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Neighbours Episode 1973 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1973
Australian airdate: 04/08/93
UK airdate: 07/06/94
UK Gold: 24/05/00
Writer: Ysabelle Dean
Director: Tina Butler
Guests: Cathy Alessi: Elspeth Ballantyne
Darren Stark: Scott Major
Kelly: Bernadette Walsh
Ruby Lovejoy: Patsy Martin
Lenny: Jamie Churchill
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Coffee Shop
Rick protests that he doesn't want to go back to Sydney, but Cathy points out that he needs a fresh start - Debbie has moved on, and so should he.
Beth arrives to babysit Hope. Phoebe is stressed that Cathy is in Erinsborough - she can't afford to lose this job.
Coffee Shop
Debbie is sitting with Darren and a gang from school. Rick snipes at them a bit. Rick sits down with Brad and says he might be moving to Sydney.
Cathy and Pam are chatting about raising children - it's odd not to have kids to care for anymore.
Phoebe tells Stephen off for being back late. Phoebe is stressed about keeping the Coffee Shop open on her own. Stephen says it might be too much longer and shows her that he's managed to write a bit.
Debbie is upset that they're not moving into No.22. Julie insists that Hannah is staying with her. Hannah says she's only happy with Julie sometimes - she hardly has any time to play with her anymore. Julie promises to be better and sends her off to take Holly for a walk.
When Hannah has gone, Phil tells Julie off for making Hannah promises she doesn't keep.
Darren sees Rick and taunts him, saying he'll soon be past first base with Debbie!
No.32, the following morning
Hannah isn't feeling well, but Julie says she hasn't got a temperature. Hannah insists that she's ill and runs off to be sick.
Ruby arrives and says she can look after Hannah today.
Phoebe and Stephen are looking forward to spending the evening together. When Phoebe has gone, Beth (who is babysitting Hope) tells Stephen off for always acting so helpless around Phoebe.
Car Yard
Rick is cleaning cars looking very tired. Lou tells Rick that he'd be better off going to Sydney with Cathy - there's nothing keeping him here. Julie comes up and moans at Rick for "missing a spot".
LOU: Rick, do yourself a favour. Go and live in Sydney. I've half a mind to join you!
Ruby changes Hannah's bed linen and she gets embarrassed. She tells Ruby not to go into her room again without permission and then shouts at Ruby that she's not her mother, she's just the cleaner!
Coffee Shop
Cathy tells Phoebe that she doesn't need to be so nervous - she's doing a great job.
Rick comes in and cathy says he looks terrible. However, he's still determined not to go to Sydney. He feels he can't leave Debbie at the moment, with all her family hassles.
When Rick has gone, Lou comes in and sits down with Cathy. He promises to keep an eye on Rick. Cathy asks Lou is Rick can move in with him!
Pam has popped round to see how Hannah is. Ruby sends her off to bed, but Hannah says she'll watch TV instead. Pam advises Ruby to play along with Hannah for a while - she has been very upset since the marriage breakup.
Coffee Shop
Lou has agreed to take Rick in, and Cathy tells Rick it's non- negotiable - he either moves in with Lou, or he moves to Sydney with her. Phoebe asks Cathy to help out in the kitchen, leaving Lou to set the ground rules for life at No.24!
Debbie comes in with Darren and a couple of others. Debbie tries on Kelly's friendship ring.
Pam comes in and sees brad there. She awkwardly asks him if she can buy him a smoothie.
Ruby is making biscuits and telling Hannah she can't have one because she's got a stomach upset. She decides to give Hannah some cod liver oil. This does the trick and Hannah finally goes to lie down(!)
Phil sees Beth having a drink and sits down with her. He tells her about the No.22 rental falling through. Beth is still depressed about Brad, and tells Phil she hopes she's not going to drag him down.
Coffee Shop
Cathy is just leaving. Phoebe looks very stressed and tired. She puts her head down on the table.
Julie is home now. Ruby tells Julie off for molly- coddling Hannah. A row develops and Ruby resigns. Hannah just asks if Julie can stay home tomorrow and look after her!
Coffee Shop
Darren comes in for his jacket and finds Phoebe asleep at a table. So he takes the opportunity to help himself to the money from the till!
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