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Neighbours Episode 2198 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2198
Australian airdate: 20/07/94
UK airdate: 18/04/95
UK Gold: 04/04/01
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Grant Fenn
Guests: Rosemary Daniels: Joy Chambers
Vikram Chatterji: Nigel Rodrigues
Lata Chatterji: Kamila Webb
Packo: Verity McIntyre
Artie Goldberg: Bill Ten Eyck
Theatre Manager: Barry Kay
Special Guest Appearance by "Back to Back" Theatre
- "Out Of The Fire" by Ian Moss
- "Dont Fall In Love" by The Ferrets
Summary/Images by: Clare
- Lou is impressed with the actors rehearsing and agrees to bring the family to the performance that night
- Lou realises Cheryl might be wanting Marlene to stay longer
- Phil doesn't want Rosemary to take over and realises she is up to something
- Gaby thinks it's time to question Rosemary
Pam is resting her feet in a basin after a tough day. Doug is using a map to plan a route to the Birthing Centre. Cody, Danni, Brett and Packo arrive home from school. Packo isn't impressed with the smell by the smell from Pam's feet. They're about to have a band meeting. Packo wants a beer and Pam doesn't look impressed! Pam and Doug head out of the room.
BRETT: Old people like to do that for the circulation.
PAM: What was that Brett?!
BRETT: Mature?
PAM: You're on very thin ice.
DOUG: I'd quit while you're ahead if I were you.
Danni is keen to make a recording in a studio as things are going well. The others like the idea of the recording but not as sure about the studio as they haven't got much money. Danni suggests they all chip in money, the others agree. Brett and Danni can't practice that night as they're going to the play. Danni hasn't got high expectations for the play as the tickets are free! They haven't got a drum now but plan to talk to Stonie. Danni has plans.
Rosemary is relieved to see Helen arrive home as she was wondering where she was. Rosemary realises Helen isn't happy and wants to know what's going on.
HELEN: You tell me.
ROSEMARY: I don't understand.
HELEN: Well perhaps you'd care to explain why you broke into Lassiter's confidential database.
ROSEMARY: I needed an accurate picture of the company's current financial position.
HELEN: You could have asked. I would have told you.
ROSEMARY: I didn't want to spoil the surprise. I've decided to buy back Lassiter's.
After the problems with her business back in NY, she wants to buy into the business that belongs to the family. Helen is thrilled with this idea. Rosemary has brought the shares. If Helen and Cheryl want to sell their shares Rosemary is happy to buy them. Helen is happy to do this. Rosemary suggests Helen uses the money for the Outback Artist idea and use Lassiter's for a base. They decide to celebrate.
Danni arrives to see Dave packing his bag. He is getting things ready to go in a couple of days. Danni asks him to do a gig. She admits it's not professional as there wouldn't be any money. They've booked a recording studio for the following afternoon and are needing a drummer. Dave is happy to do it. Dave still has the tape of Sally singing. Danni is sorry Dave is leaving as he could pass on so a lot of knowledge. Dave has confidence in them, it's time to go.
DAVE: Things have run their course I reckon. Time to see what the big wide world has in store.
Erinsborough Hospital
Lou has been telling Cheryl about the Back to Back Theatre as they watch TV. Cheryl is curious if Helen has confronted Rosemary.
LOU: So far I've not heard any bloodcurdling screams.
Cheryl wonders why Rosemary has done this. When Lou brings the subject up Cheryl admits to thinking about Marlene. Lou wants to bring Marlene to visit. Cheryl doesn't answer, just has that look!
Sam shows Marlene the sign he has made for his business. Marlene thinks it looks dodgy.
SAM: Must be doing something right if it keeps shifty types like you away.
MARLENE: You'll get yours boy.
Lou arrives and Sam lets him in. Lou tells Marlene he's visited Cheryl and suggests Marlene visits her the next day. Lou thinks Cheryl is wishing deep down. Lou can't guarantee that though so doesn't want Marlene to be certain of it though. Sam thinks it's good. Marlene notes that Lou has got dressed up. Lou tells her he's going to the theatre and invites her and Sam. Marlene agrees to be ready in 20 minutes and thanks him about Cheryl.
Helen was hoping Tracey would come too but she's visiting the Grand Canyon with friends, she sends her love. Rosemary is impressed how the pub has improved. Helen enquires about what will happen about the Manager position. Helen tells Rosemary how well Gaby is doing after a shaky start. Rosemary will wait and see as things could change after Gaby's baby is born. If so Rosemary will bring a Manager over from the US. Rosemary is happy to cover for Phil and will talk to Cheryl at a later time. Helen thinks Rosemary will need luck on her side! They clink glasses.
Lou is going to speak to Barry. Sam puts a notice up and Brett wants to know if he has permission. Sam asks them to put up a poster at school as well. Danni agrees if Sam buys her a new outfit as they will eventually need publicity shots. Sam isn't agreeable as he needs to earn money. Danni gets Marlene to agree instead if Danni pays her back within a week. There will be 10% interest and Marlene wants her to return the money she took. Danni agrees and they shake on it. Brett is doubtful she can pay it back.
Lou brings Barry to meet everyone. He shakes their hands and advises them to take their seats.
Erinsborough Hospital
Rosemary arrives to see Cheryl.
CHERYL: I hope they put you through the wringer.
ROSEMARY: Not at all. She couldn't have been nicer. She treated me to champagne cocktails at The Waterhole.
This isn't what Cheryl was expecting to hear! Rosemary announces she's bought shares plus Helen's shares as well. Rosemary would like to buy Cheryl's shares as well.
CHERYL: I wouldn't sell my shares to you if my life depended on it.
Cody has got her final exams coming up, Doug is confident she will be ok as he keeps looking at the map.
DOUG: Soon you'll be at uni studying medicine and giving Adam a run for his money.
Pam comes in and notes Cody is getting back to it. Pam has the next day off and plans to go for a ride on the bike, Doug declines her offer to join her. He thought he was going to die the last time he was on the bike! Pam hints that she has spruced the bike up since he last saw it.
As they come out of the show, Marlene is mopping her eyes. Barry wants their opinion, Lou and Brett really enjoyed it. Barry explains to the actors that Lou sold the van to them and they thank him. He invites the family along to the party. Lou agrees though Danni isn't impressed when he reminds her and Brett about school!
Erinsborough High
It's now the next day. Everyone is shivering as the school is saving money on heating. Cody has tried talking to Mrs Teschendorf but hasn't got anywhere. The guy who fixes it is off sick and isn't able to find anyone else right now. Danni shows them Sam's advert, Cody takes the advert off to try her best.
DANNI: Don't take no for an answer!
Vikram arrives and introduces Cody to his sister Lata who is starting that day. Lata isn't really saying anything but Vikram says she is looking forward to starting at the school.
Erinsborough Hospital
Cheryl hasn't really got any sleep after what Rosemary smugly said the day before. Lou reminds her she needs to rest and relax. Cheryl insists she's fine but Lou's not convinced!
CHERYL: I've decided to fight fire with fire.
LOU: Don't bite off more than you can chew.
Cheryl is ready to see Marlene and Rosemary!
Sam answers the phone. He comes off the phone and tells Marlene that he's been asked to have a look at the heating system at the school. Marlene is pleased things are improving.
Erinsborough High
Packo is wishing for a hug from Brett to warm her up. Danni is counting her money and tells Packo she plans to buy a new outfit. Packo points out that no- one can see her in the recording studio.
Cody arrives with Vikram and Lata. She introduces Lata to everyone.
CODY: Mrs Teschendorf wants us to tell her what a great school this is.
PACKO: All lies.
Vikram doesn't want to rush off but Cody is happy to help Lata. Vikram notices that Brett is noticing Lata who offers to show Lata around. Lata tells him Vikram wouldn't be happy with her spending time with guys.
CODY: With half the guys walking around here she's got a point.
Everyone laughs as Cody waves off Vikram.
Doug is pleased with a better map. Pam arrives home and thinks he is overthinking this. She reminds him that Paul did the same thing before Andrew was born and ran out of petrol! Pam leads him outside leaving the maps on the table.
Ramsay Street
Pam has got a sidecar so Doug can come too. Doug climbs in but is still unsure. Pam wants to give it a try. They do a couple of laps of the Street and head off. Dave waves them off.
Erinsborough High
Danni has got her outfit on, Packo thinks it's ok. They see Sam who is happy that Mrs Teschendorf will call again if she needs more work doing. Cody and Packo admire Sam as he heads off.
Brett is telling Lata about the recording studio. He invites her along but she needs to head home. Vikram is waiting for her. Vikram comes over and Lata reassures him they're talking but he doesn't want to take risks. Brett is bemused, Danni leads them off.
Recording Studio
Danni is tuning up her guitar. A guy walks past and Danni recognises him as a Band Manager, Artie Goldberg. Dave saw musicians entering another studio so thinks it could be connected to that. They think Artie might be checking out new talent. Dave reminds them they will be more impressive if they make the most of the time they've got. The music starts up.
Erinsborough Hospital
Marlene has come to visit Cheryl. Cheryl's not sure why she invited Marlene, probably because Lou kept pestering her!
MARLENE: I thought you might realise that I was telling the truth about your father.
Cheryl wasn't blind to either of her parents' faults. Marlene was accused of adultery and other things, apparently Cheryl's Dad was guilty of that. Marlene didn't think it was right to chat to Cheryl about it at the time. Marlene thought she was to blame.
MARLENE: Why does a woman always blame herself?
CHERYL: You are my mother after all. Not a lot I can do about it.
MARLENE: Short of bumping me off, not really.
Brett and Danni are enjoying having Marlene in their lives. Marlene is pleased with how Cheryl has brought them up. Cheryl agrees to try calling a truce. Instead of a white flag Marlene has knitted some green bootees. Cheryl doesn't look overly impressed!
Recording Studio
The band is playing, not overly in tune. Artie arrives and claps after they finish. He is pleased with their performance. He guessed it was one they created themselves. Artie takes Danni to one side.
ARTIE: I'd like to sign you to my label.
DANNI: You're kidding?
ARTIE: I never kid.
DANNI: You really think we're good enough?
ARTIE: Forget the 'we'. You're the one I'm really interested in.
Danni is astounded at this. She points out they are a band, not just her. He tells her she has to make the choice and a lifetime opportunity for her.
ARTIE: A lot of people will kill for an opportunity like this. What do you say? Ditch the band I'll sign you up right here and now.
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Pam Willis, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 2198
Pam Willis, Doug Willis

Danni Stark, Cody Willis, Brett Stark, Leanne
Danni Stark, Cody Willis, Brett Stark, Leanne 'Packo' Packington

Helen Daniels, Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2198
Helen Daniels, Rosemary Daniels

Danni Stark, Dave Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 2198
Danni Stark, Dave Gottlieb

Lou Carpenter, Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2198
Lou Carpenter, Cheryl Stark

Sam Kratz, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2198
Sam Kratz, Marlene Kratz

Rosemary Daniels, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2198
Rosemary Daniels, Helen Daniels

Brett Stark, Danni Stark, Marlene Kratz, Sam Kratz, Theatre Manager, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2198
Brett Stark, Danni Stark, Marlene Kratz, Sam Kratz, Theatre Manager, Lou Carpenter

Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2198
Cheryl Stark

Cody Willis, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 2198
Cody Willis, Doug Willis

Marlene Kratz, Sam Kratz, Danni Stark, Brett Stark in Neighbours Episode 2198
Marlene Kratz, Sam Kratz, Danni Stark, Brett Stark

Theatre Manager, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2198
Theatre Manager, Lou Carpenter

Sam Kratz, Marlene Kratz, Danni Stark, Brett Stark in Neighbours Episode 2198
Sam Kratz, Marlene Kratz, Danni Stark, Brett Stark

 in Neighbours Episode 2198

Cody Willis, Lata Chatterji, Vikram Chatterji in Neighbours Episode 2198
Cody Willis, Lata Chatterji, Vikram Chatterji

Sam Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2198
Sam Kratz

Cody Willis, Vikram Chatterji, Lata Chatterji, Brett Stark, Danni Stark, Leanne
Cody Willis, Vikram Chatterji, Lata Chatterji, Brett Stark, Danni Stark, Leanne 'Packo' Packington

Brett Stark in Neighbours Episode 2198
Brett Stark

Vikram Chatterji in Neighbours Episode 2198
Vikram Chatterji

Pam Willis, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 2198
Pam Willis, Doug Willis

Vikram Chatterji, Brett Stark, Lata Chatterji in Neighbours Episode 2198
Vikram Chatterji, Brett Stark, Lata Chatterji

Danni Stark, Brett Stark, Cody Willis, Leanne
Danni Stark, Brett Stark, Cody Willis, Leanne 'Packo' Packington

Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2198
Marlene Kratz

Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2198
Cheryl Stark

Artie Goldberg in Neighbours Episode 2198
Artie Goldberg

Danni Stark, Artie Goldberg in Neighbours Episode 2198
Danni Stark, Artie Goldberg

Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2198
Danni Stark

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