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Celebrity appearances in Neighbours - Neighbours Episodes.com

Warrick Capper: AFL footballer star. Friend of Des Clarke in Episode 0344

Molly Meldrum: Scott and Mike hoped to get a recording contract from him in Episode 0352

Derek Nimmo: British comedian. Played Lord Ledgerwood Episode 1146

Darryl Cotton: Australian Singer. Appeared at the Waterhole in Episode 1258

Michael Whitney: Australian Fast Bowler. Appeared in Episode 2099

Pet Shop Boys: Drove up Ramsay Street and asked for directions in Episode 2320

Clive James: Played a postman in Episode 2547.

Human Nature: Boy band who played in Erinsborough in Episodes 3669, 3670 and 3671

The Wiggles: Visited Erinsborough in Episode 3896

Glenn Wheatley: 4125

Karl Kruszelnicki: Scientist. Appeared in Episode 4550

Rove McManus: Australia Chat Show Host. Appeared in Episodes 4949 and 4950

Shane Warne: Visited the Scarlet Bar in Episodes 5004 and 5005

Brodie Holland: AFL player from Collingwood. Appeared in Max Hoyland's football dream in Episode 5035

Andrew G (Australian Idol co-host) - Hosted a function that Harold, Lou, Lolly and Pepper attended in Episode 5145

Emma Bunton - Found Susan's wedding ring that Karl dropped off the bus in Episode 5171

Julian Clary- Let Izzy borrow his mobile in London in Episode 5173

Michael Parkinson - Bumped into Karl at a newstand in London in Episode 5177

Neil Morrisey - Played the minister at Karl and Susan's London wedding in Episode 5179

Jono Coleman and Sinitta - Witnesses at Karl and Susan's wedding in London in Episode 5179

David Walliams and Matt Lucas - Mucked around as Little Britain characters Lou & Andy in the background of the Scarlet Bar in Episode 5273

Daryl Braithwaite (former lead singer of Australian Band 'Sherbet') performs 'One Summer' at Janelle & Steiger's wedding in Episode 5255

Robyn Laou (singer & former member of 90s band 'Girlfriend') performs her song 'She Devil' at Valda's lingerie launch at Charlie's Bar in Episode 5329

Marcia Hines (Australian Idol judge) takes a ride in Frazer's taxi and critiques Karl's singing (labelling his voice "nasty"!) in Episode 5334

Damien Leith (winner of Australian Idol 2006) performs his song '22 Steps' at Charlie's Bar in Episode 5344

Abby Dobson (Australian singer) performed with her band in Charlie's Bar in Episode 5512

Hamish Blake & Andy Lee (real life Radio DJs) helped out Rachel & Donna as local DJs Fred & Big Tommo in Episode 5528

The Veronicas (Aussie pop/rock duo) sang 'This Love' at Charlie's Bar in Episode 5551

Tommy Haffey (retired AFL coach) gave the Dingoes a pep talk in Episode 5562

Tom Lonergan & Shannon Brynes (from the Geelong football club) helped out the Dingoes in Episode 5562

Bryce Gibbs & Nick Stevens (from the Carlton football club) gave Ringo & Declan footy advice in Episode 5572

Ian Dickson (Australian Idol judge) appeared in episode 5636

Boomba sang ‘One Fine Day’ in Charlie's in episode 5583

The Wombats sang in Charlie's in episode 5642

André Rieu (famous violinist) appeared in episode 5662

Michael Paynter sang in Charlie's in 5713

Batista (WWE Superstar) appeared in episode 5719

Lily Allen sang ‘22’ after she was interviewed by Zeke on PirateNet in episode 5722

Tim Vine (British comedian) appeared in episode 5742

Jason Coleman appeared in four episodes (5772, 5791, 5803, 5806) when Kate Ramsay decided to try out for his Ministry of Dance, dance school.

The Black Skirts (Korean Indy band) sang in Charlie's in episode 5824

Cassie Davis sang ‘Like it loud’ in Charlie's in episode 5831

Jacob Butler, of The Jacob Butler Group, sang in Charlie's in episode 5843.

Kate Ceberano sang ‘Beautiful Life’ in Charlie's in episode 5866 for Kate’s 18th.

Ben Lee sang ‘Whats So Bad (About Feeling Good)’ in Charlie's in episode 5877.

Sophie Koh sang in Charlie's in episode 5878

Kram sang in Charlie's in episode 5970.

British India sang ‘Beneath The Satellites’ in Charlie's in episode 5922 as part of Ringo’s bucks night.

Andrew Gaze (Australian basketballer) interviewed Harry Ramsay in episode 5939

Lehmo (Australian comedian) appeared in episode 5960

Matt Preston (Masterchef Australia) 7078

Katherine Kelly Lang ("The Bold and the Beautiful") 7330
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