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Neighbours Episode 2187 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2187 (Michael Martin leaves for Marree; Debbie Martin leaves for rehab; Marlene Kratz arrives)
Australian airdate: 05/07/94
UK airdate: 03/04/95
UK Gold: 20/03/01
Writer: Michael Joshua
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Sam Kratz: Richard Grieve
Marlene Kratz: Moya O'Sullivan
Delivery Man: Tim Clarke
Heavies: Harry Pavlidis Jason Blake
- "To The Top" by Peter Andre
- "(I Need) A Little Love Tonight" by Alan Barnes Band
- "Love The Life" by Bass Culture (feat Gina G)
- "Green Limousine" by The Badloves
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Michael thinks his life is finally working out. Debbie guesses that he hasn't told Danni that he's leaving for good. Michael doesn't know how to tell her.
- Michael brings up Danni stealing $50. Danni says she just borrowed it.
- Michael and Danni hear a news report that the store where Danni spent the $50 has reported that they received a counterfeit note.
- Debbie tells Brett that she's going to a residential clinic to sort out her bulimia and she won't be going back to school.
Number 22
Michael and Danni are fretting about the note, but are speaking in hushed tones so as not to give away to the others what's going on. Danni talks about how it's a crime to pass a fake note. Michael already knows, as there was a guy in the detention doing time for the crime! Danni hopes that the music store won't connect them to the note, but Michael reminds her that she's bought goods from there before so she won't be difficult to track down.
DANNI: How can you be so laid back about this?
MICHAEL: Because I'm trying not to get mad, Danni. I was standing right next to you when you handed over that money. How do you think that's going to look to the parole board?
Michael looks solemn. Danni hopes that she wasn't the culprit, and maybe the counterfeit note was someone else's. Michael isn't that impressed by her hopefulness! Danni realises that he's right and says that they'll have to get rid of the rest of the stash.
MICHAEL: Well, how are you going to swing that? Sam's got it!
DANNI: I'll think of something.
Philip is working when Helen walks in. She's got good news - the police aren't going to proceed with the charges against Julie. Philip thinks that Cheryl talking to the police probably helped. Helen agrees.
PHILIP: Good old Shazza!
Helen suggests holding a party for Cheryl when she comes out of hospital, but Philip asks her not to. He says that he's exhausted doing both his job at the newsagency and covering Lassiter's for Gaby. Helen thinks that he's taken on too much and urges him to give up Lassiter's. Philip says that he's promised Gaby and he refuses to back out at this stage of her pregnancy.
PHILIP: Just wish we'd get to that period of calm seas and plain sailing that we keep talking about.
HELEN: You will one day!
PHILIP: HA! Yeah, one day. And I'll be too old to enjoy it!
Helen says that he's not to worry - he won't be! She suggests that he leave his work for Vikram and go with her for a celebration drink. He agrees.
Number 24
Sam is plastering a wall. Danni and Michael pop in and take a look around, commenting on how bare it is. Sam says that's the way he likes it! Michael starts chatting to Sam to distract him, whilst Danni slopes in and out of the bedrooms. Michael suggests getting a pizza for tea, but Sam says that he doesn't want to encroach on Danni and Michael's last night together. Sam also says that he's been hankering for a bit of his own space too.
MICHAEL: You can't stay by yourself for too long - you'll go mad!
Sam says that hasn't been a problem since he's been in Ramsay Street as everyone's so friendly. He guesses that Michael misses it, spending so much time away from home. Michael is ambivalent and asks if Sam's planning to stay long. Sam doesn't think so - it's his nan's place. Danni emerges from the bedrooms and asks if she can get a glass of water.
Michael keeps Sam talking about his bike, whilst Danni runs the tap in the kitchen to cover the sounds of her sneaking in the cupboards. Sam and Michael talk about bikes for a bit, and Sam offers to take Michael out for a ride. Sam also agrees to the pizza Michael mentioned earlier. Danni stops sneaking around, and Michael "suddenly" remembers that his parents have got a special meal planned for his final night at home so he can't do pizza after all.
DANNI: (laughing) You dipstick, come on, let's go!
The pair make a quick exit. Sam looks slightly puzzled.
Rick serves Philip and Helen with some drinks. Rick asks Philip what it's like being head honcho again, and Philip says he's getting back into the swing of things. Philip comments on Rick's progress at Lassiter's and asks if there are any problems. Rick says there is, and Philip invites him to sit with them. Rick talks in riddles (about being a juggler with one hand!) but doesn't want to elaborate for fear of dobbing. Helen and Philip encourage him to speak up.
PHILIP: Mate, you got a problem, spit it out.
Rick feels that he's shouldering too much responsibility with Annalise running off doing poetry launches and the like. He comments that he's doing a TAFE course at the same time as working, and he's only receiving a trainee's salary. Philip offers to have a word with Annalise, but Rick doesn't want to be quoted.
RICK: It's just like today, for instance - I've got to fax through a liquor order and I'm sorry, but I've never done that before. I'm only mentioning it just in case I get it wrong.
PHILIP: Well, mate, you've been here for a while now. I mean, you should be able to handle the stock re-order. That's how trainees move up in the world, my boy - by taking initiative!
RICK: (enthused) Yeah, yeah, initiative, yeah! Thanks, dude, no worries! You're looking at a man who loves a challenge, haha! Thanks, Mr Martin.
Rick looks confident.
Number 22
Brett is playing with his rat. He comments that Danni made herself scarce that afternoon, but Danni says she was just doing things with Michael. Brett wonders where Michael is now, and Danni explains that he's at a family dinner.
BRETT: You don't want him to go, hey?
Danni looks sad but says it'll only be for a few weeks. Danni is upset when Brett's rat gets into her shoe and does its business! Brett says that he isn't surprised and thinks it's a nervous reaction to everyone putting his rat in the flying fox! Danni scoffs, but Brett talks about how his rat was trembling like a leaf and how animals have feelings too. Danni goes to lock the rat up in its cage and Brett rants about animals getting their revenge one day(!)
DANNI: Oh, I'm so scared(!)
Number 26
Debbie is packing for the clinic. She decides to take a couple of books with her as there probably won't be much going on at night. Helen comes out and gives her a rug that she wants her to take with her. Debbie is delighted.
DEBBIE: Where did it come from?
HELEN: My mother's camphor wood chest. I just remembered it. She crocheted it all by herself. I used to watch her doing it.
DEBBIE: Oh no, I couldn't.
HELEN: No, no, no - I insist. It's the product of a lot of calm, patient work over a long time. She made it during the depression when things were tough - very tough. But my mother was a survivor. Like you.
DEBBIE: I don't know about that.
HELEN: Darling, I know they'll say all this to you at the clinic but... I hope you realise that it's not uncommon for perfectly normal people to go through periods of doubt and confusion. Actually, your generation's very lucky because you can be diagnosed and talked about. And it *does* pass. I just thought that this might remind you that we can all make it through the tough times.
DEBBIE: (smiling) Thanks, Gran. I'm going to miss you.
HELEN: (hugging Debbie) Oh, Debs.
Number 24
Sam is alone when Brett bursts in looking for his rat. Brett prattles on about how his rat has disappeared and how he thought the rat might have headed back to 24, but Sam is a bit shaken up.
BRETT: What's up with you?
SAM: (too quickly) What?
BRETT: You look like you've just seen a ghost.
SAM: (sighs) I've just had a visit from these two gorillas. Over the money in the bag, they reckon it's theirs.
BRETT: Well, is it?
SAM: Sure as hell isn't mine! Only I can't find it! Someone's knocked it off.
BRETT: What? Someone's stole it?! Who?
SAM: I don't know. Last time I saw it, it was over there just before Danni and Michael came...and gave me this...weird visit...
BRETT: Right.
SAM: (accusingly) Do you know something?!
Brett says that Danni's been quite secretive of late, and if he knows his sister, if there's a deal going, she'll be involved!
SAM: You'd better get it back from her, man, or I'm dead meat!
Brett wants to get the facts straight.
BRETT: A bag of money turns up with all of Lou's missing furniture - from nowhere?
SAM: Not exactly from nowhere. Probably from Kalgoorlie. My nan's got interest in a warehouse up there. Well, she used to, anyway. Her mate - Simmo - well, he's got these other mates... They're Nan's mates as well, actually, as it turns out. But they bought out Nan's interest in the warehouse. And there you have it.
BRETT: (totally confused) Right.
Sam says that some stuff got delivered by accident, so he arranged for it to be sent back. Brett guesses that Lou's stuff got taken too. Sam says that the stuff that was delivered wasn't a mistake, and it was a mistake that it got sent back. Sam says that he had to get that stuff back for his nan (which Brett thinks that Sam claimed was his stuff, not his nan's stuff), and Sam had to get Lou's stuff back too - but Simmo dumped the money with Lou's stuff when he delivered it.
BRETT: Well, what about your nan's stuff?
SAM: Oh, good question.
BRETT: Oh well, forget I asked - he most probably shipped that to Timbuktu(!)
Sam is panicked about not having the money for the men tomorrow. Brett says that he'll talk to Danni, but wants Sam to keep an eye out for his rat. When Brett and Sam leave, we see Brett's rat hiding away with another rat!
(I think this scene might have been cut, as some heavies are credited but we don't see them.)
Number 26
Philip and Michael are preparing some food. Philip comments on how it's going to be the last time that they're together for a while.
PHILIP: Not long to go on the outback project.
PHILIP: Gonna miss it?
MICHAEL: You bet. I think everyone should move up bush for a while. Puts things in perspective.
PHILIP: Yeah. Builds your self confidence. Gives you a sense of independence. I've noticed a big change in you. I'm proud of you, son.
MICHAEL: (grins) Thanks, Dad.
PHILIP: And after, any plans?
PHILIP: Something I don't know about, eh?
MICHAEL: (smiles coyly) Maybe!
PHILIP: (laughing) Well, you know I'm right behind you.
Michael looks pleased.
Number 22
Danni has been playing her guitar. Brett and Sam burst in with Sam ranting about heavy the guys were who came to see him.
BRETT: Do you really want to see Sam at the bottom of the lake, tied to a block of concrete with no toes?
DANNI: Yeah, right(!)
SAM: It's no joke, Danni! If you did take the money and you want a live next door neighbour then you'd better just hand it back!
Danni says that if she did know where the money is (but she stresses this isn't an admission of guilt!), she wouldn't be able to get it back until tomorrow. Sam is apoplectic - it's a serious situation! Danni says that Sam himself said that the heavies weren't coming back until tomorrow. She says that the money is safe. Sam isn't convinced, but Danni says she'll have to believe him.
DANNI: I'm not having my last night with Michael spoilt.
SAM: I'm hardly the one spoiling nights around here!
DANNI: If you want it back, you'll just have to wait until tomorrow.
Number 26
Hannah, Debbie, Helen, Michael and Philip are eating. Debbie can't finish her pudding, so Michael steps up to help! Hannah gives Debbie an embroidered cushion which she made herself (with a bit of help from Brett!). Philip gives Debbie a gift from himself and Julie.
DEBBIE: Should I wait for her?
PHILIP: (groaning) No, you know what she's like on the phone - go on!
(I thought Julie was an odd omission from the family meal!)
Michael looks distracted and asks if he can get off as he's got something he needs to sort with Danni. They all agree and Debbie thanks him for his present (which looks like CDs). He leaves and Debbie opens her present from Philip and Julie - fancy new pyjamas. Debbie is pleased.
DEBBIE: I might be the best dressed freak there!
HELEN: We'll have no more of that talk, thank you very much.
Helen tells her to remember what she said earlier, but Debbie insists she was only joking. There's a knock at the back door and they all call Rick in. He gives Debbie an oil burner and some oils from himself, Mark and Annalise. Debbie is touched that they've gone to so much trouble.
RICK: Nothing is too much trouble for you, Deb. Am I right, guys?
PHILIP: A hundred percent.
Debbie smiles.
Number 22
Michael comes over and apologises to Danni for not being able to get away sooner. Danni says that she's been making plans for what they can do when he gets back and suggests camping for a week so they can get away from everyone.
MICHAEL: I won't be back in a few weeks.
DANNI: (surprised) How come? It's the end of the programme, isn't it?
MICHAEL: Yeah, but I kinda got hooked on it up there. And they've lined this job up for me at Marree.
DANNI: Doing what?
MICHAEL: Restoration. Landscape. That kind of stuff. And the high school are letting me finish my studies.
DANNI: Why didn't you tell me?
MICHAEL: I didn't know how to.
DANNI: So, um, are you going to take this job?
MICHAEL: I've already said yes.
DANNI: And you didn't think about asking me first or anything?
MICHAEL: I know I should've but... Only, I just jumped at it, Danni. See, it's so right for me. I love it up at Marree! I feel at home there. I feel I'm me for the first time!
Danni walks away from him. Michael follows.
DANNI: (upset) Well, that's great then, congratulations!
MICHAEL: Danni, don't.
Danni sits down and is very upset.
DANNI: I thought you loved me.
MICHAEL: I do. I probably always will! But we're still young, aren't we? We've still got heaps of things to do.
DANNI: (annoyed) Does that mean we have to do it apart?
MICHAEL: Well... Do you want to come with me?
Danni looks overwhelmed.
MICHAEL: We could get a house up there. It'd be tough but I'm sure we'd manage.
DANNI: You'd freak out if I said yes.
MICHAEL: No. If that's what you want.
Danni contemplates it for a moment.
DANNI: No, no. It wouldn't work. I have to finish school, and then there's Mum and the baby.
MICHAEL: ...do you want me to knock the job back then?
There's a pause.
DANNI: No, of course not.
MICHAEL: It's not the end of the world, you know. We could still get it together - one day.
DANNI: (tearfully) Yeah, you just have to hope, hey?
MICHAEL: I do love you, Danni.
DANNI: I love you too.
The pair pash.
Lassiter's Lake
It's the next morning and Sam, Brett and Danni are by the lake. Sam is aghast to hear that the money is in the lake! Danni explains that she had to get rid of it because it was counterfeit.
SAM: Oh, come on.
Danni explains how she took $50 and spent it at the music store, and then she heard the report on the television about how the music store took a counterfeit note.
DANNI: If they trace that back to us, *we* are *dead*.
SAM: If I don't give it back, *I'm* dead!
It starts to become obvious that the boys expect Danni to wade into the lake to get the money back.
Rick signs the delivery note and the delivery man asks if that's the lot. Rick worries if he over ordered, but the man tells him that it's the opposite - he's down 50% on most items!
RICK: (stuttering) Fifty? Five Oh? Fifty percent?
DELIVERY MAN: Reckon this lot will last you a couple of days.
Rick asks if he can make another order for tomorrow but the man shakes his head - they only deliver to Erinsborough once a week. Rick looks unhappy.
Lassiter's Lake
Danni is wading (with a wetsuit and a snorkel!) and finds a bag. She throws it to Sam who looks through it. Brett says she'd better hurry if she wants to say goodbye to Michael. Danni is upset that she looks daggy, but Brett thinks that Michael won't mind.
Ramsay Street
Hannah helps Philip to pack the car. Michael comes over to Philip.
MICHAEL: Sorry about the bombshell. I had to tell Danni first.
PHILIP: I understand. I think you're doing the right thing, and I reckon you'll make a terrific go of it.
MICHAEL: Thanks, Dad.
Philip puts his hand out and Michael shakes it. Julie comes out and hugs Michael tightly.
JULIE: Now, you know this is your family home, whenever you want it, don't you?
She holds his face warmly.
MICHAEL: I'll be back, don't worry!
JULIE: Good!
Philip tells him to get in the car. Debbie comes out and Julie embraces her, telling her that she'll be thinking of her every minute.
HANNAH: Me too!
DEBBIE: (hugging Hannah) You behave yourself, squirt! And I left some of my make-up in the bathroom for you.
Helen reminds her about being a survivor and tells her to take care of the rug. Philip shouts for them to go and Michael comes over to kiss goodbye to Hannah and Helen. He looks over at Number 22 sadly and goes to get in the car.
BRETT: Hey, wait up!
Brett and Danni are sprinting down Ramsay Street. Michael grins.
MICHAEL: I thought you weren't coming.
DANNI: Who do you think I am?!
DANNI: (pulling away) I'm all dirty.
They kiss.
MICHAEL: Do you still love me?
DANNI: Uh-huh.
They grin and go off by themselves to pash. Brett approaches Debbie to wish her luck.
DEBBIE: You've been great; I should've told you that a long time ago.
BRETT: Can I visit?
DEBBIE: Oh, I'll kill you if you don't!
She hugs him. Philip moans that they'll miss the train! They get into the car (Michael very reluctantly!) and Brett leans in to shake Michael's hand. Julie wishes them both good luck. They all watch as Philip drives Michael and Debbie away. Danni looks upset.
BRETT: Not too good, huh?
DANNI: (tearfully) No.
BRETT: You'll be right.
He asks if she wants to see something unreal and drags her off.
Number 24
Brett is showing Danni his rat and his rat's mate in their nest! He says that Sam found them. Danni says it's the first time in her life she's ever wanted to be a rat!
BRETT: I know what you mean.
Sam yells in that the mate could be the father of the baby rats.
BRETT: I don't know whether rats are monogamous. I'll have to look that up.
DANNI: Hey, it might not even be a male.
BRETT: (giggling) Lesbian rats! I'll have to look that up too!
Sam thinks that the pair are insane and says that he can't wait to meet their mum. Danni says that it won't be long - she'll be out of hospital any day. Sam says that the boys came around earlier to take the money and he had to put $50 in to cover what Danni stole. He says that she owes him!
There's a knock at the door and Marlene walks in. Sam is surprised, as she didn't say she was coming. Marlene says she's full of surprises! Sam goes to get Marlene's bags, but she calls him back to introduce Danni and Brett to her. Marlene says they're a sight for sore eyes, and is pleased that they've been helping Sam settle in. They explain that they used to live there, but they have to get off to see their mum who's in hospital. They leave.
MARLENE: Is Cheryl in hospital?
SAM: Yeah, there was an accident, she's um... How do you know Cheryl?
MARLENE: That's *Auntie* Cheryl to you.
SAM: What?
MARLENE: Brett and Danni? They're your cousins.
SAM: Hang on a minute - can you say all that again?
MARLENE: You heard, pet. *I'm* Cheryl's mum.
Sam looks surprised.
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