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Neighbours Episode 3625 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3625
Australian airdate: 22/09/00
UK airdate: 14/11/00
UK Gold: 23/08/05
Writer: Christopher Gist
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Kate Dexter: Peta Burton
Lucy Davidson: Melisa Parente
- "Live Through This" by Felicity Hunter
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Madge tells Lou that Ozechef is a lemon.
The beer for Toadie and Lance's party is missing.
Under the house of No.30
Lance and Toadie search for the beer but all they find is a polaroid of Scobie with a note reading "Scobie enjoys a glass of homebrew". Lance twigs that it was Lou - he's playing the same trick on them that they did on him. Lance is impressed and laughs. But Toadie is more concerned about the party.
Joel is talking to a Star Trek geek at the party. She wants to know when they can drink beer. Joel says it won't be long.
Toadie and Lance sneak in and show Joel the polaroid. They tell him to stall for time with the party-goers.
Outside Lou's
Toadie knocks furiously on Lou's door. But Lance goes off to sneak around the house to see if he can see the beer. Toadie apologises to Lou's closed front door but doesn't get anywhere. Lance says they should try the pub, so they get in Toadie's car and drive off.
Ramsay Street
Lyn sees Joe lurking around the side of No.32.
Susan is trying to get Karl to see things from Dione's point of view. Karl says he just didn't have time to speak to her but. Susan suggests that they work out their differences and continue on as a team. She says they should focus their energies on the sick kids.
Michelle is moaning about working at the Salon, but Lyn says she has to pay off her debts.
Joe comes in as they are leaving and start petting Harvey the dog. Lyn asks him if he was planning to mow the garden. He says he'll do it later. Lyn looks suspicious.
The Pub
Toadie and Lance are grovelling to Lou over Scobie. They beg him for the beer but Lou is having far too much fun to let them off the hook. He says they promised him that they didn't take Scobie and he believed their act so he doesn't know when they're lying now. He says it's a sad state of affairs between friends.
A Good Hair Day
Michelle is working hard and Lyn is pleased with her. Michelle wants to ask Joe about heartburn tablets for Harvey. Lyn says she'll go home and talk to Joe about it but she clearly has an ulterior motive.
Dione comes in as she is leaving - her friend has had a nightmare with her hairdresser and the wedding's in three hours. Lyn ditches her plans to go home to help Dione's friend.
The Pub
Toadie and Lance are still grovelling to Lou but they aren't getting anywhere. Eventually he relents and says that he has their beer, but they can't have it. He's left it at home and he's not making a special trip to get it. Madge comes in and tells Lou to give them the keys as they have to do business. Lou hands them over and Toadie and Lance run off.
Joel is making smalltalk with the guests who are looking quite bored. He tries to stall them but they say they want their money back.
A Good Hair Day
Lyn is saving the hair of Dione's friend. It's now looking much better.
Toadie's car
Lance and Toadie are driving along and break down. It seems the car has run out of petrol. Lance is not amused.
Ramsay Street
Toadie and Lance run exhaustedly up the street and round the back of Lou's place.
Toadie and Lance have got the beer and take it into No.30.
No.30 is deserted. Joel tells them that everyone has gone home. Toadie and Lance are not amused.
Lou's office
Lou has got estimates for Ozechef which look good, but Madge is not convinced. Lou tells her to have some faith. Madge says she has to make executive decisions with Harold away.
A Good Hair Day
Dione's friend looks fantastic and they run off to the wedding. As they leave, Karl comes in for a quick word with Dione. She's trying to get away to the wedding, so Susan berates Karl telling him it's not the right time.
When everyone has gone, Lyn and Michelle hug. Lyn says she couldn't have done it without Michelle. Michelle tells her to ring Joe to tell him, but Lyn doesn't think he'd be interested.
Joel, Toadie and Lance are cleaning up. Lou comes in and they are frosty to him for wrecking their party. He says he's come for the rent money which is already a week overdue. But they've given the money back to the girls so they don't have it. Lou is not impressed and says he has financial commitments of his own and they'd better stick to theirs.
Lyn finds a jacket on the couch and there's a receipt in it for a jewellery store. Joe comes in and catches her. He takes the receipt and puts it in his pocket. Lyn says she saw him at Tess's and he shouldn't treat her like a fool. Joe says he just wanted to borrow something. Lyn accuses him of having an affair with Tess. She says if he is he can pack his bags right now.
<<3624 - 3626>>
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