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Neighbours Episode 3637 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3637
Australian airdate: 10/10/00
UK airdate: 30/11/00
UK Gold: 31/08/05
Writer: Ben Marshall
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Stephen Bailey - Kevin Hopkins
Ed Dockerty - Fin Edquist
- "Live Through This" by Felicity Hunter
Summary/Images by: Shona
Stephen asks Tad to take a blood test to see if he's a compatible donor for his half-brother
Tess and Dee talk about going horse riding
Number 26
Whilst Steph is packing lightly for their trip, Tess has brought a bigger bag and that's nothing compared to Dee, who's brought a suitcase plus bag. Steph is despairing - it's only one night and they're not going to impress anyone. She's formulated a plan where by every mention of a man or flirting etc incurs penalty points. The loser has to go on a singles night. Paul appears to see if Flick is around but ends up carrying out Dee's suitcase.
Karl asks Tad what he knows about his half-brother's condition. Tad knows it's serious, and that he needs functioning bone marrow. Karl tells him the operation is easy - it's more the psychological side that he's worried about. Tad thinks his feelings don't really rate. When Karl mentions him coping with Rachel 'passing away' he blasts that she's dead - she hasn't 'passed on', before apologising. Karl tells him that donating is a big issue and there are many things to think about.
The Country
The girls arrive in the nice country air. A young man walks up, making them giggle a bit, and they find out he's Ed, who they've been looking for.
Number 24
Paul and Tad talk about donating. Tad is still won't be open about it. Stephen calls round to see if he's okay. Paul gives them some space. Stephen has been up all night worrying about Tad - he understands Tad's anger but the situation they're in is no one's fault. Tad tells Stephen that he's decided to have the test. Tad wants to know about how the kids reacted to the news about his existence. Stephen admits he hasn't told them.
Number 24
Tad is saying that Rachel thought her family knowing would've messed up everything, but Stephen thinks she was wrong. He was surprised when he found out but not ashamed. He wants to do the right thing by his kids and by him but he can't tell them yet, when they're still grieving, even though the news is something positive. Tad won't donate to someone who doesn't know he exists. Stephen asks him to let him tell them when the time is right and he reluctantly agrees.
The Coffee Shop
Stephen comes in and Madge and Harold sit with him. They all want to see Tad come through it okay. Stephen wants to let them know he saw Tad again and apologises for seeing him alone. However, they have come to a decision (cue ad break).
Tad's back and Karl's going to do a blood test (The queasy, look away now). Karl tells him that if it does turn out that he is compatible it doesn't mean he has to donate. Tad would like less psychology and more action.
The Country
Steph thinks that Tess was copping a perve of Ed. Dee is more worried about finding the toilets. Tess denies Steph's accusations and tricks her into talking about boys.
Surprise, surprise, Dee hasn't gone to find the toilets but Ed. He tells he has a lot of time for nurses and he's a bit surprised to find out that she is a nurse - the way she looks, he would've thought she was on telly or something. What a charmer!
It's over and Tad has managed not to faint all over the place. But he did scream when Karl found the vein. The results are due in a week. However Karl's door is always open. Tad thanks him.
Tad and Stephen lay flowers at an unmarked grave - they haven't got a stone yet. Stephen says she's the best person he's ever known. Rachel wouldn't have been ashamed of Tad, but ashamed that she let him go, that she didn't tell Stephen about him. Tad knows she wanted to tell him. Stephen thinks they should put Tad's name on the stone - as her son. Tad would like that.
Later Tad tells Stephen that he went to the surgery for the test. Stephen meant what he said about meeting his brother and sister. He shakes Tad's hand and goes to his car. Tad goes to his bike.
The Country
Dee returns, telling them that she was finding out about lunch - a barbeque! Steph goes off to the loo herself (meaning she's gone to seek out Ed). She talks about the horse with him and he's impressed when he finds out that she rides motorbikes.
Number 24
Tad is miles away as they have lunch. He tells them about the test and visiting Rachel's grave with Stephen. Madge tells him that they're here for him. Tad goes to put some posters up for Hemisfear. Paul offers to help but Tad wants to do it alone.
The Country
Now Tess is talking to Ed, about teaching. He's impressed. Steph and Dee appear, talking about penalty points. Ed has to go, leaving them to start off alone. They both know Tess was chatting Ed up.
Tad goes to put up some posters. He's sees a mother pushing her young daughter on a swing and looks away. As he starts to put the poster up Paul appears and takes the tape from him, helping him out.
The Country
The girls are riding together, throwing penalties at each other here, there and everywhere. They talk about Ed - Dee admits that she thinks he has a nice smile and a cute bum. Errol the runaway horse gallops past them and the gallop off in pursuit.
<<3636 - 3638>>
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