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Neighbours Episode 5173 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5173: Thoroughly Maligned Milly
Australian airdate: 21/03/07
UK airdate:
Summary/Images by: Elizabeth and Miriam/Emily
- Lolly tells Lou sports aren't her thing and she is her own person.
- Susan makes Karl give money to a pregnant woman sleeping on a bench, unaware that it's...Izzy!!!
Elle and Paul catch each other out at Ned's flat.
Ned's Flat
Ned's trying to be all nonchalant as Paul asks him why Elle has a key to the flat. Elle asks him why her father is crashing on his couch. Ned just tells them that if they want answers, they need to talk among themselves before he leaves. Paul asks Elle what's going on - Elle asks if it isn't obvious. Paul points out that Ned cheated on her with Izzy and asks if she has any pride. Elle replies that Ned 'cut his lunch' and Paul's acting like he's his best friend. Paul quickly enters denial mode by saying he's an acquaintance.
ELLE: Oh, an acquaintance you stay up all night playing video games with?
PAUL: Oh alright then - he's reasonable company up to a point.
Paul then relents and says they need to admit that they're both slumming it by having anything to do with him. Elle says she doesn't buy that he's hanging out with him for his friendship. Paul casually says that he flung him a few odd jobs. Elle clocks on and suggests that one of them was robbing the Timmins and attacking Paul! Paul smiles a cheeky smile and explains that every ringmaster needs a trained monkey. Elle asks why Ned, and Paul says it's because he payed a particularly large gambling debt. Elle says that Paul no doubt created the debt in the first instance. Paul just says he forgets the details. He adds that Elle may be interested to know that Paul used Ned last night to gain some information. Elle's clearly a bit stand offish when she asks what sort of information he's talking about.
PAUL: Information that will help us tap into the Barnes' family fortune. But I have to know that I have Ned on tap when I need him and I do not want this arrangement complicated by you being here.
ELLE: Trust me, I don't need him.
PAUL: Good, so you'll be handing in your key and leaving him to me, then?
ELLE: Absolutely.
London - South Bank of the River
Izzy is standing crying and generally feeling sorry for herself when she spots Julian Clary being all camp and talking on his mobile phone and walking a dog. She immediately runs over to him and begs to use his mobile for two minutes. Clary says that if she wants to phone the hairdresser it's too late. Izzy says please, she's really desperate. Clary stops, looks at her and says, 'Up the duff and Australian - I suppose you are desperate.' Izzy grabs hold of his shoulders and, more forcefully this time, says that she just wants to borrow the phone for two minutes and she promises she'll give it back. Clary tells her not to touch him, so she immediately lets go. Clary says to the person on the phone, 'We're having a drama, I'll call you back,' and hands the phone to Izzy, telling her she has thirty seconds. Izzy thanks him and hands her bag over before walking off a little to make a call.
We then see this Pete character walking across Millennium Bridge (gosh, they're remarkably near each other), who answers his phone. Izzy tells him not to hang up and he says he told her not to contact him. Izzy says she had to. Pete says he can't do this. Whatever this is. Izzy explains that she really needs to speak to him. Pete asks her not to make this any harder. Izzy tells him that she was just given loose change by somebody that thought she was a beggar and it's not somebody she wants pity from. She goes on to say that she's got nothing and she's got no-one. Pete says alright, what does she want him to do about it? Izzy asks him to at least give her the chance to speak to him face to face. After a short pause, Izzy says, 'I wouldn't hurt you, I'm not your wife.' The look on her face suggests that she's sort of reluctantly manipulating him, in that special Izzy way. It works, because he acquiesces and then says he'll see her then. Where and when, goodness only knows.
Izzy hands the phone back to Clary when paparazzi turn up to take photos. She suddenly runs off and Clary stands there saying that the 'boys' need to be as quick as they can. He's mightily miffed when the paps move off after Izzy, who's running towards a hailed down taxi.
Number 30
Ringo asks Rosie if she's seen Frazer's MP3 player around because he wants to put David Hasselhoff live on it.
ROSIE: Significantly different from David Hasselhoff dead?
Then she says she hasn't seen it. Ringo says Frazer usually leaves it on his desk. Rosie tells him to say goodbye to it then, as they've all had a few little things go missing since he brought his little friend Milly home. Ringo's surprised and asks if she's nicking stuff. Rosie just says that it's an enormous coincidence. Ringo says it's exactly the kind of stupid stuff Frazer will get himself into without Rosie to keep his brain in gear. Rosie says that'll take a crack team of professionals.
RINGO: Or one superwoman...
Frazer walks into the kitchen talking about a race or something and Rosie quickly whispers to Ringo that he can't mention Milly because they're all in enough trouble as it is. Ringo says he wouldn't dream of it. As Frazer gets off the phone, Ringo asks if he wants a kick as he tosses an Aussie Football at him. Frazer immediately chucks it back and says he's working. Ringo says he needs a break and pushes him outside.
Ned's Flat
Ned walks in and says, 'Whatever threats you're gonna make, can you keep it short?' It's only then that we see that Paul is sat on the sofa. Paul explains that he's not going to make any threats, he's just disappointed that Ned and Elle snuck around behind his back. Ned asks what the options were. Paul says he could have talked to him about it, that's what mates are for.
NED: Mates? You, you're serious?
Paul says that he knows that most of their time is spend belting the hell out of each other on the games console, but he thinks they've built up camaraderie, even though Paul's belting him back a little now. Ned tells him that the only reason that Paul is belting him back is because he lets him. Paul laughs and says that's Ned's story and he's sticking to it. Ned replies that he lets Paul win so that he goes home. Does Paul really think he wants to spend more time with him than he has to? Paul, a little put out and perhaps feeling a little rejected, asks why Ned spends any time with him. Ned replies that it's because he owes him money, the only reason anyone's ever nice to him. Paul asks if that's why Ned's with Elle - using her to get at him.
NED: I'm using her? You're the one trading her off to Oliver so you can get a piece of his company.
Paul claims that's not how it is. Ned says he's sure Paul wants to warn Elle off him, but she makes her own decisions and if it came down to a choice, Ned knows which Robinson he'd rather hang out with. Mate.
Scarlet Bar
Red and Pepper (what a combination of names) are having coffee as Red says he thinks once Pepper's back on staff they could get together...sounds great to Pepper... and present a joint curriculum submission. Pepper says that it's ace that he's interested in her career and everything, but they should just cut to the chase. Red asks what she means just as a pregnant woman comes over and tells him that she's going to be shopping whilst he's there. As soon as she leaves, Pepper turns to Red and asks who it is. Red apologises and says he should have introduced them - Emily is his partner. Pepper repeats, 'Your partner?' Red says yeah, they're off for an ultrasound.
PEPPER: And you're sitting here with me?
RED: Oh, it's not til one.
PEPPER: You've got a girlfriend who's having your baby?
RED: Yeah...Emily.
PEPPER: And you're talking about us getting together?
RED: On the curriculum.
PEPPER: Oh, and what about the presents?
RED: What presents?
PEPPER: You are so pathetic! Why is it that every guy I meet turns into some stupid lying prat?
Red looks at her and then looks away, with an expression that clearly suggests he thinks she's clinically insane.
PEPPER: Oh my god, you have no idea what I'm talking about, do you?
Number 30
Frazer bursts into the kitchen where Rosie is and exclaims that her lawyer mates would be proud of her, getting a conviction against Milly with no evidence whatsoever. Rosie just says, 'Ringo.' Frazer says that Ringo seems to think they need to bolt the light fixtures to the wall when she's around. Rosie says it's not a bad idea. Frazer says she would have had Lindy Chamberlain strung up as well. Rosie points out that nothing's ever gone missing before then she shows up and suddenly it's like a black hole - Frazer should do the maths. Frazer says he's done the maths and it adds up to two words: 'You're jealous.' Rosie says it's three words. Frazer replies that it's a contraction. Rosie answers her phone with 'What?'
Scarlet Bar
Clearly this was to Pepper, who is standing at the bar saying that she called him a sleaze and maybe a lying prat. She says that she told him about the presents and he told her about his girlfriend and all he wanted to do was talk about the curriculum.
Number 30
Rosie tells Pepper to calm down and tell her what happened. Frazer interrupts and says that Rosie stuffed up another romance, 'qwell' surprise. Rosie tells him to 'shut up!'
Scarlet Bar
Pepper collapses into a chair and says that she's having an ultrasound before shaking her head and saying she's a moron. Rosie says she's not and asks where she is. Rosie tells her to stay there, she'll be right down.
Over to Elle and Paul, with Elle telling Paul that she wound Oliver up and then told him that she can't be with him until he's completely over Carmella, which should be in about ten minutes. Paul doesn't say anything, so Elle asks if he doesn't approve anymore. Paul says all this scheming and intrigue, he wonders how much of it is because of his influence. Elle says that most of it is - she couldn't come up with that kind of plan on her own. Paul says that's what he's talking about - this whole taking over of the Barnes empire, is it what Elle really wants or is it because of what he's pressured her into. Elle says of course it's what she wants, where is this coming from? Paul tells her that Ned says he's using her. Elle asks why Paul would listen to anything he would say. Paul sheepishly replies that it's because she was right - he has kind of come to think of him as a friend. Elle concedes that he can be kind of fun to hang out with: in a Forrest Gump kind of a way. Elle says she can't believe they're being soppy over Ned. Paul replies, 'Yeah, let's never talk about this again.'
Back with poor Pepper, who is telling Rosie that Red now thinks she is a complete psycho - how could she ever get things so wrong? From now on her number one rule is listen to Rosie. Rosie says that the morning hasn't been a complete write off. She takes something out of her bag, saying it was on the porch and the card's for Pepper. Pepper opens the box to reveal a butt ugly bracelet, but Pepper thinks it's beautiful, who is this guy? The bracelet barely goes over her fingers, and Rosie sarcastically replies that it's somebody who's not very good with measurements. Pepper says that if she was leaving a gift for someone she'd at least stick around to see their reaction. In the background, we can see Paul looking in Pepper's direction, smiling. Well, more like smirking but then this is Paul. Pepper suddenly turns looks at him and starts smiling. Rosie tells her she can't be serious. Pepper asks why not - it makes sense. Rosie asks how and Pepper explains that whoever got her the bracelet obviously has money. Rosie replies that whoever got it for her obviously has a romantic bone in his body, unlike Paul Robinson. Pepper is sure that Paul can be romantic if it's really what he wants. Rosie insists that he can't and anyway, what happened to rule number one? Pepper's up in the clouds and doesn't hear. Rosie just rolls her eyes.
Number 30
Lolly is sneaking into the kitchen and puts Frazer's 'MP3 player' (it's an iPod) onto the table followed by the conditioner and the lipstick on the counter next to the cooker. Just as Lolly turns to leave, Ringo comes in and asks what Lolly is doing there. Lolly momentarily glances at the table with the iPod on it before saying, 'Nothing,' but it's too late because Ringo has seen the iPod. Lolly immediately knows she's been sprung.
London - a park bench
Pete is telling Izzy that his reputation pays the bill. Izzy thinks the club won't sack him because of a few rumours. Pete asks if she's met his manager, because he's capable of anything and in case Izzy hasn't noticed he hasn't scored in a month because of all the stress and if he keeps his head down, it'll all blow over. Izzy gets more passionate and tells him that he's so much more than kicking a football around - they could go anywhere and they could do anything. Pete asks if she thinks that. Izzy says yes. Pete replies that if he walks out on her, she'll take him for everything he's got. Izzy tells him to let her - she'll go and buy a new set of boobs anyway. Pete laughs with her and Izzy stops before saying that they can raise the baby together just like they talked about, and they can be really happy. Pete says alright, they should do it. Izzy is absolutely stunned and asks him if he means it. Pete says he never meant anything more in his life - Izzy, him, the little one, and everyone else can just disappear. Izzy just smiles and says, 'I love you.' Pete says he loves her, too. They start kissing and the paps turn up. They both quickly jump up and grab their stuff before running off. Pete then stops Izzy and Izzy's panicking, asking him what he's doing. Pete tells her he's going public before kissing her. Initially shocked, Izzy then becomes really happy and we see them celebrating and different freeze frames of photos the paps have taken.
Number 30
Lolly's telling Ringo that she gets so angry - it builds up and builds up and there's nothing she can do about it. Ringo asks if it's because of what Sandy did? So she steals stuff? Lolly explains that it's like she's getting back at someone but then she knows that the people she took it from aren't to blame.
RINGO: So you give it back?
LOLLY: It's pretty weird, hey?
RINGO: Hey, you're talking to somebody named after a Beatle - weird is relative.
Ringo asks if Lolly's spoken to her counsellor about it. Lolly says not really, and Ringo says he guesses it is hard. Lolly admits that she hasn't been going to the sessions - her counsellor reminds her of Sandy. It's not that she's horrible, it's just something...she can't talk to her. There's only one person Lolly can talk to. Ringo is surprised and a bit incredulous when he realises she means him. Frazer bursts in and spies his iPod. He asks where it came from. Ringo just says it was on the back step. Frazer asks what he means. Ringo says he had it yesterday and he just left it there. Frazer's annoyed and tells Ringo that he's been at Milly's accusing her of taking it. Ringo says he's sorry. Frazer says he was one of the ones accusing her. Ringo repeats that he's sorry and he forgot he had it. Frazer pauses before saying in a calmer voice, 'This is not over.' He walks off and Lolly tells Ringo she can tell him she did it. Ringo says he'll stomp around for a bit and get over it. Ringo tells her not to worry about it - he's got his player back and that's all that matters. All it's cost him is some chick who would have dumped him anyway. Lolly thanks him and says she really appreciates it.
Rosie's Office
Rosie's telling Pepper that there are no witnesses, patterns of behaviour or evidence to suggest that Paul Robinson is even remotely capable of this kind of behaviour. Pepper asks if Rosie means his being nice. Rosie explains that he treated her appallingly. Pepper replies that's until now. Rosie tells her she doesn't even know it's him. Pepper says she'll have to get a confession - she'll ask him to his face if he's her secret admirer or not and if he says yes, he's changed. If he says no, she'll stop wasting her time. Rosie sarcastically and slightly disinterestedly says fine, it's a plan. Pepper gets up and says she hopes he says yes, just as Ringo comes to the doorway. On her way out, Ringo jokingly says, 'For you gorgeous, I'll say yes to anything.' Pepper takes it the way it's meant. Thank goodness.
Ringo gets more serious as he asks Rosie if she's busy after Pepper's gone. Rosie says yeah, having her advice ignored. Ringo asks for a favour. Rosie asks what he's done. Ringo explains that it's not for him, it's for Lolly - she's not going to her counselling sessions and she says that her counselor reminds her of Sandy but Ringo thinks it's just an excuse - she's just having trouble opening up to anyone. Rosie says it's not surprising that she would have trust issues considering what she's been through. Maybe Lou just needs to find her a new counsellor. Ringo says yeah, that's the thing. Rosie clocks on - he wants her to counsel Lolly. Rosie says she doesn't have any counseling qualifications whatsoever. Ringo says it doesn't matter, she just needs someone nice to speak to and Rosie's nice. Rosie suggests Pepper, who has experience dealing with teenage people. Ringo explains that's as a teacher - she's an authority figure, just as Sandy was. Rosie gets wound up and explains that she's an authority figure; she's Lolly's lawyer! Ringo asks her to speak to Lolly when they meet. Rosie tries to tell him it's not that simple but Ringo insists that what Lolly needs is someone she can trust and he thinks she can trust Rosie, if Rosie gives her a chance.
Ned's Flat
Frazer's sitting talking to Ned, telling him that it's because of his idiot brother and his bigger idiot flatmates. He adds that Ned has the perfect set up - nobody to hassle him, no messy relationships to deal with... Elle flounces in saying she thought she might just call around and... she notices that Frazer is there and suddenly stops, gathers herself and says she's there to return his keys. Ned says they're not his, his are in the kitchen. Elle's a bit flustered and says that they're his spares, the ones he gave to her so that she could bring his stuff around when he wasn't there. Ned's having fun winding her up and asks what stuff? Frazer's feeling pretty uncomfortable and thanks him for the drink before saying he might leave them to it, it sounds like they've got more important 'stuff' to discuss. As soon as Frazer leaves, Elle gets annoyed and says to Ned, 'Thanks a lot!' Ned says it's not his fault she got her own keys cut. Elle replies that she didn't need the whole world to know about it. Ned clocks on and say that 'daddy' has told her to stay away from him. Elle says that her daddy doesn't tell her what to do and she makes her own decisions. Ned says right, so she made her own decision to see him. Elle tries to be aloof and says that it beats doing nothing. Elle says that if he preferred that they didn't then they don't have to - it's up to him. Ned leans in to her and says that he thought she made her own decisions. Then he grabs her, says 'come here' and starts kissing her. Lovely.
Rosie's Office
Rosie tells Lolly that it looks bad on paper but she's sure the magistrate will take into account all the mitigating circumstances, so that's good isn't it? Rosie asks if Lolly has any questions. Lolly replies that Rosie doesn't have to be nice to her. Rosie asks what she means. Lolly explains that everyone who tries to help her or look after her she hurts and she's always going to be that way. Rosie explains that she's sure she's nothing like that. Lolly says Rosie doesn't know the things she's done. Rosie goes and sits next to Lolly and explains to her that nothing Lolly tells her can leave the room and even if Rosie wanted to tell somebody she couldn't, it's called a professional privilege. Personally, I think it's called client confidentiality but swings and roundabouts, eh? Lolly asks if it only works in this office. Rosie says no, it applies anywhere and anything that Lolly tells her that she doesn't want anyone to know remains a secret for as long as Lolly wants it to. Rosie looks at the flowers that Lolly has made from tissue paper. Lolly explains that they're for Kerry because she's not allowed real flowers because of the germs. Rosie pretends to be all impressed and asks if she made them? Lolly explains that it's not hard. Rosie replies that she's talking to someone who can't even colour between the lines. Lolly suggests that she could show Rosie how to make them. Rosie says she'd like that very much. Would she?
Scarlet Bar
Paul is reading the newspaper as Pepper comes up to him and says, 'Is it you?' Paul looks around before pinching both his cheeks and saying that it feels like him.
PEPPER: Sending me the gifts!
PAUL: Could be.
PEPPER: Well, whoever it is obviously knows that I want to be treated nicely. Not like a goddess, but just nicely and I just want them to know that I appreciate it.
PAUL: Is that right?
PEPPER: Yes! This is the most romantic and sweetest thing anybody's ever done for me.
PAUL: Ooh, better cancel the flowers that are on the way then!
Pepper says she knew it, and Paul says he's come to realise that he was crazy treating her the way that he did. Pepper says she thought he'd moved on - he's hardly been home lately. If she knows that, that suggests to me that she's a little bit of a stalker. Paul says that he's been seeing someone but it's only made him realise how much he's been missing her. Pepper asks why the secrecy. Paul says that he wanted her back but he thought she wouldn't have him so he tried to woo her. Corny, eh? Yes, it would be corny if it were remotely true. Pepper says it's not at all, it's really nice. She goes and kisses him on the cheek before leaving.
A London Eye pod, on top of the world... / Erinsborough Hospital
Shot of the London Eye. Susan is ushering Karl to the entrance, whilst he tries to take photos. (The Eye is *never* that quiet. There's no queue whatsoever.)
Inside a pod, now, we get some beautiful panoramic shots of London, on a very clear, very perfect day. Something tells me that lots about this scene is going to be perfect.
Inside one particular pod, Karl and Susan look out at the views, whilst a hostess sets champagne and chocolates on a central low wooden seating / table area. Susan watches her setting the chocolates down and affectionately slaps Karl, clearly thrilled at the expense he's gone to in setting this up.
The hostess walks out of shot, and Karl takes a picture of himself and Susan as they cuddle up against one of the glass panels. And, tipping his head towards hers, they giggle as the song plays over them "thinking back to innocence..."
Cue another panoramic shot of London and the pod that Karl and Susan are in.
SUSAN: This is incredible.
KARL: It's amazing.
He looks at her.
KARL: We're very lucky.
She looks back at him.
SUSAN: Yeah, we are.
Susan turns back to look down and she's in a bit of reflective mood. Karl doesn't take his eyes off her, and Susan reaches into her pocket for her phone, wanting to call Harold to see how Kerry is. Karl suggests they send an email because global roaming is so expensive. Susan rolls her eyes, but gets through to Harold immediately.
Cut back to Erinsborough Hospital where Harold answers the phone, Lou next to him. He relays the news that Kerry's doing fine, and that Scott's well, too. Susan's pleased and clearly relieved, and makes a thumbs up gesture to Karl - they were so worried, and Harold intimates that Karl and Susan must be having a wonderful time. Cutting back to the London Eye pod, and not wanting to make a big deal out of the holiday whilst Harold's family are suffering, Susan concedes that it's okay.
HARRY: Oh, come on - don't hold back on account of me. I could do with the distraction.
Susan giggles, and turns to Karl, their faces close together.
SUSAN: Well, in that case, Harold, I am on top of the world, with the man I love, and I never want to come down.
Karl is touched to hear her words and they lean in to be closer to each other, rubbing noses.
Susan tells Harold she has to go - she's on the mobile. At this point she shoots Karl a meaningful look, just managing to not roll her eyes. Harold thanks her for calling.
Susan takes Karl's jacket collar in her hands and tells him that everything's going to be just fine. It's almost as though Kerry and Stingray were on her mind so much that she couldn't properly enjoy herself until she knew, so now she does, she can relax and enjoy the moment. Karl agrees, not taking his eyes from hers. He suddenly looks down, shyly.
KARL: You know, erm...
SUSAN: What?
KARL: (smiling) Nothing. Nothing. In fact, it couldn't be more perfect.
Susan looks at him, knowing he's going to say something...
KARL: Despite all my mistakes over the years, and all the hurdles we've faced...here we are. Together. And in love.
Having dropped her eyes at the memory of the past years, Susan looks up and nods in agreement.
KARL: And I never want that to change.
SUSAN: (whispering) Oh, Karl...
The music still plays. "So let's grow old together...we'll grow old together..."
Taking her hands, Karl leads her to the low wooden seat, and she sits down in surprise. Karl goes down on one knee, reaching for the ring from his pocket.
KARL: Susan Kinski, I was wondering if you would do me the honour...
Susan raises her hands to cover her face.
KARL: ...of becoming my wife. Again.
Laughing delightedly and quietly, she stares at Karl.
KARL: Three times has gotta be lucky.
SUSAN: Oh, Karl...
Lost for words, and smiling all over, she says yes. Karl pulls her towards him for a kiss and she takes his face in her hands and kisses him back, once, twice, before reaching her arms around him and burying her face in his neck. She squeezes her eyes shut, and the scene closes on a long shot of Karl and Susan, in each others' arms and very, very happy.
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Julian Clary, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5173
Julian Clary, Izzy Hoyland

Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5173
Ringo Brown

Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5173
Rosie Cammeniti

Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 5173
Ned Parker

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5173
Paul Robinson

Rosie Cammeniti, Frazer Yeats in Neighbours Episode 5173
Rosie Cammeniti, Frazer Yeats

Izzy Hoyland, Pete Gartside in Neighbours Episode 5173
Izzy Hoyland, Pete Gartside

Pete Gartside, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5173
Pete Gartside, Izzy Hoyland

Ringo Brown, Louise Carpenter (Lolly) in Neighbours Episode 5173
Ringo Brown, Louise Carpenter (Lolly)

Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5173
Pepper Steiger

Louise Carpenter (Lolly) in Neighbours Episode 5173
Louise Carpenter (Lolly)

Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5173
Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5173
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5173
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5173
Susan Kennedy

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