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Neighbours Episode 1833 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1833 (Stephen Gottlieb and Phoebe Bright marry)
Australian airdate: 20/01/93
UK airdate: 23/11/93
UK Gold: 10/11/99
Writer: Jeffrey Truman
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Tom Merrick: Robert Essex
David Gottlieb: David Murray
Sally Dawes: Jane Little
Rev. Richards: Anthony Fletcher
- "Mine To Keep" by The Killjoys
- "Before Too Long" by David Murray And Jane Little
- "Open For You" by The Triffids
- "50 Years" by Uncanny X-Men
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Beth is dismayed when Brad announces he's planning a surfing trip to Bali.
- Michael tells Jordan he has a plan to set Julie up.
- Stephen says that there's something he hasn't told Phoebe about his parents.
Number 30
Phoebe asks Stephen what he hasn't told her. Stephen's big secret is that his parents aren't classical musicians - they play in a 60s folk rock band!
Dorothy laughs at how small the surprise is - she thought he was going to announce that they were aliens with two heads or something, the way he was carrying on. Stephen moans that they might as well be, as they're two old hippies. Dorothy is affronted by this, saying that a lot of good things came out of the 60s. Stephen apologises.
DOROTHY: If that's all that's wrong with them, I'm looking forward to meeting them.
Dorothy leaves. Stephen tells Phoebe that he does love his parents, but he feels that they're in a timewarp. Phoebe helpfully points out that everyone thinks that their parents are dags! Stephen tells Phoebe that his parents aren't married, as they don't believe in it. Phoebe thinks that's ok, as long as they're ok with him believing in it.
STEPHEN: And Sally'll probably call me by my original name sometimes.
PHOEBE: Your what?
STEPHEN: My given name. See, I changed it to Stephen - by deed poll - when we left their commune. Ah, well, it wasn't really a commune - just half a dozen mud brick houses in a pretty conservative rural community.
PHOEBE: What was your name?
STEPHEN: ...Freedom.
Phoebe smiles.
STEPHEN: Freedom. All the kids had hippy names! My brother and sister were Serendipity and Cosmic.
Phoebe says she's looking forward to meeting Sally and Dave, and they'll probably like Dorothy!
Number 28
Brad is packing - very lightly - for Bali. Beth is glum that she can't go with him. Stephen calls over to stay the night before the wedding. Phoebe says it's a relief that Stephen's staying close, and Brad jokes that she doesn't want him to go too far in case he does a runner! Beth says she'll drop the dresses over the next day.
Phoebe says she can't wait to have Hope home, and she's progressing well. She worries about her in the hospital. Pam says that as she can't make the wedding, she'll pop in and see Hope whilst she's at work. Phoebe and Stephen have a pash and Phoebe leaves.
Number 32
Michael arrives home and asks Debbie where everyone is - apparently Philip and Julie are with Hannah in her room. Debbie wonders what Michael's hiding in his hands, but he's secretive, so she tells him to suit himself.
Michael changes the subject and asks if she's seen her boyfriend. Debbie says that he might as well be on another planet - but she'll find a way! Michael offers to help her and Debbie thanks him. She goes off to have a bath.
Michael pulls a bottle of vodka out from his coat sleeve. Julie walks in and Michael hurriedly stashes it behind a sofa cushion. Julie rebukes him for missing dinner, and tells him that she didn't bother to save him any! She tells him to make himself a sandwich if he's hungry.
JULIE: If you want me to show you some consideration, Michael, you'd better start to show some for me.
MICHAEL: (smirking to himself) Yeah, Julie, I will!
Number 28
Pam is getting ready for work. Stephen and Brad walk out, dressed in suits. Brad's suit is far too small for him (about 6 inches too short!) and he says he feels like a sardine!
PAM: It's just a bit figure hugging - it shows off your muscles.
BRAD: What about my ankles?!
Pam tells him that no-one is going to be looking at his ankles - they're all going to be watching Phoebe and Stephen. Pam wishes them well and says that Doug's sorting out some trouble at the site, so they mustn't wait for him because he could get caught up. Pam leaves.
Stephen says he's a bit nervous. Toby rocks with a video camera (the "wedding cam") and tells the boys in their penguin suits to give him a smile! Stephen asks after Phoebe and Toby says she's fine. Stephen worries about his parents, and Toby tells him that they've arrived. Stephen wants to go over to 30 but Brad drags him over to 22 to help them to set up.
Number 30
Phoebe is apologising to Sally and Dave for being rude, as they're not what she expected. They're dressed in their "straight" gear instead of their hippy stuff because they knew that today was a special day for Phoebe and Freedom.
Phoebe says that she appreciates them turning up, especially as they don't approve of marriage. Sally corrects her, saying that they've had their own version of a commitment ceremony. Dave explains that they stood naked under a waterfall and recited poetry to each other! Phoebe, Beth and Dorothy look like they don't quite know what to say!
PHOEBE: Huh. ...I wish we could have been there.
DOROTHY: I'll get that tea!
They send Sally and Dave over to Number 22 to find Stephen. They leave, and Beth and Phoebe agree that Stephen's parents are nice - if a bit out there! Toby bursts back into the room, wanting to do some soft-focus artistic filming of Phoebe getting dressed! Beth tells him no and the girls go off to get ready.
Toby answers the door to Tom. He's ready for the wedding, but Dorothy is surprised as she didn't know he was attending. Tom explains that Toby invited him, saying that Dorothy wanted him to turn up. Dorothy looks at Toby, who smiles worriedly!
Number 22
Dave and Sally arrive and they hug Stephen. He introduces them to Cathy and Brad. (This scene is full of 'Hey cool, man' etc...which is obviously how hippies speak.) Stephen calls the caterers and Brad wonders if Dave surfs because he recognises him. Dave says he hasn't for years, but they work out that Brad has seen their band - Daisychain - perform in Noosa. Brad thinks they were great.
Stephen gets off the phone and the caterers have mixed up the booking - they thought it was next week. Cathy says she doesn't have any more food, and they don't have any entertainment either. Stephen thinks it's going to be a disaster.
Number 30
Toby is filming from behind a chair! Tom and Dorothy are discussing the setup date and they're worried that each other don't want them there. Toby is happy when they decide to go to the wedding together, and yells out, revealing his hiding place. Dorothy tells him to put the camera away! Toby says he can't, as he has to be ready for when the bride comes out. Dorothy looks pleased at going to the wedding with Tom.
Number 22
The Martins traipse in as Cathy is saying that the Coffee Shop's food is no help as it's all frozen. They explain the catering problem and Cathy asks Philip if Lassiter's can help. Philip explains that there's a function on, so the staff are strapped already. Hannah gives them a gift from Helen.
Debbie corners Cathy and asks when Rick'll be home, but Cathy tells her that it won't be until long after the wedding's over! Debbie looks disappointed. Brad suggests that they have pizza but Julie pours scorn on the idea. Dave says that if someone gives them a lift to the health food shop, he and Sally will rustle up a vegetarian feast.
Dave explains that they used to cater for the masses at the commune, and Sally says that they can swing by home and pick up their instruments so that they can provide the entertainment too. Brad offers to drive, and Stephen agrees that they can do it.
Number 30
Beth comes out and everyone gushes over how nice she looks. Beth asks them to tell everyone at Number 22 that Phoebe is on her way over. Dorothy and Tom go. Toby prepares to film Phoebe's entrance and Beth yells for her to come in.
Number 22
Food is being passed around by Sally and Dave. Tom and Dorothy arrive and Dorothy introduces Tom to Philip and Julie. She tells Brad that the bride is on her way and Brad goes off to tell the Reverend.
Cathy tells Dorothy about how the caterers messed up, and Sally and Dave stepped in to save the day with the food and entertainment. Tom wonders if he can do anything to help, and Cathy asks him to look after the drink situation. Philip and Julie are quietly talking when Michael appears with a drink.
MICHAEL: Here you go, Mum - another champagne and orange.
He thrusts the drink into her hands, and Julie is surprised as she didn't ask for one. She decides not to waste it! Philip tells her to go slowly, as she's got all afternoon to get through! Julie already looks a bit tipsy (even calling Philip, "Phil")and enthusiastically tells him to lighten up and relax. When she makes a bit of a mess with some food offered to her, Philip doesn't look entirely pleased with her behaviour.
The Reverend asks everyone to gather outside. Everyone leaves, and Julie necks her drink before following.
Number 22 - Garden
Sally and Dave pluck "Here Comes The Bride" on their guitars, and Stephen and Phoebe stand before the Reverend. As the service starts, Pam bursts in and interrupts. She tells Stephen and Phoebe that they should come inside the house.
PHOEBE: Is it Hope?
Pam nods. Phoebe and Stephen go to the house and the guests look confused.
Number 22
Phoebe worries that Hope isn't well, but Pam reassures her - Pam's brought her home for the wedding! Phoebe happily picks her baby up. Pam explains that Hope had the all clear, so she pulled a few strings so that she could bring her home.
Number 22 - Garden
The ceremony has carried on. Phoebe and Stephen continue their vows, with various people looking on at them - Pam and Hope; Philip and Julie; Tom and Dorothy; Brad and Beth; Toby; Sally and Dave.
They exchange rings and they're declared husband and wife.
REVEREND: Go on - give her a kiss!
Stephen does so and everyone applauds.
Number 22
Toby is wandering around the party with his video camera. Michael is fixing another drink which he gives to Julie, who's getting louder and sillier.
Dorothy gushes over Hope and then Pam takes her to be settled down. Phoebe and Stephen wish Brad well, as he's going to make his flight. Beth goes with him to see him off, but promises to return.
Dave and Sally burst in with their guitars wanting to liven things up a bit! They're start playing a Paul Kelly song. Julie is delighted and claps along enthusiastically. She then jumps up and grabs the Reverend and starts to dance with him, quite erratically. She then grabs Philip and drags him to the middle of the room, despite his protests, and even loosens his tie for him!
Michael stands, leaning against the wall, smirking at her antics.
Number 28
Debbie is moaning to Beth about Rick and how they're being kept apart. Beth thinks they haven't got a chance with both families against the relationship.
DEBBIE: Yeah, but then again...
Brad bursts out of his room with surf gear on, looking much happier. A car horn sounds - Swampy has arrived. Beth is sad that he's off so soon and they have a long pash or two before he goes. Beth is sad, and then Brad walks back in to kiss her again before leaving properly!
Number 30
Dorothy is doing a speech and everyone is laughing about how Phoebe introduced Stephen to Oscar in an attempt to put him off dating her. Dorothy says how pleased she is that Stephen persevered and asks everyone to charge their glasses.
Michael rushes over and gives Julie yet another drink. Everyone toasts to Phoebe and Stephen. Pam tells Phoebe that Hope is settled upstairs. Toby shows Julie some of the footage on his camera and she slurs about how beautiful it was. Philip looks concerned.
Michael reaches behind a pillar and pulls out the bottle of vodka, which is now nearly empty. He grins to himself, and then jumps when Philip appears behind him. Philip orders Michael to 'look after his mother' and tells him not to give her any more champagne. Philip disappears and Michael grins to himself.
PHILIP: (to Julie) That's your last drink.
JULIE: Party pooper!
Philip approaches Phoebe and Stephen. He tells them that he heard they had to cancel their honeymoon trip, so the Martin family's gift to them is the key to the presidential suite at Lassiter's for the next couple of days. Stephen and Phoebe are pleased.
Beth announces that it's time for the bouquet to be thrown and all of the girls line up. Phoebe throws it and Dorothy catches it. Tom laughs.
Number 22 (later)
The Martin family troop out. Julie is whinging that she doesn't want to leave. Hannah asks Debbie if Julie is sick! Philip thanks Cathy for her hospitality. Cathy goes back to the party, and then Philip knocks on the door to return Julie's empty glass!
Number 32
Julie is absolutely wasted and tries to get her shoes off, resulting in her falling on the chair. Hannah, Michael and Debbie laugh at how plastered Julie is. Debbie thinks that now is the time to put her plan into action.
Philip angrily walks in with a cup of coffee and tells Julie to drink it.
JULIE: (singsong) Oh, I'd rather go to bed!
She grabs him and tries to kiss him, but he's not at all happy.
PHILIP: Julie, enough is enough - now stop it!
JULIE: Oh, you are so sexy when you're cross! You're not going to spank me?
Debbie and Michael look on in astonishment.
PHILIP: You're drunk!
JULIE: I am not.
PHILIP: You are!
Julie protests that she only had a few champagnes and orange juices. Philip points out that she can't even stand up. Debbie starts to make a speech about how great Reverend Richards is and how he's caused her to make a decision about her future. Philip manages to half hold Julie up, and asks Debbie to help him get Julie into bed.
DEBBIE: Dad, I'm trying to tell you something!
PHILIP: Darling, can't it wait?!
DEBBIE: NO! ...I want to be a nun.
Philip *throws* Julie back onto the chair as his jaw drops.
Debbie says she's seen the light and wants to enter the convent. Philip and Julie both look astonished. Debbie smiles.
<<1832 - 1834>>
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