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Neighbours Episode 1832 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1832
Australian airdate: 19/01/93
UK airdate: 22/11/93
UK Gold: 09/11/99
Writer: Rod Zielinski
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Vagrant: Keith Kay
- "School" by Yothu Yindi
- "Hey Boys" by Paul Kelly And Mark Seymour
- "Way Out West" by The Dingoes
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Phoebe tells Stephen that she loves him, and insists on marrying him.
- Michael tells Jordan that he despises Julie and wants her out of his life. Jordan encourages him, and helps him to plot against her.
- Doug is found alive. On hearing Pam say that she loves Doug, Jim silently leaves.
Number 28
The scene cuts between Pam, Brad and Gaby on the phone to Doug and Doug out on the water. Pam and Doug declare their love for each other, and Pam says she thought she'd never see Doug again. Doug thought that's what she wanted. Pam says of course that's not she wanted!
DOUG: Does that mean you want me home?
PAM: The sooner, the better!
BRAD: Hey, cool it with the mushy stuff!
Brad wants to know the details, but Doug promises to tell them when he gets back. Doug hangs up.
Gaby's stoked at how things have turned out - Doug is safe and Brad's got over his fear of the sea. Brad decides to give Swampy a call to see if he fancies a surf! The kids disappear and Pam smiles happily to herself.
Number 30
Stephen and Phoebe arrive home. Phoebe wants Hope to be at home with them as she can't think of anything else. Stephen thinks that they should postpone the wedding, and Dorothy thinks it might be a good idea. Phoebe says she is going to marry Stephen tomorrow!
Number 32
Philip is leaving for work and Michael catches him. Philip's in a rush and Michael tries to talk him around to letting him stay at home. Michael knows he has to prove himself, but he can't bear to be sent back to a boarding school again.
MICHAEL: Why can't I go back to Erinsborough High again?
PHILIP: And live at home?
MICHAEL: Yeah. Well, I know Julie doesn't want me around but I've been trying really hard to get along with her. I just want us all to be together.
PHILIP: (smiles) So do I, mate.
Philip says there's no promises, but he'll talk to Julie about it. Philip leaves for work. Michael grins to himself.
Number 28
Brad, Gaby and Pam are waiting for Doug to come home. Pam wonders how she looks - she doesn't want Doug to know that she was crying over him.
BRAD: Why not? You were!
Doug arrives back and Pam grabs him in a hug. Everyone's pleased that he's back. Doug explains that the wind picked up when Brad swam to shore and with the current working against him, he ended up miles from anywhere!
PAM: If you ever put me through anything like that ever again, I'll drown you myself!
Pam pushes Doug into a chair and jumps onto his lap. Oo er. Brad and Gaby leave!
PAM: Catch of the day.
DOUG: Are you sure about that?
PAM: Positive.
Pam and Doug agree that they've been idiots and Pam says she doesn't want to risk losing him again.
Number 24
Brad meets up with Beth and tells her that everything is fine at home. He comments that it takes a major panic for people to sort themselves out. Beth points out that he's right - he dived straight into the sea when his dad was in danger, despite the fact that he was terrified of sharks.
Beth thinks Brad is amazingly brave and they pash. Brad says that she wouldn't think him brave if she'd been there - he freaked out half way to shore, and then realised it was just a big clump of seaweed! Brad says he's cured, but Beth's happiness is short-lived when she realises that Brad wants to hit the surf 24/7 again, even talking about a trip to Bali!
Number 30
Gaby has popped over to see Phoebe, Stephen and Dorothy to break the good news about her parents getting back together. Dorothy leaves to answer the phone in her room.
Phoebe is worried that her wedding dress won't be ready, but Gaby reassures her. Phoebe hasn't been able to get hold of her mum to invite her. Gaby thinks it's a shame, as a girl should have her mum with her when she marries (er, not helping, Gaby!).
Phoebe says she's got Dorothy, so all is not lost. Phoebe reveals that she and Toby invited Tom Merrick along as Dorothy's date, but Dorothy is unaware. They talk about how Dorothy fancies Tom. Stephen reveals his parents won't be attending either, as they have to work.
Gaby is appalled, believing that family needs to be there for a wedding. Stephen says it doesn't matter - all that matters is them getting married. Dorothy comes in and breaks the news that the phonecall was about the wedding - there isn't a church available for the ceremony! Everyone is disappointed.
Number 28
Pam is sitting alone, looking anxious. Brad arrives home and wonders where Doug is. Pam says he's at Lassiter's, and Brad worries that they're fighting already.
PAM: Not yet, but wait until he gets home. He's gone to pick up his clothes.
BRAD: Ha! Ah right, you haven't told him that you've flicked the rest of his gear!
PAM: I haven't quite worked out how.
BRAD: Yeah, well, you'd better think fast!
Doug walks in.
BRAD: Uh-oh, time's up!
PAM: Back so soon?
DOUG: You could sound happier about it(!)
Pam insists that she is happy, and Brad makes a sharp exit! Doug tells Pam that he has "plans" for her and sweeps her into his arms. Pam suggests an expensive lunch, but Doug starts walking her towards the bedroom saying that he wants a long, long afternoon at home!
Pam braces herself in the doorway and pulls him away from the bedroom, insisting that they get lunch! She talks about her smiling face across the table, and Doug drags her back into his arms and says he'd rather have her smiling face on the pillow next to him! Pam keeps on about wanting lunch first and eventually, Doug relents.
DOUG: I never could resist you.
PAM: Good! Don't start now!
They pash.
Coffee Shop
Philip and Julie are sitting together holding hands.
JULIE: You've got it made.
JULIE: Mmm! How many men could take their beautiful secretary to lunch - and even make a pass at them, if they're so inclined! - knowing all the while that their wife approves?
PHILIP: I *am* a lucky man.
He kisses her hand. They happily look at each other for a bit and then Julie gets up to get them another coffee. Michael walks in and sits down. He eagerly asks if Philip has spoken to Julie yet, but Philip tells him he's "picking his moment".
MICHAEL: Well, how about now?
PHILIP: Well, she is in a pretty good mood.
MICHAEL: You might want to mention that I spent most of the morning vacuuming the house. Well, if it comes up, y'know.
PHILIP: Right(!)
They grin at each other. Julie comes back and Philip brings up the topic of Michael staying at home. Julie bristles.
PHILIP: I think it's a good idea.
JULIE: (coldly) I don't.
Philip looks a bit takenaback, and points out that Michael is his son and is part of their family. Julie snaps that she's aware of that!
PHILIP: (gently) I think it's time for you to make an effort. Let him stay.
Julie furiously bangs down her coffee cup but then changes tactic, pointing out that Dorothy won't put up with Michael at Erinsborough High. Michael looks sullen.
Philip walks in and Brad asks for a favour. Gaby coldly interrupts them, and Philip comments on how Brad appears to have everything under control.
GABY: Appearances can be deceiving.
PHILIP: Not with Brad! He's honest, brave, bright!
(Is Phil Brad's PR agent?!)
Brad sends Gaby off to do some more work. Philip quizzes Brad as to how he's doing with the paperwork for the bar and Brad thinks he's got it all under control. Philip is pleased, and says that Brad's definitely management material.
Brad asks if he can a week off to go surfing in Bali and Philip agrees, on the proviso that the books are up to date before he leaves. Brad is pleased to be given the time off, but seems a bit worried. Philip leans in to Gaby as he leaves.
PHILIP: Gab? ...dirty ashtray on table seven.
Philip leaves. Gaby fumes!
BRAD: Hey er, Gab, you're pretty clued up with numbers. Is there any chance-
GABY: Not a chance! You're the manager - you manage. I'm just here to empty the ashtrays!
Number 30
Stephen gets off the phone and reveals that he's no longer got a best man as Grant has to work. Phoebe is upset, wondering what else could go wrong. Dorothy bursts in and asks how they feel about having the wedding and reception over at Number 22. They agree, and Dorothy thinks there isn't a problem that can't be solved.
Phoebe asks if Dorothy has a best man up her sleeve! Dorothy doesn't, but Beth thinks she has an idea.
Brad is doing the books. Gaby wonders if he's struggling, but Brad reckons he's ok. Gaby mocks Philip's words from before, going on about how bright and brave Brad is! Brad reveals that there's a mistake in them somewhere and Gaby thinks he'll work it out...some time next century!
GABY: Pity about Bali!
Doug and Pam walk in. They're over the moon and Pam wonders what's wrong with Brad, but Gaby says he's fine. Doug orders a bottle of bubbly to take away, but Pam insists that they have it at the bar - it's called anticipation!
DOUG: Your mother's a flirt and a tease and I love her for it!
Brad asks Pam for her advice on the books because he can't go to Bali if he doesn't do them. Pam offers to do them for him, and Brad is stoked. Gaby is annoyed and stomps off! Doug raves about Pam's brilliance and tries to get her home. Pam says she has to do Brad's books first but Doug's having none of it.
DOUG: Home, I said! No more of this nonsense about anticipation - it's been weeks! Come on!
He happily drags her out.
DOUG: See you, troops! Don't hurry home!
Waterhole - Outside
A tramp is begging a couple for money. Pam and Doug come outside and Pam is still going on about doing Brad's books first. Doug thinks he needs her more! The tramp approaches him, and Doug gives him some money.
PAM: Don't encourage them.
DOUG: With you on my arm, I'm full of goodwill! Why not spread it around!
Doug comments that the tramp's jacket looks like his own. Pam laughs it off, saying he's been living out of a suitcase for too long!
Number 32
Dorothy is sitting with Michael, Philip and Julie. Philip asks if there are any problems with Michael going back to Erinsborough High but Dorothy is fine about it. Julie interjects, saying that she didn't want to bring it up, but she would be being less than honest if she didn't tell Dorothy about Michael's "serious behavioural problems".
PHILIP: Julie, now don't exaggerate!
Julie tells Dorothy that he was expelled from his last school.
MICHAEL: Mrs Burke - I have messed up. But I want to start fresh. Do better this time.
DOROTHY: Do you indeed?
Philip weighs in, saying how hard Michael has been trying at home and how he'll keep it up at school.
MICHAEL: For sure! I'm highly motivated.
Julie looks entirely unconvinced! Dorothy says that everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves and leaves. Julie runs after her, telling her how disruptive Michael is. Philip is appalled, but Julie says she's only thinking of the other students!
DOROTHY: Thank you for your concern, Julie, but challenging students are what I've been trained to handle. I see no reason why Michael can't be re-enrolled at Erinsborough High.
Michael silently mouths, "YES!"
Number 28
Doug is going on and on about the jacket but Pam brushes it off.
PAM: Who cares? I like you better without your clothes!
DOUG: In that case, come with me and I'll make you a very happy woman!
He drags her towards the bedroom, but Pam worries that the kids will be home soon. Doug points out that they've been warned, so Pam tells him to go into the bedroom first and she'll be in in a minute. Doug happily goes in, and Pam looks horrified.
DOUG: (from the bedroom) PAM?! WHERE'S MY CLOTHES?!
Pam hides behind the kitchen counter! Doug comes out and confronts her. Eventually, Pam admits that she gave all of his clothes to the Salvation Army!
DOUG: I gave that drunk 5 bucks and he was standing there in my 200 dollar sports coat!
Number 28 (later)
Gaby, Beth and Brad walk in. Brad is telling Gaby that he's got everything under control, but Gaby thinks he should step aside and let someone qualified have the job! Beth approaches Doug and asks him for a week off work to go to Bali with Brad, but Doug is very grumpy and tells her that she can't. Beth persists, which just makes Doug angrier.
Brad pulls her away, saying that when Doug's like that there's no point in asking for favours. Beth is confused, as she thought Doug would be in a good mood after getting back with Pam. Brad says he'll walk Beth home to give Pam and Doug some alone time. They leave.
Pam is doing Brad's books and eventually apologises to Doug. Doug "accepts", but is clearly still annoyed.
Ramsay Street
Stephen asks Brad if he's "in". Brad is confused, and Stephen realises that Beth hasn't said anything. Stephen reveals that he wants Brad to be his best man. Brad agrees.
Philip approaches them and tells Stephen that the whole family will be at the wedding. He collars Brad and wants to see the books before Brad flies off to Bali tomorrow. Brad says that Pam knows where they are and Philip goes into 28.
Brad says that if he's officially best man, Stephen has to sleep at his place. Stephen wonders if Brad's ok, and Brad says he's fine (but he's worrying about Philip looking at the books).
Number 28
Philip is going through the books and Pam and Gaby are watching him.
PHILIP: Not a decimal point out of place.
Pam is rapt! Philip sings Brad's praises and says that Pam should be very proud of him.
PHILIP: (to Gaby) You could learn a thing or two from that brother of yours!
Gaby looks like she wants to throttle Philip! Philip leaves and Gaby rants at Pam because Brad couldn't have done the accounts alone. Pam points out that she's helped Gaby in the past.
Doug comes in, still ranting about the tramp having his jacket! Pam cringes and Doug says he's going out for a walk - without his jacket!
Pam races after Doug apologising. She says she'll buy him a new one, but Doug whinges that he liked the one he had! He spots the tramp and demands his jacket back. Doug ends up having to pay him 50 bucks to get it back.
The tramp has got two bin liners full of Doug's clothes, and he offers them to Doug - for a price!
Number 32
Julie and Michael are having a stand-off. Julie rants that Michael might have tricked Philip, but she's not taken in by him. Philip walks in on the end of this, and is aghast at the way she's speaking to Michael.
JULIE: Go on, take his side - you always do!
She marches out, slamming the door.
PHILIP: I'm sorry, Mike - she's highly strung.
MICHAEL: No, it's ok.
PHILIP: (annoyed) No, it's not ok. Not ok at all!
He stalks out, slamming the door as well! Michael happily runs over to the phone and calls Jordan. He tells him that he doesn't have to go back to boarding school and Julie's spitting chips. He mentions that he has the perfect plan to set Julie up.
Number 30
Phoebe is pleased that Brad's going to be the best man. Stephen jokes about what Brad's best man speech will be like! Stephen's parents call and he chats to them.
Phoebe wonders why Dorothy keeps jumping to the phone, and Dorothy reveals that she's been waiting for Tom to call to arrange a dinner date. Phoebe tells her not to worry about it too much but Dorothy still looks slightly sad.
Stephen gets off the phone and says that his parents will be able to make the wedding. Phoebe is pleased but Stephen looks a bit unsure.
STEPHEN: There's something I haven't told you about my folks.
<<1831 - 1833>>
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