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Neighbours Episode 3473 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3473
Australian airdate: 23/02/00
UK airdate: 29/03/00
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Nicky Marshall
Guests: Julia Burrows Ruth Callum
Dione Bliss Madeleine West
Bianca Nugent Jane Harber
- "Sharma Sharma" by Automatic
Summary/Images by: Pete
Julia asks Toadie about Lance and Amy
Bill and Anne decide they can't be apart
Amy tells Anne she turned down Damian's proposal
NO 32
As the girls wipe their eyes, Amy tells Anne she couldn't bring herself to tell Damian she was pregnant.
NO 30
Julia and Lance bond over the Star Trek Anniversary Edition. Toadie thinks it's sad, but Joel doesn't. Lance says it's no sadder than dressing up as Norman's and battling with swords, which Joel agrees with Lance and Julia leave to watch the Star Trek first episode. Joel remarks on the 'turn around, backflip, 180-thing' Lance has done. Toadie tells him he's not the only one having luck in love, Dione has called for Joel. Julia and Lance are heard laughing in the living room.
Toadie: Trekkies, can't live with 'em, can't beam 'em to another planet.
NO 32
Amy tells Anne that Damian loves the fun Amy, not the Amy who stays at home washing nappies. He's always complaining about babies on the plane. Anne says she has to tell him as she'll start showing soon. Amy worries that he'll stay with her because he has to not because he wants to. Anne tells her she needs to start being practical and Amy freaks out. Tess comes in and asks if she can help in anyway. The girls say she can't, and Tess says maybe things will seem better in the morning, and leaves. This makes Anne and Amy laugh.
Michelle tells Bianca that she can arrange for her to have a date with Joel who lives next dorr and is a good friend of hers. Bianca loves this idea. At the counter they run into Miss Bell, who reminds them about the school trip. As Tess leaves, the girls call the trip a 'snoozearama' and Michelle thinks she couldn't think of anything more boring.
NO 32
Amy goes out into the backyard where she looks over the fence and sees Lance preparing to go swimming with Julia. Lance notices Amy and is slightly distracted but says nothing.
NO 30
Toadie has changed into a clean shirt and smothered on the aftershave for Tess' visit to Uni FM. Joel laughs at him, but Joel has been tidying up the kitchen (for a change!) for Dione coming round. He says from now on, he's only going to tell the truth where women are concerned. Toadie laughs and says that is one thing he'd love to see.
NO 32
Amy tells Anne that Lance is stringing Julia along because he still has feelings for her, and she's worried about Julia getting hurt. Anne says that she should start worrying about her own problems before taking on Lance's especially since she was the cause of Lance's, and she says that Amy's isn't the only life on a downward spiral right now. Amy asks if she means Bill and she snaps before apologising and suggesting they forget their problems and just concentrate on being girls. Amy wants to go maternity shopping 'if I'm going to look like a beached whale, I may as well do it in style'.
NO 30
Joel wonders why Dione took so long to call. She says she was too busy splitting her sides at the thought of his Argentinian playboy routine, but he had so much gall he was probably worth getting to know better. She asks him what he thinks of a dress she's bought. He says it's not really his style, as part of his telling the truth plan. Lance and Julia come along and Dione tells them that 'any kind of friendship deserves the truth - don't you agree?' Lance says yes, but moves away from Julia, leaving her to give him a look. Michelle comes along and asks Joel to meet Bianca by spinning him a story that her grandma is sick and dieing. He doesn't want to but Dione talks him into it. Everyone loves him for it.
Amy suggests to Anne that she might want to go with Bill. Anne says she re-arranged everything to be with him in the first place, she can't just re-re-arrange it now, and she's got a lot going for her in Erinsborough. Amy says she can do anything if she wants to. Anne says she can take her own advice. They decide to stop talking about their problems and play on the swings. Lance and Julia come along. Julia suggests going over to say Hi. Lance hesitates, but Julia tells him not to be so antisocial.
Tess and Toadie come in for lunch and discuss that the session went well. Michelle and Bianca wait nervously for Joel to come in. When he does, Michelle pulls him aside and tells him not to mention Bianca's grandmother. When she introduces them, everyone is really nervous. Michelle leaves them to it.
Having finished their conversation, Julia invites the girls to lunch but they decline. Lance says they should do lunch sometime, and invite Bill and Damian. As they leave, Julia looks back to see Amy looking back at Lance.
Michelle watches Joel and Bianca from the door of the coffee shop. Lance and Julia come over the bridge talking/arguing about Amy Lance says he doesn't love Amy any more. When they go, Dione comes over the bridge. Michelle stops her and says that Joel asked her to pass on a message, that he's been called away. She asks about Michelle's friend and she says that Joel couldn't meet her either. Dione says that's pretty heartless and Michelle tells her that he can be a bit like that sometimes.
Bianca invites Joel to a party, which he turns down. Michelle rushes in and says they'll be late for school. Bianca wants to stay but Joel insists she leaves, wishing her grandmother well, which confuses Bianca.
Toadie offers to help Tess with anything she needs and asks her if she's heard of Militas Normanora, which she thinks is a heavy metal rock group. Before answering, she leaves and Toadie goes over to Joel to gloat. He asks where Dione is and when he says she isn't there, Toadie says maybe he's been dumped already.
NO 32
Amy decides to get used to the idea that she's not marrying Damian and worries about telling her parents.
NO 30
Joel and Toadie laugh about his chances with Tess. Joel is confused and wonders why Dione didn't show up. Toadie jokes that maybe she likes Jose better. Joel laughs it off at first then looks concerned like it's a possibility.
Amy gets in her car and gets ready to leave for work when she spots Julia walking Bob. She gets out and tells her that she's glad Lance has got someone else since she hurt him so bad over the breakup.
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