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Neighbours Episode 1974 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1974
Australian airdate: 05/08/93
UK airdate: 08/06/94
UK Gold: 25/05/00
Writer: Karyn Noble
Director: Tina Butler
Guests: Darren Stark: Scott Major
Kelly: Bernadette Walsh
Paris: Patrick Williams
Mrs Hawthorn: Addie Black
Mrs Woods: Brenda Palmer
Customer: Anne Vercoe
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Coffee Shop
Annalise comes in and shakes Phoebe awake. She tells Phoebe she's exhausted and tells her to go home. Phoebe protests, but says she'll go to the bank first. But when she opens the till, she's shocked to see that the money has gone - over $300.
Brad comes in and kisses Lauren, then takes a bite of her sandwich.
LAUREN: Rick Alessi's moving in.
BRAD: Yeah? In here? Since when?
LAUREN: Since Dad decided to turn this place into a shelter for the homeless!
Brad tells Lauren that he picked all winners at the races today and won $7,000.
Beth has made Phoebe a cup of tea. She feeling sick with herself. Beth tells her that she *has* to slow down.
BETH: You're so tired! The last thing Stephen and Hope need is you in hospital with exhaustion.
PHOEBE: What Stephen and Hope need is a roof over their head and food on the table! The only way they can have that is if I work. I can't stop, Beth, I just can't.
No.32 (evening)
Darren pops round with a present for Debbie - a friendship ring. No doubt bought with the Coffee Shop takings! Debbie loves the ring, but is rather takenaback by the extravagance. She says she'll think about accepting it.
Coffee Shop
Gaby is ranting about the takings being stolen and half- suspects Annalise herself! Annalise rolls her eyes and says she's actually been trying to think of ways to raise $300 to replace it. Phil rings in an order, and Gaby tells Annalise that Phil is probably really lonely since the separation.
Beth has popped in to see Phil to ask if he could help Phoebe out. Maybe he could try to speed up Stephen's insurance claim. Phil agrees to help and thanks Beth for chatting to him - everybody else feels uncomfortable around him.
Just then, Annalise comes in and looks at the suspiciously!
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Brad sees Beth and gives her the money he owes her, explaining that he won it at the races. Lauren comes out too and looks at them uncertainly.
Gaby is telling Phil about his day of meetings. He asks Gaby to look after the Senior Gardeners. She pouts, but he reminds her that it's a big contract, it doesn't matter that it's being run by a couple of old ladies. He warns her not to do or say anything rash as they're very conservative.
Debbie shows Kelly her friendship ring, but still isn't sure that she can accept it. Kelly talks her into it though.
Gaby is showing the Senior Gardeners round. She is about to take them into the Coffee Shop, but there is an advert outside for a "Topless Lunch", so she hurriedly directs them to the Brasserie.
Coffee Shop
Phoebe is telling Annalise that a Topless Lunch is not appropriate, but relents and says if there's one complaint they have to stop. Then Annalise tells Phoebe that Phil and Beth are getting it on!
Gaby storms in and rants at Annalise about the Topless Lunches, saying Annalise make Madonna looks like Mother Teresa(!) Annalise just calls a topless male waiter out of the kitchen - apparently he's a friend of Annalise's. He is normally a stripper, so is "glad to have a job where he gets to keep his daks on"(!)
Outside the Coffee Shop
The Senior Gardeners are shocked to see the "Topless Lunches" sign, but then see the waiter delivering some coffees.
SENIOR GARDENER 1: I'm game if you are!
SENIOR GARDENER 2: Ooooh, yes!
They go happily into the shop, laughing.
Brad has lost money gambling but says he's still got $100. Lauren rants at him and says his gambling has to stop. Brad says Lauren is worse than his mum.
Coffee Shop
Loads of people are packing into the Coffee Shop. The Senior Gardeners pay their bill by tucking the money into the waiter's waist band!
Darren has come to see Debbie and offers to walk her home. She tells him she's decided to keep to the ring and he kisses her.
Lauren is still ranting at Brad. He says it's his money and he'll do what he likes. While Brad is looking for his car keys, Lauren takes his wallet.
Phoebe asks Beth if there's anything going on between her and Phil. She laughs and says there isn't.
Phil sees Debbie and Darren holding hands and asks if she's got a new boyfriend. Debbie is sullen with Phil and tells him he has no idea what they're all going through at home.
Coffee Shop
Annalise thanks the waiter (Paris) for helping them out. Gaby come in and Annalise tells her that takings are up 50%. Gaby just hopes that Annalise gets into real trouble one day and Annalise tells her to rack off.
Brad comes in, but he can't pay as he doesn't have his wallet. Gaby has to sub him.
Lauren is pacing and waiting for Brad to come home. She picks up his wallet and finds a photo of Beth in it! Also, she finds a receipt from the Erinsborough Loan Company!
Phil comes round to see Phoebe. He's been working on Stephen's insurance claim. Phoebe goes off to get Stephen and Beth thanks him for helping out. Phil tells her that he's going to a restaurant tonight to treat himself, and invites her along. Beth politely refuses, but really fancies a lobster dinner, so eventually agrees to meet him at Lassiter's.
Lauren tells Brad that she took his wallet.
LAUREN: It was the only way I knew to stop you from gambling.
BRAD: What? Oh, that's real nice! Shows how much you trust me, doesn't it?!
LAUREN: Trust? You're a fine one to talk about trust. After the way you pawned my earrings?! You let me believe I had lost them, just so you could keep up your damn gambling.
BRAD: You've been through my wallet!
LAUREN:(starting to get tearful) Yeah. Interesting what you find, isn't it? Here, if it's so precious.
She pushes the wallet at him.
BRAD: I don't have to put up with this.
He goes to leave.
LAUREN: Where did you get the money? Where did you find the money to get my earrings back?
BRAD: Look, I wish I'd never bought you those stupid earrings! Beth gave me the money, alright?
LAUREN: How convenient. I suppose that's what the two of you were laughing at this morning, was it? Good old Lauren doesn't suspect a thing.
BRAD: Just forget it, will you?
LAUREN: No, it is just so pathetic the way you keep running to Beth! Why didn't you tell *me*? Why is it always Beth you go to with your problems? It's her photo you keep in your wallet!
BRAD: I'm sorry, I meant to take that out. But she doesn't always keep on at me all the time like you do. You wonder why I tell her things, have a listen to you!
LAUREN: If she is so wonderful, why'd you ever break up with her in the first place? If Beth is the one you want, what are you doing here?
BRAD: Yeah, sometimes I wonder. Maybe I made the wrong choice after all.
He leaves, and Lauren cries.
<<1973 - 1975>>
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