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Neighbours Episode 2197 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2197
Australian airdate: 19/07/94
UK airdate: 17/04/95
Writer: David Allen
Director: Grant Fenn
Guests: Rosemary Daniels: Joy Chambers
Rita Toulis: Nadja Kostich
Gough O'Hara: Ben Solowiej
Miranda Starvaggi: Leah De Niese
Theatre Manager: Barry Kay
Special Guest Appearance by: Back to Back Theatre
Summary/Images by: David
- Rosemary offers Cheryl to help out at work, but Cheryl says it won't be necessary
- Julie finds lice in Hannah's hair
Number 26
Julie realises that they've probably all got lice, and that's why they've been scratching recently. Helen checks Julie's hair and confirms she does have lice. Julie is frantic and checks Philip, Rosemary and Helen and all of them have lice. Julie blames Hannah's 'grubby little friends' and goes off to a chemist in Eden Hills to get de- lousing lotion, telling them all to stay up until she gets back. Philip checks Holly and apparently she is fine.
Erinsborough Hospital
Lou tells Cheryl about selling a van to a Theatre Company, and is delivering it to them tomorrow.
CHERYL: So what else has been happening?
LOU: You mean apart from the earthquakes, the floods and the plagues of dinosaurs.
CHERYL: What is the gossip? Who've you been talking to?
LOU: Well I ran into Helen's daughter, Rosemary, at the bank
CHERYL: Oh yes, with one of your trucks, I hope.
Cheryl tells Lou that she doesn't trust Rosemary, calling her a 'wheeler dealer.' Cheryl's dislike of Rosemary leads the conversation on to Marlene. Cheryl says Marlene told her she was leaving. Lou suggests Cheryl really wants Marlene to stay, Cheryl and Lou kiss.
Number 26
Julie returns with the lotion and demands they all take showers. Later they all stand in a row picking lice from each other's hair. Julie crams all of their towels into the washing machine, and washes the brushes and other utensils in the sink.
Julie joins the others in the living room, they're all huddled together sitting on the floor
HELEN: May we go to bed now, please?
JULIE: I don't see why not
They all rush to their feet and leave the room. Julie remembers she has to hang up the washing and Philip offers to help her.
Number 26 Garage
Julie quickly hangs up the washing, Philip handing her clothes pegs. Philip pleads with Julie to go to bed as they have a busy day tomorrow with Debbie's therapy session at the clinic as well as Hannah's birthday.
JULIE: Do you think I'd leave my house to be infested with a plague of lice? What would the neighbours say?
PHILIP: Who cares? Can't we just go to bed?
JULIE: Not until this is finished. And I vacuum the cushions and scrub the bathroom
PHILIP: Scrub the bathroom!
Number 26
It's the next morning and Hannah is excitedly opening her birthday presents, including a necklace, clothes and she gets a fax from Michael. They tell her they need to get dressed so they can go visit Debbie.
HANNAH: Do we have to, on my birthday? Can't we put it off until some other time?
PHILIP: Of course not
HANNAH: It's not fair. Just because Debbie won't eat properly.
HELEN: Oh come on darling, don't be like that. You want to see your sister get better, don't you?
HANNAH: I suppose so. But why does she have to mess up my birthday?
JULIE: Oh don't worry darling. It won't take long. We'll be out of there before you know it.
Number 28
Gaby is on the phone to Brad, reassuring him that as soon as she has the baby she will let him know. As she ends the call, there's a knock at the door. It's Rosemary. Gaby complains to Rosemary about all the phone calls she's getting from people, Rosemary suggests taking the phone off the hook, so Gaby does, and feels a lot better for it. Rosemary tells Gaby that Philip wants to work at the news agency full time, and she will take Philip's place at Lassiters. Gaby is happy for that to happen, but Rosemary says she'll need to know anything that's changed since she last worked there, new passwords for the Lassiters computer system. Gaby says she'll fill Rosemary in. (If only Gaby could hear the ominous continuity music like we could, she'd know Rosemary was up to something.)
Julie, Philip and Hannah are admiring Debbie's room at the clinic. Debbie gives Hannah her birthday present, a friendship bracelet that Kim made. Debbie's counsellor, Rita, introduces herself to the family and asks for them to go through to the counselling session. Debbie tells Rita she really liked the book she lent her, Rita suggests they go and see the movie version sometime.
Number 26
Helen is hanging balloons up in the house when Rosemary arrives. She tells Helen that the doctor says her leg is okay but she should keep off her foot for as long as possible. Helen tells Rosemary that Hannah loved her present, but it was a pity that Rosemary couldn't give it to her herself. Rosemary explains she was at Gaby's going over Helen's outback artist tour idea. She suggests they send the details to her advisors in the states and see what their reaction is. All she needs is a modem. Helen routes around the desk and finds Jim's modem in one of the drawers.
Rita asks Debbie to speak about her family and her place in it. Julie interrupts, as she thought they were here to discuss Debbie's eating disorder. Rita says bulimia often stems from problems in the home that they need to identify. Philip says he's prepared to talk about anything if it helps Debbie. Debbie says there have been a few problems, when Michael went to the detention centre and when Julie and Philip split up. Julie says they're fine now and she really doesn't see what any of this has to do with Debbie's problem. They all sit in silence.
Number 26
Rosemary is on her laptop, which displays a command to enter a password. Helen enters and asks how everything is going. Rosemary shiftily tries to hide what she's doing, saying everything is fine. As Helen heads off, Rosemary gets back to work. The screen displays the Lassiters Profit Statement. Rosemary smiles.
Lou arrives to find two actors, with Down syndrome, performing a play. The director heads over to Lou. Lou has brought the van over and has transfer papers for the director to sign. He asks if Lou can wait until after the scene.
Health Clinic
Julie says the separation wasn't easy for either of them, and it wasn't a good time at home, but it's all sorted out now. Rita asks if they ever disagree about anything. Julie says no but Philip says occasionally. Philip calls Julie out on them arguing about him taking over the news agency, she called it a mid life crisis. Julie is embarrassed to be talking about this in front of Rita and says that they now have a very successful business partnership. Rita says they made good progress today and did some good ground work for the next session. Julie is shocked that they have to come again, asking if their family is in that much of a mess. Rita assures her that while these things take time, things are going along very nicely. Hannah asks if Debbie can come to her barbecue, Rita says it's a good idea; both Hannah and Debbie are pleased. Philip says he needs to stop by the office on the way back, but promises he'll be there for Hannah's barbecue.
Lou watches intently at the play, as the actress is held captive and one of the actors pulls her heart out. They end the scene and the director goes to speak to Lou, who's clearly absorbed in the play. He tells the director that it was great. The director tells him to come to the performance tonight, Lou says he will, and he'll bring the whole family too. Lou says they don't need to worry about payment, and he'll knock off the road cost as well. The director hopes he isn't doing this out of misplaced sympathy, Lou says it isn't. This is the first bit of theatre he's seen in ages that hasn't made him want to leave after 2 minutes.
Number 26
The family are setting up snacks when there is a knock at the door. Hannah rushes to let her friends in when Julie stops her and answers the door for her. She asks them to line up, and starts checking their heads for lice. Helen is mortified by Julie's behaviour. Julie finds they all have lice, and tells them they can't come to Hannah's party. They all leave, taking Hannah's presents with them. Hannah's upset, telling Julie she's wrecked her whole birthday. Just then they hear a horse neighing.
Ramsay Street
Hannah's friend Gough has arrived with a horse, which is Hannah's birthday present. Hannah is thrilled, saying he's saved her birthday. Julie looks far from impressed though.
Number 28
Philip arrives to visit Gaby, who's made herself some herbal tea to help push the baby along a bit. Philip tells her not to give birth in the next 5 minutes, as he has something to talk to her about. Philip says there's been a computer hacker accessing their files. Apart from the two of them, Helen and Cheryl, someone else must have access to their password. Gaby tells him that she appointed Rosemary to take over from her. Philip is shocked. Gaby says that Philip recommended her, but he says he did no such thing, and she would be the last person he would recommend. Rosemary had lied to Gaby. Philip says that Paul had warned him about her when he joined the company. It looks like Rosemary is trying to take over the business.
Ramsay Street
Julie finishes inspecting Gough's hair, he's lice free. Helen reminds Julie to check the horse, and Julie says she already has. Julie tells Gough they can't keep the horse, so he'll have to take it home. Hannah complains again, saying this is the worst birthday she's ever had. Philip arrives and tells Helen that they have a business problem that they have to discuss with Cheryl right now. He drags Helen away saying this is urgent. Julie tells Hannah that she can keep the horse for the rest of the afternoon but then Gough will have to take it home. Hannah says that's fine as long as she can ride it, Julie agrees.
Hannah and Gough ride the horse around the street, while Julie looks on, pleased.
Number 26
Rosemary asks Debbie how the therapist session went. Debbie doesn't want to talk about it. Rosemary understands, as she saw a therapist in New York and found it great to have someone to talk to. Debbie is very pleased, she really likes Rita, and she seems to know exactly what Debbie is going through. Rosemary warns her not to get too attached, Rita is only a therapist and she'll never be a substitute for her own family. Debbie says that if her family were more like Rita she wouldn't have the problems she has now. Hannah, Gough and Julie arrive; Hannah wants them to sing her happy birthday as Gough has to go soon. They agree to sing it again when Philip and Helen get back. They all sing 'For She's A Jolly Good Fellow' for Hannah.
Erinsborough Hospital
Helen, Gaby and Philip are chatting to Cheryl. Helen says there's no real evidence that it's Rosemary. Philip says everything points towards her, and Cheryl says that Lou saw Rosemary at the bank talking to the manager, and the bank has a major investment in Lassiters. Helen insists its coincidence, though Philip says if it was just coincidence why did Rosemary lie to Gaby. Gaby says that Rosemary really pumped her for information about the business.
Gaby reveals that she gave Rosemary the password for the computer files, and Helen is immediately concerned because Rosemary asked to use Jim's modem, and Helen let her.
CHERYL: There you go! Case proven, I knew I didn't like that woman from the word go!
The atmosphere is immediately awkward and Philip warns that there's no need to be personal - and Cheryl suddenly realises that it's Helen's daughter they're talking about and apologises.
Helen says that it certainly seems that Rosemary's been up to something and wonders what they should do next. Gaby says that they'll have to front up to her and ask her for an explanation - and Helen looks very uneasy.
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Hannah Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2197
Hannah Martin, Julie Martin

Philip Martin, Holly in Neighbours Episode 2197
Philip Martin, Holly

Cheryl Stark, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2197
Cheryl Stark, Lou Carpenter

Hannah Martin, Helen Daniels, Julie Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2197
Hannah Martin, Helen Daniels, Julie Martin, Philip Martin

Philip Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2197
Philip Martin, Julie Martin

Julie Martin, Helen Daniels, Philip Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2197
Julie Martin, Helen Daniels, Philip Martin, Hannah Martin

Gaby Willis, Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2197
Gaby Willis, Rosemary Daniels

Hannah Martin, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2197
Hannah Martin, Debbie Martin

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2197
Helen Daniels

Rita Toulis in Neighbours Episode 2197
Rita Toulis

Hannah Martin, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2197
Hannah Martin, Debbie Martin

Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2197
Rosemary Daniels

Lou Carpenter, Theatre Manager in Neighbours Episode 2197
Lou Carpenter, Theatre Manager

Julie Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2197
Julie Martin, Philip Martin

Back to Back Theatre in Neighbours Episode 2197
Back to Back Theatre

Hannah Martin, Miranda Starvaggi, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2197
Hannah Martin, Miranda Starvaggi, Julie Martin

Debbie Martin, Rosemary Daniels, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2197
Debbie Martin, Rosemary Daniels, Helen Daniels

Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2197
Philip Martin

Helen Daniels, Julie Martin, Hannah Martin, Gough O
Helen Daniels, Julie Martin, Hannah Martin, Gough O'Hara

Hannah Martin, Gough O
Hannah Martin, Gough O'Hara

Debbie Martin, Hannah Martin, Julie Martin, Gough O
Debbie Martin, Hannah Martin, Julie Martin, Gough O'Hara, Rosemary Daniels

Gaby Willis, Helen Daniels, Philip Martin, Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2197
Gaby Willis, Helen Daniels, Philip Martin, Cheryl Stark

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