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Neighbours Episode 3472 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3472
Australian airdate: 22/02/00
UK airdate: 28/03/00
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Nicky Marshall
Guests: Julia Burrows - Ruth Callum
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Pete
Toadie wonders if Mildura Julia would want to see Lance
Bill is offered an apprenticeship by Greg Masters
Bill comes off the phone excited about his apprenticeship offer. Anne can see that he's excited, but Bill says they'll decide together. Whatever they decide has to be right for both of them.
Julia feels that Lance is avoiding her, but he says that he's enjoying the peace and quiet and needs to chill out.
NO 32
Anne tells Amy that Lance has gone to Mildura. Amy feels it is her fault. Anne says she's just worred. Amy says she's going to meet Damian for lunch and tell him everything. Anne confides that she's worried about Bill moving to Queensland. Amy says he'll stay for love like Anne did.
Julia asks how Amy is. Lance says they've broken up offcially. Julia is pleased. She was beginning to wonder if she'd see him again. She'd begun to wonder if it was a two-wook wonder. He says it wasn't. He likes being around her, it feels comfortable "Like a safe house" she jokes. She invites him to stay a bit longer, but he says he hasn't really told people where he is and needs to get back. She asks if it's painful, but he doesn't reply.
Tess approaches Toadie and says she wants to ask him something. She says she'll pop in after school and leaves. Toadie and Bill laugh as he thinks he has a chance with her. "not in a million years my friend" says Bill. Toadie says it's alright for him, he's got Anne. Bill asks if he's been listening to a word he said. Toadie says 'yeah but you still got her (Bill says no in the middle of this), that's just how it is with you guys", and leaves.
Lance packs the truck ready to leave and thanks Julia for everything. She says he seems happier than when he arrived. They kiss goodbye, and as he's getting in the ute, he stops and says Julia could have wanted to know everything when he arrived, and she's ace for not asking. Would she like to come back to Erinsborough and stay with him for a while?
NO 32
Anne tells Tess that if she asked Bill to stay he would, but she couldn't do that. Tess asks if she could visit. Anne says it wouldn't be the same. She wants him to have the apprenticeship, but she doesn't want him to go. Amy comes in and Tess leaves them to it. Anne has to draw out of Amy what happened at lunch. Damian proposed. Anne is very excited. Amy didn't give him an answer though. Anne can't understand why as they both love each other obviously. Amy says she didn't tell him about the baby as he asked first. Anne says that means he's doing it because he loves her, not because he feels he has to.
NO 30
Tess comes round to see Toadie. She's organised a trip to Uni FM and asks him if he'd allow them to be in the studio while he's doing his show. He says yes and as long as Tess is there to supervise he'll let them play with the buttons. Lance arrives with Julia.
NO 28
Karl has told Susan about Bill's apprenticeship and she tells him she's pleased after all the hard work he's put in. Karl says he admires Bill's commitment, and Susan asks if he's told Bill, and is surprised to discover that he has. Karl says it'll mean leaving Anne. Susan thinks this'll be awful. Karl doesn't think long distance relationships work, but Susan points out ones that have. Karl says the house is starting to empty. 'Still, there's always Libby'. 'for how long?' says Susan.
NO 30
Julia puts her bags in Lance's room and wonders where she'll sleep. Lance says in his room, and he can have the couch. They decide to stay in for the evening, but Toadie says they need food. Julia offers to go shopping, and Lance gives her some money. He gives her a kiss as she leaves. Toadie says to Lance that he's leading her on. Lance says he likes her, they're having fun.
No 28
Karl and Susan discuss Bill's apprenticeship and possible future in Queensland and talk about travelling themselves to London. Susan says Libby would hate it with everyone off travelling while she's stuck at home. Karl reminds her that she had the 'ticket to ride in her hand'. Susan changes the subject to avoid an argument, to the school council meeting. Karl says he doesn't agree with her decision to quit as principal, but he supports her all the way. He doesn't think the school council will be supportive. Tess arrives to pick Susan up and they leave.
NO 30
Lance is setting the table for dinner, while Toadie studies. Lance thinks Toadie is ignoring him, which he denies and Lance becomes defensive and says that he's just having fun with Julia. Lance asks why Tess came over. Toadie says she wanted a favour. Lance points out that she's in the middle of a messy marriage break up 'doesn't stop her being a goddess' says Toadie. He also says that he's prepared to wait, but Lance says to give it up. Toadie says Lance is in no position to lecture.
Anne meets Bill and breifly explains what's happened between Amy and Damian. She asks him if he's decided about Queensland. He says he hasn't and she says she couldn't bear to lose him. She takes him through his options. Bill believes they can make it work long distance if he takes it and she asks him not to he won't. Anne feels he'll resent her, which he denies. Julia spots them and comes over to say hi. When she leaves Anne says that she can't believe Lance is making his life more compllicated than it already is by bringing Julia in.
No 30
Julia comes in having tripped outside. Lance goes to get her something for her cuts and she takes the opportunity to quiz Toadie about what happened with Amy. Toadie says she should be talking to Lance about it, and he comes back in.
No 28
Bill and Anne are snuggled on the couch. Bill says he wishes he'd never written to Greg. Anne tells him he doesn't. She says they'll work something out. Bill pokes her in the head and says he can't imagine being without her. She says 'me neither'. Susan comes in in a bad mood. Karl comes out of the bedroom in his dressing gown. She says the whole council was against her except Tess. Anne takes the opportunity to leave. Karl asks Susan what she's going to do. Bill leaves and Susan says the school can just take the consequences, she's going to quit. Karl tries to calm her down, but Susan feels he's against her. Karl says they should just take some time out and go on a trip. Susan says it's more than that. She feels as if she's slowly dieing in the job and she can't do it any more.
No 32
Anne is upset. Amy comes in and sits down. Anne asks her what happened. Amy starts crying and says she told Damian she couldn't marry him. They both cry in each other's arms.
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