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Show music from 1995
Music used in 1995:

Aint That The Truth? by Paul Norton
Barbados by The Models
Beauty And Danger by The Killjoys
Big Hotel by Big Pig
Bow River by Ian Moss
Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 by JS Bach
Bubble And Squeak by Jose Norman
Burnout by The Badloves
Cant Help It by The Truth
Catch Your Shadow by Jimmy Barnes
Corrina Corrina by Alan Fletcher
Cruise Control by The Headless Chickens
Dont Throw Roses by The Badloves
Dots On The Shells by Yothu Yindi
Drop In The Ocean by Hunters And Collectors
Easy by Hunters And Collectors
English Country Garden by Jesse Spencer
Getting Away With Murder by Paul Norton
Give In To My Love by Paul Kelly
Green Limousine by The Badloves
Heel And Toe Polka Medley by Craven Flowers Tobin
Hell Bent by Big Pig
House Of Love by Vika And Linda
Hungry Town by Big Pig
Imaginary Girl by Hunters And Collectors
Irish Trot by Craven Flowers Tobin
Little Darling by Jimmy Barnes
Love Never Runs On Time by Paul Kelly
Love Will Find A Way by Bass Culture (feat Susie Ahern)
Memphis by The Badloves
Moments With Miller by Sam Fonteyn
Monkey And The Turtle by Christine Anu
Mr Moon by Headless Chickens
My Heavy Friend by The Truth
Never Give Up by Ian Moss
On The Prowl by Ol' 55
Out Of The Fire by Ian Moss
Piece Of You by Penny Flanagan
Rock Dog by Swoop
Soul Kind Of Feeling by Dynamic Hepnotics
Swing Sax by Andy Whitmore
The Monkey And The Turtle by Christine Anu
The Waltz Country Dance by Craven Flowers Tobin
Voodoo by Zoo
Way Out West by The Dingoes
What Are We Waiting For? by Paul Norton
When Will You Fall For Me? by Vika And Linda
Where Can I Get Arrested? by Pearls And Swine
Windless Island by John Valmore Pearson
Worlds Away by Ian Moss
You Cant Make Love Without A Soul by Jimmy Barnes
You Know Who You Are Tonight? by Ian Moss
You Understand by Fiona Lee Maynard
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1995 music

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