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Neighbours Episode 8180 from 2019 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8180
Australian and UK airdate: 30/08/19
Writer: Sue Hore
Director: Guy Strachan
Guests: Mackenzie Hargreaves: Georgie Stone
- "This Is Just To Say" by Running Touch
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- When Yashvi threatens to move out, Shane's not happy when Dipi bribes her to stay with a car
- Yashvi decides to leave anyway and goes to stay at Ned's, but he says she can't live there
- Yashvi returns to No 30, claiming she's decided to stay after all
- Amy gives Chloe a voucher for a personal shopping experience in The City™
- But it later turns out to be a gift from Pierce in disguise
- Roxy and Mark TITTNL™, but Mark is keen to keep it a secret
- Harlow's amused to learn of the hook- up, and calls Elly over, as if to tell her all about it
Harold's Café
We pick up where we left off; Elly comes over to listen to what Harlow has to tell her, while Roxy fumes silently. But Harlow doesn't dump Roxy in it; she just chats to Elly about an assessment they're having at school this afternoon. The test is on the play The Crucible, and Harlow mischievously uses it as a crude metaphor for what Roxy and Mark have been up to, to goad Roxy.
HARLOW: I think John Proctor hooked up with the wrong girl.
ROXY: Who's John Proctor?
HARLOW: The character. From the play. The whole relationship was ridiculous; Abigail was way too young for him.
ELLY: That's an interesting take. You could also argue that she was too immature.
HARLOW: Ah, yeah. Not to mention stupid.
ROXY: She's not!
ELLY: Oh, have you read it as well?
HARLOW: Of course she hasn't. It's a book - with words.
Elly heads off to order lunch, saying she'll see Harlow back at school. Roxy smugly declares that she knew Harlow wouldn't have the guts to tell Elly about her and Mark.
HARLOW: Hmm. I do. But I figured it was better if my silence comes at a price.
ROXY: What do you want?
HARLOW: Well, first, I want you to leave. And as for the rest - I might have to get back to you on that one.
A worried Roxy grudgingly obeys, and leaves Harlow to her devices. Harlow looks pleased with herself.
The Waterhole
Pierce and Chloe are chatting away at a table.
CHLOE: You did *not* work in a circus!
PIERCE: I did. In Krakow.
CHLOE: As a strongman?
PIERCE: Yeah, filled in for a gym buddy who pulled a hammie.
Pierce mentions the 'premiere tickets' he has for a movie tonight, and the use of the word 'premiere' gets Chloe all excited. She agrees to accompany him, and thanks him for going to so much effort to cheer her up post- breakup.
CHLOE: It's silly, I know. Elly and I weren't even together that long.
PIERCE: Well, it doesn't make it any easier.
Chloe leaves to get changed for the 'premiere', just as Mark turns up. Mark expresses surprise that Pierce is taking Chloe out on a date; but he says it's just as friends, and doesn't intend to pull Chloe into another relationship when she's just ended one.
MARK: But you'd still like to get there eventually?
PIERCE: Well, you know, I'd hope that she'd remember I'm around, if and when she's ready. But I'm not gonna push her this time.
Mark says that's a good approach, and leaves Pierce to it.
No 30
Shane and Dipi are in the kitchen when Ned and Yashvi come in, chatting about footie. Shane sarcastically remarks at the hard work Yashvi's putting in for her English test today; but she retorts that she's been studying all morning for it.
Things turn even sourer between father and daughter when conversation turns to Yashvi's living arrangements, and Ned lets slip that it was his decision for Yashvi not to move in with him, rather than hers. Yashvi tries to shut him up, but the secret's already out; Shane and Dipi are now aware that she only pretended she'd decided to stay with them, when really Ned had given her no choice.
Ned is pushed out the door by Yashvi before he can say any more, and Dipi and Shane think Yashvi's gone with him; but in fact she's still there, and listening as they talk about her.
SHANE: She played us so we'd get her a car.
DIPI: It's disappointing; I can't argue with that.
SHANE: She's being a selfish liar. I gotta tell ya - if this is who she's turning out to be, I do not like her very much.
Gutted to overhear this assessment, Yashvi walks out silently.
No 24
Roxy turns up to see Mark. After a quick pash, she asks how big a deal it would be if people found out about them.
MARK: There Is No Us™. We've already had this discussion.
ROXY: Don't worry - I'm not trying to change the rules. But if it got out, I mean, who cares, right?
MARK: ...
ROXY: Are you embarrassed?
MARK: I just don't think we need to make it anyone else's business. I mean, people have their opinions...
ROXY: Yeah, I guess the town is pretty uptight.
MARK: I don't want any more drama. And I think this is great how it is. No need to mess with what we've got going on, right? So, are we on the same page?
Roxy removes her top in response, and flings it to the floor!
ROXY: I think we are. It's the centrefold one, right?
MARK: You don't have to throw everything on the floor.
ROXY: Well, I didn't come here to be clean.
She undoes his belt!
No 32
Chloe is in a glamorous gown for her movie premiere, when Yashvi shows up to collect a miskicked football from the back yard. Yashvi moans a bit about how Shane thinks she's a terrible human being, then comments on Chloe's glam outfit. Chloe explains about the premiere, and that Pierce has organised it.
YASHVI: Oh, back on the P- Train? Sorry, that came out wrong.
CHLOE: We're just friends.
YASHVI: Really?
CHLOE: Well, I've always thought he was a good guy (...) My head is all over the place when it comes to that man, but I'm not rushing into anything. Especially after Elly and I. At the very least, tonight will be a nice way not to have to think about her for a while.
Erinsborough High School
In the principal's office, Karl is dropping off some papers for Susan that she left at home. Susan gets a text from Elly, asking her if she wants to go and see The 1975 perform.
KARL: Well, you lived 1975 - you can tell her all about it. She can save the money.
Susan then gets a second text from Elly, saying she'd meant to send the invite to Chloe, not her!
KARL: Do you think those two are gonna be able to maintain a platonic friendship?
Susan looks unsure.
Later, Harlow and Yashvi are walking down the corridor. Yashvi is worried about flunking her test, because she's too preoccupied with overhearing what Shane said about her. Susan emerges from her office with a new pupil, Mackenzie Hargreaves, and introduces her to Harlow and Yashvi - explaining she's just moved here from New South Wales.
HARLOW: It's a great school - you'll love it.
MACKENZIE: I have to take two buses to get here, so I hope so! (...) I'm staying with my auntie Trish, and she enrolled me here because it's got a great rep!
Jeez, who's Auntie Trish been talking to?! Anyhow, Susan laps up the compliment, and Harlow invites Mackenzie to walk to class with her and Yashvi.
The Pavilion
A makeshift cinema has been set up at the pavilion, and Chloe arrives in her glamorous ballgown to find everyone else, Pierce included, in casual clothes. She realises she's misunderstood - all Pierce meant by 'premiere tickets' was comfy seats at the front, and there are no movie stars or red carpet in sight!
Pierce laughs at Chloe's mistake, as Karl and Toadie (who's In This Episode™) turn up and tease her for being overdressed.
TOADIE: I knew I should've worn my tux!
CHLOE: Just keep walking, fellas - keep walking!
Chloe and Pierce settle down to watch the movie, while Karl and Toadie sit on the row behind.
Erinsborough High School
Harlow, Yashvi, Mackenzie and assembled extras are in The Only Classroom™, sitting the English test. But Yashvi is haunted by Shane's words about her earlier, and is struggling to concentrate. We briefly see Mackenzie staring at Yashvi from a desk behind her, then close in on Yashvi looking upset.
Afterwards, in the corridor, Yashvi tells Harlow and Mackenzie that she did really badly on the test; her head just went blank.
MACKENZIE: You could ask to do it again. I did that once at my old school.
YASHVI: How much did you bribe the teacher?
MACKENZIE: I just explained the situation. The pressure got to me, but I knew I could do better (...) I got to re- sit it before it was marked.
Yashvi decides to talk to Susan about it.
No 24
Roxy and Mark emerge from the bedroom. Roxy wants to send Mark 'some pics', but he stresses when he sees she's put him in her phone under his real name, lest someone should see it and find out about them.
ROXY: We should give each other nicknames. What do you want yours to be? HotCop?
MARK: No, that's too obvious. Everyone'll know it's me. Let's go with The Doctor.
ROXY: Who?
MARK: Exactly (...) Doctor Who.
ROXY: That's what I'm asking you.
MARK: No, *Doctor Who*.
But Roxy is confused!
MARK: You've honestly never heard of Doctor Who?
ROXY: Does he do boobs?
MARK (affronted): You didn't just... Wow. Okay. Just put me in as The Doctor.
ROXY: Okay, whatever.
MARK: Great. Our secret's safe.
But Roxy looks a bit sad that Mark's so desperate to keep them a secret.
Erinsborough High School
Susan is working in her office, when Yashvi comes in. She's about to ask to re- sit the test, but then bottles it and goes to leave again. However, Susan stops her and asks her to sit down.
SUSAN: Can I ask you something? How do you think Mackenzie's getting on?
YASHVI: The new girl? (...) Yeah, she's pretty cool.
SUSAN: Right. Would you do me a favour? Just keep an eye on her?
YASHVI: No problem. Did she have a rough time at her old school?
SUSAN: I just want to make sure she's settling in okay. It's hard starting a new school.
Yashvi gets up the courage to ask a favour in return.
YASHVI: Nothing shady! I was just wondering if I could redo the test.
She explains that things have been difficult at home with her dad, and that she couldn't even finish the test earlier. Susan is sympathetic, and says that since Yashvi's been working so hard all year, she'll give her another shot after hours today. Yashvi leaves looking happier.
The Pavilion
It's a long film, whatever it is, because it's now dark! Chloe tells Pierce how unimpressed she is with the plot.
CHLOE: So not true- to- life! All it takes to break out of the clink is a tight crew, some coin, and a sweet smile.
PIERCE: And you know this how?
CHLOE: Well, this one time, in Colombia -
But Karl isn't appreciating Chloe's constant commentary, and shushes her. Pierce continues to tease Chloe about the premiere mix- up. Chloe's phone buzzes (much to Toadie's chagrin!) - it's a message from Elly, saying that tickets for The 1975 are on sale, and to call her back. Chloe explains this to Pierce.
CHLOE: She's still signing off her messages with a kiss. I know friends do that, but just... it stings.
TOADIE and KARL: Shush!
Chloe looks emotional as she puts her phone away.
No 30
Dipi is cleaning up when Shane comes in.
SHANE: Dogs are so much simpler than kids. You take 'em round the block, they have a sniff, do a wee, and they don't trick you into buying them a car.
Shane's keen to renege on the car deal with Yashvi, not least because they can't afford it - but Dipi doesn't think that will go down too well.
DIPI: I offered Yashvi the car in good faith.
SHANE: Yeah, and she played us.
DIPI: If we go hard- line on this, it's like throwing kerosene on fire. And you know how things have been around here.
SHANE: So, what, she gets rewarded for lying?
DIPI: I'm not saying it's ideal.
SHANE: (...) Well, we're not letting her get away with this. She needs to learn a lesson.
Erinsborough High School
Yashvi is venting to Ned about what she overheard Shane saying. Ned apologises for inadvertently dropping Yashvi in it, and says Shane will get over it.
YASHVI: I've done way worse things, and he's never said anything like that. That I know of.
NED: Hey - your dad loves you.
YASHVI: I know he loves me. He just doesn't like me.
Ned hugs Yashvi, and says he thinks Shane wouldn't have meant it. Susan appears, and takes Yashvi into the classroom to re- sit the test. Yashvi gets a text from Mackenzie, wishing her luck with it. Susan gives Yashvi the test paper, and she starts writing...
Harold's Café
Harlow is doing some schoolwork at a table, when Roxy comes in and joins her. We learn Harlow has summoned her to impart the terms of her silence about the fling with Mark.
ROXY: Let's get this over with - what do you want?
HARLOW: Well, it would really help me if you were to do some of my chores. Like ironing my uniform, polishing my school shoes -
ROXY: Who even does that?
HARLOW: And I really don't want to be stacking the dishwasher anymore, either.
ROXY: Is that it?
HARLOW: No. I've saved the best till last. When Terese lifts the ban off Hermione, I want full custody.
ROXY: No way (...) You don't even have your licence!
HARLOW: I'm surprised you've got yours, the way you drive.
Roxy refuses to accept Harlow's terms, but Harlow says, in which case, she'll just pay a visit to Mark and tell him that Roxy's blabbed. Roxy reluctantly relents.
ROXY: Hermione's yours.
HARLOW: Roxy, you are too kind! Thank you.
Roxy looks disgusted.
The Pavilion
The movie is finally over and the credits are rolling. Chloe is getting a phone call from Elly, at which Toadie complains again, and decides to leave. Karl has fallen asleep, so Toadie bashes his popcorn to wake him up! Pierce remarks that it seems Elly can't take no for an answer regarding the concert tickets; he seems annoyed that Elly isn't giving Chloe space following the break- up.
CHLOE: I'm actually finding it really tough. It's like, it's so easy for her to snap back into friends mode, but I'm not there yet. I'm not even close.
PIERCE: You should tell her that.
CHLOE: It's okay. It'll get better. It's just gonna take some time.
Pierce looks concerned.
Erinsborough High School
Yashvi has finished her test, and thanks Susan for the second chance. Elly comes in; she says she's still waiting for Chloe to come back to her about the concert tickets. Yashvi remarks that Chloe's on a 'hot date' with Pierce, before adding... 'just as friends'. Elly looks upset at this news, and Susan says it's only natural for her to have a reaction. Elly insists she only cares about the tickets.
ELLY: Chloe is free to date whoever she wants.
Susan offers to give Elly a lift home, but she replies that she'll walk, as she wants to grab some food.
SUSAN: You and Chloe have a strong friendship. It's strong enough to survive anyone else who comes into your lives.
ELLY: Yeah, I know that. I told you; we're fine.
But Susan can see Elly isn't fine, and looks concerned as she leaves.
Lassiter's Complex
Pierce sees Elly walking through the courtyard and decides to go and talk to her.
PIERCE: I don't want to make this awkward, but I can't just stand back and say nothing. I don't think you're considering Chloe's feelings.
ELLY: What are you talking about?
PIERCE: Like tonight, calling her constantly.
ELLY: Pierce, it's none of your business!
Elly goes to walk away, but he follows.
PIERCE: I care about how Chloe feels!
ELLY: We don't need you to care.
PIERCE: Well, there is no 'we' anymore - you guys broke up.
ELLY: Yes, I'm very well aware of that.
PIERCE: Chloe didn't answer your calls for a reason. You didn't need to keep calling her.
ELLY: I was just trying to organise something.
PIERCE: You're making it impossible for her to move on.
ELLY: Which is making it impossible for you to make a move, right? That's what this whole issue is about.
PIERCE: I'm only saying this because I care about how Chloe feels, alright? If anyone's thinking of themselves, it's you.
ELLY: Oh, Pierce, whatever.
Elly walks away, but trips on a step, and falls flat on her stomach. She cries out in pain.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Chloe tells Pierce he can't fix everything; he says he wanted to defend her
- Shane tells Ned to take a step back
- In hospital, Chloe tells Elly she'll always be here for her; Elly looks unsure
- Karl asks Paul if he's wondering when his next ex- wife will 'emerge from the swamp'
- Sure enough, Paul and Terese are spooked by the sight of another new arrival
- Amy and Leo wonder whether Paul will really cancel the wedding
- Paul looking sombre
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