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Neighbours Episode 1971 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1971
Australian airdate: 02/08/93
UK airdate: 03/06/94
UK Gold: 22/05/00
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Tina Butler
Guests: Cheryl Stark: Caroline Gillmer
Ned Miles: Greg Francis
Instructor: Rick Fletcher
Martha: Josephine Eberhard
Kristy: Jodie Haigh
D.J.: Rob Elliot
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Doug gets an offer for Willis Construction.
- Cheryl tells Lou they should go on another date.
- Julie tells Lou that she's sold 3 cars.
- Rick throws a dummy over a cliff, then his car's handbrake fails and it rolls towards the cliff too.
Car Yard
Julie is adamant that Frank the statue and the flags have to go as they don't go with the image she's trying to create. Lou is equally adamant that they stay! He says that the three cars Julie sold the other day was just a fluke(!) Julie sees a customer come on to the lot, and goes over to talk to her.
Rick approaches Lou and tells him awkwardly that his mate Roy wants to buy the car. Lou says it'll be $4,000. Less Rick's commission it'll be $3,600. Rick looks rather worried(!)
Doug isn't sure about selling Willis Construction to Constructacon. Pam is all for it, but Doug isn't so sure. After the Waterhole job, he could be sent anywhere...anyway, he likes working. Pam suggests that they could travel and generally relax. Doug says if Pam comes on the boat dive today he'll consider selling the business. However, she crossly refuses.
Debbie is telling Rick just to own up to crashing the car. Rick says he's got $1,400 saved, but he'll have to raise the rest. He starts to come round to the idea of owning up(!)
Car Yard
Julie did not make the sale, but apparently the lady is going to think about it. Meanwhile, Julie is putting a red rose on each car bonnet(!) Lou says that Julie needs to be more aggressive, especially towards women. Julie says Lou's attitude to women stinks, and he's just coming across as patronising to the customers.
Coffee Shop
Rick has rung Cathy, but she won't double the money in his account until Christmas. Lou comes in and tells Rick that Roy hasn't brought the car back yet. Lou then sits down with Doug and Wayne and they tease him about Cheryl. Wayne persuades Lou to come along on a night out with the boys for Stephen.
Ned has come to pick Doug up to go to the scuba diving. He taunts Pam, saying she's too chicken to go scuba diving.
NED: You probably haven't done anything daring in your whole life, have you?
PAM:(cross) I don't have to explain myself to you, you little worm! I've got more courage in my little finger than you have in your entire body!
NED: Actions speak louder than words!
PAM:(furiously) I'll get my gear!
Car Yard
The customer from this morning is back and Lou approaches her. He tries to sell her a sports car and starts flirting with her. Julie comes out of the office and saves the situation.
Pam is in a wetsuit and tells Doug that she really can't stand Ned. He tells her to relax. He chats to Ned and it turns out he's an accountant. Doug says he needs someone good with numbers to help him dodge the tax man(!) so he and Ned have a chat about it.
Car Yard
Julie has sold the customer a car and Lou is secretly impressed, but says that Julie has a lot to learn about sales. Julie says she'll look after all the women customers from now on. Just then, Cheryl approaches.
Coffee Shop
Lou is moaning to the girl behind the counter about Julie when Cheryl comes in. He gets up to leave, but Cheryl has already sat down to join him. She tells him that Bucking Broncos has a new electric pool and wants him to visit. Lou says he has to work at home tonight, so she says she'll come over and keep him company. He make another excuse and says he'll call her when he's free. Then he makes a sharp exit(!)
Rick is forced to confess to Lou about the car, and that Roy is a dummy. Lou is dumbstruck at first, then quickly gets on to the police.
Pam is all kitted up to dive and is looking rather nervous. Ned, meanwhile, is throwing up over the side (Pam is quite pleased by this!) Doug tells Pam she doesn't have to dive, but she says she wants to now!
Lou has told the police that the car was stolen. Rick thanks Lou for not dobbing him in. Lou says he should have, but he didn't want Rick to end up in a detention centre. He warns Rick that he *has* to clean up his act though. In the meantime, he'd better hope like hell that the insurance pays up.
Pam and Doug are laughing about their day of diving which both enjoyed. They talk about the sale of the business, and Doug says he wants to think it through further. He heads off to the poker game.
There is an article on the news about the car at the bottom of the cliff and how cross the police are that it was a hoax - they spent a day looking for a person that turned out to be a dummy. Julie comments that she hopes they throw the book at the prankster!
Lou pops round to see Julie and says he's decided to let her deal with the women customers from now on. On his way out, he drops into conversation that the car Roy was driving has been stolen, and the insurance will cover it.
Lou, Doug and Wayne are having a well- earned beer and looking forward to a woman- free night(!)
Julie is grilling Rick about Roy and the car. She decides to ring the police, but Rick points out that it's Lou's job.
When Julie has gone, Debbie tells Rick that everything has turned out quite well really.
Wayne heads off to get Stephen, but when he gets to the door, Cheryl is standing there. She has brought a load of food and says she's come to join in the game!
<<1970 - 1972>>
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