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Neighbours Episode 8888 from 2022 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8888
Australian airdate: 20/07/22
UK airdate: 12/07/22
Writer: Stephanie Carter
Director: Kate Kendall
Guests: Danielle Pendlebury: Christine Stephen-Daly
Byron Stone: Joe Klocek
Emma McIver: Jessica Clarke
Dan Waskett: Kaden Hartcher
John Shade: Mark Cassamento
Austin Julians: Ben Rose
Summary/Images by: Carly/Graham
- Clive lying to Jane about being called into work
- Nicolette taking photos of Clive and Danielle together
- Nicolette and Byron telling Jane that Clive's having an affair
- David being put under protection in the prison
- David's family and friends realising a prison guard is after him
- Andrew informing David about the wayward guard
- David learning he may have a way to get out of prison
Warrinor Prison
Andrew tells David that wearing a wire is the most effective way to catch the corrupt guard. It's entirely up to David, but if he declines and chooses to move to another prison instead, it could take days. Andrew reassures David the wire is tiny and won't be detected.
DAVID: It's still risky.
ANDREW: Think of the upside. Your husband's missing you, and your daughter.
DAVID: I'll have to talk to Georgia first. Get her advice.
ANDREW: Don't take too long. You just don't know when they're going to make their next move.
Number 32
Jane looks at the incriminating photos Nicolette took on her phone, but she's convinced there's a reasonable explanation for them being together. Byron tells his mum the woman's name is Danielle, which reminds Jane that he was asking about someone called Danielle the other day. "I wanted to make sure she wasn't a mutual friend," Byron quickly replies. Jane still doesn't understand why Nicolette thought to follow Clive in the first place, but Nic says she just had a gut feeling and has seen a few red flags. Clive lets himself into the house, but probably wishes he hadn't when Nicolette flat out asks him: "Who is Danielle, and are you having an affair?" Jane stares at him, waiting for some answers.
Warrinor Prison
David has another visit, this time with Paul and Aaron. Paul's on the warpath, angry with how the prison is dealing with everything, and asks if David's spoken to Georgia yet. David says he just had a conversation with her and she talked him through his options. Paul starts to rant about suing the prison but David exasperatedly asks him to drop it so he can have a private word with Aaron. While Paul's off to the side of the room, David asks Aaron to help keep Paul at bay. "Yeah, Andrew's asked me the same thing," Aaron replies.
DAVID: I couldn't do any of this without you.
AARON: What did Andrew say? Has he got some sort of a plan?
DAVID: I can't give you any details, but it could get me out of here without any jail time.
AARON: So you could come home?
DAVID: It won't be easy.
AARON: Do you trust him? Is it worth a shot?
DAVID: I trust that he wants to get me home to you and Isla, which is what I want more than anything.
AARON: Are you going to do it?
DAVID: It might be my only hope.
Number 32
Clive asks for a moment alone with Jane, which Nicolette and Byron begrudgingly go along with. "I'm not cheating on you, Jane, I love you," Clive assures her immediately. But Jane needs to know exactly what is going on.
CLIVE: Danielle is a major benefactor to the hospital.
JANE: If that's all it is, then why have you never mentioned her before?
CLIVE: Years ago I was newly divorced and she came to see me, as a patient, in my GP practice. I can't really explain it. We got on, we talked, and she asked me out for a drink.
JANE: What else happened?
CLIVE: One drink led to another and we slept together several times.
JANE: You slept with a patient?
CLIVE: I know, it's wrong. So I broke it off - eventually.
JANE: You risked your entire career for this woman?
CLIVE: I was lonely, Jane. I know that's not much of an excuse, but that's the truth. Afterwards I felt so bad that I left general practice and I moved into administration.
JANE: Did this happen in Sydney?
CLIVE: It's part of the reason I left. Danielle found it hard to let go. After I got the job at Erinsborough Hospital, she made a major donation to the paediatrics wing.
JANE: Because of you?
CLIVE: She moved here a few months ago. Now she's one of our most generous benefactors.
JANE: Is Danielle still interested in you romantically?
CLIVE: I've kept her at bay, but yes. There are always those underlying tensions.
JANE: Well you need to set her straight.
CLIVE: I wanted to. I'm worried that if I get on her wrong side she'll report the affair and my career will be ruined.
Warrinor Prison
A guard, John Shade, escorts David back to his cell and makes a comment on how busy David's been today with visitors. David says his family is rightfully worried about him.
SHADE: You want lunch?
DAVID: I couldn't stomach it. You have to admit, though, the food in here's pretty bad.
SHADE: Well maybe don't murder someone next time.
DAVID: Is there anything else other than mashed everything? I could make it worth your while.
SHADE: Not really my scene, mate.
The guard leaves David's cell, the security camera out in the corridor recording his movements. Alone, David lifts up his shirt to check on the small wire taped to his stomach.
Number 32
Jane is consoled by her kids after Clive has gone. While Jane's relieved Clive didn't cheat, she's hurt he kept Danielle a secret and it's made her wonder what else there is. Nic is certain Clive's lying, though, but looks uncomfortable when Jane says she wants to speak with Danielle herself. Byron and Nicolette try to put Jane off the idea, but Jane determinedly retorts that she's a grown woman and demands Nicolette give her the address so she can sort things out. When Jane exits, Nicolette hisses at her brother to do something before Jane actually goes and talks to his "spicy side hustle". But Byron says Jane deserves answers, and Danielle doesn't know his real name so it should be fine.
Number 24
Kiri is unhappy that Nicolette bailed on their plans and treated her like an afterthought. "Seems to bother you a surprising amount," Freya grins. The women are spooked when Emma suddenly bursts through the back entrance waving a gun around, and lugging a severely wounded man with her. She yells at Freya and Kiri to get into the lounge room, before dumping the man on the couch. Freya nervously says if the man's been shot he needs to go to the hospital, but Emma just demands that Freya and Kiri hand over their phones. Kiri complies but Freya hesitates. "If you don't give me your phone, and do exactly as I say, David won't survive the day!" Emma says, eyes wild.
Warrinor Prison
David has the wire wrapped in a towel. But before he can put it back on, an alarm sounds throughout the building. Prison guard Shade arrives and tells David they have to evacuate. David gives a hesitant look towards the towel before he's ushered out by Shade. The security cam shows them leaving the cell.
Shade leads David downstairs and out into the yard. David is confused to see no one else around, and even more so when Shade says he has to leave him there while he checks on another wing. David's blood runs cold when he realises Shade has left him alone in the yard with Dan, who is holding a small, sharp weapon. David limps over to the door and screams out for the guard, but Shade just smirks at him and carries on his way. "No one cares where you are," Dan calmly states. He knows David's been asking people for favours, but the only way he'll get what he wants is if his friend "does as she's told".
The Waterhole
Paul is determined to call the prison so the warden can check on David one more time, but Aaron and Leo tell him not to interfere with anything. They don't need David becoming a target again.
Danielle's House
Jane pulls up to the house and knocks on the door. Expecting her arrival, Danielle invites Jane in. Danielle cuts straight to the chase and tells Jane that her and Clive aren't together. Jane says she's aware of their history, but needs to know if Danielle ever felt taken advantage of when she was Clive's patient.
DANIELLE: No, if anything I pursued him. You can't help who you fall in love with.
JANE: So it was love for you?
DANIELLE: I thought it was for Clive too. You know, he wanted to turn himself into the AMA.
JANE: (somewhat relieved) Now that sounds more like him.
DANIELLE: I convinced him not to. What good would that have done?
JANE: So this is nothing that you would ever want to pursue?
DANIELLE: I don't want to get him into trouble.
She then asks Jane if she knows of a man named Harvey J, as he's someone else who has been interested in Clive lately, but Jane says no.
JANE: I just need to know for certain that any feelings between you and Clive are well and truly in the past.
DANIELLE: I gave up on that fairytale a long time ago. But I still find Clive very attractive and I wouldn't say no to his company.
JANE: But he has said no to you. (She watches Danielle hesitate) I want complete honesty.
DANIELLE: Look, you seem like a very nice woman. I don't want to lie to you. A few weeks ago I suggested we have one last night together for old time's sake. He said he'd think about it and I've been waiting.
Number 32
Jane talks with Clive about her visit to see Danielle. She wonders since he didn't give Danielle an outright no to her question, was there some part of him considering sleeping with her again? When Clive doesn't speak, Jane asks if that's her answer.
CLIVE: I would not be unfaithful to you, Jane. I love you. This has just been a very challenging situation.
NICOLETTE: (walking into the room with Byron) Ooh, that sounds like an understatement.
JANE: Nicolette.
CLIVE: Why were you following me today?
NICOLETTE: Because I had a feeling you were going to that woman's house and I was right.
CLIVE: How could you possibly know about her?
JANE: Admittedly, that is still a question in my mind too.
CLIVE: Do you know a Harvey J?
JANE: Danielle asked me that same question.
NICOLETTE: It's a very common name- ish.
CLIVE: Danielle has a history of hiring young men as companions from time to time.
JANE: What, as in-
CLIVE: Male escorts. Apparently this man was asking some very strange questions last week, and she found him going through her phone after my contact.
JANE: Is this someone you've come across at the law office, Byron?
NICOLETTE: It seems that you're just deflecting from the issue at hand here, Clive.
CLIVE: Should we bring Danielle in to get to the bottom of this?
BYRON: No, don't do that.
JANE: Please tell me what's going on.
NICOLETTE: You don't have to do this.
JANE: Don't have to do what?
BYRON: I'm Harvey J. I'm an escort.
Jane's mouth falls wide open in shock, and Nic and Byron are startled when Mrs Mangel's portrait suddenly falls off the wall and 'faints' onto the floor!
Number 24
Austin, the injured guy, writhes on the couch, while Freya and Kiri huddle next to each other. Kiri asks Freya if they could distract Emma and run, but Freya knows Emma is too smart for that. Austin whimpers for help, so Emma points the gun at Freya and says she's done arguing. Freya finally agrees to have a look at the wound but soon realises she doesn't have the right equipment to fix it. Emma gets more and more worked up, smashing things to the ground in frustration. Trying to keep her calm, Freya says she hasn't treated a wound like this before and he'll need specialist attention. But things turn even more dire when Emma slowly swings the gun around to point at Kiri's head. "Do it," Emma snarls at Freya. Knowing she needs to act, Freya instructs Kiri to get some items from the kitchen for her. Things escalate, there's more yelling and Emma suddenly shoots the gun at the roof before aiming it back at Freya.
Warrinor Prison/Number 24
David circles around the yard with Dan cutting a menacing figure behind him. David says the guards will notice him gone soon, but Dan replies that's not likely. "You're full of it," David retorts in an act of bravado. "You don't know any of my friends, and none of them would help you." He tries not to flinch when Dan gets up in his face and says he's surprised David's people on the outside haven't filled him in yet.
DAVID: What do you want?
DAN: I'm expecting a phone call. And when it happens, I want you to say one thing into that phone.
DAVID: What's that?
DAN: (pointing the weapon at him) 'Do what she says'.
At Number 24, Kiri is assisting Freya as best she can while Freya works on Austin. Emma looks at a message that pops up on Kiri's phone from Nicolette that says: 'Need to get out of the house. Are you free?' Freya tells Emma that there's a lot of internal bleeding, so the guy is gonna die if he doesn't get proper medical attention at the hospital. Emma looks overwhelmed and tells Freya to shut up while she thinks, but is alarmed when there's a knock at the door. She points the gun at the girls so they'll keep quiet and hopes the person on the doorstep will leave.
FREYA: His pulse is weak.
EMMA: Do you want to end up like him?
FREYA: He's on his way out.
EMMA: Call a doctor, someone you trust.
FREYA: I'm not going to drag another person into this. But what I can do, is I can call the paramedics, I can fix this for you.
Nicolette chooses the wrong time to wander through the back entryway looking for Kiri. She's frightened when Emma rushes over to her with the gun, shouting at her to hand over her phone and join the others. Nic does as she's told, and Freya tries to get Emma to calm down, reminding her to think about her next actions. "If I hear one more word out of your mouth!" Emma warns, dialling someone on her phone.
Dan's relieved when his phone finally rings. He puts it on speaker and tells David it's for him. Emma does the same on her end with the speaker and Nicolette is shocked when she hears David's voice. She asks if he's okay, but when David tries to grab the phone, Dan wrestles him to the ground. Freya calls out that Emma's with them and she's got a gun, but becomes scared when she hears David gasping in pain.
FREYA: What are they doing to him?
EMMA: That's up to you.
Dan reminds David of what he's supposed to say, but David retorts he won't be cooperating if his friends are in danger. He screams out when Dan slices the palm of his hand with the weapon. Nic, Freya and Kiri panic when they hear his howling.
DAN: Say it!
DAVID: (crying) I'm sorry, just do what she says.
Emma hangs up the phone, looking triumphant.
EMMA: Now, where were we?
<<8887 - 8889>>
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