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Neighbours Episode 1460 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1460
Australian airdate: 21/06/91
Network Ten Repeats: 14/06/04
UK airdate: 18/06/92
UK Gold: 05/06/98
Summary/Images by: Kulin
Melanie's still getting at Joe for hiding from Harold. They go on to discuss her potential men, as she wants to work out who's available for that night. He teases her that 'A' might be for 'Axe-murderer'.
No 26
Michael Daniels calls in driving a veteran car and sees Jim and Helen gardening. He agrees to go home and clean up before coming back for lunch. Glen arrives home and tells Jim that some more stuff was stolen, but he missed it, because he must have nodded off. Jim's really angry and tells Helen he's beginning to have second thoughts about Glen. Paul will now be even more convinced and even he himself is not too sure. If Glen isn't the thief, who is?
No 28
Doug's off to work for the weekend. Pam comments how hard it must be, but he wants to make hay while the sun shines since the episode with the bank. Ralph collects him.
Adam slept very little and tells Pam he's made a decision but hopes it's the right one.
Hotel office
Melanie and Caroline are sorting and then shredding papers. Melanie's changed the folder's and Caroline is a bit afraid she'll mess it up, so asks her to put away the men's details and concentrate on her job. She tells Melanie things aren't working out with Adam, so she needs to talk to him about it as she doesn't know whether they should break up.
No 26
Glen gets up because he couldn't sleep and Helen tells him in detail that Jim has to cover some of the insurance costs. When she adds that Jim probably went into it to help the Willises out, he admits that he did see who took the stuff and it was Doug.
Jim wants to talk to Glen so Helen tells him what Glen saw. She's sure Doug's honest, but it gets Jim thinking.
Michael arrives for lunch just as Jim leaves.
Hotel office
Melanie's still a bit distracted as she shreds. Caroline suggests they need to break for lunch and Melanie looks for her 'men' so she can decide over lunch.
MELANIE: Oh no! I've just shredded all those guys I was going to go out with!JOE: Oh oh - nasty way to go.
She picks through the mass of shreds and says she'll never be able to stick them together.
MELANIE: Oh I recognise this nose! This was Craig - he was an oyster farmer. He seemed really nice!
Joe takes her off to lunch just as Adam arrives and wants to talk to Caroline 'about us'.
No 26
Michael praises the meal and company and talks about having an excuse to run into each other. They agree they don't need an excuse anyway. He wonders if he came at an awkward time earlier, but she says it's nothing that can't be sorted out.
No 28
Pam greets Jim and Glen and picks up that they're looking very serious. She probes a little as to whether they found the thief and from Jim's reaction and Glen's comment that he saw Doug, realises they suspect Doug. She throws them out really angrily.
Caroline agrees she and Adam need to talk. He feels things have been disintegrating and she tells him she knows the next part, that he wants to break up. She asks if it hasanything to do with Gemma. He says it doesn't really, but he has been thinking of Gemma a lot lately so it seemed unfair to string her along. He thanks Caroline for being so reasonable and she looks a little tearful but says as the door shuts behind him 'It's Ok'.
No 26
Glen and Jim tell Helen. Jim thinks they're entitled to an explanation, but Glen feels Doug was good to him. Helen says that Gemma came round to see him so he hopes maybe they can work things out.
Joe tries to make Melanie feel better about her destruction of the men.
MELANIE: Well what if one of them turned out to be my Mr Right? And we were destined to meet until I shredded him?
Melanie feels sad for them.
JOE: To them, you're just a Post Office Box number.
MELANIE: Yes. But they still might feel rejected.
Caroline arrives and tells them she's rejected too. Melanie reminds her she was going to drop Adam, but Caroline wanted to be the dropper not the droppee.
No 28
Doug gets home and Pam coldly asks 'his mate Jim' to tell him what happened earlier. Jim says he just wants some sort of explanation. Paul knows and is furious, wants to call in the police.
Joe's van
Joe and Melanie are chattering happily as they drive along. Joe goes to change the station and Melanie screams as she sees a body lying in the road. They stop just short of the young woman, realise she's been hit by a car and is dead.
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