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Show music from 1992
Music used in 1992:

(Ill Be A) Freak For You by Royalle Delite
Anything You Want by The Dubrovniks
Babe, Whats Goin On? by Collina Feat LTJ
Baby Love by Danni Minogue
Back Again by Stars
Before Too Long by Paul Kelly
Bitter Desire by Kids In The Kitchen
Blind Eye by Hunters And Collectors
Blondes by Push Push
Blue Danube Waltz by Johann Strauss
Boy On The Run by The Dingoes
Bury Me Deep In Love by The Triffids
Come Back To Me by Indecent Obsession
Come Back by The Chantoozies
Cruelest Plague by Helvelln
Current Stand by Kids In The Kitchen
Days Like These by Chosen Few
Der Zigeunerbaron by Johann Strauss
Djapana by Yothu Yindi
Do Ya Love Me by Push Push
Do You See What I See? by Hunters And Collectors
Dont Stand So Close To The Window by Paul Kelly And The Coloured Girls
Dont Start Me Talking by Paul Kelly
Dreaming by Nemo
Drive Me Crazy by Peter Andre
Dumb Things by Paul Kelly
Faridas Dance by John Leach
Fireworks by Choirboys
Garbo by Steve Kersey
Grain Of Sand by The Saints
Gun Metal Steel by The Dubrovniks
Hey Boys by Paul Kelly And Mark Seymour
Hold On by The Models
Horror Movie by Skyhooks
I Had Forgotten You by Paul Kelly And The Messengers
I Love My Leather Jacket by Push Push
Jump To The Beat by Danni Minogue
Labour Of Love by Frente!
Matchbook by Ian Moss
Modern Girl by The Dubrovniks
Money by Ian Moss
Nats Blues by Nathan Cavaleri
Not In Love by The Shivers
Oh Julian by Club Hoy
One Fine Day by James Freud
Ordinary Angels by Frente!
Out Of Control by Kids In The Kitchen
Out Of The Fire by Ian Moss
Release Me by Deborah Conway & Willy Zygier
Saigon Rose by The Dubrovniks
Say Goodbye by Indecent Obsession
Serenade Für Streicher Nr. 13 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Shape Im In by Jo Jo Zep And The Falcons
Shine by Big Pig
Soul Kind Of Feeling by Dynamic Hepnotics
Stop Stop Stop by Club Hoy
Stranger In Town by Tony Kinsey
Suddenly by Angry Anderson
Sweetheart by Died Pretty
Symphony 29 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Symphony No.8 by Ludwig Van Beethoven
Telephone Booth by Ian Moss
The Black And The Blue by The Bats
Treaty by Yothu Yindi
Trippin by Push Push
Valse Daft by Duncan Lamont
Wanna Be Up by The Chantoozies
Way Out West by The Dingoes
When I First Met Your Ma by Paul Kelly And The Messengers
When The River Runs Dry by Hunters And Collectors
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1992 music

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