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Show music from 1996
Music used in 1996:

120 Guava Lamp by Banana Oil
Alimony Blues by Chris Wilson
Big Bully by Pollyanna
Bow River by Ian Moss
Burnout by The Badloves
Circus by The Jaynes
Come Around by The Killjoys
Dreams Of Heaven by Ground Level
Getting Away With Murder by Paul Norton
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Traditional
Good King Wenceslas by Traditional
Hard Love by Paul Kelly
Horror Movie by Skyhooks
How Great It Is by Paul Norton
I Remember by The Badloves
Im Gonna Get To You by Peter Andre
Imogen by Nick Barker
Jingle Bells by Traditional
Kingdom Of Karma by Horsehead
Living In The Seventies by Skyhooks
Living Thing by The Badloves
Love Never Runs On Time by Paul Kelly
Love The Life by Bass Culture (feat Gina G)
Mary Mac by The Blackeyed Susans
Master Blaster by Nikka Costa
Monkey And The Turtle by Christine Anu
My Family by Banana Oil
My Heavy Friend by The Truth
On Wings Of Songs by Felix Mendelssohn
Paint Me Grey by Horsehead
Party by Christine Anu
People Stand by Jaynes
Piano Sonata No. 8 by Ludwig Van Beethoven
Piece Of You by Penny Flanagan
Restoration by Header
Silent Night by Traditional
Spirit Of Man by The Truth
Stupid Waste by The Killjoys
The First Noel by Traditional
Thunder by The Mavis's
Tingly by Pop!
Tracy by Skinwalker
Unreal by Dreamworld
What Are We Waiting For? by Paul Norton
When My Man Cries by Nikka Costa
When Will You Fall For Me? by Vika And Linda
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1996 music

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