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Neighbours Episode 5583 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5583
Australian airdate: 12/11/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Tony Osicka
- "One Fine Day" by Bomba
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/ShadowDan
- Zeke trying to tell his step-parents not to patronise him but Susan reminding him that he isn't as mature as he thinks.
- Didge telling Rachel that Declan pushed her away.
- Declan turning up to the clinic and demanding to see Didge.
- Miranda dragging Didge off after announcing that Didge needs her family around her not Declan.
Number 26
Steve wonders why Didge and Miranda are arguing as they come home, so Miranda tells him where she found Didge and that she just wants them to be included in any decisions regarding the pregnancy.
STEVE: Your mum's just trying to help sweetheart that's all.
DIDGE: Yes as long as I do it her way.
Steve orders time out just as someone knocks on the door - its Rebecca and Declan who is after Steve's help in treating the injured baby wombat. Declan drops the wombat into Steve's arms and tells the family that he knows they don't want him back.
MIRANDA: You got that bit right.
DIDGE: Will you just stop it.
DECLAN: But I have a responsibility to Bridget and our baby and I know what you're thinking, that I've left it a bit too late.
STEVE: That's exactly what I'm thinking.
DECLAN: But running away isn't going to solve anything. (Taking Didge's hand) I made a promise to Bridget; I'm going to keep it. I'm the father of your grandchild and I'm not going anywhere so please just get used to it.
Number 28
Karl enters the house un-amused at the damage to his car (a broken tail light) and makes his displeasure at Zeke's recent antics know too but Zeke is unrepentant - and he'd do so again.
Number 26
In Didge's room, Declan sits stroking Didge's arm but she is unresponsive to him.
Meanwhile out in the livingroom, the parents are discussing the kids and Steve surprises Miranda by his change in tune (quite happy to have Declan around/involved). Miranda invites Rebecca to stay for dinner when she announced that she was leaving.
Back in Didge's room, she tells him that she needs to be able to trust him which is going to take a while. "I know I'm a tool" is Declan's reply and a promise to never leave her again when the going gets tough. And to prove that he is serious, he removes the ring pull from a tin of juice and proposes to her, placing the tab on her left ring finger.
DIDGE: (laughing) You're such a dag. If we do ever get married, I'm going to need a way better ring.
Rebecca interrupts the pash session to mention that the two of them have been invited to stay for dinner but she wants a word with Declan first.
Alone, Rebecca asks if he knew how she felt when he ran off and not just because she imagined him wrapped round every tree on the way to Alice Springs but the shame she felt after he ran out on his pregnant girlfriend especially since she's been in Didge's shoes herself.
DECLAN: I promise I'll never make her feel like that again.
REBECCA: Good, that's what I hoped you'd say.
Mother and son then share a hug.
Bomba are in to entertain the punters and everyone is dancing away when Toadie, Dave and Kate enter... sorry that should of course be Dan and Libby, not their McLeod's Daughters characters.
Steph is surprised to see the trio enter but Toadie explains that he went halves with Libby on the babysitter so they could get out to play. With the comments Dan and Toadie are making about witches, the ladies maybe wished they'd stayed at home minding the children although Libby is relived to say that nothing has happened since they did their 'end the curses' routine. Dan changes the subject by announcing that he's booked the honeymoon... a trip to Broome.
Meanwhile in the office, Ty is almost sprung taking some painkillers by Rachel but he covers his track well and confirms that he will be there for dinner and to even throw her off the scent more, takes her back into the bar area for a quick dance.
Number 26
Miranda surprises her daughter by announcing she's got her an appointment with a top obstetrician. Didge isn't jumping for joy like her mum is and quickly leaves the dinner table. Miranda tries to explain to Steve that Didge needs looking after. "But not smothering," replies Steve, which Miranda denies, and Rebecca decides to go off and see if Didge is okay, followed by Miranda.
Steve then starts to sharpen a knife and Declan starts to worry although as the conversation progresses, it has more meaning than what is actually said.
DECLAN: You need a hand?
DECLAN: How's the wombat?
STEVE: Yes, it will be alright, needs a lot of TLC though.
STEVE: Over a long period of time.
DECLAN: A lifetime.
STEVE: Correct.
Ty concedes to Rachel's suggestion that he does a demo but only if she is in it too. This pleases her and they head off to start working immediately.
At the bar, Toadie is taking the mickey out of Libby for marrying a skinflint as well as having a dad as one. "I don't know what the big deal is, they say you marry your parents" he adds. Libby gets her own back though, by comparing Kelly to Angie.
LIBBY: She calls a spade a spade and keeps you in line Jarrod.
Steph, backed up by Toadie, tries to win the wedding party a free holiday to Broome but Dan replies that it's fully booked but invites Toadie to be his best man instead of being groomsman. Lucas arrives at the tail end of the conversation, and agrees with Dan's new plans... if he's bought a beer.
While the guys were chatting, Libby sneaks a look of the arrangements and isn't thrilled to see that they are for Mr and Mrs Fitzgerald.
Number 26
Miranda gets herself further into Didge's bad books when she now decides that she'll be having the baby at St. Thomas' hospital in the city (instead of Erinsborough Hospital) because that is where the top obstetrician is based and that apparently is more important than the hospital itself.
DIDGE: Are you listening to me at all? I'll work out what's important and I'll make the decisions.
MIRANDA: I was just trying to help.
DIDGE: No, you're trying to take control and you can damn well back off.
Didge stomps off and Steve tells her that she can't put her stuff onto Didge. "My own stuff?" replies Miranda and at this point, Rebecca wisely announces that she and Declan are off to do Carmy a favour by babysitting Chloe and locking up TGS.
Steve wisely doesn't want to get into an argument with his wife, telling her that Didge has to make her own decisions, but just as she replies that Didge isn't coping, the camera turns and we can see that Didge has heard what her mum just said.
DIDGE: This isn't your baby mum, its mine.
Didge's room
Miranda enters Didge's room to apologise and to explain to her that she missed out on her and Riley's early years because of the ages they were at (at adoption).
DIDGE: Its hard isn't it, this baby stuff?
MIRANDA: I've never done it.
Miranda then leaves her daughter to get some sleep.
Toadie continues to wind Libby up by calling her 'Mrs Fitzgerald' before asking when she is going to tell Dan that she is remaining a 'Kennedy'. Libby plays it cool by saying she maybe will change her name but he reminds her that she didn't when she married Drew.
Rachel tells Ty about the conversation she was having with someone in the audience called Tanya who not only books bands but is a manager too. Ty is most impressed because Tanya is a very important person but then freaks out that he won't be ready, which Rachel instead puts down to him being nervous.
While Rachel heads to the ladies before going home, Ty finishes off the strip of painkillers he has. Steph enquires if his hand his hurting and he lies about how much medication he's taken.
Number 28
It's a Kennedy, Kinski, Fitzgerald (+Ty) family meal and the topic of conversation is the wedding and how to do things on the cheap - Karl is still moaning about Lennie the pig going AWOL and Susan suggested Libby wear her wedding dress.
DAN: That would be cheaper too.
LIBBY: Toadie was right, I am marrying my father.
RACHEL: It's lucky you're becoming a Fitzgerald then.
Cue awkward looks from Libby and Susan asks for her help in the kitchen to change the subject, which Rachel totally does by telling them all that Ty is about to be discovered.
While doing the dishes, Libby asks Susan how she told Karl that she was remaining a Kinski. "Gee I don't think it ever came up" replies Susan before adding that she was sure Karl would be fine about it. Susan asks if there is a problem about her keeping her name, which Libby quickly denies. She leaves and Karl appears, so Lib asks the same question to her dad about Susan not changing her name when they remarried.
Initially he seems to suggest that it was okay because he knew why she was doing it (for the kids) but then adds that "I wish she'd talked to me about it though."
LIBBY: So it did matter? (Karl nods) Why?
KARL: Don't know. Security I guess. Tradition, she used to be a Kennedy. I guess you just have to weigh up how important it is to you. It's not a deal breaker, is it?
Libby doesn't answer that question leaving Karl slightly puzzled.
Number 26
Steve enters the livingroom to find Miranda upset - she opened a box with things from when they were going to adopt a baby before it fell through.
MIRANDA: You could have had kids with anyone, why didn't you leave me?
STEVE: I have got kids and I got you. It's all I ever wanted.
The General Store
Declan and Rebecca are ready to leave when they notice that Chloe has a stinky nappy and so Rebecca decides that its time Declan's parenting classes started now and together they change her nappy. As they proceed, Declan admits that he is really scared.
Number 28
At the sink, Susan tells Karl that she heard his conversation with Libby and apologises for not talking about remaining a Kinski after they got re-married. He says that he's fine and Ty volunteers to take over from Susan but really it's just a ploy so that he can quietly ask Karl for painkillers after explaining that he got some after experiencing severe pain the previous week. Karl turns down his requests (for both a prescription and for anything he has in his bag) and suggests that he sees him tomorrow to get his hand checked out.
Over on the sofa, Dan is taking great delight in telling Susan and Rachel about the freebies he scored for Mr and Mrs Fitzgerald and Libby gets that awkward feeling again. Eventually Rachel mentions "the name thing" and Dan finally realises that Libby might not want to be called Mrs Fitzgerald.
LIBBY: Do I have to be Libby Fitzgerald to show that I love you?
Luckily for Libby, Zeke runs into the house to alert them that he's spotted Lennie the pig outside and cue everyone bar Ty rushing out the front door.
Ramsay Street
Zeke points to where he spotted Lennie and Karl heads over to look and Dan volunteers to help to avoid having a conversation with Libby. Cue Dan and Karl jumping all over the shop and Rachel remarks about a little pig outsmarting two grown men.
Since its girls only, Susan asks Rachel how important is it to her and Zeke that I'm a Kinski?
RACHEL: Well, we know that you love us Susan and we love you too.
Just at that, Rachel leaves to take a call and Lennie is caught... by Harold who has suddenly turned up!
HAROLD: (laughing) its good to see that nothing has changed. Still the same old Ramsay Street eh?!
Number 28
As they enter, Susan enquires about Kate and Harold replies that he dropped her off in Sydney so she could see her sister.
While the others head outside to put Lennie back in her pen, Rachel tells Ty (once she's come off the phone) that Tanya who she spoke to earlier at Charlie's likes his tracks (Rachel emailed them to her) and then wonders if she could manage him. Rachel wants to tell the good news but Ty asks that she keeps it quiet, for fear of jinxing things, and when Rachel goes outside to see to the pig, Ty helps himself to a packet of tablets from Karl's medical bag, which just so happens to be conveniently open.
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Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5583
Miranda Parker

Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier, Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5583
Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier, Steve Parker

Ty Harper, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5583
Ty Harper, Rachel Kinski

Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi, Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5583
Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi, Dan Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy

Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5583
Miranda Parker

Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5583
Bridget Parker

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5583
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Steve Parker, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5583
Steve Parker, Miranda Parker

Harold Bishop, Lennie in Neighbours Episode 5583
Harold Bishop, Lennie

Karl Kennedy, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5583
Karl Kennedy, Zeke Kinski

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