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Neighbours Episode 3635 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3635
Australian airdate: 06/10/00
UK airdate: 28/11/00
UK Gold: 30/08/05
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Anna Johnson
Guests: Cheyenne Rivers: Angelique Meunier
- "Harpoon" by Jebediah
- "4 Your Love" by Chris Pettifer
- "Teenager Of The Year" by Lo-Tel
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Madge tells Harold that Ozechef is over.
Paul dumps Cheyenne.
Cheyenne tries to apologise to Paul, but he's unmoved. He tells Tad and Flick to stay and throws Cheyenne out. Then he goes after her.
Ramsay Street
Paul runs after Cheyenne and says he can't handle all the stress associated with their relationship.
Joe and Lyn have arrived home and hug Michelle. They tell her that they found her mother's engagement ring (but admit it's not the same one they lost all those years ago!) Michelle tells them about the pamphlet delivery and Joe isn't too sure about the payment involved!
Tad and Flick are thrilled that Paul has dumped Cheyenne, but he tells them off.
Madge and Harold come in with a cake to help Paul celebrate the football, but he tells them he's going out.
BMX run at the allotments
Paul is practising his BMX. He falls and hurts himself. Tad rides up and tells him to take it easy. He apologises for the way he and Flick carried on about Cheyenne. Paul tells him off and says he doesn't need any input from Tad on his choice of girlfriends. Tad apologises again and this time Paul grudgingly accepts his apology. Tad suggests that they go home for some chocolate cake before Harold gets out the "Coping With Teenagers Self-Help Book"!
Joe asks where Steph is - apparently she's out having food with Stanno. Joe asks Lyn if something is going on with Steph and Stanno(!) but Lyn says Stanno isn't the sort of bloke she goes for.
Michelle comes in and asks if she can have a colour in her hair, just like Tess(!) But Joe starts blustering that Michelle is too young.
Madge and Harold are very excited about Paul's football and cut up a chocolate cake for everyone!
Lou comes in and says he's had an offer from a couple of students to buy Ozechef.
Tad is on the phone to his mother arguing about studying. He says he wants to be a DJ and won't need all the stuff he learns about in school. Madge tells Tad he'd better raise his game in school. Tad says he doesn't want to go to Uni or anything, but Harold says he should keep him options open. Madge says she'll talk to him that afternoon(!)
Tad tells Tess off for speaking to his mother about his schoolwork(!) Tess says he has to study.
Cheyenne apologises to Paul, but he doesn't want to get back together with her.
Tess tells Cheyenne to get to class, but Cheyenne rebels and walks off. She tells Paul she's going to prove that she's not as selfish as he thinks she is.
Joel comes round to take Joe running. Joe tries to make excuses but Joel's not having any of it. Joe suggests that Joel takes Lyn instead! Lyn looks horrified! But Joel takes Joe at his word and tells Lyn to get her shoes on!
Cheyenne comes in late to her class. She tells Tess that she's not staying. Then she confesses to the whole class that she took the football boots, not Paul. She's also told Susan. Her father is on her way. Cheyenne starts to cry.
Lyn has come back from her run with Joel.
LYN: Call an ambulance now!
But it seems that she's had fun, despite the pain. They start chatting about how much Joel is missing Dione. Joel doesn't understand how other couples get through their problems. Lyn says maybe Joel hasn't met the right person yet. She says it's like running - relationships need the hard yards putting into them too, rather than turning off the alarm and going back to sleep(!)
The Coffee Shop
Lou comes in and says he's had an offer of $10,000 for Ozechef. Madge is shocked but Lou says it could blossom further down the track. Madge thinks it's immoral to take $10,000 - Ozechef may never make money. Lou is appalled at Madge's views.
LOU: You want me to go back and beat them down in price?!
MADGE: Mmmm.
Madge says she has respect for karma and he'd better do a deal for less or she isn't selling!
Cheyenne calls in to see Paul. She's in a lot of trouble over the football boots. She's being sent away to her Aunty's, and then on to boarding school. She has to leave tomorrow morning. But at least she's done the right thing. Cheyenne thanks Paul for not dobbing her in.
Flick tells Cheyenne that it took guts to own up, and she's sorry for being horrible to her. Tad adds to these sentiments.
Paul says he'll miss Cheyenne and she suggests that they write to each other. He agrees and promises not to forget her. She kisses him goodbye.
Lyn staggers through the kitchen, aching all over. But she tells Joe that she's fine(!) Joe says now she knows what it's like have aching muscles. But Lyn says she's going to take up running regularly.
Michelle asks Lyn to come and deliver the pamphlets with her. Lyn agrees, but Joe says he'll stay in and start dinner. He ties on a flowery apron. Then he starts doing press-ups against the kitchen unit. He manages two(!)
Flick tells Paul that he'll get over Cheyenne. Tad gets a call from Rachel (his birth mother)'s husband. The husband, Stephen Bailey wants to meet Tad. Tad didn't think he even knew about him! Apparently he told Tad mysteriously that he needs his help.
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