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Neighbours Episode 1458 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1458
Australian airdate: 19/06/91
Network Ten repeats: 10/6/04
UK airdate: 16/06/92
UK Gold: 03/6/98
Writer: John Upton
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Hugh Radcliffe: Pommy Johnson Michael Daniels: Brian Blain (but he didnít appear)
Summary/Images by: Kulin
Dorothy telling Todd his result is incredible.
No 26
Lucy's cooking Steak Diane for Helen. Cody and Todd come in, having a bit of argument because Todd walked out on Dorothy. They tell Helen what happened and Harold suggests he might help, but Helen says she'll do it, as it's a family matter.
Joe's cleaning for the arrival of Hugh Radcliffe for Melanie's date, though she thinks it's not necessary. He feels this man is perhaps her 'perfect match'. Melanie is a bit calmer but trying different outfits.
Harold calls in and tells Joe he should be going out too. He thinks the Church Social may be the ideal solution, but Joe doesn't agree as he tried that once before. Joe assures him that he's happy as he is, but Harold does his best to convince him he isn't, which leaves Joe a little puzzled.
No 26
Helen and Dorothy argue about Todd. Dorothy insists that she didn't accuse Todd - he did that himself by walking out. She's been teaching so long that she knows that well-established patterns don't change overnight and children are ingenious. Helen retaliates that she knows how hard Todd worked as he was so keen not to repeat the year.
DOROTHY: So far as I am concerned, he has been treated fairly.
HELEN: So far as I'm concerned, you're behaving like a tyrant.
Josh and Lucy go shopping for cream. Helen stomps past and snaps at them.
JOSH: I don't think she'll notice the Steak Diane.
Lucy wants to avoid Gemma when she sees her coming towards them, but Josh comments that she doesn't know Glen dumped her because of Lucy.
Lucy asks if Gemma is OK and Gemma replies that she's lucky she had a friend like Lucy to see her through. She doesn't know who the other girl was and feels she'd get over it more quickly if she did. She asks Lucy to tell her if ever she finds out but Lucy replies that she thinks they'll never know. Gemma watches them carry on down the street.
Hugh Radcliffe arrives and is a complete dork, with a corny remark for everything said to him and a strange laugh like Melanie's at her worst.
No 26
Lucy and Josh are cooking again. He comments that she's quiet - she's worried that Gemma will find out.
Todd talks about what Dorothy has done and as the others join in, Josh sticks up for her, saying she's been sick and justifying her doubts about Todd's improvement.
Dorothy tells Josh she takes her job seriously and has a duty to act on her instincts. He tells her he knows that Todd studied and that he was rapt after the exam as all the things he'd studied most came up. He concedes that he thinks she's wrong this time, to which she answers sadly that she's used to making lonely decisions.
Hugh Radcliffe hasn't improved and is playing a game with Toby and Melanie. He puts on a dreadful fake American accent and has a scooping laugh, exactly like Melanie's. She comments how unusual it is. Harold arrives and tries to persuade Joe that the Musical Chairs and other games at the Church Social on Saturday will be great fun and Joe gets rid of him quickly by being non-committal about it. Joe's attempts to leave Melanie and Hugh alone throw her into a panic, as the loud voice and laugh continue. Once he and Toby leave, Hugh says how glad he is to have met her.
No 28
Josh persuades Cody to go over to help smooth his way with Todd. Gemma arrives and asks Josh and Cody why Lucy is such a hypocrite and can't be honest even now it's over. They have no answer.
Melanie has sent Hugh home because he was so weird and scatty. She's determined to contact all the other men in alphabetical order.
MELANIE: I mean have you ever heard a laugh like that?
TOBY: Well not exactly like that, I suppose.
No 26
The Steak Diane's excellent but Todd stays silent and very cold towards Josh. Helen tries to mediate, as Cody raves on about the food to try and change the subject. Dorothy comes to say she's prepared to concede it's possible Todd's telling the truth. She's drawn up some more questions and can supervise him herself for a second attempt, but only if it's done in fifteen minutes. When Helen thanks her, she says Josh was responsible for her second thoughts, so when Josh asks for the bread it's Todd who hands it to him.
Harold tries to cheer up Gemma who tells him she's sad because a friend let her down when she thought she could trust her.
No 26
Helen, Josh, Cody and Lucy are playing Scrabble. When helen leaves to check on Todd, Cody and Josh talk to Lucy about Gemma. Josh tells her she has to fix things with her and should get it over with soon.
Dorothy marks the paper, which Todd felt was harder. He got only 60% but Dorothy admits the questions were harder and it's not bad for two in one day. He won't have to repeat if he continues this standard and she apologises to him. After he's gone home,
DOROTHY: I'd have thought less of you if you hadn't come out swinging.
HELEN: And I'd have thought less of you if you hadn't carried out your job to the letter.
Melanie's sorting through the letters and tells Toby to go back to bed when he tries to say Hugh's nice. Joe races in and switches off the light, then gets Melanie to hide under the table, as Harold's on his way over and he doesn't want to talk about the Church Social. Toby gives the game away by saying they'd been there a minute ago and putting the light back on.
HAROLD: Hello! What are you trying to do? It looks like you're trying to hide from me. You were! You were actually trying to hide from me!
No 28
Lucy tells Gemma she wants to sort something out because the other girl for Glen was her. Gemma tells she knew and Lucy can't be her friend because friends can be trusted and she lied to her even that afternoon. All the time she's been pretending to be a friend and was working behind her back. Lucy gets angry and says that a lot of things might have been her fault, but it wasn't her fault Glen preferred her to Gemma. Gemma slaps her across the face really hard.
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