so Phoebe talks through the door. She tells Pam that she wants to be on her own. She'll stay over at No.30 for a while. Pam isn't happy and says Phoebe had better come back to them tomorrow - it's not good for her to sit around brooding.
BOB: Good girl.
Lou says he's looking forward to the jump tomorrow but Madge tells him that she's scared to death. Lou admits he's scared too and they agree to call the jump off(!) But as Lou is ringing the bloke, Jim comes in and tells them how much he admires them - he wants to come and watch them tomorrow. Lou thanks Jim for his support and says he's going to do it!
LOU: I'll be a new man!
MADGE: Or a dead one!
Phil is going for another job interview - it's still a few days until he starts at the Waterhole. Julie tells him she's thinking of getting a job too and Phil says she could try the Coffee Shop - they need part-time workers. Julie doesn't want to be a waitress - no-one treats them with respect. Hannah is still missing home. Phil tells her to look at it as a brand new start - he's even going to learn how to pull a beer(!)
Jim and Doug has both turned up to watch the jumpers. Brad can't wait but Madge and Lou are terrified!
Phoebe is playing with Oscar and Bob is not impressed. But Phoebe encourages him to touch Oscar and he's not too bad. They talk about Phoebe's pregnancy - she's only two months' pregnant. Phoebe suggests that Bob turns himself in - the police might go easier on him. But Bob says he can't go back to jail.
Phoebe puts Oscar down and tries to grab Bob's gun. He is not impressed and tells her to sit down and shut up.
Brad is at the door of the aeroplane having his final briefing. Then he jumps and his parachute opens above him. Lou is at the door next and he is absolutely terrified.
There's another knock at the door. Phoebe has to answer it, so Bob takes Oscar the snake and holds a gun to his head(!) Phoebe opens the door but not the shutter. Pam tries to talk Phoebe back to the Willises.
PAM: I won't leave without you!
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