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Neighbours Episode 2195 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2195
Australian airdate: 15/07/94
UK airdate: 13/04/95
UK Gold: 30/03/01
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Tina Butler
Guests: Rosemary Daniels: Joy Chambers
Dave Gottlieb: Ivar Kants
Vikram Chatterji: Nigel Rodrigues
Tiberio: Peter Ghin
- "Angel In Disguise" by Ayers Rock
Summary/Images by: David/Graham
- Cheryl tells Lou that she doesn't want to talk about Marlene. It was too painful and it was all Marlene's fault. After her dad took her interstate, Cheryl just told everyone that she died.
- Marlene just wants her family around her in her old age. Lou tells her he'll talk to Cheryl.
- Helen tells Mark that Annalise said she was going to see Suzy. Mark sighs.
- Julie tells Vikram to give the money back now and they'll forget about the whole thing. Vikram shakes his head. He tells her she has misjudged his character and he's misjudged hers. He enjoyed working for her and her husband, but now he'd prefer never to see her again.
Number 28
Cody is playing guitar, while Doug is looking at drawings of Gaby. He says Pam's drawings are getting better all the time, there may be some money in it. Doug tells Cody that Mary Cochran has offered him a job as curator of Kia Ora, and to look after maintenance and repairs of all the council's listed buildings. He tells Gaby and Cody that he's thinking of restarting Willis Constructions again. The deal he had with Constructacon was that he couldn't trade under his name for 12 months but that's about up by now. Most of his old crew are working for different builders now. Gaby think he's looking for excuses not to start up. He says there's some truth in it, he missed a lot of his kids growing up while he was working flat out to keep a roof over their heads, he doesn't want to do the same for Gaby's baby. Gaby doesn't either.
Number 22
Danni is practicising her guitar too. Brett is thinking about what to put in the time capsule for the centenary celebrations. Danni suggests the video of the Deb Brawl, but Brett doesn't think she'll want future generations seeing her in a fight.
Sam and Marlene say goodbye, they've finished painting her house so she's ready to go. Danni says it was great having her there, though they're sure Cheryl wouldn't say that. Sam tells Marlene they'll need to sort it out. Marlene says she's willing, but there isn't much she can do if Cheryl's going to shut her out.
Julie tells Phil that it was only her and Vikram in the shop, so he must have taken the money. Julie wants to call the police, but Phil won't until he's absolutely certain. Phil goes to search the shop for the missing money, while Julie goes to wait in the car.
Number 30
Rick is planning the Aussie night at the pub, Annalise arrives. She tells them she was at Suzy's. Rick goes to the pub. Dave tells Annalise that Mark is worried about her. Annalise says he wants to have a baby, and she isn't sure yet. She's only 19 and hasn't done anything with her life yet. Dave tells her to find her centre, after that everything will become clear. He says he'll show her how to do it.
Number 28
Danni plays her song to Cody and Brett. Cody says it's a bit of a downer, but Gaby says it sounds really sweet. They note it's difficult to work on songs with it being half a band. Packo's on holiday and Stonie has to work.
Number 30
Dave is telling Annalise about a way of helping her feel better, by making a 'treasure map' using cut outs from a magazine to make a collage. She thinks of her goals and ambitions, finds pictures from the magazine that represents them, and in between the bits and pieces that leads to those goals. Annalise is happy to try anything that will make her feel better than she does now.
Number 26
Rosemary and Helen are working together, when Julie and Philip return and tell them about Vikram stealing. Julie makes a call to report the theft. The others plan to get some takeaway tonight, Philip asks Julie if she has any cash, and she tells him to look in her bag. As he opens it he finds the missing money from the newsagents. Philip shows it to Julie who looks mortified, and ends her phone call.
Ramsay Street
Dave is practising Qi Gong in the front garden, but he can't concentrate due to the noise from Cody, Brett and Danni's band. He offers to sit in and play with them as their drummer, so they invite him to join them. Danni says she's been having trouble writing songs, Dave suggests they turn some of Annalise's poetry into songs. Danni likes the idea.
The Waterhole
Gaby and Rick wonder where Annalise is. Gaby offers to call Suzy to see if she knows. Meanwhile Helen complains to Rosemary that the music is a bit loud, but Rosemary thinks it's fun. Rosemary wonders when Julie and Phil will get here. Helen says when Julie's finished her meal of humble pie!
Number 26
Julie apologises to Vikram for accusing him of stealing, and admits it was her fault. He says he was offended by her mistrust. Julie says they need him, and she and Phil offer him a pay rise. Vikram says he isn't wealthy and he has to provide for his sister Lata, but his pride cannot be purchased. Phil tells him that's not the reason for the offer, they want to help and make amends. Vikram is persuaded and agrees to come back, bright and early tomorrow morning. They invite Vikram to the Waterhole for the Aussie night.
Number 28
Cody, Danni and Brett sing together, while Dave plays on the bongos. Dave cheers them, they think they sounded alright.
The Waterhole
Phil, Julie and Vikram enjoy the food, while Rosemary, Rick, Doug and Marlene are playing cards. The barman, Tiberio, asks Rick to take over at the bar. Gaby thinks it's been a good night. Rick hopes Annalise gets here soon, she has to do the time capsule soon, and she has to give a speech and if she doesn't do it, then he'll have to.
Number 30
Dave is surprised to see Annalise still home. She says she's been working on her treasure map. He asks her about how much her plans revolve around Mark. Dave tells her she shouldn't build all her life around one person. She should be independent, be her own person, assert herself.
The Waterhole
Rick is nervous about having to make a speech, but the crowd encourage him to go up on stage. Rick does a bad job trying to make it up as he goes along, when Annalise comes to the door and saves him. She apologises for being late, and makes a speech about the importance of pubs as part of Australian life and a part of the community. They're putting things special to them in this time capsule, and hope in 100 years when it's opened up, people will be able to share in their lives. She encourages them all to dance. Sam goes over to Annalise and starts dancing with her, while we see Dave dancing with Helen, and Julie dancing with Vikram.
Ramsay Street
The following morning, Brett, Cody, Danni and Dave set up their equipment in the street. They think a morning serenade would be a good way to thank Annalise for the poem. Danni waves to Sam and Marlene as they head to the car. Marlene's off to visit Cheryl in the hospital.
Number 30
Annalise looks at her collage of pictures as they hear the band start playing. Rick comes out complaining about the racket. Annalise recognises the lyrics and runs out excitedly.
Ramsay Street
Annalise is thrilled to see the band performing her poem. Doug and Gaby seem less enthused on their doorstep. Helen watches from her window and looks annoyed. Annalise tells them it was brilliant. Danni says Dave helped them put the song together, and think it will make a hell of a ballad, if it's okay with Annalise. She tells them to go for it. Cody reminds them they have to go to school.
Dave takes Annalise aside, she thanks him again for the song. He thought she needed some cheering up. Annalise has thought about what Dave said, and she's going to talk to Mark. She thinks it's best to be straight with him.
ANNALISE: As soon as he gets up I'll tell him. I'm sure he's not going to be too happy with what I've got to say to him.
Erinsborough Hospital
Marlene says hi to Cheryl, who does not look pleased to see her. Marlene says she's had the wrong idea about a lot of things over the years, and she needs to know the truth. She tells Cheryl that Hector, Cheryl's father, was a rat. He drank and gambled everything he ever earned and he had a girlfriend in every pub. Cheryl says she was the one who was unfaithful. Marlene says what she did was for her own survival. She tried to keep the family together, but she eventually had to leave, and Cheryl wouldn't come. It tore Marlene to pieces. Cheryl says she never tried to get in touch. Marlene says she sent birthday presents, christmas cards, wrote letters, but Cheryl's dad returned the lot. He turned Cheryl's mind against her. Cheryl doesn't believe her. Marlene tips a bag of letters and presents on the bed.
MARLENE: I broke my heart over you. I think you've become a cold callous woman Cheryl. But you want me out of your life? Well I'm glad to be shot of you.
Marlene walks out. Cheryl looks at the letters lying on her bed.
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