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Neighbours Episode 1970 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1970
Australian airdate: 30/07/93
UK airdate: 02/06/94
UK Gold: 19/05/00
Writer: Roger Moulton
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Mr Baker: Fred Barker
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Coffee Shop
It turns out it's Phoebe on the phone. Beth and Gaby tells her that Wayne has probably taken Stephen out for a walk.
A road
Wayne is heading back to Ramsay Street with the burgers and unsuccessfully tries to flag Rick down. He doesn't stop, however.
Stephen is struggling to get back into his wheelchair.
Helen is cleaning when Annalise come in. Helen's looking forward to Evelyn's visit.
Doug is on the phone arranging to do a boat dive. Pam rolls her eyes and tells Doug she doesn't want to do it. He says the "togetherness" was her idea! Pam is forced to confess that she's scared of being out of her depth in water. Doug just tells her to confront her fears!
Helen is wondering why Evelyn hasn't arrived yet - she's always very punctual and now she's nearly an hour late. Annalise suggests that Helen rings Evelyn's daughter.
Coffee Shop
Phoebe still can't get through to Stephen. Beth offers to mind the shop so Phoebe can pop home to see what's going on.
Annalise comes in late and Beth tells her off for not supporting Phoebe. Then Annalise tells Rick that she wants to meet "Roy"!
Helen is ringing Evelyn's daughter, Jennifer. It turns out that Evelyn has died suddenly, much to Helen's shock.
Wayne comes back and helps Stephen up. Then Phoebe rushes in and asks Wayne angrily why he left Stephen on his own. Stephen says there's no harm done, he needs to try to manage by himself, so it's fine if things go wrong occasionally.
Coffee Shop
Rick tells Annalise that she's just missed Roy - again! He tells Annalise that Roy isn't her type, but she won't let it go.
Helen is crying on the sofa, having drunk a lot of sherry. Annalise comes in.
ANNALISE: Where's your friend?
HELEN: She didn't make it. She's never going to make it. She's gone, like all the others. I'm the only one left.
She sobs.
HELEN: She...she died in her sleep. I've lost them all. We were juch good friends, had so much in common. I'm the same age as she is!
Annalise helps Helen to sit up and tells her to go to bed.
HELEN: I'm alone...Jim's gone...Evelyn's gone...
No.28, the following morning
Gaby tells Doug that the winner of the Waterhole bid will be announced tomorrow. Doug doesn't think he'll win - Constructacon can buy materials cheaply.
Coffee Shop
Phil comes in and asks Beth how her trip to Barbados was. They chat, and Phil invites her to have a meal with him - he hasn't eaten all day.
Annalise tells Wayne that she's really concerned about Helen. Just then, Helen surfaces and thanks Annalise for helping her to bed. Annalise thinks Helen should "see someone" - that she needs to face up to her recent drinking. Wayne backs Annalise up and Helen is not pleased.
Shopping Street
Rick sees Annalise coming and runs away from her!
The Office
Phil tells Doug that he's decided to go with Willis Construction for the Waterhole contract. Doug is surprised and very pleased. Just then, Mr Baker from Constructacon comes in and Phil tells him he didn't get the contract. He is very cross and accuses Phil of nepotism. Phil assures him that it was all above board.
Phoebe is talking about giving up running the Coffee Shop to look after Stephen. He tells her they can't go on Welfare - they need a future. Pam agrees with him - it will also help Stephen to be more independent if Phoebe isn't around all the time.
Coffee Shop
Annalise is moaning to Rick about not letting her meet "Roy". Wayne moans at Rick for not giving him a lift yesterday.
Helen comes in and tells Annalise and Wayne that she's glad that they care about her. She tells them they're right - she has been drinking too much recently and really needs to make some changes to her life. She's lonely - Jim died, Madge moved, most of her grandchildren have left the district. She's decided to leave Ramsay Street for a while for Queensland - to stay with Charlene and Scott for a while and get her life back together.
Doug tells Pam that he got the contact and she is delighted! She says they'll have to put off the scuba- diving lessons(!)
Just then, Peter Baker from Constructacon comes round. But he hasn't come to argue about the contract. Instead, he proposes to buy Willis Construction - everything: Doug, his equipment, his workers and the contract.
Cliff Top
Rick parks his car. He takes Roy the dummy out and throws him over the cliff. Unfortunately Rick has left the hand- brake off the car, so the car is also headed for the cliff!
<<1969 - 1971>>
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