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Neighbours Episode 3636 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3636 (Tad Reeves finds out his real mother has died)
Australian airdate: 09/10/2000
UK airdate: 29/11/2000
UK Gold: 31/08/2005
Writer: Marieke Josephine Hardy
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Stephen Bailey - Kevin Hopkins
Tuong Pham - Trent Huen
Summary/Images by: Shona
Lou and Madge have an offer for Ozechef
Stephen Bailey wants to see Tad
Number 24
Tad is confused - he doesn't know why Stephen knows about him now. Flick reassures him that maybe Rachel just thought it was time the truth was known. Tad reckons that Stephen has dug up the truth without Rachel knowing and hopes that he won't cause any aggro. Paul and Flick offer to stay, just in case, but Tad is adamant that this is something he has to do on his own.
Number 30
Toadie is saying to Tuong, who's thinking about buying Ozechef, how he'd never do business with Lou. Tuong knows what he's in for. Lance comes in, holding two slivery costumes, scaring off Tuong.
The Coffee Shop
Madge tells Lou that she wants Ozechef completely off their hands - no share deals etc. Lou doesn't find this very appealing, but knows negotiating isn't a possibility. He leaves and Harold congratulates Madge for standing her ground.
Flick and Paul come in and tell them about Stephen Bailey. Madge and Harold want to go home, but Paul and Flick manage to convince them that Tad needs to do this alone.
Number 30 - Backyard
Toadie and Joel come out wearing the space man outfits Lance made for them. They 'investigate' a large tin-foil covered statue as Lance films, but he's unhappy, as Joel's pulled up his visor and thus asphyxiated himself (they're in space, you see). Toadie thinks Joel's a really stupid astronaut, and that all creative types are grumps.
They go back into their space ship and Lance counts for them to come out. However it's Michelle Scully who appears and does a little dance for him. She wants her money from Toadie. Toadie tells her to come back later. Lance is getting all Steven Spielberg and warning his 'people' that the light is going. They get back to doing the scene again as Lance explains the story to Michelle. She tries to help, and eventually he tells her to go and make an intergalactic space cruiser model. He calls action and Toadie and Lance fall through the gaping hole in the spaceship. Spielberg never had these problems.
The Coffee Shop
Harold is worried about Tad- it can't be good news. He warns Madge to stand firm at her meeting with Lou.
Paul and Flick watch Harold leave, worriedly.
Number 24
Tad is pacing the floor. Finally Stephen arrives and confusingly he looks just like Gary O'Neil, the man who tried to get Lily's money from Anne a few years back. Tad lets him in and, after the small talk, asks why he's here. Stephen has something to tell him - there was an accident 2 months ago and Rachel drowned. Tad can't believe it - he only saw her a few months ago.
Number 30 - Backyard
Back to Senor Spielbergo's production and his 'people' aren't cooperating. Lance has dressed Bob up in intergalactic gear (very cute) and it seems Bob is being more cooperative than Joel and Toadie. Lance tells them that it might seem silly but this is very important to him - it's about overcoming life's problems. Could they work with him, and not against him? The boys agree. Lance tries to get Bob to snarl at him but he just smiles sweetly (the dog, not Lance).
Number 24
Stephen only found out about Tad from going through Rachel's belongings. He hands Tad his nametag (reading 'Baby West') from when he was born. Stephen wishes Rachel hadn't kept him a secret. Tad wants to be alone but there's something else Stephen has to say, to do with his half-brother, Tim. Just then Harold bursts in.
The Coffee Shop
Paul and Flick talk about who they're taking to the Deb ball. Paul doesn't think he can take Cheyenne as they're banned from seeing each other. If none of the members of *nsync are available then Flick'll take any hottie with a car. Paul says they can go together as not to be desperate and dateless. She agrees.
Madge appears and needs Paul to cover, which seems to happen quite often.
Number 24
Harold tells Tad he's sorry. He thinks that Tad needs some time alone but will be in touch with Stephen. Tad wants to know about Tim. Stephen says Tim has Aplastic Anaemia - a bone marrow disease and needs a bone marrow transplant. All the family have been tested and no one's compatible. Tad knows what's coming - they want him to be the donor. Stephen just wants to know if he's a compatible donor, that's all. However, if Tim doesn't get a transplant and soon, he'll die.
Number 30
Meanwhile the silliness at number 30 continues. The boys watch back some footage (If you think this is bad just wait for the wrestling saga.) Toadie is laughing. Joel thinks he should make it low-fi sci-fi, like the Twilight Zone where creepy things happen to normal people. Lance takes the idea and runs with it - they can do a Stepford Wives type thing, with the women being robots. Lance thinks Toadie could play a wife. Flick arrives for help with her maths homework with Toadie. Lance thinks he's found himself a person for his film.
Lou's Place
Tuong can't believe that Madge and Lou are selling Ozechef so cheaply. Madge agrees on a price that doesn't seem to suit Lou, but he has to go and get the phone. Tuong is glad to find such honest business people. It's Harold on the phone. Lou congratulates Tuong on his purchase. Madge hangs up and leaves Lou moaning about kicking him in the shin as far as the business goes, telling him she'll explain later.
Number 30
Lance is trying to convince Flick to join in - she can be in it with Joel. Lance finds Toadie and makes him agree to ask Flick to be in the movie in return for the math's tuition. At the same time Lance agrees to hand out Toadie's leaflets for free for a week. Flick agrees to be in the film, reluctantly.
Number 24
Paul, Madge and Harold stand around while Tad wonders who the hell Stephen thinks he is, just turning up. Suddenly he's family when Stephen needs something. Paul thinks he doesn't have to look at it like that but Tad tells him to shut up and leaves.
Number 30
Lance annoys Flick by trying to put something around her neck. Lou appears and demands rent money from Lance. Lance thinks that Lou would make a perfect Mad Scientist but Lou isn't in the mood and tells them to pay their water bill while they're at it. Lance shows off the microchip necklace he's put on Flick - the 'Robotic Wife'.
Number 30
Later on and Lance has his directing hat back on again. Joel is playing Flick's husband - she rubs his neck and feet as Lance films. He tells Flick to kiss Joel. Flick does so. Joel looks a little uncomfortable while Flick looks quite happy.
Number 24
Tad appears and sits with Harold at the table. Harold tells him that he can still mourn, even though he didn't know Rachel long. They're all here for him. Tad can't take all this in one day - he wonders what he's meant to do about the bone marrow stuff. Harold tells him to take time and whatever he thinks will be right. Tad's off to see Dr Kennedy in the morning. He's been cheated out of his mum twice - "How's that for luck?"
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Stephen Bailey, Tad Reeves in Neighbours Episode 3636
Stephen Bailey, Tad Reeves

Tad Reeves in Neighbours Episode 3636
Tad Reeves

Paul McClain, Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 3636
Paul McClain, Felicity Scully

Felicity Scully, Paul McClain in Neighbours Episode 3636
Felicity Scully, Paul McClain

Tuong Pham in Neighbours Episode 3636
Tuong Pham

Tuong Pham, Madge Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3636
Tuong Pham, Madge Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3636
Lance Wilkinson

Bob in Neighbours Episode 3636

Joel Samuels, Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 3636
Joel Samuels, Felicity Scully

Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 3636
Felicity Scully

Tad Reeves in Neighbours Episode 3636
Tad Reeves

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3636
Harold Bishop

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