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Neighbours Episode 3474 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3474
Australian airdate: 24/02/00
UK airdate: 30/03/00
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Nicky Marshall
Guests: Dione Bliss: Madeleine West
- "Miracle" by Dom Cincotta
- "Live Through This" by Felicity Hunter
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Michelle arranges a meeting between Joel and Bianca. When Dione shows up, Michelle intercepts her and claims Joel has been called away.
Amy tells Julia that she's glad that she's helping Lance get over their breakup.
Toadie and Joel are juggling when Julia come in. She asks them what the deal is between Amy and Lance and they are forced to admit that they've broken up in the last week.
Lance comes in at that moment, so Joel and Toadie make a sharp exit. Julia tackles Lance about his situation with Amy. He assures her that didn't mean to mislead her - he just thought she could help him forget. Julia says that he should have told her the truth back in Mildura. Julia says she feels used and doesn't want to be his rebound girl. Lance apologises for hurting her and Julia says she's going to leave before her heart is broken even more. She tells Lance to call her when he gets over Amy - if he ever does.
The Coffee Shop
Susan is reading the gossip column in the Erinsborough News. Harold disapproves but starts reading the column avidly himself(!) Libby comes in and moans that her article is buried on page six.
Libby tells Susan that her stuff is newsworthy but boring and she's fed up of Geri getting all the attention as the editor's girlfriend.
Garden of No.30
Joel is swimming in the pool. Lance comes out to see him and is very cross - Julia has gone back to Mildura. Joel isn't having any of this and says that Lance should have told Julia the truth from the start. Lance angrily tells Joel to put his own house in order before criticising him - he lied to Dione and Carrie and hasn't got a clue how to treat women.
Joel hears someone trip on the front step and it turns out to be Dione. He has a look at her ankle while Lance stomps moodily around the kitchen.
Dione tells Joel off for standing her up but he doesn't know what she's talking about. He says he was at the Coffee Shop, but she wasn't. They both look confused.
Harold is on the phone to Frank, his solicitor. Apparently he is supposed to go on a training course with the Grease Monkeys people and he isn't too happy about it. Lou tells Harold to jump through their ops until he's signed the contract.
Paul and Harold go off very secretively to their self-defence class.
Joel and Dione have worked out what Michelle have done. Lance is still very crotchety and stomps around. Dione is surprised and asks if Lance is always that surly. She tells Joel that she's glad their love life is going better than Lance's and they kiss. Suddenly Dione breaks off and asks Joel if she's the best kisser he's ever had(!) She reminds him that he has to tell the truth.
Paul and Harold are back from self-defence class. Harold has decided to sign the Grease Monkeys contract after all. Paul asks if Felicity can have a job and Harold says he'll give her an interview. He's a bit worried that he's taken on too much, but Paul encourages him. Paul asks if Felicity can come over - she needs to escape her father who is a total fascist(!)
Joel has apparently told Dione that she is not the best kisser he's had. She is a bit upset and wants to know if she's number 2 or number 3. Joel says he'd better not comment! Dione says she'll change his opinion by the end of the nigh anyway(!). Lance stomps through and storms out of the house, slamming the door behind him. Dione and Joel continue to kiss.
The Pub
Libby is moaning to Steph about Drew - he's always working late and they were supposed to have gone to dinner tonight. Steph says that guys are different - they don't show emotion.
Lance comes in and says he feels awful. Libby gets him a drink.
Harold brings Libby's purse which she left at the Coffee Shop. Karl comments on Harold's sports attire and asks him if he's been out powerwalking. Harold evades this. He tells Susan that a few things fell out of the wallet but he just stuffed them all back in - he hopes everything is there.
When Harold has gone, Susan opens up the wallet and sees a photo of Dareen in there. Karl is not happy.
The PUb
It's after closing time and Steph and Lance are sitting at a table. Steph says she could start a full-time counselling service between him, Drew and Libby! She says it's ages since she had a serious relationship but Lance doesn't believe it. She says she's choosy. Lance asks what's going on with Drew and Libby and Steph says the problem isn't serious. Lance gets up to leave and Steph tells him good-humouredly that he owes her a fun time for being so depressed that evening!
Kennedys, the following morning
Susan and Karl are bickering about a romantic film. Karl starts going on about Darren but Susan tells him to keep his nose out. Susan doesn't think that Libby carries a torch for Darren. Karl says he'd be much happier if Libby went out with a lot of guys. Susan scoffs.
Libby comes out and Susan gives her her wallet back. Susan says quietly to Karl that whoever it is that takes Libby on will have to be up to the challenge(!)
Lance looks horrible after lack of sleep and apologises to Joel for shouting at him. Joel accepts his apology - he knows Lance is going through a rough patch. Joel asks him carefully what actually happened with Amy. Lance starts to cover for Amy, but then says he doesn't know why he bothers. He tells Joel that Amy is pregnant and he isn't the father. Joel is shocked and says he understands now why Lance is a total mess. Lance agrees - he's a total mess.
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