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Neighbours Episode 1673 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1673 (Marco Alessi arrives)
Australian airdate: 06/05/92
UK airdate: 13/04/93
UK Gold: 31/03/99
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Walter Schofield: John Flaus
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Faye disturbs a burgular in her house.
Ramsay Street
Doug is just putting the rubbish out when he hears Faye scream for help. He rushes over.
Faye is facing down the "burgular" with an ornament. Doug grabs the bloke and he explains he's Paul's wife's cousin - and introduces himself as Marco Alessi. When he found the door open, he assumed Caroline and Christina had left the door open for him. Doug shakes his hands and chats amicable with Marco while Faye cringes in the background. Apparently he's come to help Christina in the Coffee Shop.
Beth and Lucy are bemoaning the lack of eligible man (not Brad though as their friendship is more important). Just then, Brad comes in and they fuss over him(!) He starts his new job tomorrow. Also, he tells Beth that he can't see her tomorrow because of work. Lucy is not impressed, but in the utility room, tells Brad quietly that she'll drop into his office tomorrow to see how he's getting on!
Faye is telling Cameron and Gaby about what happened with Marco - she thinks he might have Mafia connections(!) Doug is also there and chats to Gaby and Cameron about the boutique insurance. Cameron says he thinks something is going on behind the scenes. He advises Gaby to ring the insurers and ask them how they propose to wrap up the claim.
No.28, the following morning
Brad is wearing a suit and Pam is trying to get a hairbrush through his hair. Doug comes in and says Brad looks like a yuppie(!) Doug suggests that Brad invites Lucy over for dinner tonight, then she can hear all about his first day.
Just then, Marco Alessi drops round to thank Doug for last night.
MARCO: I just wanted to thank you for last night. I thought that old bag across the road was going to go beserk!
PAM: That "old bag" is Doug's sister!
Doug isn't offended though and Pam offers Marco some breakfast. He's settling in well at No.22.
Brad's work
Brad has got a HUGE office with his own computer and modern furniture. Not to mention his own phone, sofa area and hi-fi. Brad is a bit surprised but Walter tells him it's the sort of opportunity he'd have wanted to give his own son - if he'd had one. And if he'd had one, he would have wanted him to be just like Brad.
Brad asks what the job actually is, but Walter is quite vague on that, he just says that Brad is a great asset to the company.
Gaby has rung the insurance office and they're going to sort everything out today.
Beth pops round to see if Brad has come home for lunch. He hasn't. Pam invites Beth to dinner tonight and she happily accepts.
Brad's office
Brad is playing with his "stress toys" when Lucy pops round. He invites her around for dinner tonight - and to bring Beth along too.
Walter pops in with some signatures for Brad to witness and then gives him the pen too(!)
When Lucy has gone, Walter tells Brad that Lucy has got her eye on him.
Coffee Shop
Lucy comes in and meets Marco, who is clearing tables. Lucy explains that they're sort of related through Paul and Christina. Marco immediately invites her out for a drink so she can tell him all about Erinsborough. Lucy says she's busy, but that Marco could go out with Beth instead.
Brad's office
Pam has popped in to see Brad's new work. She's really impressed. Walter comes in and greets her warmly and tells her she's welcome any time.
When Pam has gone, Brad asks Walter if there's anything for him to do. Walter says it's not a busy time at the moment so tells him to take the rest of the day off to go surfing.
BRAD: I brought my board along too!
WALTER: I know, I saw it. That car of yours is difficult to miss in the Executive Car Park.
Walter gives Brad his own mobile phone so he can get in touch with him if he needs him.
Coffee Shop
Marco and Lucy are talking about Marco's travelling experiences - he's just got back. Beth comes in and Lucy introduces her, then runs off.
Marco invites Beth out for a drink tonight, but she says she's underage. But Beth already has plans. Marco is surprised - Lucy told him Beth was at a loose end. Beth does not look pleased.
Gaby still doesn't have the cheque for the insurance and has an awful feeling that Cameron was right about them.
Outside Lassiters
Beth follows Lucy out and tells her that a client wants her to do secretarial work tonight. Lucy says she's busy tonight. Beth tells her it's Mr Winchester and he's a big tipper. Lucy falls into the trap and agrees to do the job. Beth says that she's going out with Marco tonight.
No.28 - outside
Brad arrives home and Marco comes over to see how he went with his job. Brad is just changing out of his wetsuit back into his suit before he goes into the house.
Brad invites Marco to dinner and tells him he can call Christina on his mobile phone to tell her. Pam raves about Brad's office. Beth is already there and then Lucy arrives. She's not very happy that Beth lied to her.
Gaby and Cameron tell Faye that there have been some complications with the insurance. The insurance pay out the injured parties, then get their money back from suing whoever caused the accident - in this case, Faye. With loss of revenue, court costs and the price of the stock, Faye could be up for a small fortune.
<<1672 - 1674>>
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