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Neighbours Episode 1835 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1834 - 1836>>
Episode title: 1835
Australian airdate: 22/01/93
UK airdate: 25/11/93
UK Gold: 12/11/99
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Gavin Heywood: Peter Hosking
Sgt Bowen: John Bishop
Cliff Ritter: Ian Lawless
- "When I First Met Your Ma" by Paul Kelly And The Messengers
- "Drive Me Crazy" by Peter Andre
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Lou seems entranced by Annalise.
- Benito and Jim clash on the golf course.
- Cameron overhears Heywood and Noddy discussing how he should be "disposed of".
Golf Course
Jim approaches his ball and is confident about his upcoming shot. Benito mocks him. Jim hits the ball perfectly and Benito reckons that he's been lucky...again!
JIM: How come everytime I have a good shot, it's lucky but when you do, it's skill?
Benito tells Jim not to get childish about it! Jim reminds Benito that he's winning. Benito says that Jim's only ahead by 2 strokes and he'll make it up on the next hole. Benito goes off to find his ball.
BENITO: Some kids must've taken it.
JIM: I haven't seen any kids.
BENITO: Oh, they always do it.
Benito says he'll go back and play a provisional, but Jim spies the ball deep in a bunker.
BENITO: That's not my ball.
JIM: Course it is!
Benito peers more closely and has to concede that it is his. He confidently says that a bit of sand hasn't ever stopped him before! He sets up his shot, swings and...
...the ball doesn't move! He does the same thing again, and Jim tells him not to worry - they won't count the shots.
BENITO: No favours, mate, no favours.
He lines up and then misses again. Jim laughs, and suggests that it's a trick bunker!
Number 24
Lou is bragging about his muscles to Beth and Annalise(!) He suggests that he set up a spa for himself and Annalise. Lou leaves and Annalise goes to put her bikini on. Beth calls her back! Beth demands to know what she's up to with Lou. Annalise says that he's a fun guy, and Beth points out that Lou cares about Annalise a lot. Beth is indignant at the idea that Annalise is honestly interested in Lou, considering the age gap.
ANNALISE: Give me a break, Beth. What about you and Rod? You were even going to marry him.
BETH: But that's different! I was in love with Rod. ...at least, I thought I was.
ANNALISE: Well, sure you did. Why can't it be the same for me? What? Have you got the monopoly on older men or something?
Beth admits defeat, saying she's got the message!
BETH: I'm sorry.
ANNALISE: So you should be.
Annalise stalks off. Beth shakes her head.
Heywood's Offices
It's dark and Cameron is lurking about. Heywood comes in and is surprised to see Cameron in there. Heywood asks how Cameron went on with Philip. Cameron says that Philip's agreed to get the other traders onside. Heywood is pleased, and wants things to move quickly. He asks Cameron to get Doug to sign on the dotted line tomorrow so that they can get the building under way.
Heywood says that once he's done that, he's got another job for Cameron. Cameron agrees to work on another project for Heywood.
HEYWOOD: And when that's all stitched up good and tight, I reckon we should go out in my boat.
Cameron looks worried.
HEYWOOD: Spend the day maybe fishing, ski-ing. Big celebration, eh?
CAMERON: The boat? I don't know if I can spare the time.
HEYWOOD: Well, we'll make the time. Never get so tied up in your work that you haven't got time to relax. That's my motto.
CAMERON: Sure, Gavin. Anything you say.
HEYWOOD: Good boy.
Heywood leaves. Cameron looks concerned.
Number 22
Benito is practising his putting. Cathy is surprised at how seriously Benito is taking it.
CATHY: Hope you're not thinking of doing it all night!
He takes another shot and misses. He sighs, annoyed. Cathy tells him to quit it, as he's wearing out the carpet! Benito can't work out how Jim managed to beat him so soundly. Cathy brushes it off, but Benito thinks that Jim was deliberately attempting to show him up.
CATHY: Has it occurred to you that Jim might - just might - be a better player than you?
BENITO: Cathy, we're on the same handicap!
Cathy points out that Benito hasn't played golf regularly over the past 12 months, so he might be a bit rusty. Benito carries on putting and says that he's fixing that right now!
CATHY: If you really want to beat Jim, why don't you choose something that you excel at?
BENITO: (thoughtfully) Hmm! We could play a game of pool. (confidently) I'd like to see him beat me at *that*!
Benito beams.
Number 24
Cameron, Annalise and Beth are eating breakfast. Beth wonders if Cameron is ok, because he seems so distant but he says he's fine. Lou walks in, and asks how "the light of his life" is. Annalise greets him - "Hi, Louey," - and Beth joins in, mocking Annalise. Lou says he has to rush, but as he leaves, Annalise goes after him and wraps her arms around him.
LOU: What's this? Do I sense myself being wound around your little finger?
ANNALISE: Can I borrow your car, please?
LOU: Oooh. I don't know about that.
ANNALISE: (little girl voice) Oooo, pretty please, I've got so much to do today.
LOU: Well, so have I, sweetheart.
ANNALISE: (pouting) Oh, once you get to the car yard, you won't even use it. And I really do need it today.
Lou relents and hands her the keys. Annalise is made up. She kisses him and Lou is chuffed.
LOU: Ooh, that makes it all worthwhile. Wowee, I've suddenly got all this new energy! Must be the aerobics.
BETH: (dryly) Or the acrobatics.
Lou leaves. Annalise decides she needs to be off, and Beth realises that she's going to be late for work. Annalise offers Beth a lift in Lou's car. Beth dashes off to get her tools and runs into Gaby, who's entering through the back door. Beth points out that Cameron's being silent.
Gaby approaches Cameron and demands some straight answers. Apparently, she rang Heywood to arrange another date and got the big brush off. She wants to know what Cameron said to turn Heywood off her. Cameron says, "Nothing." Gaby doesn't believe him, and raves about how great their date was and how bizarre it is that Heywood has changed his mind so suddenly.
GABY: I want to hear it straight from you, cous. Why don't you want me to see this guy?
Cameron is silent for a moment, and then:
CAMERON: Gaby, sit down.
GABY: Cameron.
CAMERON: (louder) I said, sit, please!
Gaby does.
CAMERON: I'm sorry to do this to you, but I have to talk to someone about it.
GABY: (concerned) Cameron, what's wrong?
Benito, Jim and Helen are in the Waterhole. Benito is setting up the pool table, and reckons he and Jim are evenly matched at pool, even though Jim thinks he's a poor player. Benito gets Helen a seat so she can watch all of the action. Jim thinks that Helen will witness Jim being slaughtered!
BENITO: The best man will win, Jim. You break.
JIM: That's very civil of you. Thank you, Benito.
Jim breaks. Benito scowls as Jim pots on his break, and has several balls lined up over the pockets. Jim says it's just beginner's luck, but then starts to clear the table. Benito is not happy!
Number 24
Gaby and Cameron are discussing Heywood. Gaby is convinced that there must be some sort of a mistake.
GABY: Why would Heywood have you killed?
CAMERON: He threatened Beth too.
GABY: Beth?
CAMERON: She doesn't know, of course. Heywood said he'd hurt if I didn't stay in line.
Gaby is appalled.
GABY: Then this means that Dad's involved too! And Philip! And the Alessi family!
Cameron says that he needs to find some hard evidence that'll cement a conviction of Heywood - and fast! Gaby is keen to help, but whilst Cameron is grateful, he's not sure what she can do.
GABY: I can't understand Marco getting mixed up in all this.
CAMERON: From what I can work out, Marco did a job for them. Delivered something. Then he realised what he was getting into and pulled out.
GABY: Why were they still after him?
Cameron says that Heywood is after something in Marco's possession - or, least, something that *was* in Marco's possession. Gaby reckons it must've been really important to make Marco scarper in the way he did. She asks if anyone's heard from him. Cameron mentions a letter that Cathy received from Italy. Cameron recalls the mention of Marco's uncle in the letter.
GABY: His uncle?
GABY: Frank?
CAMERON: Yeah. Cathy reckons they were pretty close. I thought he meant that Indian statue of his at first.
GABY: ...suppose he did?
CAMERON: What? He gets terrorised into doing a vanishing act and then he's worried about some wooden monstrosity?! Come off it, Gab. Marco can be odd sometimes; not that odd.
GABY: You said that Heywood's thugs turned the Alessi house inside out and couldn't find what they were looking for. Maybe it was hidden.
CAMERON: In Frank?
GABY: That would explain why they couldn't find it. Benito put Frank in the-
CAMERON: Gaby, you could well be a genius.
They hi-five each other, and run off.
Annalise is driving Beth to work, and they rave about how brilliant the car is. Beth talks about how it's expensive and Annalise says that's what she likes about older men - their genorosity! Annalise says she's never had it so good - not only is Lou understanding, but he's also a gentleman and can't do enough for her.
BETH: Do you love him, Annalise?
ANNALISE: (breezily) Sure.
Suddenly, there's a loud bang and the car careers off the road and into a tree. Beth and Annalise jump out of the car (uninjured) to survey the damage. They both look dismayed.
Jim is thrashing Benito at pool. Benito grumbles, but Jim promises that he is an amateur - he's just having a good day! He fluffs, and Benito takes aim.
Cameron and Gaby rush in, but can't find Frank. They ask Jim if he knows of Frank's whereabouts. Jim is confused, because he thought Gaby hated the statue! Jim asks Benito, who's really distracted and engrossed in his pool playing, and Benito reveals that Lou's taken him to the car yard. Cameron and Gaby leave.
Jim realises that Benito has been clearing up whilst he was chatting to Cameron and Gaby. Benito is pleased to be on the black.
BENITO: Watch. This.
He fluffs it terribly, and not only doesn't pot the black - but he sinks the white too! He groans, and Jim laughs. In the end, Jim offers to play any game that Benito likes - one that Benito's good at, even if Jim's never played it or is no good at it. Benito says that Jim mustn't patronise him!
JIM: Just...choose a game, any game. Name it.
BENITO: All right, all right, but I warn you, there's one game where I have the luck of the devil.
Number 26
Benito and Jim are sitting at the kitchen table, and Benito is fanning out some cards. Jim watches him as Benito cuts and shuffles them, and flips up 4 aces. Jim says he's impressed. Benito brags about how Blackjack is his game and goes on about how well he's done playing at it in the past.
BENITO: Look, I don't want to make a meal out of this, Jim. How about we have just one quick game?
Jim lets Benito be banker. Benito deals, and Jim splits his cards, and indicates for Benito to hit each card. He ends up with double Blackjack! Benito grumpily flips his own cards over.
JIM: Oh. Bad luck.
BENITO: How about we make it...best out of 3?
JIM: Whatever you say, Benito.
Benito sullenly deals again.
Car Yard
Annalise is showing Lou the damage to his car. She insists that another car came at her doing 100ks, and if she hadn't swerved, the car would've been a total write-off - and so would she and Beth!
Lou contemplates this and then says that the insurance will cover it. He goes to get the forms, and tells her to get her licence number out so he can fill them in.
ANNALISE: I can't.
LOU: Haven't you got it with you?
ANNALISE: Well, I haven't got one at all.
LOU: What?!
ANNALISE: Well, what's the point?
Annalise explains that she hasn't had the money to get a licence. She then drops the bombshell that she can't afford to pay rent to Lou either! Lou says he can overlook the rent - at least for a week. She kisses her hand and presses it to his lips, and then flounces off to go shopping.
LOU: (calling after her) I thought you said you didn't have any money!
Annalise has long gone! Cameron and Gaby speed up on Cameron's motorbike. They eagerly ask where Frank is, and Lou points up to the roof of the car yard where he's an "Honest Injun"(!) Gaby and Cameron are pleased to have found him.
Number 24
Lou and Cameron carry Frank into 24. Cameron thanks Lou for his help, and he's curious as to what they're doing because he's lost his brilliant promotional feature! Lou asks what they're actually looking for, and Cameron says that they don't know - if they'd known, they wouldn't have brought Frank back to the house.
Beth walks in and is amazed to see Frank back. Gaby tells her not to worry - he's not a permanent tenant. Cameron finds a $100 bill and a computer disk. Lou takes a closer look at the note and recognises that it's counterfeit - just like the ones Benito was handed at the car yard.
Gaby suggests that they load the disk up to find out what's going on. Lou leaves to borrow Benito's laptop. Beth is very confused!
Number 24
Gaby, Cameron, Lou and Beth are crowded around the laptop. They're completely confused at the disk's contents. Cameron mutters that he's not surprised that Marco did a runner.
GABY: You know what this means?
CAMERON: I certainly do.
BETH: I wish I did!
Cameron ejects the disk and leaves. Gaby wants to know where he's going, and Cameron announces that he's going to the police! Gaby follows him out, telling him that they're in on it together. Beth and Lou are left alone.
BETH: Can you tell me what's going on, before I die of curiosity?
LOU: Elementary, my dear Beth. Cameron knows what's on the disk. And we don't.
Annalise walks in and wonders what's going on. Beth says it's a long story and Lou suggests that he tell it to Annalise over a meal at a restaurant in Elliot Park. Annalise brushes him off, despite Lou's efforts to convince her.
Number 26
Benito and Jim are playing cards and Jim wins again. Benito is gutted.
BENITO: I don't believe it! Blackjack's my game. I made a living out of it before Cathy and I were married!
JIM: Aha, your chequered past comes out now!
BENITO: I'd love to know the odds against a winning streak like yours. A million to one!
JIM: Two million, maybe.
BENITO: Don't rub it in.
JIM: Quit, Benito. It's just not your day.
Benito demands one last chance to even the score. Jim agrees.
Number 22
Cathy is telling Helen about how much of a gambler Benito used to be before they were married. Helen worries that it might rekindle the urge for him, but Cathy points out that if Jim's wiping the floor with him, it won't!
Cathy admits that after the debacle on the golf course, she's hoping that Benito wins. Helen laughs that it can't be too difficult to win a game of Blackjack.
Suddenly, a door slams. Benito angrily storms in and starts smashing doors in the kitchen. Cathy and Helen surpress a laugh when they realise how badly he's lost again.
Heywood's Offices
Cameron gives Heywood the figures he was after. Cameron tells him that the game is up and passes the disk back to him, courtesy of Marco Alessi. Cameron details what's on the disk - all of Heywood's money moving details, shelf companies and offshore bank accounts...and how it all links into the new 'all-above-board and legitimate' shopping complex.
CAMERON: Very clever.
HEYWOOD: How much do you want?
CAMERON: What? To keep quiet? Oh, it's too late for that, Gav.
Cameron mentions the rigged council elections and says that Percy is going to be chucked out. Heywood tells him not to be stupid - with the money he could offer him, Cameron could be set up for life. Cameron reveals that he overheard Cameron and Noddy talking and he knows that they were plotting to kill him.
Heywood buzzes for Noddy to come in, but Cameron tells him that Noddy isn't coming to his rescue - he's in the police car outside. The police sergeant comes in and arrests Heywood.
HEYWOOD: This'll never stick. I've got other lawyers. Better than you.
CAMERON: They must be if you think you're walking away from this one.
The sergeant leads Heywood away.
Number 24
Jim and Lou talk about Benito and his competitive spirit. Jim says that Benito's temperament plays against him - he gets so het up, he doesn't think about what he's doing. Lou reckons it's the Italian genetics!
Lou starts talking about Annalise. Jim ventures that she might be a bit too young for Lou. Lou thinks Jim is being a bit hypocritical! Jim admits defeat and tells him to go for it.
LOU: Oh, this is the life, isn't it, eh? The birds are shining, the sun is singing and I've got a beautiful young lady in love with me! What more could a bloke want?
Lou beams. Jim looks a bit uncertain.
Beth is walking through Lassiter's and sees Annalise snogging a young guy - Cliff - outside the Waterhole. Beth spies on them for a while and looks pained.
<<1834 - 1836>>
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