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Neighbours Episode 5584 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5584
Australian airdate: 13/11/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Peter Dick
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Libby Kennedy - Michala Banas
Tanya Taska - Erin Dewar
Justin Hunter - Chris Toohey
Summary/Images by: ~Em~/ShadowDan
- Libby seeing Dan booked their honeymoon under Mr and Mrs Fitzgerald.
- Susan asking Libby if there's a problem with her keeping her name.
- Karl telling Libby he would have liked it if Susan had talked to him about staying a Kinski
- Rachel telling Ty she's arranged for a band manager, Tanya, to come and watch him.
- Ty asking Karl for more pills and Karl telling him to make an appointment
- Ty taking pills from Karl's briefcase.
Number 28
Karl is mooching about pensively. Rachel asks what's wrong and he says that there's medication missing from his bag. The kind of medication Ty was asking for last night. Rachel goes all lockjaw and defensive. Karl says he isn't accusing anyone, merely looking for a logical explanation.
RACHEL: Well have you looked in there?
KARL: Of course I've searched it...
RACHEL: Properly?
KARL: You're sounding more and more like Susan every day.
(And my Mum too for that matter and probably every mum under the sun.) Rachel gives Karl a SusanStare™ and Karl relents and says he'll look again. The boys are on their way to the gym, but before they go Ringo gives Karl the first instalment of money for the broken tail light. Karl asks the boys if they've seen a packet of painkillers around, but they haven't. Rachel decides to take Audrey outside before Karl starts accusing her.
Karl is a man on a mission, on the case, like Dr Sloane but without the moustache. He approaches Ty for a word. Ty doesn't even try to hide the guilt. Ty says that he should have told him, but in all the Harold excitement he forgot. He says he took a few and threw the rest away. *cough* Lies* cough* . He goes all pathetic and "I'm really sorry, Karl." Karl says he hopes he realises how serious the matter is, he ought to report him. Steph asks if everything is all right. They say they're discussing music. Steph laughs and tells Ty not to encourage him.
TY: I know I did the wrong thing. I guess I didn't want to admit how much I was hurting.
Pull the other one. Karl asks him to go with him to the hospital now so they can reassess the situation and put him on a proper course of medication. Ty says there's no need, it's fine now and he needs to work. They agree on lunchtime when Rachel sails in.
RACHEL: I can't believe you Karl. Ty didn't take those pills. (to Ty)Tell him.
Ty looks well...bland actually. But let's go with guilty.
Cut to one of the sofas where Rachel wants to know why Ty didn't tell her how much his hand was hurting. He says he didn't want to tell her, but it's fine now and he's sorry about Karl. He gives her the rest of the pills he took from Karl's bag. You know, the ones he said he threw away about a minute ago. Rachel takes them and tells him that Tanya is coming to hear him play later. Ty becomes more awkward and tells her he has to work and pick his car up from the garage.
RACHEL: Ty, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. You're not going to blow it are you?
Elsewhere in Charlie's, Lucas is sitting with Charlie. Steph asks if the place has become his second office, or if he'd like a drink. He orders a beer (but isn't it still sometime in the morning?) and a number of someone who keeps vintage Chrysler parts. Steph gives him some pointers and they talk grease monkey stuff. He offers her some work if she ever fancies getting her hands dirty and there's a bit of a flutter of chemistry. The man knows how to charm!
The Gym
Ringo and Zeke arrive to find that Justin has got himself a job working at the gym. They progess to the changing rooms discussing their "sport in the media" assignment, which Zeke finished ages ago. Justin comes in to find them using big words like "elaborate". Zeke explains it to Justin and Ringo asks if Zeke would like to elaborate for him.
ZEKE: You mean do your work?
RINGO: Yeah, what else are you going to do with all your spare time?
ZEKE: Errr...No.
RINGO: I'll pay.
ZEKE: You gave all your money to Karl. Just do it yourself. It's character building.
Ringo slinks off and Justin moves in saying he's got money. Zeke tells him Ringo was joking. Justin's not though and he knows Zeke needs the money. He offers him fifty bucks.
ZEKE: I'll give you fifty bucks to get out of my face. I'm not helping you cheat.
Me thinks Justin has other ideas.
Libby, Susan and Harold are having lunch and discussing the name thing. Libby assures her mother that Dan hasn't said anything more about it. Susan says that doesn't mean it's gone away, it can be a big deal for some men, and she calls on Harold for support. Harold says that in his day it was just tradition and nobody seemed to think anything more of it. Libby says that things have changed and to look at Susan and Karl. Susan thinks that's a bit different.
HAROLD: No disrespect Susan, but well, you'll always be a Kennedy to me.
Susan smiles and Lou coughs away in the background. Harold asks when he's going to do something about it. He says it's nothing, but Carmella doesn't think he should even be at work. They ask how she is and Carmella says she's fine (oh yeah, she fell and knocked herself out didn't she?). Apparently Oliver calls every day to make sure she's looking after herself. There's an anvil of a hint if ever there was one. Mind your heads everyone!
Ringo and Zeke arrive and could eat a horse. Carmella offers pies, but they can only afford sandwiches and a shared sports drink, which Ringo goes to get. Justin, hearing Zeke can't even afford a pie renews his offer and Zeke caves, saying maybe he is interested. He asks for $75, but Justin won't go higher than $70. It's a deal, and Zeke looks like he's just made a mistake he's regretting already.
Rachel is getting all antsy and Steph assures her that Tanya will turn up. She says that Ty must be nervous because he's hidden himself away in the "office". Rachel gets wound up again about her not turning up and Steph tells her it'll be fine. Well, until Karl arrives on the warpath because Ty didn't go for his appointment. Rachel says he has an important meeting with a manager and Karl says he should have rescheduled his appointment then. He tells Rachel that he doesn't think Ty is coping. Rachel maintains he is coping, and shows Karl the pills Ty handed over to her. Karl tells her that he told him that he'd thrown them away and that it's pretty obvious that he's got a problem.
KARL: You need to rethink your relationship with him. At least until he sorts himself out.
Steph breaks in to announced Tanya's arrival. Rachel and Karl go to find Ty in the "office" and Steph tells Tanya that Ty is very talented. A talented escape artist as it appears he's done a runner. Karl tells Rachel again that Ty isn't coping.
Back from the break, and still at Charlie's, Steph tells Tanya that they're not sure where Ty is. She goes to speak to Rachel and Karl and can't believe he'd pass up such an opportunity. Karl has to go home, leaving Rachel and Steph to deal with the situation. Rachel leaves to find Ty and Steph offers Tanya lunch on the house while she waits.
Libby arrives to meet Dan. They kiss hello and then Lib explains that Susan has been on at her about the name change. Dan doesn't want to make a big drama of it.
LIBBY: But it's important to you and it's important to me too, sooo...how about a compromise?
DAN: Ok, what did you have in mind?
LIBBY: A hyphen.
DAN: Ah, a hyphen. That could work. But what are the kids at school going to call you? Ms Hyphen or Mrs Hyphen?
Number 28
Karl arrives home announcing his presence to Susan (who called him there). He finds her sitting on the floor in the lounge room with a picnic.
KARL: What's all this?
SUSAN: Can't I invite my husband home for lunch?
He seems confused but Susan orders him to sit down. He sits and she shuffles over to him on her knees, notebook in hand, taking him by surprise. She asks him what's in a name?
SUSAN: A shared name represents the love that two people feel for each other. Expressed through their children and sustained by their dreams and their history; their successes and their failures. There have been times when I thought that we'd never grow old together but I know it's what I want more than anything. So, if it's ok with you, I'd like to share your name.
Kusan fans the world over are in seventh heaven by this point, and Karl seems touched too, but still manages a little joke.
KARL: What? Karl?
Susan laughs and swats at him then they put their hands on each other's faces and look lovingly at one another.
KARL: Nothing would give me greater pleasure, Mrs Kennedy.
They kiss then Karl moved with emotion thanks her and they cuddle. Awww. Yay! She's a Kennedy again at last!
The Garage
Lucas finds Ty standing by his car. He tells him everyone is looking for him. Ty wants to know if his car is ready. Lucas thinks it al depends what he means by "ready". Ty is in no mood for joking and says he'll take it anyway.
LUCAS: What? So you can run away?
Ty says it's none of his business. Lucas says maybe he doesn't like seeing a golden opportunity go to waste.
TY: I've seen hundreds of managers. It's always a waste of time.
LUCAS: I'm talking about Rachel, poster boy, she's a great girl and you're letting her down.
Ty gives him the "she deserves better schpiel". Lucas tells him that he's running away because he's afraid of failing the audition. Ty says it has nothing to do with that and explains that he doesn't know if he can play without medication for the pain in his hand.
LUCAS: So take it.
TY: I'm scared if I keep taking it I might not be able to stop.
He explains that a couple of years ago he was in a car accident. He hurt his shoulder and he found that the medication calmed his nerves before gigs. He thought he was over it until the footy accident. Lucas asks if he's told Rachel.
Cut to a Ty playing while Lucas gets his hands dirty under the bonnet of a car. He thinks Ty's playing sounds all right to him. He says that he's probably missed his chance anyway but the least he could do would be to thank Rachel for the work she put in. He hands Ty a rather hefty bill by the looks of things and suggests he could maybe do with a high paying job for the next few weeks.
The General Store
Harold is musing on the subject of Bridget's situation and thinks it's good that Steve and Miranda are there to look out for her. Lou says Bridget can look after herself and Carmella wishes Lou would look after himself as he coughs and splutters all over the place. Hygenic. Lou maintains he does not need to see a doctor and Harold follows him into the kitchen to see what the real issue is.
HAROLD: It's only for your own peace of mind. It's probably nothing anyway.
LOU: How do you know it's nothing?
Lou says that maybe he doesn't want to know if there's something wrong with him. When you get to his age there's always the thought "what's [the doctor] going to find?". Harold understands. He tries to bend down but he doesn't think his old knees will let him back up again.
Erinsborough Hospital
Harold has evidently persuaded Lou to venture to the doctor, but Lou feels guilty about leaving Carmella and tries to escape. Karl comes out to see them and Lou says he's changed his mind. Harold decides he's been thinking of getting a check up too.
LOU: What do you want a check up for? Repetitive Bible-strain, tuba-culosis?
HAROLD: It's called moral support.
They follow Karl into his office. Lou says that at least Harold has lead a blameless life, the things he used to get up to take their toll. Oh dear Lou, what did you used to do?!
Number 28
Ringo announces he's finished his essay and never thought sport could be so boring. He notices Zeke is working and he says he's just refining it. Susan looks over his shoulder and thought he was taking the anti-sport position, but Zeke covers saying that he thought he'd think through both sides of the argument to make his more solid. Susan thinks he's thorough. Ringo decides to go and hang out with Donna and Susan reminds him when dinner is.
RINGO: Thanks Mrs K. For Kennedy.
Susan leaves the room and Ringo comments that Justin sucked Zeke in. Zeke says it's business and that he wouldn't have to do it if Ringo hadn't wanted the Ute. Ringo reminds him they both wanted it. Zeke doesn't care, he needs the money. Ringo hopes it's worth it.
The Gym
Zeke meets Justin in the changing rooms to hand over the essay. They decide to hand over the money and the essay at the same time then Justin tells him he has more orders for the same money. Zeke says no, but Justin warns him he doesn't want to upset his mates unless he has good dental!
Erinsborough Hospital
Lou is merrily coughing away now in a gown when Harold joins him, also in a gown.
LOU: You do know that thing's got no back to it. It may be hospital food, but people are trying to eat!
Lou complains that he's been traumatised by all the poking and prodding in unimaginable places. I imagine Karl would be traumatised, surely that's stretching the bounds of friendship a little far! Speaking of, Karl bounds in and tells them they're free to go, they just have to wait for test results. Lou is convinced Karl didn't want to tell him the bad news.
HAROLD: (sighing) We have to wait for the test results.
LOU: Well they all say that don't they?
Steph is frantically trying to get Tanya the non-dessert eater to stay, asking her what she thinks of the bar as a music venue blah blah blah, she even tries to get Charlie to dance for Tanya. Thank goodness Ty has just arrived. Tanya is unimpressed.
Cut to Ty playing and singing, which doesn't sound so great without the rest of the band behind him. Tanya seems more impressed than me though. Rachel congratulates him when he's finished. He says he just focused on her. Urgh. Tanya says that she thinks Ty could be the new front man for "Independent Means" if the band members agree, but since they're under quite a bit of pressure due to an upcoming tour of Japan. She's working on more tour dates so it could be up to six months on the road. She gives him her card and tells him not to keep her waiting again.
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Rachel Kinski, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5584
Rachel Kinski, Karl Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Ringo Brown, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5584
Karl Kennedy, Ringo Brown, Zeke Kinski

Ty Harper in Neighbours Episode 5584
Ty Harper

Karl Kennedy, Steph Scully, Charlie Hoyland, Ty Harper in Neighbours Episode 5584
Karl Kennedy, Steph Scully, Charlie Hoyland, Ty Harper

Libby Kennedy, Harold Bishop, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5584
Libby Kennedy, Harold Bishop, Susan Kennedy

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5584
Libby Kennedy

Lucas Fitzgerald, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5584
Lucas Fitzgerald, Dan Fitzgerald

Tanya Tasker, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5584
Tanya Tasker, Steph Scully

Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5584
Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald

Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5584
Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5584
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5584
Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Karl Kennedy, Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5584
Karl Kennedy, Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter

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