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Neighbours Episode 8141 from 2019 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8141
Australian and UK airdate: 08/07/19
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Andrea Somers/Dee Bliss: Madeleine West
Heather Schilling: Kerry Armstrong
Willow Somers: Mieke Billing-Smith
Ian Packer: Nathan Carter
Andrea/Dee double: Jessica Redmayne
- "Happy Sad" by Hælos
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Shane talking to Andrea about ‘Karen'.
- Andrea wanting to help Toadie sort out his “Dee thing”.
- Ian commenting on how much Andrea looks like Karen.
- Heather revealing that she is in Byron Bay to Andrea.
- Riley making contact with Heather and Andrea deciding to go meet with him.
- Karen coming to meet Heather but spotting someone looking exactly like her!!!
There is no opening titles today, we're straight into the episode!
Byron Bay
Both ladies are having troubles with what they see ie someone who looks exactly like themselves!
KAREN: You look like me.
ANDREA: Its uncanny, isn't it?!
“Are we related?” Karen asks and Andrea is quick to reply no. Andrea decides to introduce herself to Karen since she seems to be handling things better than her double as she's had longer to get her head round their remarkable resemblance.
Karen is somewhat freaking out (more because she came to meet Heather not her double), but Andrea reassures her to keep using the Karen name since that is who she is now. “I really admire you,” Andrea acknowledges and will assist in helping Karen protect her new life.
ANDREA: Reckon we can agree to do that?
Andrea takes Karen's silence as acceptance of their deal before saying she is going to leave “and never bother you again.”
ANDREA: No- one is ever going to bother you again.
Andrea starts to walk away when Karen calls her back to see how she knows Toadie. On hearing that, Karen looks like she is ready to kill but plants a ‘happy face' on when she turns to reply to Karen to enquire if she really wants to “open that chapter again?” Karen is still curious about the message from Heather, but Andrea tries to stop her getting her from progressing the conversation, by bluntly telling Karen that she doesn't know Toadie anymore… but eventually informs her that he is good and healthy.
KAREN: So you know him well?
Andrea nods her head in reply and Karen asks how did they meet. “It's a funny story,” Andrea replies and says they met in a café in Melbourne.
KAREN: Did he think you were me?
ANDREA: Yes, he did.
She goes onto say that Toadie did a massive double take while she wondered why this guy was staring at her! “We talked and he told me all about you,” Andrea explains, adding that Toadie grieved for her for a long time. The tears are flowing down Karen's face now.
ANDREA: But he's over you. Now he's moved on. Made peace with everything.
Andrea confirms that he re- married but the “relationship ended a while ago.”
KAREN: So what part do you play in his life now?
Andrea rubs it in further by saying that over time, their “friendship turned romantic.” “So, you're a couple?” Karen asks which Andrea confirms.
ANDREA: We fell in love. Madly, deeply, passionately in love. We've even got a child together, a little boy. A special little boy named Hugo.
Karen is having trouble trying to process everything and eventually asks how Toadie “came to terms with the resemblance?” “He just did,” Andrea bluntly replies back.
ANDREA: He realised that we're two very different people.
She adds that it did raise a few eyebrows in the neighbourhood initially, but everyone is happy now… and that everyone got “their happy ending.”
ANDREA: You're happy here, we're happy there. Everything is as it's meant to be.
Karen still wants to know what Heather wanted her for and Andrea does a good job of dissing her mother. Andrea starts to freak out when Karen wants to go phone Heather, since Andrea is being so evasive, and the pair start fighting over the phone.
However, as the pair do that, they are slowly edging toward the end of a cliff (apt!). Loose rocks start falling down the face of the cliff as they begin to literally scrag fight with each other now and suddenly we hear a scream!!!
Number 30
It's now evening time and Willow is worried about her mum going AWOL. Toadie reassures her that Andrea will turn up and that they can then have their chat. Their night is interrupted when Ian knocks on the door. After Shane lets him in, he apologises for interrupting their evening – he has some information that can't wait and needed to be delivered personally.
IAN: A couple of days ago, I found a contact number for Karen, so I called her.
DIPI: So you actually spoke to her?
IAN: I asked her if her real name was Dee and she said yes. So I told her that you'd been looking for her and that we'd met. Look, I'm sorry that I didn't consult you first, but you've been on my mind.
TOADIE: What else did she say?
IAN: Not a lot, but she called me again today, from Cape Town airport. Mate, she's on her way here.
Toadie is gobsmacked as we head into the commercial break and after we come back, Shane wants to know what else was said. Ian explains that he'd met Toadie who had been looking for her, so she wants to come. Toadie is stunned at the development and can't believe it's happening, something Ian can empathise with. Dipi thinks it's a good thing, she obviously wants to see Toadie, but he wonders “why now?” They are after info from Ian, like Karen's flight details, but he has nothing (he is simply acting as a messenger) other than she will make her own way here.
DIPI: So we're just supposed to sit here and wait?
IAN: I wish I could tell you more.
Toadie has heard enough and Ian decides its time he left, and Shane shows him out of the house, but before he does, he has one final question to ask Ian:
SHANE: Are you being straight with us?
IAN: Yes, of course I am.
SHANE: Cos I've got to tell you, if anyone's trying to mess Toadie around they'd better watch themselves.
Before he does leave, Shane asks that he calls if he remembers anything else. Moments later, Willow follows him out of the house too, to go check up on her mum.
TOADIE: Am I really about to see Dee?
Andrea is back in her room and we get flashbacks to what happened earlier – it was Karen that went over the cliff! The flashbacks end as Willow arrives, still annoyed her mum didn't answer her calls. Ignoring that, despite it being hard to admit to, she tells Willow that she loves Toadie.
ANDREA: I know this isn't right, I know he doesn't feel the same way. It's just so hard pretending.
WILLOW: Why are you telling me this?
“I need your advice,” is the reply and when the request is met by silence, Andrea realises that Willow is disappointed in her. “I'm trying to make sense of it all,” the lassie eventually tells her mum. “I can't help how I feel,” Andrea tries to explain and adds that she didn't want to keep lying to her daughter either.
ANDREA: Tell me what to do. You always have the answers, you're so clever. What do I do?
Again, instead of replying, the lass just looks her mum in the eye, which unnerves Andrea, so she asks if something has happened?
Number 28
Toadie is over updating Susan with the new developments and like him, she is finding it hard to believe the news. He admits that after being duped before, he's trying very hard not to get his hopes up.
TOADIE: Part of me is relieved, but I am also angry because she has been alive, in another part of the world, knowing that I'm alive and knowing that I grieved her.
SUSAN: You have every right to feel that way.
TOADIE: But I'm also feeling guilty ‘cos Sonya's gone and here I am getting on with my life. I'm about to see Dee again and she was always hanging over our heads.
Susan reminds him that Sonya was the one that told Shane about Andrea's claim, so thinks that Sonya wanted him to have closure.
TOADIE: How do I prepare for this?
SUSAN: I don't think you can.
She suggests that he gives himself a break and deals with things as they happen. “What about Andrea, what do I tell her?” he asks, and Susan's blunt reply is that she “can wait for now!” That would appear to be wrong, as Toadie gets a text from Willow…
Lassiters hotel
…And Toadie then hot foots it to Andrea's room at the hotel.
“I didn't think it was my news to tell,” she says to him when he enters the room.
TOADIE: Dee's on her way from South Africa.
Toadie repeats the gist of what Ian said and after absorbing the news, she tells him that she is happy for him, whatever happens. He points out that he will obviously need to tell Dee about her.
ANDREA: I can't wait to meet her.
Andrea then sends them both home and when they leave, she breathes a huge sigh of relief. She then is annoyed to see that Heather is calling her and cancels the call.
Seaside Comfort Motel, Byron Bay
A very agitated Heather leaves a voicemail for Andrea to have a go at her for not talking to her and being left to clear up her mess, for a job she didn't do properly.
HEATHER: You need to call me so we can figure out what to do.
And that would be about Karen who is lying unconscious on Heather's bed!
Number 28/Number 30/Lassiters hotel/Byron Bay
Music montage time with the aptly named Happy sad playing!
At #28, Susan looks through Harold's memory books and to the photos of Dee and Toadie's wedding day. While at #30, a very emotional Toadie pics up a photo of Sonya and himself on their wedding day. At Lassiters, Andrea goes into her bag and pulls out a carrier bag. While in Byron Bay, Heather tends to the still unconscious Karen.
We now see what was inside the bag Andrea had – the headscarf Karen was wearing.
Seaside Comfort Motel, Byron Bay (next day)
Heather looks mightily relieved when Karen wakes up and immediately asks “what happened?” but then seems stunned at how alike Andrea and Karen actually are! Karen eventually realises what happened – Andrea pushed her, but Heather isn't listening, she's still trying to figure out how two people can be so alike. “It's alright,” Heather is then forced to say to Karen when she spots that there is a chair wedged underneath the door handle.
Number 30
Mark is around to inform everyone that a flight from Cape Town is due in at 9 and to ask if they want him to check to see if Karen is on board? Mark confirms that the missing person case on Dee is closed after she was declared dead and it could be re- opened if she is on board, however Toadie doesn't want that to happen until they get actual confirmation she is alive.
Nobody looks very happy to see Andrea arrive (swapping places with Mark) but are astonished to hear her say she has decided to leave for a few days, partially as she isn't sure if Dee is ready to meet her “after everything I've done.” “Shouldn't that be her decision?” Dipi says, which Andrea agrees with but still plans to leave town. “This isn't me bailing,” she reassures them with, she reveals that she is actually using the tools her psych gave her for when she faces a difficult situation. “Just do what you need to do,” Toadie yells from the kitchen where he is making some coffee.
Lassiters hotel
Willow has come back to the hotel with her mum to try and talk her out of leaving. “It's too hard Willow,” Andrea yells out in frustration at the thought of Toadie seeing Dee and potentially them getting together. Willow tries to reassure her that won't happen because he still loves Sonya.
ANDREA: Dee was his great love sweetheart, not Sonya. Certainly not me! It was Dee.
“He's always going to put her first,” she laments and if Dee doesn't want her to be around, which there is a high chance of, then she admits that she will have to consider alternative arrangements. “So you might not come back?” Willow asks and Andrea explains that she has to “put her health first” and if Dee were to have a bad reaction to her, she doesn't want to have another breakdown, especially having come so far.
WILLOW: Mum, you have to stay.
ANDREA: It's okay. ‘kay. No matter what happens, I'll never leave you and your brother. I'll make sure we're together. It's going to be okay you'll see.
Seaside Comfort Motel, Byron Bay
Karen hides that she is in pain when Heather comes out of the bathroom, but it comes out anyway when she tries to take a glass of water from Heather.
KAREN: Thank you for rescuing me.
It turns out that the trees broke the fall and thus prevented her from going completely down the cliff face. Karen asks about ‘Andy' and if she is a friend of Heather's.
HEATHER: She's my daughter… not that she's acting like one. I mean she thinks she doesn't need me, and I mean this just proves that she does. She's never going to get to Jarrod without my help.
KAREN: So, uh, Andy and Jarrod, they're not a couple?
“No,” Heather immediately says and goes on to add that he's still recovering from “his other wife dying.”
KAREN: Ah Sonya.
HEATHER: Ah- ha, you have been keeping tabs on them.
KAREN: Oh, now and then. But your um Andy, would she have gone back to Erinsborough?
Heather readily replies yes; she'd be too scared “to let Jarrod out of her sights for too long.”
HEATHER: But this is our future at stake, not just hers. I mean it is our whole family.
KAREN: You love her very much?
“Yes,” Heather replies but acknowledges that she has made many mistakes. “But it was always just the two of us. Two munchkins against the world.”
Heather is starting to get emotional, so Karen reassures her that she is a good person, she “can sense it.” “Thank you,” Heather sincerely replies before having a puzzled look on her face after Karen tells her that she is “sorry your daughter is treating you so badly.”
Number 30
Toadie gets up from the chair he is sitting in to answer the door to come face to face with Dee… well Andrea pretending to be her given Karen is in Byron Bay!
FAKEDEE: Toadie.
Coming up on Neighbours
- FakeDee looking through Harold's history book.
- Susan telling Toadie about someone being in the hospital.
- Mark questioning Heather.
- Andrea in hospital
- “There's got to be more to this,” Toadie saying to Mark.
- Andrea laughing
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