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Neighbours Episode 1969 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1968 - 1970>>
Episode title: 1969
Australian airdate: 29/07/93
UK airdate: 01/06/94
UK Gold: 18/05/00
Writer: Helen McWhirter
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Cheryl Stark: Caroline Gillmer
Darren Stark: Scott Major
Yobbo Customer: Anthony De Fazio
Customer no. 2: Damien Richardson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Beth and Phoebe are trying to help Stephen to stand. He is frustrated, but Phoebe comforts him, saying they both want to make rehabilitating Stephen at home work. On the next attempt, they manage to get him on to the sofa.
Debbie is drawing a heart with "Freddo" on it when Julie and Hannah come in. They have been buying school books. Debbie says that Julie never had to worry about money when Phil lived at home. Hannah says maybe they should just let Phil come home so they can afford things(!)
When Julie has stormed out, Hannah and Debbie hug. They miss Phil very much.
Wayne is doing some schoolwork at the kitchen table when Julie charges in. He tells her that Helen is having a very hard time at the moment, but she doesn't want to talk about that. She tells Wayne she's decided to leave school - she doesn't have any financial support now.
Stephen is a bit uneasy that Beth has seen him naked in the shower(!) Beth and Phoebe are very upbeat though and say the best way is to treat such situations lightly.
"Freddo" aka Darren Stark has come to pick Debbie up to go for a drive. Julie is quite impressed with "Freddo"s crawling good manners.
As Juile is leaving, Rick arrives and doesn't look too pleased to see Freddo there. He asks Debbie if she wants to go to the library after school, but she says she has other plans.
Julie has come to ask Lou for a "lift to work".
LOU: Come again?
JULIE: The car yard. You know, that little business that we're both co- owners of?
LOU: I'm having a very bad dream.
JULIE: It's time I took an active role in the business!
Lou is stunned. Julie just helps herself to Lou's coffee and explains she'll be fine once Lou has shown her the ropes. Lou says they don't need any more people at the car yard, and besides, Julie is not experienced in sales.
JULIE: It can't be that difficult...you do it(!)
Car Yard
Julie tells Lou that the car yard needs re- organising, especially the office. He rolls his eyes.
Rick comes in and asks to borrow a car. Lou wants to meet "Roy" but Rick suddenly makes a sharp exit!
A road
"Freddo" aka Darren Stark is looking for cars to steal. Rick drives past with "Roy" the dummy and Darren hides.
Car Yard
Julie has made Lou take down the bunting on the car yard. While he's up the ladder, Cheryl appears and suggests they go on another date. Lou tries to get away, but Cheryl is determined to pin him down to a time and place.
Meanwhile, Julie is selling a car to a sleazy bloke. After a while, he asks to see the owner and won't believe that Julie *is* the owner. She is not impressed with his sexism and sends him packing. Lou intervenes and takes the sleazy bloke off to look at some cars.
Kristy from the Coffee Shop rings to say the dishwasher has broken. Stephen says Phoebe had better go and give Kristy a hand - he can manage in the house with Hope.
outside No.32
Darren parks up the stolen car(!). Debbie comes out with Hannah and asks if they can drop Hannah off at her friend's house on the way. They get in the car. Wayne comes over to meet "Freddo" and is interested to hear that he's new in town. Darren leans over and hot- wires the car, saying he's lost the key!
Wayne is going to sit with Stephen while Phoebe goes down to the Coffee Shop. They decide to have a cold beer!
Car Yard
Lou is giving Julie some pointers on selling cars - tailoring her suggestions to the different sorts of people that come in. Julie goes off to try to sell a lady a car, though Lou insists she's just "a browser".
"Freddo" aka Darren Stark has brought Debbie home. She is clearly quite taken with him, but Hannah warns her that he's still a friend of Michael's, so he can't be that great.
A road
Darren is joyriding and being chased by the police(!) He gets out of the car and quickly jumps over a fence. The police follow but he is too quick.
Wayne and Stephen are playing cards and having a good time. Stephen says it's the best fun he's had since the operation. He's determined to get back to the way he was before the accident though. He suggests Wayne goes out and gets them a burger.
Julie comes to see Lou and says she took the lady browser out for a cup of coffee - and she's sold a car! Apparently the lady was after a whole fleet of cars for the reps in her cosmetics company - Julie didn't just sell one car, she sold three, for $20,000! She's interested in a few other vehicles too and will pop back next week! Lou is staggered.
Cheryl tells Darren that he'd better not be getting up to "any of his old tricks". They're rich now, so there's no need for him to steal, and if he does, he'll be going straight to jail. Darren insists that he's clean.
Stephen is playing patience and waiting for Wayne to come back. The phone rings and he struggles over to answer it. He can't quite reach it though and falls out of his wheelchair.
<<1968 - 1970>>
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