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Neighbours Episode 1967 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1966 - 1968>>
Episode title: 1967
Australian airdate: 27/07/93
UK airdate: 30/05/94
UK Gold: 16/05/00
Writer: Mark Stratford
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Evelyn Marks: Marijke Mann
Brad's Mate: Paul Tomkinson
Kristy: Jodie Haigh
Racecaller: Brett Swain
- "Funky Junky" by Peter Andre
- "Caught In The Curl" by Ol' 55
- "Holy Grail" by Hunters And Collectors
- "Dream On (Kathys Song)" by Jenni Forbes
- "The Juice" by Headless Chickens
- "Dumb Things" by Paul Kelly
- "Getting Away With Murder" by Paul Norton
Summary/Images by: Sal
The Coffee Shop
Wayne jokes about Rick's driving instructor jumping out of the car, but Rick says that all is well - and "Roy" would be fine anyway as he used to be a stuntman. He brags that Roy was in movies until an accident put a stop to his career(!) Wayne is intrigued as to how Rick met him, but Rick says he just bumped into him.
Annalise asks if Roy wants a flatmate - and reveals that Helen has kicked her out because she commented on how much Helen was drinking. Wayne is surprised at Annalise's comments, but Annalise is insistent that Helen is overdoing it. Wayne's shocked that Helen is serious about Annalise having to leave.
Number 32
Julie is ironing and Debbie is doing some schoolwork on the sofa. Julie lectures Debbie on tidying her room, and comments that they won't be able to afford luxuries like Ruby for much longer.
DEBBIE: Sure(!) I guess tidying my room is more important than finishing my assignment(!)
Julie's helpful response is to tell Debbie that if she'd started the assignment in the holidays, she wouldn't be in this predicament! Julie isn't impressed that Debbie wasted the holidays socialising.
Hannah comes in and asks Julie to check over her homework. Julie refuses, saying she has too much to do. Hannah says that Phil normally does it, but as he's not here, Julie must do it instead. Julie curtly replies that she'll do it in the morning.
HANNAH: When can we see Daddy?
JULIE: I don't know.
HANNAH: I haven't seen him since he left.
JULIE: I'll arrange something soon. Now go and have your bath, please.
DEBBIE: I'll take her to see him.
JULIE: No, you won't! She'll see him when I have the time to arrange it myself. I won't have your father saying I'm pushing my responsibilities onto you because I can't cope on my own.
DEBBIE: But that's not fair on Hannah! She wants to see him and she's got every right!
JULIE: That's enough, Debbie! I'm sick of you stirring up Hannah just to get at me. It's not fair on me and it's not fair on Hannah. She'll see him when I have the time to take her myself.
Hannah looks gutted and Debbie is seething. Julie asks Hannah if she understands, and Hannah sadly nods whilst Debbie glares at Julie.
Number 24
Lauren models the earrings that Brad bought for him. Lauren quizzes Brad over his winnings at gambling and Brad guesses that Lou has asked her to investigate. He says there's nothing to worry about - he's cleaning up! Lauren starts to warn him, but Brad jumps up and puts the radio on for some more racing. His horse loses and he punches the wall.
Lauren realises that Brad is broke. She tells him that he has to stop gambling. Brad says he'll sell a few boards to get some more gambling money together, but Lauren tells him to get a job and to get real! He reluctantly agrees.
Number 26
Annalise and Wayne are in the kitchen. A worse for wear Helen walks in. She insists she has a stomach upset. Annalise asks if she can stay another night as she hasn't had chance to organise somewhere else to stay. Helen is confused. Annalise reminds her of what she said, but Helen is astounded.
HELEN: I have no idea what you're talking about!
Annalise looks on, doubtingly, whilst Helen turns queasy and rushes out, telling Annalise they'll continue the discussion later. Wayne thinks that this confirms that Annalise was mistaken, but Annalise thinks that the recycling tells the real truth - Helen's hung over.
The Coffee Shop
Brad is trying to sell a board to one of his mates, even offering 20% off, but his mate says that he's broke until payday. Brad suddenly becomes distracted and says that he's fine to wait until Friday.
Rick asks Brad what's up, and Brad reveals there's a horse running called Payday and asks Rick for a loan of $50. Rick scoffs, saying he's got no money either - but Brad quizzes him over the money Cathy left him. Rick refuses and Brad offers him half of the winnings. Rick seems tempted for a moment but says that as he's already spent $600, he can't afford to dip in it again - Cathy offered to double it if the money is still there at the end of the year.
Brad suddenly has another idea and leaves!
Number 32
Julie is snapping at Debbie and Hannah to get a move on. Hannah suggests that if Phil came home, he could sleep in her room. Julie tells Hannah that Phil isn't coming home. Hannah is upset, and tells Julie that Number 32 is his house too.
JULIE: Look, I know it's hard but please try to understand. Lots of married people separate. It's sad, but it can't be helped.
HANNAH: I want Daddy!
JULIE: Hannah, please! I wish you wouldn't go on about it.
DEBBIE: Don't blame her! It's not her fault!
JULIE: You're only making things harder for everyone.
DEBBIE: Oh great! Blame us! You know, I cannot wait for Dad to find somewhere because as soon as he does I am out of here!
JULIE: Fine! If you think things will be that much better with your father.
HANNAH: But what about me?
DEBBIE: You can come too.
JULIE: Debbie. She's not going anywhere.
DEBBIE: We'll see about that.
Julie looks up sharply at Debbie's comment.
Number 24
Brad is on the phone talking about Payday, which is a 6/1 shot. He abruptly hangs up as Lauren walks in, but she guesses what he was up to. Brad tells her and insists that the horse is a dead cert.
Lauren says it confirms what Lou was saying - Brad's gambling is out of control. Brad asks for a loan and tells her about selling the board, but Lauren refuses. Brad tries to push her, to no avail.
Number 26
Helen is tidying up some bottles and winces at the smell of the alcohol. Wayne comes in with the washing and asks if Helen is feeling better. He mentions that he rang his mum earlier and said that Helen wasn't well, and his mum said she'd love Helen to go and stay with her to recharge her batteries. Helen insists that she's fine. Wayne tries to convince her, but Helen snaps at him, saying that she doesn't need a break or anyone arranging her life!
The Coffee Shop
Brad is whinging to Gaby about Pam, saying she's on some sort of an anti-gambling crusade. Gaby points out that it's got more to do with him breaking his promise than the gambling itself, and it's no wonder Pam threw him out of Number 28. Brad sulkily says that he left of his own accord. Gaby tells him it's between him and Pam.
Brad is pretty annoyed, but then changes tack and asks Gaby for some money. Gaby refuses, guessing he's going to gamble with it. Brad insists that he won't gamble with it and he's only short because the Waterhole blew up, which wasn't his fault. Gaby says that he should've taken the job with Doug.
Debbie interrupts and Brad leaves. Debbie asks where Phil is, and Gaby reveals that he went to see Michael in the detention centre. Debbie is annoyed because she wanted to go too.
Detention Centre - Visiting Room
Michael is sitting at a table and Phil walks in and sits opposite him.
PHIL: What's this I hear about you fighting?
(Whatever happened to, "Hello son, nice to see you."?!)
MICHAEL: It wasn't my fault!
PHIL: It never is, is it, Michael?
MICHAEL: I didn't start it. This other guy's had it in for me ever since I came here. He jumped me in the yard. It was self-defence.
Phil looks at Michael levelly. Michael looks back, then softens.
MICHAEL: All right. Maybe it was my fault.
PHIL: Was it worth losing all privileges and weekend leave?
MICHAEL: What use is weekend release to me when Julie won't even let me go home?
Phil sighs heavily.
PHIL: Does this have something to do with it?
Michael pulls his face and shrugs.
PHIL: Julie might not be a problem anymore. We've separated.
Michael looks interested.
MICHAEL: Really?! For good?
PHIL: I don't know. It's looking that way at the moment.
Phil looks pretty pained.
MICHAEL: Well, I'm sorry, Dad.
Phil looks slightly amused.
PHIL: Yeah. I can imagine(!)
MICHAEL: Look. I won't pretend that I didn't hate Julie's guts but I'm not stupid. I know how you must feel.
PHIL: Yeah. Anyway, when you can get weekend leave again, you can come and stay with me. How about that?
Michael grins broadly - he's stoked.
Number 26
Evelyn has called to see Helen and they're both pleased to see each other. Helen apologises for not making Robert's funeral. They talk about life going on after death and Helen insists that Evelyn stay for lunch.
The Coffee Shop
Rick is not impressed to see Wayne in the Coffee Shop. Annalise wants to know what his problem is - apparently it's sadistic teachers! Wayne suggests that Rick should spend his lunchtimes studying instead of hanging around the Coffee Shop. Rick isn't impressed - he works nearly every night and lunch is the only time he gets to relax. Wayne warns him that he won't pass the year if he doesn't do his homework and suggests that Rick get up earlier in the morning to do it.
RICK: Maybe I should just give up sleep altogether; who needs it(?!)
Annalise remarks that Rick seems to have time for driving lessons! Rick tells her to butt out, and reluctantly agrees to cut down on them. Annalise quizzes him over what Roy looks like.
RICK: What are you on about, Annalise?
WAYNE: She means how does he rate on the spunk-o-meter?
Annalise reckons that he looked all right in the car. Rick tries to put her off by telling her that Roy has some gruesome scars from his stunt work!
ANNALISE: Ahh, scars, they can be so sexy!
WAYNE: That's why she likes older men. It's the scars from the open heart surgery(!)
ANNALISE: Yes, I think you'd look better with a few scars. If you don't watch it, I'll give them to you!
Brad comes in and asks Wayne to lend him some money, but Wayne says he's out until payday. Rick suggests that Brad sell something, like his CD player but Brad can't as it's at Number 28 and Pam's there. Brad walks off, saying there's got to be a way! Wayne and Rick shake their heads.
Number 26
Evelyn reveals how much trouble she's had adjusting since Robert passed away and says that they'd have been married for 38 years next week. She says she's lost without him. Helen says that she didn't expect to outlive Jim and always expected him to be there. Helen offers Evelyn more wine, but resists having any herself.
Lassiter's Office Reception
Debbie and Hannah have arrived to see Phil. Gaby sends them in.
Lassiter's Manager's Office
Hannah runs in and excitedly jumps in Phil's arms. They hug, saying how much they've missed each other, but Debbie stands sulkily by the door. Phil puts Hannah down and holds his arm out.
PHIL: You got a hug for me?
Debbie shrugs. Phil asks her what's wrong and she tells him that she's upset that he went to see Michael without her. He apologises and said he only went at the last minute. He tells her about the fight, but explains that Michael's ok.
PHIL: So! How's everything at home?
HANNAH: (grumpily) Ok, I guess.
DEBBIE: OK?! Dad, it's terrible! She never stops picking on us and we can't do anything right!
PHIL: Hang in there, ok?
DEBBIE: I just can't take much more, I want to come and live with you.
PHIL: Hey, what's the matter?
HANNAH: If Debbie leaves, I'll be all alone.
DEBBIE: You can come too.
HANNAH: Why don't you just come home? And then we can all live together?
Phil hugs both of them tightly and promises that he'll try and work something out.
The Coffee Shop
Rick is sat at a table with some books.
ANNALISE: Rick, how can you study in here?
RICK: Well, it's better than trying to study in the kitchen(!)
ANNALISE: What about a library or something?
RICK: Well, they don't serve milkshakes, do they?!
Annalise asks when she's going to meet Roy and Rick does everything to dissuade her - even insisting that Roy's the silent type and a real dummy! Annalise tells Rick to bring him in, and she'll buy Rick coffee! Rick can't understand Annalise's interest, but Annalise is certain that she can tell a good prospect and she knows that Roy is her kind of guy.
Number 24
Brad walks into an empty house. He sits down glumly and then picks up Lauren's earrings - and it's clear the idea to sell them has dawned upon him.
Number 32
Julie thinks that Phil is turning her into the villain of the situation; he thinks that she shouldn't be taking it all out on the girls. Julie says that he's turning them against her and she can't maintain discipline if they can go running to him. Phil insists that he doesn't want a fight, but they need to come to some arrangements.
JULIE: Fine! I presume you'll be taking Michael in when he's released. Well, Debbie's made it quite clear what she wants to do. And Hannah stays with me.
PHIL: I don't think it's that simple.
JULIE: Why not?
PHIL: Because Hannah doesn't like being forced to choose between us!
JULIE: She's not! She's staying with me, and that's that.
PHIL: Oh, Hannah doesn't get a say in the matter?!
JULIE: (incredulously) You think she'd choose you(?!)
PHIL: She doesn't want to choose - that's what I'm saying! She doesn't want to be separated from Debbie.
JULIE: You're not taking her from me, Philip.
PHIL: I'm trying to come to some kind of compromise if you'd just listen!
JULIE: She's my daughter and she's staying with me! There's no way you're going to get her - end of discussion!
Funnily enough, Phil doesn't look too pleased!
The Coffee Shop
Brad runs in elated - he's got some money to bet on Payday. He reveals to Rick that he pawned Lauren's earrings. Rick wants to know what happens if the horse loses, but Brad is confident that all will be well and Lauren will be none the wiser!
Number 26
Wayne and Annalise arrive home and see the half-empty wine bottle that Evelyn had. Helen welcomes them home and both Wayne and Annalise look accusingly at her. Helen explains about Evelyn dropping in out of the blue but it's obvious that they don't believe her.
HELEN: You needn't worry. I didn't touch a drop. The wine was for Evelyn!
Wayne apologises and Helen apologises too, conceding that she has been taking things a bit too far. She apologises to Annalise over the moving out and the pair agree to forget it. Helen offers the rest of the wine to Annalise and Wayne, but they refuse so Helen pours it down the sink. Helen says that Evelyn will be staying for a few days before she goes back to Adelaide.
The Coffee Shop
Payday has lost. Rick is jovial but Brad is very sullen. Lauren comes in, full of cheer, and tells Brad that she's got tickets to a posh do tomorrow at the Jockey Club that her boss gave to her - there'll be cocktails and celebrities! Brad doesn't want to get dressed up, but Lauren says it's black tie - and she holds up a dress she's bought for the event, which will go perfectly with the earrings he bought. Oh dear, Brad!
<<1966 - 1968>>
Wayne Duncan, Rick Alessi, Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 1967
Wayne Duncan, Rick Alessi, Annalise Hartman

Julie Martin, Hannah Martin, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1967
Julie Martin, Hannah Martin, Debbie Martin

Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1967
Brad Willis

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1967
Helen Daniels

Brad Willis, Brad
Brad Willis, Brad's Mate

Wayne Duncan, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1967
Wayne Duncan, Helen Daniels

Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1967
Gaby Willis

Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 1967
Michael Martin

Philip Martin, Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 1967
Philip Martin, Michael Martin

Philip Martin, Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 1967
Philip Martin, Michael Martin

Evelyn Marks, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1967
Evelyn Marks, Helen Daniels

Rick Alessi, Wayne Duncan in Neighbours Episode 1967
Rick Alessi, Wayne Duncan

Wayne Duncan, Rick Alessi, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1967
Wayne Duncan, Rick Alessi, Brad Willis

Philip Martin, Hannah Martin, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1967
Philip Martin, Hannah Martin, Debbie Martin

Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1967
Debbie Martin

Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 1967
Hannah Martin

Philip Martin, Hannah Martin, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1967
Philip Martin, Hannah Martin, Debbie Martin

Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1967
Rick Alessi

Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1967
Brad Willis

Julie Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1967
Julie Martin, Philip Martin

Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1967
Julie Martin

Brad Willis, Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1967
Brad Willis, Rick Alessi

Lauren Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1967
Lauren Carpenter

Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1967
Brad Willis

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