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Neighbours Episode 2196 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2196
Australian airdate: 18/07/94
UK airdate: 14/04/95
UK Gold: 02/04/01
Writer: John Upton
Director: Grant Fenn
Guests: Rosemary Daniels: Joy Chambers
Dave Gottlieb: Ivar Kants
- "My Heavy Friend" by The Truth
- "Easy" by Hunters And Collectors
- "Memphis" by The Badloves
- "To The Top" by Peter Andre
Summary/Images by: Clare
- Mark thought a baby would bring him and Annalise closer together
- Annalise refuses to discuss this
- Julie promises to stop treating Hannah like a baby
- Marlene thinks Cheryl is now cold and uncaring and is happy to leave if Cheryl wishes it
- Annalise is going to be honest with Mark but doesn't think he will be happy with the news
Coffee Shop
Marlene thinks she could have been more tactful but Cheryl wasn't welcoming her. Danni isn't impressed with how Cheryl is handling this. Marlene thinks she might have to sell No.24 and go. Danni doesn't agree with this and updates Helen who has arrived. She wants to talk to Cheryl but Marlene doesn't think it's a good idea. Helen invites Marlene over for afternoon tea at No.26.
HELEN: It might compensate for your baptism of fire.
Marlene tries to hesitate but Danni thinks she should accept. They arrange it for 3.30.
Mark wonders what the wailing music was earlier. Annalise was listening to a Motor Mummas CD to help lift her mood, Annalise tells him it worked. As she is giving her last cooling lotion bottle to Helen, she is preparing the ingredients for another.
MARK: We need to talk don't we?
ANNALISE: Yeah. Not that it seems to solve anything these days.
MARK: We need to communicate more.
ANNALISE: Yeah. Right now I don't want to have your baby.
Phil is heading off to work and notices that Hannah is upset. Hannah thinks that everyone has forgotten her birthday but Phil reassures her that isn't the case. They're keeping the party to family only as Phil is busy with work and they have counselling the next day.
HANNAH: Debbie's the one who's been causing all the trouble. I've been the one who's been good.
Phil reassures her it's not a problem. Phil reminds her that she's determined to be more grown up. Hannah wishes for a birthday party and thinks they just concentrate on Debbie. Phil apologises but that is how things are right now. He heads off to work as Hannah watches him go.
Annalise admits to being frightened. Fiona resented Annalise as she had her before she was ready to have a baby. Annalise doesn't want to go through the same thing. Mark reassures Annalise she and Fiona are completely different. Annalise still feels that way plus she wants to concentrate on her career. She would rather wait a few more years.
MARK: I feel like we're winging it all the time. I want to know where we're going.
ANNALISE: Let's take it one step at a time.
They agree to work at their individual jobs rather than together and have separate bedrooms for the time being. They are going to go and sort out their stuff.
Danni has come to visit Cheryl and has brought her a flower. Cheryl is suspicious as Danni is being nice which isn't usual for her. Cheryl guesses it's about Marlene. Danni isn't annoyed with Cheryl but doesn't think the stress is helping Marlene. She wants Cheryl to make things right with Marlene. Cheryl thinks Marlene put Danni up to this by threatening to leave.
CHERYL: She's lying and manipulative.
DANNI: Why do you hate her so much?
Cheryl won't go into details. Cheryl suggests that Danni can visit Marlene back in Perth if she returns. Cheryl refuses to budge on the matter. Danni is still frustrated and leaves.
Coffee Shop
Annalise has arrived with the foot lotion and lavender bath oil for Helen, Rosemary is interested in it. Helen suggests that others may be interested as well. Annalise will consider it and has started studying marketing. Rosemary rubs the lotion into the back of her hand and is impressed. Annalise asks Rosemary for some business tips, she will be happy to help.
Danni arrives and offers to take over from Helen. She admits she can't face school right now. Helen hopes the afternoon will help soothe matters. Danni isn't so sure but Helen is more confident.
Dave is happy to sleep on the floor and admires the wooden boat Mark's been working on. Mark isn't sure when Annalise is ever going to want children.
MARK: Kids are special and fun. They bring two people together.
DAVE: Or they drive you apart but it cuts both ways.
Mark's first memory is of Dave's first Harley. The bike was taller than Mark at the age of 2! Dave plans to set off soon on his trip to a big bike festival interstate and then go around Australia. Dave invites him to come too if he wishes. Mark doesn't think it's possible, Dave realises Mark is tempted.
Helen mentions to Hannah what happened earlier. Hannah tries to change the subject. Helen points out that Phil, Julie and Helen are all putting in double the effort at the moment. Hannah still wants a party as usual, Helen gently tells her it's not possible every year. Hannah accepts this and apologises. Helen asks her to apologise to Phil as well.
Phil and Julie have just arrived but haven't got long. Annalise is working and admits things aren't going great with Mark. Julie thinks they can sort it out. Julie thinks she'll be able to find someone else if it doesn't work out.
Julie has bought a present for Hannah, Phil thought she was too busy. Turns out they have both bought Hannah a present! Julie has bought her a locket with pictures inside. Phil has bought Hannah a gold charm bracelet with the first charm attached. Julie admires it. They realise Hannah is growing up.
Helen realises Hannah is paying particular attention to the recipe book while they're baking. Helen guesses Hannah is planning the dinner for that night. It's for Miranda as well and Hannah promises to clean up afterwards. Helen promises to keep quiet. Hannah is determined to do everything on her own.
No.26 Backyard
Marlene thinks Helen has a lovely place. Marlene realises Helen and Cheryl have become friends and Cheryl respects Helen.
MARLENE: I'm a good judge of people. If you put in a word she'd listen.
Helen isn't so sure. Marlene doesn't want to go all around the houses to repair things, she wants to get started asap. Helen understands it means a lot to Marlene. Helen doesn't think she is the right person to do it. Helen smells a burning smell.
Helen has poured plain flour on the burnt sausages and is not impressed! Hannah wanted to start early, Helen tells her she should start the sausages after the rest of the meal. Helen relents, hugs Hannah and apologises.
Coffee Shop
Danni tells Mark that people have been ringing up about his takeaway service. She's had to tell them they're fully booked as they're in demand at the moment so Mark asks her to pass on his home number. Danni wants to know what is the latest about him and Annalise due to her job. Mark promises Danni that her job is safe.
Julie is impressed that Hannah has started cooking dinner (nothing is burnt this time.) Julie has opened an RSVP to a party but isn't sure who has sent it. Phil answers the phone. Miranda's Mum is hoping there will be parental supervision at the party! Phil asks for the time of the party and will return her call.
PHIL: There's going to be a barbecue here tomorrow afternoon for Miss Hannah Martin. She's invited her entire class.
Helen has brought Rosemary to meet Cheryl. Cheryl notes Rosemary was the major shareholder. Rosemary agrees it was a long time ago but offers to help out for the time being. Cheryl thanks her but tells her things will be ok, Phil will cope.
CHERYL: My blood pressure's up. I feel like Jessie the elephant and I'm bored stupid.
Helen brings up Marlene and Cheryl guesses that Helen's been talking to her. Helen thinks she's redoubtable. Cheryl agrees that is probably the case bringing up five children. Cheryl promises she's not sticking up for Marlene!
ROSEMARY: We only get one mother.
CHERYL: Meaning that I should feel about my mother how you feel about yours?
Cheryl suggests they help by having her baby instead! They all laugh.
Julie thinks that Hannah was using the dinner to convince them to let the party go ahead. Helen thinks Hannah was genuine about helping. They can't excuse this though. Hannah has been sneaky and disobedient to take the invites and invite her class. Rosemary knows how much this means and offers to cover for the afternoon. Phil tells her they can cope.
Julie takes Phil to one side and offers an inaudible solution involving the counselling appointment. Hannah is overjoyed about this, Julie realises how hard things have been. They get Hannah to promise to be good. Helen asks Hannah what she wants for her birthday, she wants her ears pierced!
Mark and Annalise are being over polite about clearing up the kitchen. Mark wins the discussion and ropes Dave in to help. Annalise decides to visit Cheryl.
Rosemary is surprised to see Hannah shaving her legs, she explains she's preparing for the party. Rosemary explains it's not a good idea to use a razor and doesn't think that Hannah needs to. She suggests they find a better place than the kitchen table and they will use wax.
Annalise is updating Cheryl about what has happened with Mark. Cheryl reminds Annalise she had asked for Cheryl's opinion and she gave it to her! Annalise they probably would have ended things eventually.
ANNALISE: It's better it's happened now and we've got it over and done with.
Cheryl refuses to agree or disagree. Annalise has the course to focus on. Cheryl thinks there would be a lot less problems if people concentrated on their business courses! Cheryl apologises for not being very sympathetic. She's getting flak after Marlene has returned, the same happened to Annalise. Annalise didn't get a chance to put things right before Fiona died and was a mess after it happened. They weren't close.
ANNALISE: Family. You can't stand a bar of them yourself. But if someone else criticise them you jump in there defending it. It's crazy but it's true.
CHERYL: I suppose so.
ANNALISE: By the time I realised how much I cared about Mum it was too late.
Annalise tries to share stories but stops as it is upsetting her. Cheryl looks thoughtful.
Hannah stops Rosemary waxing one of her legs. Rosemary points out her legs will be uneven. Hannah would rather the hair grows back!
ROSEMARY: We've got a modern woman after all.
Julie offers to braid Hannah's hair as it's her birthday the next day. Rosemary recalls the time Julie first tried to shave her legs. Julie worried her leg hairs would grow back and end up like King Kong's! Julie recoils in horror, Hannah has lice!
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Marlene Kratz, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2196
Marlene Kratz, Helen Daniels

Mark Gottlieb, Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 2196
Mark Gottlieb, Annalise Hartman

Hannah Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2196
Hannah Martin, Philip Martin

Danni Stark, Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2196
Danni Stark, Cheryl Stark

Annalise Hartman, Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2196
Annalise Hartman, Rosemary Daniels

Dave Gottlieb, Mark Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 2196
Dave Gottlieb, Mark Gottlieb

Helen Daniels, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2196
Helen Daniels, Hannah Martin

Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2196
Julie Martin

Helen Daniels, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2196
Helen Daniels, Marlene Kratz

Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2196
Danni Stark

Hannah Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2196
Hannah Martin, Philip Martin

Rosemary Daniels, Helen Daniels, Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2196
Rosemary Daniels, Helen Daniels, Cheryl Stark

Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2196
Cheryl Stark

Hannah Martin, Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2196
Hannah Martin, Rosemary Daniels

Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 2196
Annalise Hartman

Rosemary Daniels, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2196
Rosemary Daniels, Hannah Martin

Hannah Martin, Julie Martin, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2196
Hannah Martin, Julie Martin, Helen Daniels

Hannah Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2196
Hannah Martin, Julie Martin

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