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Neighbours Episode 1972 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1971 - 1973>>
Episode title: 1972 (Cathy Alessi comes back to sort Rick out)
Australian airdate: 03/08/93
UK airdate: 06/06/94
UK Gold: 23/05/00
Writer: Ysabelle Dean
Director: Tina Butler
Guests: Cathy Alessi: Elspeth Ballantyne
Cheryl Stark: Caroline Gillmer
Darren Stark: Scott Major
Police Officer no. 1: Androo Allen
Police Officer no. 2: Rob Catterall
- "Telephone Booth" by Ian Moss
- "You Know Who You Are Tonight" by Ian Moss
- "Drive Me Crazy" by Peter Andre
- "I Lied" by The Killjoys
- "When The Rivers Run Dry" by Hunters And Collectors
- "Juice" by The Headless Chickens
- "Breakin Up" by Zoo
Summary/Images by: Sal
Number 26
Much to Doug's amusement, Cheryl has swanned into the boys' poker night - Lou is not impressed.
LOU: What have I got to do to get rid of her?
DOUG: That's not a nice thing to say about your girlfriend!
Cheryl has brought food for them "in case they work up an appetite later on"! Lou tries to get rid of Cheryl, suggesting that the air might turn a bit blue with it being all blokes but Cheryl's having none of it - she ran a pub, so she's heard it all before.
Phil arrives and is surprised to see Cheryl. Doug introduces Cheryl as Lou's lady friend, but Phil is baffled because it was meant to be a blokes only night. Lou agrees! Cheryl tells Phil not to worry - he's to think of her as one of the boys.
Number 32
Julie is talking about the stolen car - and Debbie and Rick are very uncomfortable. Debbie suggests that it might be found at the bottom of a cliff! Debbie goes to answer the door and Hannah starts to talk about Phil. Julie gets tetchy and has a go at Hannah for feeding Holly inside. Rick angles for some dinner, but Julie doesn't read the signals.
Darren walks in, still pretending to be Freddo. He gives Hannah a present for Holly and Julie is impressed. He goes to make his excuses as the family are busy, but Julie offers him some dinner.
DARREN: You've got company.
JULIE: No, no, Rick was just leaving, weren't you Rick?
Rick is immensely put out! He leaves and Darren seems pleased.
Number 26
Phil and Wayne are helping Stephen with his wheelchair. Stephen is being miserable, reckoning that he's not going to be fast enough to play. Wayne tells him it'll be fine - and being away from all of the women for a few hours will do them all good. Lou says he needs a word, as Cheryl calls from the kitchen.
CHERYL: Come on, this is a card night, not an old boy's reunion!
STEPHEN: Who's that?
LOU: ...Cheryl. She's just like one of us, really(!)
Phil, Doug and Wayne all fuss over Stephen and Cheryl reckons they're like a bunch of mother hens. She tells them to lay off - Stephen's not lost his tongue and if he wants a hand, he'll ask for it. Stephen looks pleased.
Number 32
Darren is being sickeningly well behaved - Debbie asks if he wants to listen to some music, but he sucks up to Julie, telling Debbie that she has school in the morning and it's getting late. Darren thanks Julie for the meal and leaves, Debbie in tow.
Hannah walks in and Julie tells her that Debbie has got good taste in boys after all. Hannah goes over to the phone - she's calling Phil. Julie tells her it's too late at night but Hannah insists that Phil told her that she could ring any time she wanted.
JULIE: But what's so important?
HANNAH: I want to ask him when he's coming home. Mr Martin's room please.
JULIE: Sweetheart, he's not coming home.
Phil, obviously, isn't in his room and Hannah goes to call the office instead. Julie takes the phone from her and sends her to bed. Hannah sadly insists that she wants to talk to Phil, but Julie tells her that she can speak to him in the morning. Debbie walks in just as Julie is telling Hannah to do as she's told.
Debbie kicks off, telling Julie that Hannah has every right to ring Phil - he's their father. Julie tells Debbie that Hannah is her daughter and if Debbie wants to stay living with them, she can stop telling Julie how to raise her child!
Number 26
Phil chucks in his cards - he's out. Lou starts telling the group a story about a woman at the car yard who used the choke to hang her handbag on.
WAYNE: I wouldn't say this outside of this room but when it comes to cars, all women are bimbos.
CHERYL: What makes you think it's safe to say it inside this room?!
DOUG: You're no bimbo, Chez. I reckon Lou's done all right for himself.
Phil and Doug are highly amused at this, but Lou isn't! Cheryl wins the next hand of poker and the door goes - Wayne answers it and it's Gaby. She knows Wayne has been avoiding her, and she doesn't blame him, but she wants to sort things out. She overhears the gang laughing and Wayne invites her in.
The mood sours slightly in the kitchen as Stephen knocks some crisps over, but Cheryl introduces herself and tries to be friendly towards Gaby but Gaby seems put out that there's a party going on as she wanted to see Wayne in private.
CHERYL: Well, come on - where are your manners, boys? Get the girl a chair and a cold beer... Do you play poker?
CHERYL: Oh. Do you know any good jokes about blondes? Me and the boys are really scraping the barrel now!
GABY: No, I don't really find sexism that funny!
Gaby storms off. Wayne calls after her but he doesn't follow her.
CHERYL: I wasn't being sexist - a good joke about a blond fella would've done!
The boys laugh, and the mood lightens again as Stephen masters lifting the bowl of crisps.
Number 32
It's dark and Hannah is struggling with some sheets. Holly is getting in the way and the light comes on - Hannah is trying to fill the washing machine. Debbie walks in and works out what's going on, despite Hannah's best attempts to cover it up. Hannah's upset - she'd stopped wetting the bed, but since Phil left, she's started again.
HANNAH: You won't tell Mum, will you?
DEBBIE: It's cool, she won't be angry.
HANNAH: Yes, she will! She's always yelling at us! She used to yell at Dad, but now she yells at us.
Hannah makes Debbie promise that she won't tell.
Number 26
Doug is making the boys swear that they won't tell Pam about him playing poker. Phil is surprised - they're only playing for cents, but Doug says that it's all the same to Pam - it's still gambling. Stephen is very cheery and Phil and Wayne help him out of Number 26. Lou tries to convince Doug to stay so that he won't be left alone with Cheryl, but Doug leaves the lovebirds to it(!)
Cheryl comments on what nice friends Lou has - and what a nice bloke he is himself. Lou tries to tell Cheryl that he's not in the market for a relationship and suggests that she go home. Cheryl agrees, but warns him that she's not giving up on him!
Number 32
It's breakfast and Julie is trying to get organised. She wonders what the washing machine is doing on, and Debbie covers for Hannah. Julie is thankful for Debbie's helpful attitude! Hannah is morose and although Julie tells her she can call Phil, she's not very responsive. Julie wonders if she's ill, but Debbie tells her that she's just upset about Phil and Julie. Julie says there's nothing she can do about it - but Debbie suggests that she could be a little less aggro. Julie insists that she's not aggro - she's just tired. Debbie tells her to stop taking that out on them, but Julie tells her that she's doing the best she can and if she's not happy, she should move in with Phil.
Ramsay Street
Doug is confused as to why Lou isn't interested in Cheryl. Lou says that she's not his type. Doug thinks it's a shame because Lou's definitely Cheryl's type! Julie calls over from her car that she'll be a bit late to the car yard because she has to take the girls to school.
LOU: No worries, love. I've got a few things to do myself.
JULIE: Well you'd better hurry up! It's after 8.30 now!
LOU: (to Doug) Women!
Lou wonders why all of the women he ends up mixed up with want to run his life. Doug insists that Cheryl isn't like that.
DOUG: If ever there was a match made in heaven, it's you two. How many women do you know who are rolling in dough and own a pub?!
Lou tells him that he prefers his relationships to have a little more depth! Doug scoffs at him. Lou says that after his record in the marriage stakes, he's waiting for the right lady - and Cheryl isn't it!
Doug drives off and Darren wanders into the street. Lou recognises him and Darren says that he's come to walk his new girlfriend, Debbie Martin, to school. Lou tells him that she's already gone. Gaby wanders past and Lou gives her Phil's winnings from the night before as he forgot them. Gaby rushes off to show people around Number 22. Darren is intrigued - and Lou tells him that it's up for rent. Darren is pleased.
Car Yard
Julie is talking to two police officers when Lou drives up. Julie tells Lou that they found the stolen car - at the bottom of a cliff - and not far from where the dummy was found! The police are suspicious because the car was stolen on a test drive but Lou can't give them the details of the driver. The police leave and Lou is pleased because the insurance will pay out. Julie demands to know the truth.
Coffee Shop
Julie is outraged that Lou is telling "white lies" on the insurance claim. She thinks it's a terrible mentality that people feel fine about lying on insurance claims because they can get away with it - it makes her blood boil! Julie is furious with Rick and is in two minds to go to the police. Lou reminds her that she promised that she wouldn't - and she tells him that the only thing stopping her is that she can't afford to have her business partner languishing in jail! Lou tells her to chalk it up to experience and forget about it but Julie insists that Rick owes them $4000 - so he's going to pay it, one way or another!
Lassiter's Office Reception
Phil isn't impressed that Hannah's bedwetting has started up again - and he's annoyed that Julie hasn't told him herself. Debbie tells him that Julie doesn't know and that Hannah made her promise not to tell Julie. Debbie wants to live with Phil but he says that Lassiter's isn't the right place to raise kids and Julie would never allow it. Debbie is confused - she thought Phil was going to rent a house. He tells her that he just hasn't had time to look into it and Debbie is furious.
DEBBIE: It's the same old story with you, isn't it?! Work first, us second.
PHIL: I'll do something, I promise!
DEBBIE: Yeah, sure(!)
Debbie storms out and Gaby walks in. She gives Phil his winnings from Lou. Phil says that she should've stayed because it was a fun night. Gaby says that she has better things to do than tell sexist jokes and swill beer! She gives Phil the keys to Number 22 and tells him to put them in the safe - she showed lots of people around that morning and nobody was interested. Gaby thinks that Paul should lower the rent because they're never going to get anyone. Thoughtfully, Phil says he might know someone. Gaby asks who, but Phil grins, throws her the keys and says he'll get back to her. He walks out.
Coffee Shop
Rick is protesting that he doesn't have any money but Julie's not very sympathetic. She tells him that he'll have to work the debt off at the yard - they'll upgrade his job to a permanent one. Rick says he already has a job at Lassiter's, and school on top. Julie tells him to organise his time more efficiently and offers him $5 an hour! Rick is upset because it's slave labour, but agrees when Julie threatens to take him to court.
Rick is upset with Lou because he reckons he should've come clean straight away - he was only doing Lou a favour so he could claim on the insurance. Lou thinks he was doing Rick the favour!
RICK: How do I get myself into these messes?
CATHY: Which is exactly what I'd like to know!
Rick is stunned to see his mum behind him. They embrace. Cathy said that it was mother's instinct - when he called the other day, she could sense that he was in trouble. She wants to know exactly what's gone on!
On the other side of the Coffee Shop, Darren is working hard on Cheryl, trying to get her to rent a house that he's found - it's in a top neighbourhood, so there'd be no worries about the sorts of kids that he'd be mixing with. He reveals that it's near to Debbie too and Cheryl agrees to go and look at it. She says she's not promising anything but Darren looks pleased.
Ramsay Street
Cheryl and Darren drive up. She looks over at Lou's house and grins. Behind her, Phil drives into Number 32. Darren comments that it's Debbie's dad and Phil waves to both of them when he gets out of the car.
DARREN: Do you know him?
CHERYL: I've met him.
DARREN: Well. What do you reckon?
CHERYL: We'll take it.
DARREN: Don't you want to see inside?
Cheryl says she's seen all that she needs to see - they're going to go and sign for it.
Number 32
Phil is telling Julie about his idea for renting Number 22 - it's close to the schools and to her. Julie reluctantly agrees to him renting it. Phil is pleased, but surprised that Julie gave in so easily - Julie admits that she's had some problems with Debbie. The girls enter the house and they're ecstatic to see Phil there - poor Hannah thinks he's returned home!
He tells them that he does have some good news - he's renting Uncle Paul's house and once he's sorted it with Paul, the two of them can start packing to live with him. The girls are in high spirits.
JULIE: No! I didn't agree to Hannah.
PHIL: Who did you think I meant when I said 'the kids'?
JULIE: Debbie and Michael, of course! After he gets out of the detention centre - not Hannah! Don't you trick me!
PHIL: Oh for crying out loud, we both know that she's better off with me!
JULIE: I know no such thing!
Phil reckons that they should let Hannah decide, but she runs off. Debbie goes to get her. Phil and Julie face off to each other.
JULIE: Now see what you've done!
PHIL: Me?! You're the one who's been making her life miserable!
JULIE: Oh what rot! She was perfectly happy until you came back stirring up troub-
PHIL: Then tell me why she's started wetting the bed again!
Julie is stunned. Phil pushes past her and then leans in threateningly, his finger in her face, his voice low.
PHIL: If you want a divorce, you've got it. But I'll fight you for the custody of Hannah - there's no way I won't.
Phil leaves and Julie looks shellshocked.
Coffee Shop
Cathy is behind the counter sorting some things out. Rick wonders if his punishment is to be scrubbing the floors with a toothbrush, but Cathy tells him his teeth after meals will suffice! She says he's lucky that she didn't let Benito come down to sort him out and she seems happy that Annalise is keeping the Coffee Shop in order.
Darren, Debbie and Hannah enter. The girls seem a bit upset about the argument and Darren gives Hannah some money to get an ice cream. Darren tells Debbie that his sister used to do the same for him when he was a kid. She's called Janine and she's in the navy - after their dad died, she really looked out for him. Debbie reminds him that he had some news to tell her but he says he's going to keep it as a surprise.
Lassiter's Office Reception
Cheryl is signing for Number 22. Phil walks in and reckons that they seem to be following each other around! Cheryl tells Phil that his daughter must be something special - Phil looks pleased! ...and then she says that Darren is over the moon that they'll be living over the road from her. She leaves and Phil is surprised that she's managed to move in with Lou so quickly, but Gaby corrects him. Phil is gutted. He tells Gaby that *he* was interested in the house. Gaby apologises but Phil says that the kids will never forgive him.
Coffee Shop - Kitchen
Rick is whinging about the money he owes to Julie and Lou but Cathy says he should've thought of all of that before he started taking driving lessons with a dummy! Rick reckons he can't work two jobs and not let his schoolwork slide. Cathy tells him that she'll give him the money. Rick is delighted. Cathy tells him there's a condition - Rick says he'll agree to anything. Cathy says that when she goes back to Sydney, he has to go too. Rick looks miserable.
<<1971 - 1973>>
Doug Willis, Lou Carpenter, Philip Martin, Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 1972
Doug Willis, Lou Carpenter, Philip Martin, Cheryl Stark

Darren Stark, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1972
Darren Stark, Debbie Martin

Julie Martin, Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1972
Julie Martin, Rick Alessi

Doug Willis, Stephen Gottlieb, Cheryl Stark, Philip Martin, Wayne Duncan in Neighbours Episode 1972
Doug Willis, Stephen Gottlieb, Cheryl Stark, Philip Martin, Wayne Duncan

Hannah Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1972
Hannah Martin, Julie Martin

Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1972
Debbie Martin

Lou Carpenter, Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 1972
Lou Carpenter, Cheryl Stark

Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1972
Doug Willis

Cheryl Stark, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1972
Cheryl Stark, Lou Carpenter

Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 1972
Darren Stark

Lou Carpenter, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1972
Lou Carpenter, Julie Martin

Philip Martin, Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1972
Philip Martin, Gaby Willis

Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1972
Rick Alessi

Julie Martin, Lou Carpenter, Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1972
Julie Martin, Lou Carpenter, Rick Alessi

Cathy Alessi, Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1972
Cathy Alessi, Rick Alessi

Cheryl Stark, Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 1972
Cheryl Stark, Darren Stark

Philip Martin, Hannah Martin, Debbie Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1972
Philip Martin, Hannah Martin, Debbie Martin, Julie Martin

Philip Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1972
Philip Martin, Julie Martin

Debbie Martin, Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 1972
Debbie Martin, Darren Stark

Gaby Willis, Philip Martin, Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 1972
Gaby Willis, Philip Martin, Cheryl Stark

Rick Alessi, Cathy Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1972
Rick Alessi, Cathy Alessi

Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1972
Rick Alessi

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