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Neighbours Episode 3626 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3626
Australian airdate: 25/09/00
UK airdate: 15/11/00
UK Gold: 24/08/05
Writer: Piet Collins
Director: Simon Palomares
Guests: Cheyenne Rivers - Angelique Meunier
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
- "Cruel" by Human Nature
- "Wont You Be" by Chris Pettifer
Summary/Images by: Shona
Lyn tells Joe that she knows he's having an affair with Tess
Number 26
Joe can't believe it. How can she come to the conclusion that he's having an affair, with the kid's teacher of all people, who's half his age! Lyn says it's what she's come up with in the absence of any other explanations. Joe asks if she wants to know the real reason he's being acting so strangely - only to have their youngest daughter interrupt with an emergency involving swamp like conditions in the kitchen. Cue Joe walking out the front door and Lyn screaming at Michelle in her Lynnie-mega-stressed way.
Number 24
Tad and Paul are talking about their futures. Tad thinks Paul will be a huge footie star. Paul wonders about the longevity of DJing - Tad can't be DJ Crusty old man. At least he has the option of working in the media after her retires. Tad sees himself as having a big entourage, jetting around the world.
Cheyenne appears and Tad tells Paul to stay with her - he can manage going to Hemisfear on his lonesome. Cheyenne looks happy they have the place to themselves but Paul is looking decidedly less than exuberant.
Joe bumps into Tess - literally. He asks for a ciggie, forgetting that no one smokes on 'Bours and if they do they're usually baddies. It's just he's a bit stressed - family problems. Tess accompanies him into the coffee shop, holding his arm to make sure he doesn't bump into anyone else. Flick, on the bridge, spots them going inside.
Number 26
Lyn is cleaning up - a hose broke. Shell asks if she and Joe are fighting and then Harvey appears, leading to him being subject to Lynnie's wrath. She asks Michelle to deal with Harvey. Michelle asks if she ever had a favourite teacher - Mrs Bell is her's and maybe they should have her for dinner sometime. Flick, who's just appeared, gives her two cents, saying Joe won't mind as she's just seen them together at the coffee shop and they get on quite well together.
Lyn decides to go, without offering explanation.
The Coffee Shop
Tess and Joe are having coffee, talking about how well Michelle is getting on at school. Tess goes to leave and Joe apologises for being bad company, which Lyn sees, having just come in the door. Tess says bye to Lyn and Joe tells her that she's caught him red handed. Lyn can't believe how blatant he's being about the whole thing.
Outside Joe pleads for them to go somewhere else to talk about it and Lyn thinks he's not being that discreet about the affair anyway, so they might as well have a public showdown. Joe wants to explain - if only she'd give him a chance.
Number 30
Dee is happy to see Joel so disciplined with his study. Tess is coming over for dinner and he's bemoaning the interruption. Dee can't help interrupting him - talking about an art agent contact that sounds really interested in her work. Joel is happy for her, covering up the fact that it's all just a big prank of his making. Dee is a tad nervous but Joel says she has a body of work and painting may be in her blood, given the family connections that have been discovered. Joel thinks they should go and pick the photos up, he can spare the time. "Oh you!" says Dee.
Whatta guy.
Lou's Place
Time for the Lynoe crisis meeting. Joe was trying to organise a second honeymoon for him and Lyn at Pelican Point - all the sneaking around was because it was meant to be a surprise. She admits being confused because he's usually so upfront about things and suddenly there were all these secret meetings with Tess. Joe thinks she doesn't want to go now, but she does. It was wonderful the first time, but she thought the kids want to go too. But Joe had planned it just for them. Lyn's still worried about all the secret phone calls and meetings, but that'll ruin the remaining surprises, reasons Joe. Lyn still wants communication - she thinks he's been distant for months. Joe points out that she can be distant too. Lyn wonders what on earth is going on with them - they never used to be like this! That was Joe's reason for planning the second honeymoon. He tells her that there never has been, and never will be anyone but her. There's no room in his heart for anyone else but her.
Number 26
Tad comes over to tell Flick that he's been offered a prime DJ spot - promotion assistant for Hemisfear's underage gigs. Michelle tries to help him out but is brushed off. Flick is a little surprised - wouldn't he have told Paul first? But Flick is his number one friend since Paul and Cheyenne hooked up. Flick wonders how long Cheyenne will last - she tries to be nice about her but it's hard.
Number 24
Cheyenne's folks have a beach house and she and Paul should go there at the weekend. Paul doesn't think that would go down well with her folks but Cheyenne will just make up an excuse to cover for them. Paul wants to be honest with her - he wants to do stuff with Flick and Tad too. Cheyenne thinks Flick's been a downright cow to her and she's not sure that they want to be her friends. Paul thinks they should make an effort.
Number 30
Joel answers the phone. It's Mal - his partner in crime in the art charade. He commends Mal's idea to ask for some of the paintings and they agree not to go too OTT on the whole thing.
Tess and Dee are in the living room, and Tess thanks her for the dinner invitation. Dee asks why Daniel moved out - Tess says it was too much with them working and living together. Things got a little complicated...
Number 26
Joe appears with fish and chips. Tad leaves, despite being invited to dinner by Joe. Lyn tells the girls that she and Joe have some plans - they've decided to go to Pelican Point, just the two of them. The girls try to act disappointed, but say they'll manage. The both think they should go and not change their mind. Lyn will leave Steph in charge. Michelle decides to ask about Tess coming over for dinner, and, despite the uneasy look on her face, Lyn agrees to it.
Number 30
The aforementioned Mrs Bell takes some more wine and talks about Daniel with Dee, saying he was more interested in Steph than her. Joel is looking for dinner but it isn't ready yet. Tess feels it was the hardest thing she had to do and hopefully they can stay friends.
A gang of school kids including Flick, Tad, Cheyenne and Paul are dropped off at the cinema on a school trip with Tess. There's another group coming so they have to mill around for half an hour before they go in. Tad and Flick decide to check out a record store, and Tad rejects Paul's offer to go with them. Cheyenne wants to check out the sports store nearby and have a look at some boots Paul might like. 'The bimbo leading the blind,' muses Tad.
Sports Store
Joel says hi. Paul and Cheyenne look at the boots, but they're really pricey. Paul goes to talk to Joel. Cheyenne takes a look around then picks up the boots and puts them in Paul's bag!
The Coffee Shop
Lyn finds Dee with some of her paintings - and asks for a look. Dee says instead she can come to her first exhibition and tells her about the distant relative in the UK who's set up a meeting with a local gallery. Lyn thinks it's wonderful. Dee is nervous but Joel's so supportive. They both agree that he's a good lad.
Sports Store
Joel is still dishing out advice to Paul. Tad and Flick appear to tell them Tess is looking for them. Paul goes to get his bag and as he walks out the door the alarm sounds. Cheyenne looks worried and Paul thinks someone's going to think he stole something. Joel thinks it's a faulty sensor. He walks through without the bag - no alarm - and then with it. Joel thinks it's just some library books causing the problem but he needs to take a look. He discovers the boots, with the teens looking on.
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