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Neighbours Episode 3475 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3475
Australian airdate: 25/02/00
UK airdate: 31/03/00
Writer: E.W. Johnston
Director: Nicky Marshall
Guests: Ivan Hart: Erik Donnison
Tanya Rodgers: Tania Trigili
- "Grooving" by The Hunting Party
- "Live Through This" by Felicity Hunter
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Tad says he's not ringing his parents - he won't give them the satisfaction.
Paul tells him the AIS people won't help him without his parents' signature.
Paul tells Tad that he had a great night with Flick.
Garden of Lou's
Louise doesn't want to go to school. Lou tells Harold that he's going to have a word with her teacher. Harold is just on his way to sign the Grease Monkeys contract and thank Lou for his support. Lou notices that Joe Scully has blocked Karl's driveway with a truck.
Joe drops Flick off in a large truck, despite the fact that she's in pain after the dentist. She complains that if it was Michelle they'd wrap her in cotton wool and wait on her hand and foot. She storms off.
Paul witnesses this and says he feels sorry for Felicity and cares about her as a friend. Tad says he's deluding himself - he thinks Paul has the hots for Felicity!
The Salon
The Salon owner says he doesn't like Anne's mural. Lyn protests that he was very hard to get hold of but the manager (Ivan) says it's OK - everyone has different tastes, and he won't be a customer of the Salon after all. He tells Lyn that she's doing marvellously. Lyn asks Ivan to pay the invoices to Toadie, Bill and Anne quickly.
Joe comes in and introduces himself to Ivan. He says he'd better give Lyn the money quickly. They shake hands and Ivan goes off.
When Ivan has gone, Joe says that he doesn't like him(!). He hugs Lyn and says that the Salon is looking great.
The School
Lou is talking to Susan about Lolly. Susan says there's nothing to worry about, but she'll make some enquiries at the Junior School.
Paul asks Felicity if her Dad is always so aggro. When Paul has gone, Tad tells Flick that Paul's worried that Joe is mistreating her. Flick says that it's not true, but it would be a laugh to let Paul think she had a dad from hell. She briefly considers the fact that it might be a really mean thing to do but quickly rejects this(!)
The Coffee Shop
Harold and Lyn are talking about the food for the Salon opening and bickering a bit.
At a table, Karl is banging on about losing his hair. He says that Susan wouldn't be attracted to a bald headed man(!). Susan says she'd have Sean Connery in a minute(!). Trying to change the subject, Susan asks Karl how the cricket is going and he says, "Better than my hair!". Susan starts dreaming about a bald batsman that played for Australia(!)
Susan reminds Susan and Karl about the opening of the Salon. Karl isn't keen but Susan says that they're going - she doesn't want any more trouble with the neighbours. Besides, she says, maybe Karl will be able to get a few hair loss tips(!)
School Yard
Flick is winding Paul up about how badly Joe treats her, making her do all the housework and stuff. Paul is appalled.
The Salon
Harold brings the food in for Lyn who is on edge about the opening. She asks Harold if they could spruce things up a bit with fruit and flowers. Harold is quite cross and tells Lyn that he has done his Christian best and it's getting beyond a joke now. Lyn agrees to leave it to him but she's obviously stressed out.
Libby comes in to check the start time for the opening - she's covering the opening for the Erinsborough News. Lyn thought that Geri was covering it and says it must be great working with Geri. Libby tells Lyn that she's perfectly capable.
The Coffee Shop
Harold is telling Karl that Lyn is a nightmare. Karl is distracted by his reflection and makes a sharp exit(!)
Michelle tells her new friend Tanya that she can get her a date with Joel if she gives her ten dollars to cover expenses(!)
Flick is mopping the floor and tells Paul that she has to do it every day. Paul tells Joe that Flick is coming to his house to do some homework. Joe tells her to put out the rubbish on her way and feed the dog. Flick sighs deeply and Paul asks her if she's ever allowe to rest(!)
The Salon, that evening
People are milling around nibbling on finger food. Karl talks awkwardly to Joe and is clearly not having a good time! Libby is fed up that she's having to cover for Geri while she's out having dinner with the boss(!) Susan reminds them that they're on a peace-keeping mission(!)
Lyn comes up and Susan openly asks her for a remedy for baldness. Karl is appalled and not pleased to hear that Joe still has a full head of hair. Susan giggles at Karl's look and tells him that she was just making hair-related conversation(!)
Harold comes in and apologises to Lyn for snapping at her. Lyn apologises too and they laugh together.
Ivan tells Lyn that she's done well with the opening. Just then, there's a power cut. Joe says that it looks like Ivan has forgotten to pay the electricity bill(!)
Everyone has lit candles and Joe tells Ivan off for the wiring. Apparently it was done by Ivan's cousin. Joe says the work is terrible.
Paul tells Flick that she can hide out at his place any time to escape from Joe(!)
Tad has been on the phone to his parents. He goes off to his room and shuts the door.
Karl is still upset about Susan's comments about his hair at the salon. Karl lets slip that he mentioned Darren to Libby earlier that day. Apparently Libby left the photo in her wallet by accident. Karl teases Susan and says she always has to know everything that's going on in the house.
KARL: What happens when the kids move out and you're stuck with boring old me?
SUSAN: Well, I'll just have stand around and listen to the sound of your hair hitting the floor!
Lyn is ranting at Joe for talking harshly to Ivan. Flick tells Joe that she's just going back to Paul's to do their assignment. Outside the door, Flick tells Paul that her parents don't even care where she sleeps. Paul looks even more worried(!)
Paul tells Flick that she can crash with them any time things get too hard for her at home.
Tad is on the phone to the adoption agency. They want him to come in for a meeting - there's news about his real parents.
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