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Neighbours Episode 8181 from 2019 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8181
Australian and UK airdate: 02/09/19
Writer: Rene Zandveld
Director: Guy Strachan
Guests: Gail Lewis: Fiona Corke
Rebecca Napier: Jane Hall
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Karl curious why two of Paul's ex- wives have shown up so close to the wedding.
- Gail warning Terese she will turn out just like all of Paul's ex- wives.
- Lyn warning Terese it's a mistake to marry Paul.
- Paul determined that his wedding to Terese will go ahead.
- Lyn wondering if Paul's luck is about to run out.
- Susan giving Elly some advice on how to deal with Chloe.
- Chloe uncomfortable at how quickly Elly has reverted back into 'friend's mode'.
- Pierce and Elly having words over Chloe.
- Elly accidentally falling.
Lassiters Complex
Despite saying she is fine; Pierce can see Elly is in pain and immediately calls for an ambulance.
After rushing to the hospital, Pierce is explaining to Chloe how Elly fell when Karl and Susan come out of her room. Karl explains that bubs is stable for now and that Elly is going to undergo scans, but they won't know the results for a bit yet. Susan confirms that Bea knows what has happened and they both thank Pierce for what he did.
Community Centre (next day)
Terese and Paul are more than happy to support a new initiative for Sonya's foundation - a business ware clothing drive to which both they, and Lassiters (via old staff uniforms) are happy to contribute to. The happy mood quickly disappears when they walk into the Community Centre and spot a familiar face - Rebecca... or ex- wife #5!
Susan and Chloe arrive to hear Karl say that it is all positive so far about Elly although he is sure she will be kept in hospital for a bit longer to keep monitoring her. Despite the K's trying to convince her otherwise, Chloe is insistent on being the one to help keep Elly company, at least for the morning she has off work. Someone who isn't prepared to wait though is Pierce who arrives with a bouquet of flowers for Elly but scarpers as soon as he's told she is okay.
Community Centre
Rebecca explains to the pair why she is back in town - she is going to talk to Toadie about a partnership with the women's shelter that she runs. It's just at that point then Toadie arrives and warmly greets Rebecca before explaining to Paul and Terese (because Paul asked) that their partnership is just in the early discussion stage. "A bit of a heads up would have been nice, " Paul politely tells Rebecca to much amusement! "Why would you need to know, " she replies back, and Paul quickly realises he has no right to say more, so shuts up!
"You need to stay calm, " Terese warns Paul after Rebecca and Toadie move away to have their meeting. Paul thinks Rebecca is lying over why she is back, but Terese feels she hasn't made it up.
PAUL: Terese... Gail, Lyn and now Rebecca. Come on!
TERESE: Oh look, I just think you're in shock for seeing them all.
PAUL: No, no, no! There is something going on!
Paul devises a plan - he is going to quiz Gail to find out if there is more going on and wants her to chat to Rebecca. Somewhat reluctantly she agrees to his plan, "to prove that there's nothing to this " but has a warning for him...
TERESE: Play nice!
Lassiters Complex
Paul should have listened to Terese's warning, as he launches straight in with his size 12's when he spots Gail coming out of Harold's, demanding to know the real reason why she is in town! "You need to calm down, " she beings with then reiterates that she is simply here for Harlow, "and nothing else. "
PAUL: Oh yes and that's just so convenient isn't it. I mean everyone has the perfect excuse.
"Who's everyone? " a confused Gail asks back and so Paul begins - first she "popped up out of the woodwork, " then Lyn "magically appears for the retreat, " and now Rebecca has showed up "to do 'business' with Toadie. " She can now see why he is looking so agitated but continues by pointing out that it appears everyone "has a legitimate excuse to be here. "
PAUL: Three of my ex- wives all show up at this particular point?! I don't put that down to chance!
"You're starting to sound paranoid, " she warns him and while conceding that it is "a little strange, " it could simply be a coincidence...
GAIL: Or maybe it's the universe trying to tell you something!
Community Centre (exterior)
Terese patiently waits for Rebecca to finish her meeting, and when she does, hastily apologies for Paul's behaviour before, putting it down to "pre- wedding nerves. " Rebecca seems shocked to hear that they are getting married, and quickly offers her congratulations, which Terese accepts. She does apologise if her arrival has caused more stress for Paul, but Terese puts that down to him being caught off guard especially since Gail and Lyn are in town too. "Wait, you didn't know that? " Terese asks after Rebecca acted like she was hearing the news about the exes being in town for the first time.
REBECCA: I've never met Gail and I wish I'd never met Lyn.
TERESE: Oh yes, so I've heard!
Rebecca then turns it around and comments that it can't be easy for her having Paul's exes all in town right before the wedding. Terese looks like she doesn't know how to reply to that one, so simply puts one of her famous smiles on.
Harold's Cafe
All thought of returning to the hospital is out the window for Susan and Karl when they spot Rebecca entering Harold's. After the hugs, Rebecca comments on it being "a bit surreal " being back in Harold's before adding, after being asked, that Declan is doing well along with the 10- year old tomboy India. She then tells them about why she is back in town (the partnership with Toadie and Sonya's foundation) and that she has heard about Paul's other ex- wives being back in town too, when Susan tentatively brings it up.
REBECCA: Who would have thought!
KARL: Mmm. Imagine it might have, um, ruffled Paul's feathers a bit.
SUSAN: Shush!
REBECCA: Well, maybe the universe is trying to tell him something.
KARL: Yeah, perhaps you all rode in on the karma bus!
REBECCA: Oh well if we did, I certainly wasn't driving!
The Waterhole
"I feel like I am in an amateur production of The Witches of Eastwick, " Paul declares to Terese as he gets himself worked up about his exes being in town. Terese seems quite amused and warns him to stop focusing on what he can't control before wondering what Gail said?
PAUL: She looked at me as if I was completely out of my mind... a little bit like you're looking at me now.
"I don't think you are out of your mind, " she quickly replies, instead wishes he'd simply "stop jumping to worst case scenarios. " "You don't know these women, " he reminds her, which she acknowledges before replying that she can "read people " and declares that "Rebecca seemed genuine. "
PAUL: Yes, because she is very good at that.
Terese is sure that Rebecca wouldn't mislead Toadie and reassures him that "nothing is going to stop me from becoming your wife. " "Not exactly making it easy for you are they, " Paul laments and while she puts them down to being "a distraction, " it makes her move him "even more. "
PAUL: I really don't deserve you, do I?
Chloe is surprised to see Pierce back at the hospital when she exits Elly's room to get some coffee. He explains he is back to make sure Elly hasn't had any complications and Chloe reassures them there isn't any sudden complications and will head off once Bea arrives. She is curious by his demeanour and he tells her about the argument he had with Elly... about her. Chloe isn't at all happy at them talking about her, calling his behaviour "unbelievable " and orders Pierce to leave the hospital, which he immediately does.
Chloe lets herself back into Elly's room and tells her what Pierce said, apologising on his behalf to her for his behaviour. Elly though wants to know if she's been clingy with her and Chloe's silence confirms she has been. Chloe gets it as Elly didn't want to lose their friendship, which Elly describes as meaning so much to her and doesn't want to lose her again.
CHLOE: Elly, we'll always be friends and times like these, I'll always be here for you, but I need to get over you somehow and it would be great if you could help me do that.
ELLY: By leaving you alone?
Rather than answer the question, she replies that she is "alright, and we're alright...really, " and again Elly seeks confirmation that Chloe does want space. With a shrug of the face, she confirms that is what she wants.
Harold's Cafe
Rebecca is drinking her cuppa when Gail enters and tentatively comes over, seeking confirmation that she is indeed Rebecca... and getting it in that she is wife #5! "Gail, number two, " Rebecca replies while extending her hand for a handshake before commenting that she wondered when their paths would cross after hearing that she was in town.
GAIL: Lyn's here too... it's like we're having some sort of convention!
"News travels fast, " Rebecca declares after confirming that she has seen Paul. Gail tells her that Paul thinks they are all "conspiring against him " but declares that "it was a little entertaining! "
GAIL: I don't know about you, but it's strange being back.
"Yes, " Rebecca replies before adding that it's brought her back a lot of "unwelcome memories, " and turns down Gail's offer to swap "war stories " citing that she wants instead to be alone. Gail isn't listening though, pointing out that "misery loves company. "
GAIL: And if you're like me, this place is where some of the worst things in your life happened. Who else would understand?
As Gail said that last bit, it looked like Rebecca was being haunted by some bad memories and she can't get out of Harold's quickly enough!
Number 32
Pierce is around to continue the conversation from earlier, he is still berating himself for what he said to Elly. "You just charged in, like I can't deal with things, " she angrily tells him, something a good friend wouldn't do, they give advice! The pair are having a big ding- dong of an argument and Chloe declares that he doesn't need to help because "it's not your problem. "
PIERCE: It is, because I'm in love with you.
That declaration stuns Chloe and she storms out of the kitchen leaving Pierce standing.
Lassiters Complex
Karl ends his call with Susan when he spots Paul standing staring into space.
KARL: Hello mate, I'd offer you a penny for your thoughts, but my guess is you're wondering when your next ex- wife's going to emerge from the swamp!
PAUL: A penny... you've never given anyone a penny in your life Karl!
KARL: It was my attempt at a joke.
PAUL: Yes, well let's see how funny you find it when Izzy hits town again eh or Sarah Beaumont or both of them together!
Karl gets the picture and listens as Paul is adamant that something is going on before suggesting that perhaps it's the universe's way of trying to tell him something!
PAUL: You're the second person that's said that today.
Despite the wry smile he has on his face; Karl simply says to Paul that its something folk say before adding that its usually "meaningless. "
PAUL: Yes, except I've been thinking about it and you know what, I can do without input from the peanut gallery.
When Paul was saying that, Karl started looking skywards and eventually Paul follows suit and sees Rebecca standing on The Terrace... she's having flashbacks to episode 6000 and pushing Paul off the balcony.
The Terrace
Rebecca is in tears and so doesn't hear Paul approaching her until he asks if this is why she is back?
PAUL: Lure me to the scene of the crime, so you can warn me off ruining another woman's life hey? Well you can save your breath because I've already heard it from Lyn and Gail. So come on, say what it is you have to say!
REBECCA: Paul, I'm so sorry. I'm so, so sorry.
Paul is confused over why she is apologising to him.
Lassiters hotel/The Terrace
In the reception, Terese can see via CCTV that Paul and Rebecca are on The Terrace talking.
"I told you I hated you, " Rebecca tells Paul as we resume back to being with them.
REBECCA: But ever since I did what I did, I've just hated myself.
Paul seems confused and comments that he thought they'd moved past this? "I tried to, " she tearfully explains but just one day back has brought flood back all the bad memories of hurt and anger. Paul gets cut off as he begins to say if she is angry at him by Rebecca saying that she isn't angry at him, she is "angry at myself " for letting him turn her into someone she never was.
PAUL: I don't want to bring up old arguments.
REBECCA: I don't want that either.
PAUL: What do you want?
"What? " he pleads, and she eventually replies that she wants "to get rid of this feeling " but isn't sure "if I ever will. "
And watching on the CCTV, Terese doesn't know why Paul has just gone over and hugged Rebecca, but she seems hurt by what she's witnessed as she immediately recoiled from looking at the screen.
Number 24
"I need you to Dr Who me, " Chloe declares to her brother as she storms into the house! Mark wonders if she's been talking to Roxy (no) but turns out she associates Dr Who with solving problems and she has one!
A confused Mark asks if that is because "he's in love with you? " but turns out its not that, its because a month ago Pierce had the change to be in love with her but of course he was "I don't know, " and "I'm not ready, " and of course so much has happened since and thus her mind "is all over the place. "
CHLOE: He dropped this massive bombshell on me Mark. We were doing the friends thing, it was nice, we could have had in jokes!
She feels that Pierce has now blown it and when Mark asks if she likes him, Chloe admits that she isn't sure... before adding that "maybe I always have... "
CHLOE: But then there's Elly.
MARK: And then there's Chloe. What do you want?
Turns out that is "someone to talk sense into me " and tell her off for "jumping to someone so fast. " "Not if he makes you happy, " Mark points out and asks if waiting will make her change how she feels?
CHLOE: (confused) Who are you?!
MARK: I've spent my life taking the predictable road and look where I've ended up! Not in a great place. I can't tell you if things are going to work out with Pierce, but I can tell you that playing it safe, it's not all that it's cracked up to be.
Lassiters foyer
Terese looks like she is ready for a right argument when Paul and Rebecca come back down from the mezzanine level. "What's going on! " she demands to know and reveals she saw them on the CCTV feed, so it "isn't nothing, " as Paul initially claimed.
TERESE: Somebody needs to talk, and they need to talk now!!!
Paul tries to say it's just his paranoia, but Rebecca stops him to say no lies, Terese is about to marry him, and so deserves to know the truth. "What's she talking about?! " Terese demands to know from Paul and Rebecca silently indicates for Paul to tell her.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Rebecca talking to Gary about missing meeting "men in the wild. "
- Elly ranting at her sister.
- Yashvi angry and demanding answers.
- Shane asking Mackenzie for her permission to tell his family.
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