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Neighbours Episode 3627 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3627
Australian airdate: 26/09/2000
UK airdate: 16/11/2000
UK Gold: 24/08/2005
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Simon Palomares
Guests: Cheyenne Rivers - Angelique Meunier
Const. Ralph Walker - Paul Collins
Summary/Images by: Shona
Dee catches Karl out using her fundraising idea
Paul is caught with shoplifted goods
Sports Store
Paul doesn't know how they got there and Joel doesn't know what to say. Tad offers the explanation that maybe they fell in there. Cheyenne says she saw nothing either. Joel is in a difficult position - he can't pretend it didn't happen - it'll be on the security video. He has to go and report it to the manger - he has no choice. Cheyenne cuddles into Paul, who repeats he didn't do it.
The Coffee Shop
Madge thinks the Ozziechef venture can't compete with the bigger companies but
Lou thinks they should still invest in it.
Karl appears and asks Dee how the wedding went. He understands that she's upset with him and she says she'll get over it. He tries to have a conversation with her but she's not in the mood, so he'll talk later.
Sports Store
Tad and Flick are talking to Cheyenne and can't understand how she didn't see anything. Flick suspects her. Cheyenne goes to Paul and tries to make out maybe Tad played a joke on him, but Paul knows it isn't him.
Susan comes in and sends the other kids to the cinema. She asks Joel if he's sure about it. He announces that he's called the cops - company policy - and wishes there was another way.
The Coffee Shop
Dee asks how the computers are doing and Madge is sick of the web already. Karl appears again and gives her a letter from someone commending the 'wigs for kids' idea and Karl tells her he told her it was Dee's idea. Dee thanks him.
Sports Store
Susan wonders if someone else put them in - it's so unlike Paul and he's never done anything like that before. Joel thinks good kids sometime do stupid things. He asks if she'll call Madge. The cop appears and Joel tells him the story, telling him Paul's a good kid. Susan repeats that he says he's innocent. The cop approaches Paul and tells him it looks like he's got himself in a heap of trouble.
Sports Store
It's a very serious matter, the cop tells Paul. They only have his word that he returned the boots to the shelf as Joel didn't see anything. Paul says Cheyenne saw everything, but the cop thinks his girlfriend isn't that good a witness - she would back him up. Tad and Flick come in, defying Susan, and say Paul didn't do it. They're sent away again. Paul's asked whether he's covering for anyone but denies he is.
The Coffee Shop
Madge congratulates Dee and Karl on 'Wigs For Kids'. Lou appears and gets back onto the subject of advertising for Ozzie Chef. The phone rings and it's Susan, with the Paul news. Madge tells Lou and Lou promises to hold the fort - he's getting used to it.
Erinsborough High
Flick wonders whether or not Paul is completely innocent but nonetheless Cheyenne does have something to do with it - for poisoning Paul's mind if nothing else. Tad doesn't think she would have talked Paul into it - he knows Paul didn't do it. Cheyenne appears and they tell her about the cop at the shop. She must be so worried - caring so much about Paul. He could go to court, get a criminal record. Cheyenne says she didn't so anything and tells them to leave her alone. They both think Cheyenne is some piece of work.
Number 24
The cop is over and Madge is sure there's been some mistake. Paul repeats that he doesn't know how they got there. The cop says that there are 2 options now: he'll be charged and appear before a magistrate. Or maybe the owner of the store will be lenient and he'll only get a warning. Madge says if Paul says he didn't do it then he didn't - she knows him. The cop suggests they appeal to the owner and warns Paul not to let loyalties mess up his life. He explains to Madge that Susan and Joel think he might be covering for someone. Madge asks Paul if he is.
Susan tells the class about the shoplifting - repeating that the school takes a very dim view. It jeopardises future excursions too. She asks that if there were any other students were involved they should come forward - Flick stares at Cheyenne. Susan tells them she'll be in her office, in case of anyone coming forward.
Number 30
Joel and Dee talk about the incident. Joel's feeling bad about it. Dee tells him that the gallery had no idea who she was and when she did manage to convince them to have a look the guy just laughed in her face! She's never felt so humiliated in her whole life. Joel is silent and she asks if he knows what she feels. He nods and she says she hasn't ever felt this hurt before!
Number 24
Madge is on the phone to the manager of the store, saying it was probably a teenage prank and she has to deal with the same thing in her shop. Paul has never done such a thing before. She thanks the man and hangs up. She announces to Paul that he isn't pressing charges and Paul feels sick - he's innocent. Madge tells him that she believes him - she told the constable as much - and she wasn't just doing it to cover for him. She has to get back to the coffee shop, but he should stay home. But before she goes she has something to say to him - 'I trust you and I love you and nothing's going to change that.'
Number 30
Dee is still raging about the gallery - she's going to email Rex and tell him that his contact stinks! Joel tells her that there's no Rex - the whole thing was a joke. Mal was in on it - the London connection. Dee tells him it was sick - she doesn't want to talk to him and she feels really angry right now. Joel says it was only a bit of fun but Dee thinks it was cruel...a horrible thing to do. He's really hurt her.
Number 28
Madge is over and has a word with Susan. She believes that Paul is innocent and is worried about the influence that Cheyenne is having on him - one problem after another. Susan agrees. Madge wouldn't be surprised if he's covering for her now.
Number 24
Tad is trying to get Paul to admit it was Cheyenne's doing. Paul says Cheyenne said it could be one of them. Tad can't believe that Paul would think such a thing - he's not worth trying to save if he does. Tad goes off to his room.
Cheyenne turns up and says 'I did it'. The reason she didn't own up is that her dad would kill her. He tells her that he doesn't hate her. Cheyenne pleads that he doesn't tell anyone - it would wreck her life. Her father is a total monster. And keeping this a secret will make their bond stronger. He promises not to tell and she tells him she loves him so much, and goes.
Outside Madge bumps into Cheyenne, who tells her she's sorry about Paul - Madge is sorry too. Lou appears to see how she's doing.
Number 30
Joel is feeding Bob when Dee comes over, wanting to talk. He's hurt both her and her family. He defends himself by saying it was only in retaliation for the marriage prank. Dee thinks that being so successful at hurting each other is no basis for a decent relationship - it's over.
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