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Show music from 1993
Music used in 1993:

50 Years by Uncanny X-Men
Accidentally Kelly Street by Frente!
After The Show by Nick Barker And The Reptiles
Aint That The Truth? by Paul Norton
Another Fine Mess by Skyclad
Beauty And Danger by The Killjoys
Bedazzled by Succotash
Before Too Long by Paul Kelly
Boy On The Run by The Dingoes
Breakin Up by Zoo
By Candlelight by Colin Towns And Quito Colayco
Cairo Nights by John Leach
Caught In The Curl by Ol' 55
Cruelest Plague by Helvelln
Da Da Da Da by Club Hoy
Darling It Hurts by Paul Kelly And The Coloured Girls
Days Like These by Chosen Few
Djapana by Yothu Yindi
Downtown Sister by The Shivers
Dream On (Kathys Song) by Jenni Forbes
Dreaming by Nemo
Dreams Of Heaven by Ground Level
Drive Me Crazy by Peter Andre
Dumb Things by Paul Kelly
Funky Junky by Peter Andre
Garbo by Steve Kersey
Getting Away With Murder by Paul Norton
Going Down by Indecent Obsession
Green Limousine by The Badloves
Gun Metal Steel by The Dubrovniks
Happy Hoedown by Duncan Lamont
Head Above Water by Hunters And Collectors
Hey Boys by Paul Kelly And Mark Seymour
Holy Grail by Hunters And Collectors
How Great It Is by Paul Norton
I Lied by The Killjoys
I Remember by The Badloves
Imaginary Girl by Hunters And Collectors
Impromptu Passione by Modest Mussorgsky
Islands by Ian Moss
Juice by The Headless Chickens
Jukebox In Siberia by Skyhooks
Just Like Fire Would by The Saints
Lost by The Badloves
Love The Life by Bass Culture (feat Gina G)
Mine To Keep by The Killjoys
Modern Girl by The Dubrovniks
Money by Ian Moss
Never Give Up by Ian Moss
No More Room In Heaven by Pearls And Swine
No Time by Frente!
On The Prowl by Ol' 55
One Over The Eight by Leslie Pearson
Open For You by The Triffids
Ordinary Angels by Frente!
Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight by The Models
Out Of The Fire by Ian Moss
Piano Memories by Werner Dexler
Pressure Sway by The Machinations
Reach Out by Zoo
School by Yothu Yindi
Seamless by Frente!
Senseless by Nick Barker And The Reptiles
She Aint No Woman by Kids In The Kitchen
Shes A Star by Ian Moss
Soul Kind Of Feeling by Dynamic Hepnotics
Stuck On You by Paul Norton
Such A Beautiful Thing by Ian Moss
Taking It Out To The People by Zoo
Talking To A Stranger by Hunters And Collectors
Telephone Booth by Ian Moss
The Juice by Headless Chickens
The Way You Live by Hunters And Collectors
To Her Door by Paul Kelly
Treaty by Yothu Yindi
Tribal Voice by Yothu Yindi
True Tears Of Joy by Hunters And Collectors
Tuckers Daughter by Ian Moss
Under A Southern Sky by Paul Norton
Voodoo by Zoo
Way Out West by The Dingoes
We Are The People by Hunters And Collectors
What Are We Waiting For? by Paul Norton
When I First Met Your Ma by Paul Kelly And The Messengers
When The Rivers Run Dry by Hunters And Collectors
Where Are You Now? by Roxus
Where Can I Get Arrested? by Pearls And Swine
Women In Uniform by The Skyhooks
Words Of Wisdom by Jenni Forbes
You Know Who You Are Tonight by Ian Moss
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1993 music

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