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Neighbours Episode 1834 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1834
Australian airdate: 21/01/93
UK airdate: 24/11/93
UK Gold: 11/11/99
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Tom Merrick: Robert Essex
Gavin Heywood: Peter Hosking
Noddy: Richard Piper
Sister Alice: Barbara Leane
- "Boy On The Run" by The Dingoes
- "Days Like These" by Chosen Few
- "Gun Metal Steel" by The Dubrovniks
- "Talking To A Stranger" by Hunters And Collectors
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Unavailable
Number 32
Hannah excitedly asks if she can have Debbie's clothes, and Debbie agrees saying that she won't be needing them any more! Julie starts to interject, but Philip asks Hannah to take Julie to bed. The pair leave.
PHILIP: I have never seen Julie like this before. And I don't know whether to believe you or not!
DEBBIE: It's true, Dad. You'll just have to accept it. I'm going to be a nun.
Debbie smiles and walks out. Michael looks most amused, but Philip looks troubled.
Heywood and Noddy are sitting with Cameron. Heywood asks for Cameron's opinion on some plans, but Cameron tells him that he's a lawyer, not an architect. Cameron says it all looks ok. Heywood is pleased and thinks it was a wise move getting Cameron onside.
Heywood says that he wants to start getting some quotes in off builders, and mentions that Cameron's uncle - Doug - is a builder. Cameron shies away and suggests that Doug is far too busy to get involved.
HEYWOOD: Let's get one thing straight. I give the orders, and you obey. Now I want a quote from your uncle. Get it?
There's a heavy silence.
HEYWOOD: Good. See, life can be very pleasant when we all do what we're told.
Heywood smiles. Cameron does not look happy!
Number 26
Doug tells Jim that they need to talk. He says that they've known each other a long time and it'd be a shame to ruin their friendship over what happened with Pam. Jim is surprised. Doug says that he's got his wife and family back, and that's all he wanted. Jim says he wanted Doug to have that too.
DOUG: Can we bury the hatchet and get life back to normal?
JIM: I'd like nothing more.
The pair shake hands.
Number 30
Dorothy and Tom are still sitting up. Dorothy says that she'd offer Tom another drink, but she knows he's got to ride home. Tom wonders if that's a hint for him to leave! Dorothy insists that it isn't, but Tom thinks he should go as it is late. Dorothy wishes she hadn't said anything!
They go to the door and Tom tells Dorothy that he enjoys her company. She feels the same about him and the pair start to pash. Toby walks in and watches! Tom leaves and Dorothy rebukes Toby for spying on them!
TOBY: Just making sure my matchmaking wasn't a waste of time because you've really got the hots for each other, haven't you?
Dorothy good humouredly tells him that he's talking nonsense and sends him to bed. She smiles to herself.
Doug is sitting with Cameron. Cameron tells him about Heywood's venture, wanting to build a shopping complex behind Lassiter's. He asks if Doug wishes to submit a quote and Doug is stoked - the retirement village is almost finished and the toxic waste debacle has put paid to the childcare centre. Cameron pulls out the plans and gives them to Doug. Doug is pleased that Cameron put in a good word for him!
Jim and Benito are playing darts. Jim is laughing at how Benito's playing is appalling. Benito says that darts isn't his game, and Doug yells over, "What is?!" Jim tells Benito to ignore Doug and he's certain Benito will get even on the golf course tomorrow. Benito agrees and is pleased to get their silly feud over and done with. Doug overhears and yells out.
DOUG: Jim'll thrash the pants off you - he's been playing for years!
BENITO: Well, so have I!
They realise that they've both got the same handicap, and Benito tells Jim not to patronise him - he might just beat him!
Number 32
Loud rock music is blaring out and Michael is sitting alone in the living room. Debbie rushes in and tells him to turn it down as Julie is still asleep.
MICHAEL: Yeah, I wouldn't want to disturb her(!)
Debbie points out that Julie will be feeling rotten with her hangover. Michael sneers that if she can't handle it, she shouldn't drink. Debbie says that Julie didn't have much. Michael changes the subject and says that he's impressed with the nun plan. Debbie admits that she thinks Philip and Julir would rather see her with Rick than rot away in a gloomy old convent!
MICHAEL: Yeah, it might work. Like I said, if there's anything I can do...
DEBBIE: (suspiciously) Why are you being so helpful all of a sudden?
MICHAEL: (nastily) If it ticks Jules-babes off, it's my kind of scam.
Number 30
Toby is raving to Helen about Tom and Dorothy.
TOBY: And guess what? Mim went bright red like a little girl!
DOROTHY: Please stop discussing my private life, Toby!
Helen says she's interested in meeting the man who can make Dorothy blush! There's a knock at the door and Dorothy says that now is her chance - that's Tom. She answers the door and she and Tom kiss.
Tom enters and meets Helen. He says that he's planning a picnic with Dorothy. Dorothy doesn't want to put a dampener on things but says that she wanted to stay at home in case Phoebe phoned, needing help with Hope. Tom says it's no problem - they can have the picnic in the living room and the main thing is that they spend the day together.
TOBY: Now he's really going for it!
Coffee Shop
Heywood, Cameron and Doug are meeting. Heywood is pleased that Doug got his figures together so quickly and Doug says that he wanted to be first past the post. Doug thinks that $750k is a good figure and Heywood readily agrees. Doug is pleased and Cameron quickly interjects that Heywood has to meet some other people first. Heywood waves Cameron away and says he wants to stick with Doug.
HEYWOOD: When you get the contract drawn up, I'd like you to record the price as one million dollars.
DOUG: Well, what about the other $250,000?
HEYWOOD: Ah, you let me worry about that. And I'd like you to use cheaper materials than the ones you've specified.
DOUG: Well, I don't know about that, Gavin. I'm a straight down the line sort of bloke.
HEYWOOD: There'll be $10k up front for you, for your trouble.
There's a long pause.
HEYWOOD: Have a think about it. Get back to me.
Cameron sees Heywood to the door.
HEYWOOD: Talk him into it. That's an order.
Heywood leaves. Cameron shuts the door.
DOUG: Is he on the level?
CAMERON: He's unorthodox but he's got a good track record.
DOUG: Ten thousand bucks in the hand?
Doug looks thoughtful. Cameron looks concerned.
Number 32
There's a knock at the door and Philip sends Hannah to get it. Hannah stands up and then pauses infront of Debbie.
HANNAH: At least the daggy clothes nuns wear will cover up your rolls of fat.
Philip looks a bit shocked, but Debbie brushes it off with her newfound serenity! Hannah answers the door to Toby and Helen. They've brought over the video of the wedding. Michael comes in and Helen explains that they were going to watch it at Dorothy's but with Tom there, she suddenly felt in the way!
Julie emerges from the bedroom just as Toby says:
TOBY: Let's cue to the bit with your mum making a real dork of herself!
Philip suggests that she go back to bed as she's probably not feeling great, and although Julie agrees it'd probably be best, she sits in the living room.
HELEN: Darling, you look awful.
PHILIP: Ahh, no sympathy, Helen. This is *all* self inflicted.
HELEN: You've a hangover?! I've never seen you like this before!
JULIE: I only had a couple of drinks.
The video is playing and Debbie and Hannah start laughing at Julie's antics on it. Helen looks perturbed.
HANNAH: It must've been a couple of big ones, Mum!
Philip tells Julie that he hopes she's learnt her lesson. The video rolls over to Michael sneering at Julie, who's dancing drunkenly. Michael suddenly snaps that it wasn't Julie's fault and turns the video off.
Philip leaves and Debbie follows him. Julie jokes about Debbie bumping into Rick, but Debbie is adamant that she's going to help Mrs Alessi with some charity work and raves about doing work that's fulfilling. Debbie reckons that she's really going to enjoy being a nun. Toby looks surprised! Debbie leaves.
HELEN: What is all this?
MICHAEL: Debbie's decided that she wants to enter a convent.
HELEN: She's not serious, surely?!
JULIE: Oh, I'm afraid she is.
Julie holds her head in her hands!
Golf Course
Benito swings and misses the ball entirely. Jim bites his lip to stop himself from laughing! Benito says that he's just a bit rusty. Jim offers him another 3 shots on his handicap but Benito insists on there being no favours and gloats about how he could beat Jim with one hand tied behind his back!
JIM: Whatever you say!
Benito suggests that Jim take the first shot so Benito can see what he's made of. Jim swings and takes a great shot. Benito chuckles.
BENITO: Not bad. Watch this!
He swings and slices it awkwardly. Jim suggests that he might have hit it better if he'd had one hand tied behind his back! Benito insists it's landed just where he wanted it to, and it's all part of his game plan!
BENITO: I'm a thinking golfer.
JIM: So was Einstein!
Number 28
Doug says that Heywood's offer is a great one but alarm bells are ringing like crazy. Cameron remarks that it's a good incentive that Heywood's offering. Doug worries that they might get caught, but Cameron insists that they won't - it's just for tax purposes.
Doug says that it's the cheap materials that really worry him. Cameron says that it's pointless to buy expensive materials if he can get the same result with cheaper stuff. Doug says that that's the problem - you can't! Doug says that Heywood won't pass the council's specifications with cheaper materials.
CAMERON: That's his problem.
DOUG: No, but it's mine if I'm the registered builder! And I've got a good reputation to consider.
CAMERON: That's exactly why Heywood wants you. In this day and age, sometimes you have to compromise your standards just to stay in business.
DOUG: You reckon this Heywood bloke's on the up and up?
DOUG: (laughs) That's a stupid question, I suppose. *You* wouldn't be working for him otherwise.
Cameron doesn't say anything!
CAMERON: So are you in?
DOUG: Only because you recommended him. If I can't trust my own nephew, who can I trust?!
Number 32
Helen says that Julie only has herself to blame for being ill. Julie says the hangover isn't why she feels sick - she's upset over Debbie.
JULIE: She's not even religious for heaven's sake!
Helen points out that it is very sudden and wonders if it's just a whim. Julie says that Debbie seems certain.
JULIE: Philip and I had plans for Debbie. And...they didn't include locking herself away in a dark room and praying day and night!
HELEN: (laughing) There's more to being a nun than that!
JULIE: But what sort of life is it? She's throwing away her chance to have children, her freedoms. Can't she see that?
Helen thinks that Julie has a very warped idea of what being a nun is like! Helen says that being a nun is a selfless, rewarding career. Helen says that Julie should be proud that they've brought up such a kind and caring daughter.
JULIE: (surprised) You're suggesting that Philip and I should encourage her?!
HELEN: Well, if that's what she really wants.
JULIE: But she's hardly even been near a chur-
HELEN: (interrupting) I said if that's what she *really* wants. Somehow I doubt it. Lots of young girls her age go through a stage where they want to be nuns.
Helen tells Julie to be supportive, and says that they'll eventually find out if Debbie is really keen on it.
Number 30
Tom and Dorothy are having their inside picnic. Tom says that he's thinking of applying for a transfer to Erinsborough. He enjoys where he is already, but it's too far away from Dorothy. Dorothy says he mustn't uproot his whole life for her. Tom insists that she's worth it. Dorothy says that they hardly know each other, but Tom says that he wants to get closer if that's ok with her.
DOROTHY: To be honest, no, it's not all right with me.
TOM: But I thought you felt the same?
DOROTHY: I don't appreciate being rushed in these matters.
Tom berates himself for being like a bull at a gate and apologises. He says that when he knows what he wants, he likes to go for it. Dorothy says that's fine, but he can't accept everyone to be the same.
TOM: I'll wait as long as it takes.
DOROTHY: And exactly what do you want from me?
TOM: Well, some sort of commitment, I suppose.
Dorothy shies away and says she's given him the wrong idea. She says she likes him a lot and enjoys his company, but she can't give him any more. Tom asks why not, and Dorothy says that's just the way she is. She sternly tells him if he can't accept that, they'd best call it a day before it all gets out of hand.
Coffee Shop
Toby is raving about Dorothy and Tom to Debbie and Michael.
MICHAEL: I can't believe the old Burke's in love!
DEBBIE: Me neither.
TOBY: Why?!
MICHAEL: Well, she's not the type.
TOBY: You don't know her like I do. She's a great lady and deserves an ace bloke like Tom.
Debbie wishes them luck. Toby is pleased because if Tom is about, he won't have to worry about leaving Dorothy and can go and live with Mel and Joe. Toby suggests that Dorothy and Tom might get married.
DEBBIE: If he marries her, there's got to be something wrong with him!
Toby angrily snaps and says that if Debbie wants to be a nun, she'll have to be nicer about people!
DEBBIE: I don't want to be a nun. What do you think I am?!
TOBY: But at your place you said you-
MICHAEL: It's all part of her plan to get back with Rick.
DEBBIE: Don't you get it?
Toby looks confused.
DEBBIE: Mum and Dad would rather have me going out with Rick than be a nun. They'll be pushing us back together faster than you can say Hail Mary!
Heywood's Office
Noddy is dishing out bundles of money to Heywood. Cameron walks in and Noddy angrily tells him he should learn to knock. Cameron points out that the door was open! Heywood wonders what he's doing there.
Cameron says that Doug's agreed to build the complex. Heywood is pleased and gives him a note out of one of the bundles 'for his trouble'. Cameron ignores it and says he wants answers instead. He asks why so much cash goes through the office, and wonders if Heywood is laundering it.
NODDY: (angrily) It's got nothing to do with you!
HEYWOOD: (warningly) Noddy.
Cameron quizzes Heywood about him wanting Doug to overstate his price and Heywood tells him that's enough. Cameron continues, asking if the money comes from drugs, gambling or running a protection racket! Heywood warns him that he's overstepping the mark. He tells him to just do his job and keep his nose clean.
Cameron backs off and says he was just curious. Heywood says he's got a new job for Cameron. He needs permission from the adjacent landowners to build the complex. He suggests that Cameron enlist Philip Martin's help, as he's got a good rapport with the businesses local to Lassiter's. Cameron looks troubled and Heywood notices his shift in demeanour.
HEYWOOD: You've done well so far; don't stuff up now!
Number 32
Michael is listening to his music through headphones now and Julie is putting some tea out on a tray. Debbie arrives home and raves about her charity work and how satisfying it is! Julie asks if Debbie still wants to be a nun, and she's very keen. Julie starts going on about her and Philip ensuring that Debbie makes the right choices in life. Julie admits that she can't help but feel that if they hadn't separated Debbie and Rick, this wouldn't have happened.
DEBBIE: You did me a favour, Mum.
Julie says that to make sure, she's invited someone over - someone she should be keen to see. Debbie is stoked and when there's a knock at the door, she runs to get it.
SISTER ALICE: Hello dear, you must be Debbie!
Debbie is floored! Julie appears behind her and happily welcomes Sister Alice inside! Julie tells Debbie that if she wants to become a nun, they're not going to stop her - and they've invited Sister Alice around so she can answer Debbie's questions!
Debbie laughs nervously, and clearly isn't best pleased!
Number 30
Toby arrives home and wonders where Tom is. He teases Dorothy about their relationship and then Dorothy explains that Tom's never coming back. Toby doesn't understand and is shocked when Dorothy says that she finished things.
DOROTHY: Things aren't always that simple. When you're older, you'll understand.
TOBY: No, I won't! Tom was the best thing that ever happened to you! I reckon you just pushed him away because you like being miserable!
DOROTHY: That's enough!
Dorothy snaps that she had her reasons for calling it all off and she doesn't want to hear another word about it. Toby is not happy.
Doug is playing pool with Cameron and Philip is reading some papers that Cameron has given him. Philip is confused, as he's already given his approval for Heywood to build - he wouldn't have signed the access land over to him if he was concerned about Lassiter's losing business. Cameron asks if Philip can put in a good word with the other nearby businesses. Philip agrees but doesn't think it'll help - they're all paranoid that a new complex will syphon off their trade.
(Wait, if they're all paranoid about the new complex taking their trade, why does Philip think Lassiter's is invincible?!)
Cameron thinks the local businesses will get renewed interest from a new complex opening nearby, and says that Philip's support from Lassiter's will boost their confidence and make them believe it is a good idea. Philip agrees to help.
Heywood's Office
Noddy says that he doesn't trust Cameron. Heywood admits that Cameron does ask a lot of questions. Noddy says that Heywood should mark his words - Cameron will drop them in it sooner or later.
Outside Heywood's Office
We see Cameron enter and he can over hear Noddy and Heywood. He walks closer to their office.
NODDY: We should've dropped him. Down a liftshaft when we had a chance.
Heywood points out that Cameron has been useful, but Noddy bitterly says that Cameron hasn't done anything that Noddy couldn't have done. Heywood points out that Cameron has done it all a lot quicker.
Heywood's Office
Noddy says that everyone trusts Cameron - and they're all suckers! Heywood says that without Cameron, they'd never have got Willis Constructions on board.
Outside Heywood's Office
Cameron is listening intently. He hears them say:
NODDY: Yeah, well, he's done that now, hasn't he? What do you need him hanging about for?
HEYWOOD: I suppose he has just about served his purpose. Perhaps we don't need him anymore. Maybe it is time for the gullible Mr Hudson to mysteriously disappear.
Cameron looks frightened.
Heywood's Office
Noddy and Heywood are grinning. Noddy says that he loves this bit!
Outside Heywood's Office
Cameron still looks frightened.
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