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Neighbours Episode 3624 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3624
Australian airdate: 21/09/00
UK airdate: 13/11/00
UK Gold: 23/08/05
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Dione suggests a Wigs For Kids day to raise money for the paediatric incubator.
Tad tells Madge that Hemisfear have offered him a regular gig - but Tad has shopped them to the Erinsborough News.
Lou tells Madge that he's introduced some ground rules for the computers at the Coffee Shop. Madge isn't impressed.
Tad can't understand why he can't get hold of Libby.
Susan is on the phone to Tad saying she doesn't know where Libby is.
Susan has heard that Libby was at the football and Drew was playing!! Karl rolls his eyes.
Karl says they should make Wigs For Kids very big and spread the word so it's as bit as Red nose Day. He grabs a wig he's got and Susan makes him put it on. She says everyone will think he's a cross-dresser!
The Pub
Lou is lamenting the loss of Scobie, saying things aren't the same without him. Toadie and Lance are shamed, but do not confess. They ask Lou if they can hire some glasses for a Uni gig, but Lou isn't impressed. They have to admit that it isn't strictly a Uni function, it's more a fundraiser. Lou agrees.
When Lou has gone, Lance says that Lou had better not find out that they took Scobie.
Dione tells Joel that she's had a breakthrough with Karl - he likes one of her fundraising ideas.
Dione tells Joel that someone wants to meet her to add her to their family tree - she might be related to Picasso.
Tad is looking out of the window waiting for Libby to come home. Madge is preparing some food for the footballers that Paul has invited round.
Tad sees Libby and runs out.
Libby comes in with Tad hot on her heels. Libby says she can't pull the story in the Erinsborough News - it's more than her job's worth. Tad begs Libby to help her. She says it's too late - they can't leave a blank space in the paper even if she could. Karl says she could write a piece on Wigs For Kids. Libby reluctantly agrees to call the night editor. She sighs that her name is going to be mud. However, she can only get through to the voicemail. Tad begs her to go down to the office in person.
Erinsborough News
Libby comes out saying that she's managed to pull the story. Luckily the night editor was in a very good mood. Tad is very relieved, but Libby says she's only got 45 minutes to come up with another story and a photo! Karl says he'll help her.
Toadie is lamenting the lack of chicks at Uni who they can take partying. Lance says they could use Joel's black book. Dione is surprised to hear about it. She says if it's a good cause, she could set Lance and Toadie up with some nursing friends. Lance isn't sure - the last time, Dione's mates ran a mile from him. Toadie says he can put a bag over his head(!)
Libby is writing the article while Tad takes a photo of Karl in the wig, much to his displeasure. Libby emails the article and photo to the editor and thanks him profusely for his trouble.
The Pub
Madge has escaped from the footie players at the pub and is having a quiet drink. Drew and some footballers call in for some cans on the way. Madge comments to Lou on how happy Drew is looking again. Madge asks where Scobie is. Lou says he's making the boys suffer and that he has a very complex long-term revenge plan!
Tad is mightily relieved at the outcome of the evening. Libby scolds him that she put her entire career on the line for him. Susan says Karl had better tell Dione quick because it was her idea.
(The following morning)
Karl and Susan are both up incredibly early. Karl has had an odd dream. Susan suggests that he goes back to bed. She tells him that she's going to yoga later. Karl says he might come along but Susan vetoes this absolutely!
KARL: I wouldn't mind coming to yoga.
SUSAN: No! Absolutely no way, we have been down that path before. People go into a shoulder stand, Karl and you start raving on about the delicate vertibrae of the cervical spine and hyperflexion and root pressure and you make everyone very anxious and very, very nervous which sort of defeats the purpose of yoga.
KARL: Just voicing some legitimate concerns.
SUSAN: I beg you Karl, with every fibre of my being, please go back to bed.
The Coffee Shop
Dione sees the Wigs For Kids article in the paper and is furious at the headline - "Doctor Dons Wigs For Kids"
Susan and Libby are off to yoga. Susan asks casually if Libby saw Drew after the football match. She rolls her eyes at the look on Susan's face.
Dione comes in and asks to see Karl. Karl comes out and she shows him the newspaper article. Susan and Libby beat a swift retreat.
The Coffee Shop
Lou tells Madge that he's in a good mood, but Madge isn't impressed - there are only 6 subscribers to Ozechef. Lou says optimistically that they're on an upward curve(!)
Karl explains that the article was an emergency but Dione won't give him a break. She says he's hijacked her idea. She says it's because she's a little nurse and he's a big doctor. She says that doctors have a God complex. She tells him he can run the whole project on his own, then storms out!
The party is in full swing and Dione's nurse friends have shown up to make up the numbers.
Under the house of No.30
Toadie and Lance go to get the beer, but it's missing from the fridge. Toadie panics.
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