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Neighbours Episode 4699 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4699 – Town to drown
Australian airdate: 14/4/05
UK airdate: 5/7/05
Writer: John Upton
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Bree Timmins: Sianoa Smitt-McPhee
Paul Robinson: Stefan Dennis
Gabrielle Walker: Linda Hartley-Clark
Summary/Images by: Tracy C & Ally (AllyAngel)
Sky and Dylan kissing.
Paul showing David the new plans for Erinsborough, minus Ramsay Street.
Paul is explaining to David that they can't fight against the rising water table, so they have to turn it into wetlands. David looks completely shocked at this, even though Paul says it will be like a gift for future generations. Paul asks for David's advice and he thinks that the current generation are going to be more concerned about losing their houses than looking at water views and ducks in the future. Paul then further explains that everyone will be compensated via the Council and National Government since houses and businesses are going to be compulsory purchased. Again this fact shocks David but Paul tries to explain further that the residents will get first refusal of the new properties with a view that will be built, and that it is inevitable because within 10 years every property in Erinsborough is going to be under water. Paul asks if David will support the plan and David says he will have to think about it.
The General Store
Harold is moaning to Lou about needing more staff for the store, but Lou can't see why, so Harold explains that he is fed up with him never being around and therefore he made an executive decision and put an advert for casual staff in the paper, which will be appearing tomorrow. Lou moans that they have a partnership and therefore should have been consulted, but Harold firmly reminds him that he disappeared. Lou tries to pull a swift one on Harold by saying he was at a suppliers, until Harold says he checked and he wasn't there.
LOU: I know what is going on here you know, this is the classic example of a new partnership. While some people stop pulling their weight and start clocking a free ride.
HAROLD: And I know which one of us that might be too!
Lou says they can't afford new staff but Harold isn't backing down.
Summer is pointing to Bree how to get to her first period classes but she'll need to get someone to show her to the second one since she won't be there. Bree wants to know where she will be and Summer replies visiting Boyd at the hospital. Unfortunately Susan overhears this and tells Summer that she'll give her a lift to the hospital after school and reminds her that Steph could do without hearing that Summer was bunking off school. Susan asks Bree if she has any first day nerves, which she hasn't before telling them she'll see them in class as she leaves.
BREE: I think it is amazing how well you are coping. Have you had an attack yet?
BREE: Schizophrenia. If your brother's got it, you're next in line. Unless you've got an identical twin you haven't told me about who can donate tissue samples to repair damaged cells it's only a matter of time before this disease takes hold.
SUMMER: Says who?
BREE: It's a medical fact. Didn't you know?
Summer looks like a cross between thinking someone's pulling your leg but you're not quite sure.
Sky is in seeing Boyd and asking how things are going today. Boyd says they're still doing more tests and tells her that Dylan and Stinger came into see him last night. He then tells her that he might be allowed home in a couple of days since the medication appears to be working, which Sky is pleased to hear. Sky tries to change the subject about asking what the other patients are like. Boyd says they're fine but they're fine before adding that they're not crazy, it is the system, so Sky tells him not to say that out loud or they'll put him in lock down. He says he is being serious because of the way the people work in here asking questions and writing things down. Sky wonders if he gets permission to leave the hospital, Boyd thinks he can but is curious as to why, so she says that they should have a day away to themselves to get away from what is happening, which cheers Boyd up immensely.
Bree continues to explain to Summer how she is going to get Schizophrenia too. Apparently it comes when you are a teenager, so “it's only a matter of time.” She asks Summer where they are now, and Summer replies that they are at school and she is fine. Bree continues her little education lesson, the topic now – how everything in this world is genetic, even body shape. Everyone in her family was overweight when they were young, but once they hit 15 – BAMM! It all just…disappears. When she turns 15 she is going to look as beautiful as Janae – maybe even better. Susan comes in to start the lesson, while poor little Summer mopes.
General Store
Harold and Lou remark about how busy the day has been, and Harold tells Lou there have been some replies to the ad he placed for staff. Lou replies that they are probably all pimply-faced Arts students who will disappear to be public servants as soon as they have been trained. Harold ignores him and says they are going to need two new staff, and Lou just about has a conniption. The first interviewee is going to be arriving shortly – her name is Gabrielle Walker and Harold says Lou can sit in on the interview if he wants. Just then TGS door opens, and we see (from the middle down) a woman enter. Harold is looking down at what he is doing, but says he'll be with the customer in a moment. She replies that she is Gabby Walker, here for her interview. Harry looks up and drops the cup he was holding with a clatter. We see the woman's face for the first time – it is Kerry…but NotKerry!
General Store, complete with spooky music…
Harold is interviewing Kerry, who is NotKerry, but Gabby, but he is distant, and she picks up on the vibes. He asks her a couple of random questions in a strange, spaced out type of voice. Gabby seems to be feeling like Harry isn't interested in her, and she hands over her resume, before getting up to leave. Harold hurries after her (“Arr…Oh dear….”) and tells her she must think he is terrible – it's just that she reminds him of…someone…someone he was very close to, and it was a bit of a shock to see her. Gabby who is NotKerry looks at her feet, and Harold says that he will definitely give her a call to let her know about the job, either way.
Boyd and Sky are eating a picnic, and Boyd is making lame jokes about olives that he got off Steph (the jokes, not the olives…). Summer and Bree come wandering across the park, Bree still talking about the 100% definite probability of Summer developing Schizophrenia. She says that maybe she should go to the hospital with her, and do a few tests to see how advanced she is. Summer says she isn't having any tests, but Bree says it is going to happen, and she just has to accept it and move on with her life. Sky goes to wave and call Summer over, but Boyd stops her. Sky questions this, but Boyd says he terrified Summer the other day, and if he has another attack…he saw the look of fear in her eyes once, and he never wants to see that again.
Susan is questioning the class on the books they are reading. Bree tells, in all its gory detail, her books plot about Hollywood Romance. Susan dismisses the class as the bell rings, telling Bree she will bring her up to date with the Syllabus before the next lesson. Susan asks Summer to stay behind, and tells her that everything is going to be fine, and she can talk to Dr K if she feels like she needs counselling at all. Summer starts to cry, and Suse asks her what is wrong. Summer sniffs that she is going to get it too, Bree told her. Susan tells Summer that Bree knows as much about Schizophrenia as she knows about Hollywood, which isn't very much. While Schizophrenia can be genetic, it doesn't mean Summer is next in line because Boyd has it.
General Store – Meeting place for Bearers of Bad News
David and Paul are telling (well, Dave is doing most of the talking) Lil, Harold and Lou about the rising water table, and about how they are all going to have to move. Lil and Harold are saddened at the prospect of leaving Erinsborough but resign themselves to the fact that there is nothing they can do – it's a matter of when, not if. However, Harold won't stand for it, he says that they are all just defeatist, and he won't stand for it. Arr, Harry – Thou shall fight for thou beloved Erinsborough, ‘til ye very end.
Lou's House, Temporary home of the homeless and displaced peoples…
Sky and Boyd arrive home, deciding to make the most of being alone. They start to kiss, acknowledging a certain sense of déjà vu about the room (that they first...err… ‘consummated their relationship' in, so to speak). Sky's mobile beeps and she gets up to check the message. The screen reads ‘1 message received' ---> ‘Dylan' ---> ‘Let's hook up soon, Dylan.' Sky sits back down, next to a now shirtless Boyd, who claims that his shirt was chaffing him, and asks who the message was from. Sky replies that it was Serena – girl talk, nothing important. Boyd seems satisfied, and states that this room does funny things to him, and they start to kiss again.
General Store - Meeting place for the Defeatists and Harold
Harold tells David he can't believe he doesn't care about the situation. Dave protests but Harry excuses himself – he has an interview to organise. Susan comes over and says that Lou just told her what is happening, and Dave whisks her off to give her a fact sheet. Paul and Lil are left alone. Lil asks if he is certain that nothing can be done. Paul shrugs and shakes his head (I swear his eye twitches about now…). He says that it breaks his heart too – everything he knows is in Erinsborough – memories of his grandmother, his childhood, the Trust etc. Lil feels sorry for him, but Paul states that there is nothing that they can do – they just have act now. He tells Lil that she will always have a roof over her head – he will make sure of it.
Sky and Boyd are still kissing, but Sky pulls back and asks if he wants to see the new CD's she bought. Boyd says not really, but she shows him anyway, as he pulls his shirt back on. Lil and David come in, talking about having to move, but stop in their tracks when they see Boyd. Lil asks how he is doing, and Dave asks if the hospital knows he isn't there. Boyd replies that he is doing fine, and that he is allowed breaks from the hospital. Sky asks what they were talking about when they came in, but Lil says it was just property values and things, and changes the topic, saying that Serena will be home soon, and would love to catch up with Boyd. Boyd replies that he would love to catch up with her too, but Sky says they have to get Boyd back to the hospital; they wouldn't want to rock the boat. Dave laughs that he thought rocking the boat was Sky's favourite past time, but Sky drags Boyd towards the door. Lil pulls her to one side and says that she is going to have to forgive Serena eventually. But Sky won't hear of it, and drags Boyd back off to the hospital.
Number 26
Bree answers the door – it is Susan with some books for her – ‘The Catcher in the Rye' and ‘One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest.' She says she noticed Bree likes to read, and that Cuckoo's Nest has some interesting facts about Schizophrenia . Bree asks if it is an assignment. No. Does she have to write a report? No, she doesn't have to write a word. Does Susan want some of her sandwich? Ah, no thanks. Susan excuses herself and leaves Bree to lick sauce off her arm.
General Store – Place of the Familiar Face!
Harold is congratulating Gabby who is NotKerry on getting the job, awarding her with a snazzy red General Store apron. Gabby is chuffed, but knows something is up when Harold goes to introduce her to Lou, and Lou nearly drops the tray he is carrying. Gabby says that it is the second time today that has happened – she has scared the living daylights out of someone. Harold sends her off to take a plate to table four, and Lou exclaims that the resemblance to Kerry is uncanny – it's like seeing a ghost – and asks if it is a good idea to hire her. Harold says she is a good worker, and she deserves the job.
Boyd is getting agitated – he is sick of everybody looking at him like he crawled out of the gutter. He can't understand why he has to stay at the hospital – he is taking the medication and has been fine. He tells Sky that the only time he is truly happy is when he is with her – she doesn't judge him like everyone else. The light bulb switches on – nobody knows they are back yet – if they leave now, no one will even notice they are gone. Sky looks unsure, but then takes Boyd's hand, and they sneak out the door.
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