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Neighbours Episode 1459 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1459
Australian airdate: 20/06/91
UK airdate: 17/06/92
UK Gold:04/06/98
Summary/Images by: ?
Toby persuades Joe to go and apologise to Harold and tells him off really forcefully. Joe agrees, as Melanie isn't talking to him either.
He goes off, taking Bouncer for moral support, but even Bouncer's not talking to him.
No 26
Josh comments on a very expensive new car-radio Glen has bought. Josh's parents have rung and he agrees to ring them later.
Jim comments on the cost of the radio and wonders where he got the money.
Lucy's really down, but Jim tells her Gemma will come round in time and she should just steer clear for a while. Josh and Glen feel responsible and Glen admits he should talk to Gemma himself but doesn't know yet what to say.
No 28
Paul tackles Doug about some re-ordering of materials for the guest-house. Doug replies it's just the usual for the trade if he won't pay for 24-hour security. Paul says he'll think about what to do about it. Doug suggests Jim should come to. Paul promises he won't take it lying down.
Harold feels very let down by Joe. Gemma answers Glen's phone-call but won't listen to anything he says. Just then Joe arrives and Harold says he'd have hidden if he'd known Joe was coming. He's very cold when Joe tries to apologise by saying he's sick and tired of people match-making. Harold takes nothing on board and walks off, saying pointedly how pleased he was to see Sky and Toby. Toby insists Joe has to try harder.
No 28
Glen asks Adam where Doug is as he wants to know when he's needed at the guest-house again. Adam's response is chilly, but Glen tries to say nothing actually happened and one reason he backed off was because he liked Gemma so much. Adam replies that he has a funny way of showing it.
No 26
Doug, Jim and Paul are going through the list of the employees at the guest-house and Paul insists it's suspicious that things started to disappear just when Glen started. They argue and Jim storms off, yelling that he'll find out who's taking the stuff and it isn't Glen.
Adam and Gemma meet in the street, as she's on late shift and not at work. When she asks hesitantly after Caroline, he says he hasn't been seeing her much. He tries to speak up for Glen, saying he's feeling really bad about it, but she's not very receptive. He asks if she's so upset because she's still in love with him. She replies that she'll get over it and when Adam says he should perhaps make himself scarce, adds that he shouldn't - she really wants to catch up with him. He smiles at her.
Joe takes Harold organic oranges as a peace offering. Harold takes the gift, but says he hasn't forgiven him or accepted his apology. Joe insists he has to, as otherwise Melanie and Toby won't forgive him. Joe even says he'll go to church on Sunday, but Harold says no, he's not ready.
Josh tells Jim that his parents are moving to Mildura and want him to go with them. Jim agrees that he can stay with them, suggesting that it's because of Lucy. Jim mentions the thefts from the guest-house and when Glen overhears, suggests he be paid to go there and watch overnight. When he goes off to pack for an immediate departure, Josh suggests to Jim it's a risk - in view of the expensive radio it's worth thinking about. Jim says 'Oh no, not you too!'
Harold overhears Gemma giving Glen short shrift when he tries to talk to her and says she should be more prepared to accept the white flag when it's offered. She tells him he's doing the same thing with Joe - he has no answer.
No 28
Adam watches Doug pack to go on a tour of the sites to check everything's going well. Adam's obviously not thrilled at the mention of Caroline and admits he likes gemma more. He answers Doug's comment that he should tell Gemma that by saying he did the opposite and tried to reconcile her with Glen. He wants to do the right thing by Caroline too, but Doug tells him to be frank and decide who he wants most.
No 26
Josh tells Lucy he's going to Mildura with his parents and her only reactions are to say that's great and ask when. Jim comments that it was a nice try and she'd be sure to shed a few tears if the time actually came.
Toby's still giving Joe a hard time about Harold. Harold tells Toby he set a bad example earlier and it's better to forgive people when they do the wrong thing. Joe and Harold each apologise and Harold admits he too has hidden from Bible-thumpers at times. They then have an argument about who was the greater pain and end up laughing together.
Adam calls to see Caroline but she's out seeing Chrissie. Paul notices Adam's relieved but says Caroline will see him more when Chrissie's better.
No 26
Josh still wants Lucy to say she'll miss him, but she doesn't believe he's really going. Gemma arrives and asks to talk, assuring Lucy that her violent days are over. They make friends fairly quickly, but Gemma wants to know there wqill be no more secrets and betrayals. Gemma can't see Glen because he's at the guest-house keeping watch.
Glen watches as someone drives up in a ute, puts some materials in the back and leaves again. He recognises Doug.
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