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Show music from 1994
Music used in 1994:

(I Need) A Little Love Tonight by Alan Barnes Band
Answering Machine Blues by Ian Moss
Beauty And Danger by The Killjoys
Bow River by Ian Moss
Dreams Of Heaven by Ground Level
Drive Me Crazy by Peter Andre
Funky Junky by Peter Andre
Getting Away With Murder by Paul Norton
Green Limousine by The Badloves
Henry VIII Suite by John Foulds
High On A Mountain by The Badloves
Holy Grail by Hunters And Collectors
I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside by Moya O'Sullivan And Peta Brady
I Hear Motion by The Models
Ill Remember You by Ian Moss
Imaginary Girl by Hunters And Collectors
Island by Ian Moss
Just Like Fire Would by The Saints
Liar by Horsehead
Love Never Runs On Time by Paul Kelly
Love The Life by Bass Culture (feat Gina G)
My Heavy Friend by The Truth
Oil And Water by Horsehead
One More Time by Deborah Conway
Only When We Were Young by Paul Norton
Plankton by Paul Harmann
Show Fanfare by Werner Drexler
Soul Kind Of Feeling by Dynamic Hepnotics
The Colour Of Her Scarf Was Red by Dorian Mode
To The Top by Peter Andre
Voodoo by Zoo
When Will You Fall For Me? by Vika And Linda
World Turning by Yothu Yindi
Worlds Away by Ian Moss
You Cant Make Love Without A Soul by Jimmy Barnes
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1994 music

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